minecraft ghast and spider

in this terrible video that i have no idea why rendered so badly,
i showcase the minecraft ghast, and spider in unrealgold

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chat translation

today we introduce the basics of a proper chat translation mod.
It’s a extension of the discord python chat-link bot, adding support for translation from english to spanish and spanish to english tho the google translate api.
this is really more relevant to the sigma server but it applies to any server on the bobisunreal chatlink network.

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update 8/24/22

ah monsters server updates:

  • server updated to 227j public rc
  • server fixed to be compatible with 227i clients, fixed the “playownedsound” issue , at least for now.
    It was related to the JMDM monsterplayers mod utilizing that function. that mod is not fixed, just disabled.
    -there is also a newly discovered problem where monsterplayers got pooled into the same playerstats by name. for xcoop , the pawns arnt supported yet at all atm.
  • There was a second issue related to the quake2.u , adam’s new re-port of the quake 2 pawns ,
    where it was compiled in 227j and utilized bispackhunter and some other new ai checks. that was patched.
  • votinghandler still needs fixed, its nottraveling well with the other url transit options.
  • the server got switched over temporary? to xcoop for compatibility testing. the mutators do all the heavy lifting anyway, and are designed to run independently of the gametype. xcoop presented a few issues, notable the lack of support for gamerules, so it has been recompiled to support at least the core callbacks. other wise there isnt a solid reason to run either/ or and i may switch between both haph azerdly for testing.
  • you can double jump to fly now, its partly broken , and you may have to use walk to return to walking.we will work on this, there is also a old way to do it i may go back to
  • icmutate is added as the primary spawner, replacing dzmapmut,
    configured with 77 custom model monsters in the list, and about 25 random weapons .


  • Decoration persistence had been greatly improved to allow the moving of player spawned objects.
    in spirevillage a small minecraft’esk house exists at the start , along with a tree. build by hand block by block.
    you can spawn blocks with summon, and move them with phygun, at the end of the map , it will update the block data. deleting objects is possible, but currently difficult.

    probably usfull objectslist:
  • KF-ZedCraft.stone
  • KF-ZedCraft.bookshelf
  • KF-ZedCraft.greybrick
  • KF-ZedCraft.cobblestone
  • KF-ZedCraft.halfstep
  • KF-ZedCraft.grass
  • KF-ZedCraft.dirt
  • KF-ZedCraft.ore
  • KF-ZedCraft.leaves
  • KF-ZedCraft.planks
  • KF-ZedCraft.birchplanks

    while not utilized yet, ss2_obj is built and running, containing the pickup models from serious sam se.


  • ss2_obj.ss_rockets

    kf_c has been created and uploaded to the server.
    more of a demo. it’s the killing floor circus pawns using the kf_christmas code.
    they dont have sounds ( its a big ordeal with about 100 sounds) and they dont have projectiles etc
  • kf_c.caroler
  • kf_c.clotelf
  • kf_c.gingerfast
  • kf_c.jackfrost
  • kf_c.PatriarchClause
  • kf_c.jackfrost
  • kf_c.raindeer
  • kf_c.scrake
  • kf_c.StalkerClause

    updated to the mutators:
  • added commands to work with objects such as
    ‘/readpack’ to read out the objects contents of a package., for getting summons etc
    ‘/summonpack <items,pawns>– summon everything from a specified file at once
    ‘/arbfuncaim’ (admin) bind a actor you looking at to be the target for arbexecute , ie exucute fire on a pawn, trigger on a door.

    ‘/traceaim’ show a bunch of mostly usless actor info,
    notably the modifiable variable constants for tweaking
    classname of target gets copied to a buffer. you can pass this value around to any other function utilizing a chat intercepter using the text ‘#aim’ in chat. ie supersummon, setprop etc
    ‘#time’ puts a datestamp into chat.
    ‘/debugspawn’ after 10 seconds it will dump a list of the last 15 spawned actors, usfull for messing with projetiles or stuff.

    fixed a bug in /tp where you would be teleported to the webadmin if the target was none.
    fixed autoadminlogin for xcoop compatibility (propvalue, not dependent)
    fixed a bug where dwk bools were not honered.

    Other packages added:
    ghost – reintroduced, its just a halloween coutume ghostly playermodel, thats still broken.
    maybe i can make it less broken at some point
    KF-ZedCraft – minecraft block pack
    BigBird – reappearance evil bigbird
    KamiKaze – sligly betterkamikazes.
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decosaver mod thingy for you guys

here is a freebee i made for tva clan.
they used it but dont need it anymore


serveractor/ mumator:

its some freebi for christmas + 2021

basic it saves any deco summoned into map at run time into some save data thingy
cached spawn via spawn notify.

it waits 10 seconds after level start
matches levelname ,
and then slowly unlaggy/async respaswns items.

can taKE a long time to respawn…
say…. 2 minutes (long .. lol?) if you saved 5000+?? items.
zero lag. asynchronous, no blocking for-loops.

it supports instanthouse gun decoration spawns.
build some giant fortess accurately with instanthousegun in a level and its there next time,.

this includes any player- created structures.

in jcoopz, “knd” is probably relevent…

maybe . just simply decorate the level with custom hoiday deco…
and its there for the holidays….

defaultprop is movable – false.
books deaulkt to movable =true.

its dynamic array, 227f (j) +
so you can publish “patch code”
that others can just insert/patch into there ini.

parent class it listens for is only decoration!!!!
ell free to modiy toi support you needs.

chat “hagain” to force it all to respawn again olsskool
chat “updatedeco” to update rotations – this probably wont work tho, its from some otherpre mod that supportedpawns.

if some one wanted to delete only respawned stuff,it will always be tagged wit ‘yey”
plans to support timespawns ( date/juilet od spawn saved) – (think date spawn brackets)
and sesion ( date or creation) buti never had the need to implement it.

was i yes
(** drunk when published.

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update 2021

i have suffered much in the last year.
work/relax ratio is not balanced.
the server still lives but you need to join by ip. / domain

make a few updated to the serverside stuff.
some assists in gamemaster stuff mostly

-commands to bind to actors and edit them specifically
/traceaim – bind whether your looking at to edit.
/edittrace <parameter value> edit some value on a actor
-fixed multiple double executions of commands

-monsters in the map are revivable-
there are server commands to respawn any monster that ever spawned again.
this needs improvment but works sort of.
miss a big fight? no problem just roll the map core protect but for monsters.
-hippie gibs , its all flowers in the garden now.
-minecraft chests instead of woodenboxen
-fixes in quakempak,rbs,

-spawnnofify replacer mod
stuff replaces other stuff, expect we are replacing blood with grenades , sheelcasings with wood and more..

-tva server-
-fixes in skinmod for lost references
-added persistant decorations. yeah anything extra spawned in a map including instanthouses !
full instant house support now. you build it its there forever, now with async!

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qos upgrade

This was more for my end then your dead unreal carcass non players, but i payed $600 to build a new server.
that was basically my only christmas gift wasted. was suppose to go toward a new camera drone;( i needed.
now with 12 3.8ghz cores, unreal is also running on a 3000mb/s nvm drive, with as far as unreal is concerned… unlimited speed and 16 gb ram.

web/video/file server was upgraded with a brand new 4 tb hdd, I have room in case for 12 more drives. i an’t playing.
still need time to setup ftp/voice/minecraft/irc/chatrelay/voice buffer stuff ,
currently only working services are unreal, http,blogs, and chatlink.

all that’s pretty much dead anyway. its prime has past. no one cares.
basically did it to upgrade my nas for 4k video and raid
still crippled with a 5mb upload speed.

this year i am on average 2 months behind on every thing.
this years Christmas display is a bust. 800 watts and not impressive. my father in bed sick, with pneumonia.
a Christmas more casual then a trip to the restroom ;(


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Unreal – Shared dig acoustic cover by nass

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00host decided to archive there sites to a new system , and i dont feel like fixing things again , so i switched everything hosted there to the local clone of it.
I doubt anyone is looking for  the old crap there , but if you are , its now here

it was mostly a linked list of older projects and desciptions.

most of the links i linked to here should also work again as well , who knows how long they have been broken.


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ah monsters server framework – Chapter 1 Essentials

The ah monsters server is  basically dead , I originally made that server probably 4 years ago , As I probably told you  a long time ago, to run aside my crazy coop. I wanted a BS , monsters overkill game with constant game play similar to serious SAM.

After I lost the crazy coop server , Any development and projects got pushed into the Ah monsters server , And thinly onto the TVA or Sigma server. This somewhat  degraded the game play  on those servers ,From a killing cartoon play to a sort of optional sandbox.

Random stuff was added until it made no sense, Drawing guns , Stat systems , Accounts , Cheats , And weird stuff that didn’t have a place, Its probably not to to far from what it was originally , But it’s not interesting to anyone anymore I guess.

AkaCross decided he liked how the original version of the server ran , So he took my backup and runs his own slightly updated version using the original setup.

Lately, The only purpose to hosting it is that it occupies the chat link server , And that it costs me nothing , Since I am already running the machine to host the tva server and other services, Since AH Monsters is usally empty , I just test my stuff where there is people, The sigma server.

So since I put in a lot of backend work in the server I thought I would share some of it , technically a lot of it is already shared privately among friends, But maybe  , At the least I can share all the work behind it and maybe officially share the individual mods.
While I don’t really mind sharing the work, I am worried about the take and run issue, That people will take the mods just to have them and not  support my development on my own servers etc. that’s sort of a slightly mut point if none plays on them lol, also as such at least some of these mods , Have no use other then educational outside of my setup.

the base game type runs on jcoopz1 , but any game rules supporting gametype *should* work as well.

The first mod I will talk about is called  Essentials,

Made about a year ago ,This  basically became the  processing core of the entire server.
when you kill something , spawn, pick up a weapon , sent a custom command , a chat text , end the level , switch maps, die. this interacts with that is various ways.

The account system you see when you join the server?

its powered by this mod. that statistics systems , uses gamerules to intercept things you kill, Every weapons you pickup, your score, admin assignments , and other values. the data is saved to a single ini file in a random access database format using dynamic arrays. I posted the longer explaination and implementation before that can be used standalone.


The  usage of fields in the database strut is self explanatory, But for the layman , Player is a mod/player/entity , Property is the property reference to save/load , and value is the value of that reference.

For kills , the entity is “player.%playername%” , The property in this case declare the killtype , and the value indicates the number of kills of those type.

For Weapons/Inventory , The canpickupinventory gamerule is used to catch anytime you touch or receive a pickup.Again similar formatting:

The mod currently wont account for used up ammo, and while it  saves charges of pickups , its was not important for me to completely make that functional.

But bob , How did you know who is who for a account?

This was hard to work out , After some experimenting , The safest way was every playername that ever joins has there own data saved. Any player that joins basically ops into the system by claiming there names by setting a password. That password lets them reclaim there account , Should there client id change , or they use another computer.
I don’t use client cookies or client settings , T0o easy to lose. The password is the 2 factor.

Once they login there current client id (Or maybe there ip address for older clients) is saved to the database on the server, Next time they join server if client id + Player name matches no action is necessary, Inventory is reloaded and privileges are assigned. Please note changing your player name results in a new account- There is not a easy way to transfer a account.This is this way so you can play multiple profiles , or multiple users from one connection etc. Your  password however can be changed at anytime in game.

The database ( and any mod referencing it) can access and write to it arbitrarily. So any 3rd party mods that rely on authentication already have the means available.

Built in offline message support.Wtf bob is this some mmorpg now?

Do to the built in account system , It’s possible to leave basic offline messages in  another players “Inbox”. Its rudementy at this time but you have the ability to leave someone who is not on the server but has a account a message , And they will see it next time they login with there account. They can clear the mesages(s). messages have issues with spaces at this time.

here is the code to add mail support

So It’s a Database , That’s Cool But What Else Does  It Do?

It also has its own hookmutator system built in, I designed the mod to run as a server actor to be persistent over all game modes , Since some game modes dont have hook mutator lists and I dont trust url options between gamemode via voting.

hook mutators lists are not uncommon, But does  your hookmutator list  have level specific filtering and support for using generic actors as mutators? This one does.
not only does is support mutators, Generic actors( Like server “actors, pawns listeners etc” ,But it lets you choose when they run, Or don’t using the “MAP=,MAP!=” map=nyleve will result in the mutator only spawned on nylve, while map!=dark will result in the mutator not spawned on dark,unr

Thats Handy Bob , My Game type Already Does that tho!

But Can Your Mutator Rollback admin set commands? huh wat?

Yes, Although currently disabled- There  is a game rule that intercepts every admin commands and serves as a auto loader for non loaded actors- If you reference a object / class that not in sandbox , It will attempt to reload it so your mesh actually works when you use set player pawn mesh wooden box.

Rolling back…?
While again primitive, It works for the more important stuff. People bs’ng the server, etc.
before a set command is executed , a get command is issued , and the results , users , property , and command are saved to another array.

undoarray=(Player=”x21-(DOG)-“,Action=”set cannonbolt damage 999999999″,OldValue=”60.000000″,shortprop=”cannonbolt damage”)
Simply executing “admin undo” will revert the last execution, you can not “redo” tho atm.

Are you paranoid bob, why would you need to undo?

Nope , But this bleeds into the next topic, chat commands. This is how the server became a sandbox. We can intercept the chat , so we do so for account commands etc, So why not add cheats, While I wont get to into the mod specifics of this , /fly./walk./ghost./summon,/god work in chat. Although a nice hidden secret for trusted users , I decided since it is a test server , To just inform everyone when the first time they ever join, They are shown help when they join , and at any time they can type /help to get the full help from all mutators.

 Some other available commands that i may get into later:

/mail /nicksrv /createlogin /plogin/butcher /keyit /advance /supersummon /spawnmass /pawns /stats /autovoteend /getmapspots /savespot /gotospot /viewspot /removespot /traceaim /teltrace /getmutators /tpaccept / tpahere /thdeny /.tpa /tpyes


Players teleporting. in coop , In a sandbox , It would be preferred for players to teleport where they want to. For this we have about 4 different methods. /summonp would be madness for non admin players, So we have /tphere (playername/partname/playerid) this is how we remedy that issue , You want some one to teleport to you? Request them for approval. Then can approve with /tpaccept and they will be teleported to you. It works the same way  with /tpa to goto another player. requests are serialized-  many players can request you to teleport to them- each /tpa move to the first request.

This interest for this idea was renewed from ugoldmp , But I used to have  a implementation in btoolsssf of somthing similar long ago. You basically can save some vector location to the server  and any one can go to that using /gotospot # the plan was to make this multimap based there is a database value player.pendinglocation declared somewhere – If you are the only user on the server , Used /gotospot # , and that spot was saved on a differnt map , the server would switch the map and telport you there after you joined. good for bases , or play areas,testing ,  etc.

admin exit catching,
back when i used sql for this before i couldnt use natives anymore, I had to have a safe way to close the database , and somtime admins close server using admin exit , So i decided to use this to start a countdown to warn players and give mods a chance to save there place , could use it to bring back setting at restart.

Crashmap tracking.

The server sometimes crashes on a map or is restarted,while I covered this before  in depth in a seprate post , the basics of it is the batch file sends the mod a argument to tell if it crashed based on running.ini being present , and the mod can decide if it wants to reload the map is left off at.
if you want to read more about crash detection handling read this. ,

essentials part 1b – toasty.
toasty227  is built into this package for the purposes of testing, there exists a standalone version with explanations here

part 1c – .Giveitems
the giveitem code is honestly based on code from tomkatrebel that hase been adapted to work at a provides a functionality to add weapons to the default loadout.

part1d -swapdropper
swapdropper is a DWk ( drop when killed) mutator that functions simalarly to dzmap mutates psi inventory. the basic concept is somthing is killed and monsters come out of the corpse. dzmap mut  does this well but limits the drops class to “pickups” since it utilizes the dropwhenkilled built into scripted pawns , and relies on  fake items that are coded to spawn monster classes ( limited to scripted pawns as well).

swapdroper doesn’t limit you to anything.
it utilizes gamerules “pawnKill” to caught the death of a pawn – and when i mean pawn i mean *PAWN*, player and monsters.  it can conditionaly  do either a part name match – so your icepupae also spawn your subactors along with normal pupae, exact string match or a  isa  to staight up bulk catch a entire species.( think – isa “playerpawn” etc).

this has the bonus of not effecting dropwhenkilled of pawn! it can run side by side of dzmapmut or other dwk mutatoras for double caous , and wont cause mapbreaking replacments on “required” pickups drops.

you can drop a unlimited count of anything(drop is  root class actor!) when something or anything is arbitrarily killed. you can drop 3 pupaue everytime a pupae dies and destroy you server if you want. , a woodenbox or explosionring when a player dies etc, its interesting- did i mention you can do retarted things … like spawn bots/ more monsters/ mutators ? how about spawning a monsterspawne/r mutatoror /gamtype/landmine/triggereddeath   everytime a player dies ? wtfretartville!!!!

part1e -mcoopGR
do you like playing as a monster???? if you have jmdm installed? if you do and you run this mod , it will lets jcoop plyers join using some monsternames!

part1f -whitelist
you want peace and quiet? screw everyone else and whitelist your players with this mod.

part1g -hitsoundsmh
did you really hit them with that longshot?
this gamerules mod will tell you when you shot a monster , another teammate ,or you are shot.
it requires some sound file i probably didnt include, but its quake3 sounds.
shot sound are user togglable via chat commands
/hitsoundsvoldown /hitsoundsvolup /togglehitsounds

most of the other submods inclicluded are probably obsolete or not worth documenting.

Essentials is just a base i built many things into.
You can download the full essentials project package here incase you want to run it.
source codefor browsing is here

Next chapter we will be talking  about some other homebrew mods that i made for the server.



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project / mod requests?

Anybody want some specific mod i made posted here?
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chatlink 227 client custom build

Many years ago pcube made a mod  called chatlink ,it relayed players chat  between multiple servers. a few years ago , we used is for awhile and got annoyed at it , becuase people would spam nonsence from certain servers.

recently , we decided we wanted to setup some  unreal > irc thingy. this lead to anothier project thats related but pending(chatlink > teamspeak bot) but in the prossess i decided to improve the bot so to speak.

-i added the the ability to send colorcodes in the messsage for each server, so each server can choose its own color.
-rewrote  the chat intercepter to use gamerules instead of pawn , witch has its advantage and disavantages.
-added filtering in ini so you can block/replace chats based on content / host server name.
-some other stuff i cant recall.

download link
// note: the file is not the same as described here. idk where pro when to atm.

add the mod to you serveractors.

summon chatlinkpro.chatlinkpro  in a singleplayer game , and it will still work 😉

chatlink requires a master server to run. i currently run the only master.
while it is possible to run you own master , that requires a  java server.

to join my master:
serveraddress =
recieveport = some unused port  (20622 – 29622) you  need to play with this number

anyway it would be nice to get a few more servers in the group, but dont want it super cluttered.if it gets annoying , servers can choose to ignore chats from specific servers by creating a rule in the ini , blocking by server name , or player, or text  etc

if it gets super annoying , i will add “chanels” for each goup of servers.

as this mess is setup , your chat also ( if i remember to run the irc relay!) is relayed to / from  #bobisunreal   and when the teamspeak bot isnt crashed , it is also relayed to our teamspeak server.

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toasty227 mutator

toasty227 is a  expansion of pcubes “toasty” taunt mutator.
to explain it simply , you say words in chat , and sounds are played based on chat content.
i rewrote it to use gamerules and added a bunch of bonus features to make it easier to use.

My additions are as follows:
-Automatic Bulk import sounds from any .u file using /importtaunts <packagename>   ingame.
-you can edit trigger words in the ini file.

name relevancy:
Sound bite can be name dependent, so everyone can have there personal “lol” “haha” etc
This can also be used to control abused taunts maybe , or set to bogus name to disable taunt.

client opt out.
clients can opt out of hearing the taunts on there client using /toggletaunts

taunt listing
typing /taunts will list all available taunts in the client console.

“vsay” taunts
vsay taunts vagley like the taunts in EDM , you can say a pharse such as LEFT< “eat t”  not instr
it will play a matching sound if available , and replace your text with the full quote.
such as  “eat t”  replace with “eat THat!”. this replaces the entire chat string!

my plans was to support the edm packages, but it is too much effort due to dependencies.

left/right/mid choice.
having a << >> in the triggerword start/end will decide weather the trigger word is explicitly  the left/right
having a ??? in the triggerword   indicates that it must have a “?” anywhere in the string to trigger off
no  << >> means instring anywhere.

– “!ns”  in chat plays no sounds regardless of triggers

time seconds based. if enabled taunts will not play intill spamthreshold has past in seconds
for random , you may add more then one sound in playsnd seperated by comma  “x11taunts1.dog1,x11taunts1.dog2,x11taunts1.dog3”

uses 227 gamerules to detect chat. some gametypes may require reworking to support gamerules.

download :

use as a mutator or add to server actors.

here are some soundclip packs to get you started

type this in chat as admin to import the taunts, then edit the trigger words in the ini file
/importtaunts Announcer
/importtaunts EClanTaunts
/importtaunts EClanTaunts2
/importtaunts EClanTaunts2016
/importtaunts EClanTaunts5

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skinmod / skin assist dev beta release

It Is a mutator  tool , what it does  is saves the player login information at join , then process it after a player joins, analyzing weather the skin is is the server packages. if it is in the server packages , it does nothing, the skin works like it would normally on any server.

if the desired skin is not in the server packages , it searches all files on the server to see if the skin utx files is available to load/install.

If the file is on the server , it is added to a custom list of on demand skins.
along with the requesting player , and add date.

upon the level switch , the mod automatically adds these skins files to the server packages ready for use by the player,this list is separate from the normal server packages.

if the file is not on the server, the user is prompted to contact the admin , or in my case – (in the future )they are directed to a php page where they can upload there skin utx file to the server.
This could potentially present some security issues latter on but that is addresses by uscript based package analysis.
The skin file they request  is also added into a list in the ini file , so that a admin can manually see what skins players want to use and add them accordingly.

the mod  allow skins to expire to reduce server packages.
if a players dont visit the server in 30 days the skin is automatically removed from the server packages , to reduce downloads. rejoining the server by the player can reset the count or cause it to be active again.

but there is more.
We have there prelogin information that tells the server there skin   request.  if they are already on the server , and they reconnect, we can match the player name , ip , and join parameters to a player already on the server. This way if a player is on the server , and want to change there skin for any reason, they would normally have to reconnect( in most  gametypes) , lose there place and inventory. ….. or will they?

my mod matches the login details  ,Does some basic comparison for class/skin changes, and if the player class is the same , But the skin parameter changes , it rejects the request to join, and takes there requested skin and changes the players skin while still ingame.

this wont work with as is with skins not in the server packages ( but  can be addressedlatter, by checking the server and adding them on demand) so what we has here is fast skin changing. people can change and test skins all day long without having to fully rejoin the server,
in the cases where the class changes , it will force a reconnect.
in the case of the requested skin not in server , it can reject the reconnect and warn the user.

players can “/skins” to view any skin installed on the server to choose from.
players can “/skinjoin #” to swap to a skin not installed on  while  ingame for testing
admin can “/skinsdebug” to see active/dead skins and player requests
broken: players can “/skinrejoin #” to swap to a skin not installed on there client, that will be persisnt via url.

possible future feature additions:
hud mutator gui to preveiw and pick skins, using key binds and stuff to switch between skins using prev/next like inventory




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So we are doing chatlink again.

We used to run  a old mod  from pcube called chatlink. it  lets multiple  unreal servers communicate between each other using udp link and java. a few years ago i stopped using it since  some people started abusing it by sending spam from 3rd party servers. then  i forgot about it for a while.

I am going to start running a chatlink master again ,
if people who want to setup there unreal server’s to join the chat  , i can provide the original mod and login info and  a message coloring mod to color code each servers chat ., and server or service that follows the chatlink protocol can join.

the original mod its a simple  serverside unrealscript mod that  like 42kb. i believe it can even run out the box in ut99.

I am working on a new build of unreal chatmod tho for 227 , that will have auto colorization , some server commands ( such as #players , # map that will dump the current info to teamspeak etc), maybe the ability to send server commands or pm’s bewteen servers, idk how far i want to expand it.

a screenshot of the colored  chats.

Its very easy just using a gamerule to disallow certain  servers chat from broadcasting onto your servers , if you worry about abuse later. ill probably add allow/disallow config in my future version

i say this becuase the shit that we say/paste on teamspeak can easily include links to 4chan , reddit , and other area inapropoate for all audenences ,

The even better stuff.

now that i run 2 servers , and my freinds run servers and the website , and stuff , i have been meaning to  somhow link irc to unreal. noone could really help me to much , so it sat on the backburner. in the proccess of messing with that i discovered  that there is a teamspeak api for java.

we live on teamspeak , and by live , i mean some of us usally keep connected 24/7 even while we sleep.
i tried to mess with java but i really didnt understand how to do that much so i talked to be friend that  deals  java  and while he was on on break from college  , he started working on something for us that is  really awesome , it is a java  app that links teamspeak 3 serverchat to and from chatlink.

you can see a working example


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EVENT : 3St Anniversary of Confederacy Sigma Server!!

Gracias a estas 3 Personas Importantes Bob, Jango Mango y Lucaso. Por hacer posible estos 3 años lindos en este servidor. Gracias a estas 3 personas por seguir dando vida al Unreal. Y Gracias a la Comunidad por darnos esta Chance en que la Confederacion Sigma sea parte de este Gran Servidor.

Feliz 3er Aniversario de la Confederacion Sigma Servidor!!

Fiesta a celebrarse dia Viernes 19 de Diciembre a las:
16:30hs GMT -3 Hora Argentina y Brasil;
15:30hs GMT -4 Hora de Puerto Rico;
14:30hs GMT -5 Hora de Estados Unidos Nueva Jersey

Thanks to these 3 IMPORTANT PEOPLE BOB, jango mango and lucaso. To make it possible for these 3 years nice on this server. Thanks to these 3 people to keep giving life to the unreal. And thanks to the community by giving us this chance in which the Confederacy Sigma is part of this great server.
Happy 3St Anniversary of the Confederacy Sigma Server!!
Party to be held on Friday 19th December at:
16:30 PM GMT-3 Hour Argentina and Brazil;
15:30 PM GMT-4 hour of Puerto Rico;
14:30 PM GMT-5 hour of new jersey, United States

all invited.

please let it be known that  the event usually generaly involves non gameplay for a portion of this day.

They tend to celebrate by creating a stage and making a speech thanking me for hosting there server and then thanking  all there members for being a part. I  expect a minimum turnout of 8
the first year we had 19 players on  at one point.
their clan has 84 members tho.

with any more then 8 players it will be laggy tho ,
so “standing room only” so to speak.
they will probably play normal at some point in the day tho.

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“skin assist” mod project

a few days ago ,one admin added a skin to my server and accidentally wiped the entire list of server packages out of the ini.( why is there a “empty” button with no conformation? WTF smirf.

i have been live editing the server ALOT latly , infact the uptime was easily  3 weeks, with only serverpackage edits live on server. and i added quite a few packages in that time.

To minimize downtime , without having a recent ini backup , ( many recent edits) i opened up the last non locked server log and recreated the server packages based on package load info ( yeah for bob saving the day)
btw that the difference about me and the next guy, I try to know how to work myself out of the corner that i get shoved into, by thinking.

unfortunately , that log was slightly old , and without shutting down the server to get the new data from the log ( and kick everyone off) i did temporally miss a few recent server packages like skins and some extra weapons we were testing.

so how did i find that out ?
Someone asked where there skin was not on the server anymore!

as a joke in annoyance , i said that i was going to make a system that does it automatically, or just bans every one with a custom skin.

After thinking about the issue , and some experience i gained working on that essential mutator i wrote .I realized that not only was a server side skin manager possible , but could have some bonus features.

so what the heck is skin assist?
It Is a mutator , what it does  is saves the player login information at join , then process it after a player joins, analyzing weather the skin is is the server packages. if it is in the server packages , it does nothing, the skin works like it would normally on any server.

if the desired skin is not in the server packages , it searches all files on the server to see if the skin utx files is available to load/install.

If the file is on the server , it is added to a custom list of on demand skins.
along with the requesting player , and add date. upon the level switch , the mod automatically adds these skins files to the server packages ready for use by the player,this list is separate from the normal server packages.

if the file is not on the server, the user is prompted to contact the admin , or in my case – (in the future )they are directed to a php page where they can upload there skin utx file to the server.This could potentially present some security issues latter on but ill probably address those with package content analyses (texture only content within package). The skin file they request  is also added into a list in the ini file , so that a admin can manually see what skins players want to use and add them accordingly.

the mod could be modified allow skins to expire to reduce server packages. if a players dont visit the server in 90 days the skin could be automatically removed from the server packages , to reduce downloads. rejoining the server by the player can reset the count.

but there is something feature even way more clever.
We have there prelogin information that tells the server there skin   request.  if they are already on the server , and they reconnect, we can match the player name , ip , and join parameters to a player already on the server. This way is a player is on the server , and want to change there skin for any reason, they would normally have to reconnect, lose there place and inventory. ….. or will they?

my mod matches the login details  ,Does some comparison for class/skin changes, and if the player class is the same , But the skin parameter changes , it rejects the request to join, and takes there requested skin and changes the players skin while still ingame.

this wont work with as is with skins not in the server packages ( but we can address  that like we do normally, by checking the server and adding them on demand)
so what we has here is fast skin changing. people can change and test skins all day long without having to fully rejoin the server,
in the cases where the class changes , it will force a reconnect.
in the case of the requested skin not in server , it can reject the reconnect and warn the user.

There is still some bugs to work out and features to add.
for instance, if you change your skin many times , it changes from original join skin to current selection , so rejoining with your original join skin , forces a reconnect.also in seemingly random cases , it cant detect skin at all. , and gives error “” as skin , some error in my code i am sure.
over 700 lines of code that i need to review to do this , lol

there will likly be in game admin commands to register/ remove skins from the package, and well as list skins uses etc
there will be command to attempt to get all skins avalible on server , so far only lists actively loaded skins tho. and a skinswitchcommand to manaully switch to skins you dont have installed.( temporarily , or by join url)

a custom verision will be created to  address  names while using monsterplayers. in current  , you can play on my servers as the monsters , using the monsternames , but this mod in future will after you join , will join as the playername you use before reconnect.

well well , hope you are excited.  needed some encouragement  via interest to bug fix things.

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T3d Patch maker demo

I made this tool a few years back in a less finished form .
it is for placing specific items in editor , for spawning in a mutator


– Place “unique” actors in unrealed.
– Strip bsp  , then export as t3d
– Open t3d in tool
– Tell it your “unique” actor short name (case sensitive)
– Tell it what to spawn in its place.
– Tell it a filename to save the source to
– Enjoy ready to integrate unrealscript.

Outputed script  looks like this:

if(Level.Title ==”Rrajigar Mine “)
actNewClass = class<actor>( DynamicLoadObject(“present1.Greeng”, class’Class’ ) );

Known Issues
– Somtimes breaks phrasing completly for some actors.
– Tool cant handle t3d files over a few mb (hence strip bsp first)
– Rotation is not  supported..

it some future world , this tool can likey be Totally written in Unrealscript , or as ucc commandlet, and not a exe.
log(); can be abused to export the code maybe

ill give lua source as some future edit

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Design notes #1 – Detecting Abrupt Restarts

Theres are  few mods avalilable that can go back to a map after server goes down,
most notably it is built into jcoopz1 , and in the mod dzmapmutator.
both closed source mods.

A while back somone asked if you could detect if the server was told to close , or closed unexpectadly.
Some of use talked back and forth and discussed how dzmapmutator probably handles the situation,
dots provided this simple example of detecting the situation by adding a extra paramenter to the traveling url of the server.


local string S;

S = Level.GetLocalURL();

if (InStr(S,”?restarted=true”)!=-1)
// already changed our url
Level.ServerTravel(ReplaceStr(s, “”, “”)$”?restarted=true”,false);


What it does is basicly check to see if  a paramenter is present in the servers url , and if it is not ,
we re-navigate to the map addign the argument.

Pretty cool huh?

Knowing this  we can have the server resume at the map that we left off at when the server went down,
This is generally desirable , for the sake of mappacks, or servers with a set map rotation.

to do this we just need to need to store the last map that was loaded.
we can also save the uptime as well


var config() string crashmap;
var config() int uptime;

local string S;
S = Level.GetLocalURL();
if (InStr(S,”?restarted=true”)!=-1)
{ // already changed our url
crashmap = string(level.outer); // save te3 level to config
uptime ++;
if  (crashmap ==””) // incase of no stored map
Level.ServerTravel(ReplaceStr(s, “”, “”)$”?restarted=true”,false);
Level.ServerTravel(crashmap $”?restarted=true”,false);


What this will do when the server starts , It checks if the paramenter is stored in the url ,
if it is not it then checks to see if we had a last map we were at stored ,
if not the map reloads with the peramaters.if it has a saved map stored , it travels to the last map that was loaded.

Thats the standard way its handled, But what about the crash itself ?
how do we detect if the server was shutdown vs the server exiting improperly?
is it even possible?

sort of.But we need a but of help from outside the game tho.

unreal.exe creates running.ini while the game is running.
if the game abruptly  closes ( gpf  etc) usally this file is not cleaned up.

If you use a batch file to Launch your server, it can easily be modified to detect this remnant.

This is a example batch file that can detect the running.ini at launch

@echo off
rem cls
if exist running.ini (
echo Abrupt restart!
unreal.exe server SpireVillage.unr?Game=JCoopZ1.JCoopZGame?crash=true Difficulty=3 ini=unreal.ini -timestamplog -server
goto Restart
) else (
echo Server Started Normally
unreal.exe server SpireVillage.unr?Game=JCoopZ1.JCoopZGame?crash=false Difficulty=3 ini=unreal.ini -timestamplog -server
goto Restart

We use the existance of the running.ini to detect there was a fault, then  pass that paramenter to the game in the commandline,
so we can be later used in   unrealscript.

the Code to detect the crash in game is very similar to the returntocrashmap code above.


local string S;
local bool serverabrupt;

S = Level.GetLocalURL();

if( InStr(S,”?crash=true”)!=-1 )   // Running.ini was present at launch
// abrupt start.

//non crash start


They can both be combined with  some extra bools.
This detects clean exit vs aburt exit, and also when the server goes down for any normal reason,
will resume  where it left off.

var config() string crashmap;
var config() int uptime;

local string S;
local bool serverabrupt;

S = Level.GetLocalURL();

if( InStr(S,”?crash=true”)!=-1 )   // Running.ini was present at launch

// abrupt start.
serverabrupt = true; this flag is set every map switch  , so any mod can detect it.
if (InStr(S,”?restarted=true”)!=-1)
{ // already changed our url
crashmap = string(level.outer); // save the level to config
log(“saving crash map…”);
uptime ++;
if  (crashmap ==””) // Incase of no stored map
log(“abrupt crash with No saved crash map… reloading level”);
Level.ServerTravel(ReplaceStr(s, “”, “”)$”?restarted=true”,false);
log(“aburt crash . loading saved crashmap..”);
Level.ServerTravel(crashmap $”?restarted=true”,false);

//non crash start

serverabrupt = false; this flag is set every map switch  , so any mod can detect it.
if (InStr(S,”?restarted=true”)!=-1)
{ // already changed our url
crashmap = string(level.outer); // save the level to config
uptime ++;
log(“saving crash map…”);
if  (crashmap ==””) // Incase of no stored map
log(“First run ! restart with No saved crash map… reloading level”);
Level.ServerTravel(ReplaceStr(s, “”, “”)$”?restarted=true”,false);
log(“first run!. loading saved crashmap..”);
Level.ServerTravel(crashmap $”?restarted=true”,false);


Uptime stats saved in uptime int, it’s reset ever time a serverstart occurs,
also saves serverabrupt bool to note of a abrupt start.

In the rare case of a map that could pottentaily crash repeatady ,

one can try add repeat crash detection.
not exactly sure how one would know to breakout.
we could keep rack of the last crashed map ( technicly we already know the last map).
and keep a tally of how many times it close improperly .

so I came up with this even better mess.
– Detects crash / vs normal start
– Keeps stats of every level that the server crashed on, ever.
– Resumes the last map if it never crashed more then 5 times before.

– important note : code below untested , writtin in notepad.


var config() int crashtimes;
var config() string crashmap;
var config() int uptime;

struct maperrors()
var string map;
var int crashes;


var config() maperrors mapcrashstats[255];
var string S;
var bool serverabrupt;
var int returnvaltemp;

function int trackmapstats(string map,optional bool incement)
//lookup a saved map data. return a count
//if its not here add it and return 1
//if you use bool arg “incement” add one to the count for our match when we do the lookup.

local int bc,foundline;
local bool bfound;

For( bc = 0; bc <  255 ; bc++ )
if ( !=”” && == map)
//found map saved
foundline = bc;
bfound = true;

if (incement)
mapcrashstats.crashes ++;
return mapcrashstats.crashes;
return mapcrashstats.crashes;



if (!bfound)

For( bc = 0; bc <  255 ; bc++ )
if ( ==”” && !bfound)
//open slot map;
foundline = bc;
bfound = true;
mapcrashstats.crashes ++; // add out first
return mapcrashstats.crashes; // break out




// on mutator startup / init / prebeginplay

if( InStr(S,”?crash=true”)!=-1 )   // Running.ini was present at launch

// abrupt start.
serverabrupt = true; this flag is set every map switch  , so any mod can detect it.
returnvaltemp = trackmapstats(string(level.outer),true); // lookup or store the map stats
// save  the stats for the last crashed map. , only save at first start.
log (“This map has Crashed ” $ returnvaltemp $  ” timees  in the past”,’Warning’);

if (InStr(S,”?restarted=true”)!=-1)
{ // already changed our url
crashmap = string(level.outer); // save the level to config
log(“saving crash map…”);
uptime ++;
if  (crashmap ==”” || returnvaltemp > 5) // Incase of no stored map OR map crashed to many times
if (returnvaltemp > 5)
log(“Previously loaded map encountered to many crashes… reloading level”);
log(“abrupt crash with No saved crash map… reloading level”);

Level.ServerTravel(ReplaceStr(s, “”, “”)$”?restarted=true”,false);
log(“aburt crash . loading saved crashmap..”);
Level.ServerTravel(crashmap $”?restarted=true”,false);

//non crash start

serverabrupt = false; this flag is set every map switch  , so any mod can detect it.
if (InStr(S,”?restarted=true”)!=-1)
{ // already changed our url
crashmap = string(level.outer); // save the level to config
uptime ++;
log(“saving crash map…”);
if  (crashmap ==””) // Incase of no stored map
log(“First run ! restart with No saved crash map… reloading level”);
Level.ServerTravel(ReplaceStr(s, “”, “”)$”?restarted=true”,false);
log(“first run!. loading saved crashmap..”);
Level.ServerTravel(crashmap $”?restarted=true”,false);


so i guess that adreesses everyones concerns. lol


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data caching ideas

Hopefully the files here are all back in order , they probably were hours after i posted anyway.;D

Anyway nothing is happening the only thing i barely did lately for unreal is
start building a caching system for the db system i created for my mods.
the ini database itself was a very clever idea but after quite a bit of data( 3000 lines for me )
It got to the point where every time you shot something , It would lag due to read/search/write.

someone recommended building a hash table , but due to the Dynamic RAD design of the  database,
You cant just create references , and while for example a number compare is 5x faster then a string compare,
The database is totaly writen in stings , that can be number of types. also unreal doesnt provide a hashing fuction for string 2 md5 etc
so in general a hash table would be way more work then its worth i think.

so we think about the problem.
searching 3000 lines to do a lookup is bad.
searching 3000 lines to modify the matching value is bad.
Writing to the ini every time somone moves , also bad.

whats not bad?
read/write for small lists.

So the plan?
cache the stuff we need , mostly JIT as we need it.

Need a value? Do a lookup of the value in the database and copy it to a struct in ram.
next time you look up the value , its has been cached , so you need to only search the cache ( witch at this point is 1 row long.)
In some cases such as int , or a bit toggle , we have no reason to even get the value from the db , we can write straight to cache.

Not all data needs to be searched or  even passed over now, only relevant rows.
if a player joins the server,maybe some of there data is loaded, like login  account info ,
as things are killed relevant class data can be cached , or even the map is analyzed for killable classes and those are cached.
new unknowns a re ammended to the cache etc.

in a case like this the other 2999 rows  related to players that are not online. in the original system that data is iliterated EVERY time we do a lookup or edit.

In this system it looked up a limited number of times and cached.

at the end of the level its merged back to the ini based database when game play it irrelevant, this single write could take 3 secends maybe , but none would see it.

But hey what if the server goes down half way tho the map bro?
The cached data gets lost.yep it sucks
Writes could be written every so often , or anytime all players leave etc

for values that must change , like account info or somthing , the modify data function will provide a optional forcewrite bool.

2015-09-10 23-41-45 Screenshot

anyhow i only wrote like 4 of the  dozens of functions required to built this yet , because i don’t see the potential return of my time atm.

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Stuffs getting maintenanced’ and upgraded.

We bought the domain (using local webspace)

all sites are staying where they are tho , gonna use it as a hub.

I am Redoing all files storage to do with everything unreal related.
and While unrelated  To most here i am reorganizing my massive collection of unreal files,
To make sure i have everything in one place i moved all the files i had on dropbox into my archive
( which is symbolically linked to a  webserver atm) Since some thing where in one place and not archived.

so 99% of unreal dropbox files on this blog , and the   site are now broken.

My plan is to redo the comyr page as what it was , But I plan of linking to a webserver for the small files , and mirroring them on either dropbox or the comyr site that i dont currently utilize, ,
haven’t decided , but i am rewriting the project pages  regardless.

In the interim i am rebuilding The projects page on the webserver to utilize the domain. But since that page is down while the webserver is down , i dont want that to be the primary website.[also it cant be].

Anyway , if you need files  that where on the blog or websites , You just Gotta ask for the time being, I am sure noone wants my shit anyway



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Interaction Tutorial.

There are many ways to address the topic of having the user control something( specificity script code).

User Input / Interaction Methods

  • Methods
    – Replication
    – Binding keys
    – Chat scanning
    – Checking keystrokes
    – Pick-up Activation/Deactivation
    – Triggers
    – Fake Weapons

Some of these methods have advantages and disadvantages , and different usage scenarios.
Like most things in unreal script Not every method is ideal for each application , most anything can be made to work.

The most common method for interaction in uscript is using replication – Role<ROLE_Authority to replicate exec functions,
This is what is used for most of the commands in unreal such as FLY , SUMMON , etc. This allows you to catch things typed into the console.

Example Code
class commandsthing expands pickup;

reliable if( Role<ROLE_Authority )

exec function dothat(){PlayerPawn(Owner).ClientMessage(” some action”);}

This method requires your code class to be placed on a client package / actor ,
Mostly always thats a pickup/item/weapon (or declared in the playerpawn)
in the case of playerpawn , It’s self replicated without Replication declaration.
it isn’t usually usable in any other classes , and this method has the advantage that you can have required arguments
so for instance dothat( int mynumber) will only accept a # and that argument will be passed straight to your functions,
Without having to phrase anything yourself.

The downsides are that the client has to have downloaded this class. it cant be “hidden” like server side code, also replicating
tons of commands probably isnt good for the server ( you can get RPC overflows – But you would have to replicate hundreds of things for that to happen)
also your code is executed on the pickup or class , Or course you can pass instruction elsewhere or obfuscate ( for instance for login commands),Using blind dummy dynamicloads and child classes.
In general this is the accepted method for adding commands to a game.

Additional you can use mods to rebind the clients keys to call one of these replicated commands.FE how voting handler overides or amends your X key.

Chat Scanning
Chat scanning is sort or common function of modern games – whether your notice it or not. mine craft and gtaSA and many games use it,
As far as unreal227 is concerned , its a passive method – A simple mutator can sit and wait for chat callbacks.
all chat goes tho the system as usual – If a magic string such as “/” or “/togglechat” is seen in a chat message the chat is phrased and you can execute a action based on that.

If your sever/game version is < 227 you can use a dummy pawn actor to listen for chat strings , but you wont be able to not show them in the chat,Its possible but alot more inconvenient to get who chated what.

The main advantage to this is that is entirely serverside , So you can put security related stuff ,
and link/references to other packages that are linked to dlls etc , The client never has to download it.
so you can be clever and unload/rebuild/update the commands mod without shuttingdown/restarting your server.
The downsides to this method is that you need to phrase the chat yourself if you want more then a simple executed action.
If you want arguments you need to intelligently process the data , Breaking up space delimited text and converting strings to numbers etc ,also you need to do alot of idiot checking for spaces , bad args, or args out of sequence.

The other downside is that everyone was trained to NOT type commands into chat , but the console!
So unless you explain how it works , most people wont understant why is doent work.

Some example code here:

Checking keystrokes
While I cant give a elaborate example , Ill point out that 227 has the ability to detect key presses.
Is is necessary to do this ON THE CLIENTSIDE. and you must check if a button is pressed/held , In some tick/timer etc.
You must create your own debouncing scheme and then or course execute your functions.
A check like this would work good in HUD classes inside postrender etc.

use a table like this ,

you can make a uscript comparison table array if your clever. think array(KEYCODE) = array.charstring to mass check keys.

if (PlayerPawn(Owner).IsPressing(32))

If your clever you can check for every possible key clientside , and pass that data blindly back to the server for post processing
in a single sting FE “a6-=” etc then phrase it sever side.
I also may suggest that is possible to write a crude keylogger this way(Viewport keystokes only , Dont get excited!).

Pick-up Activation/Deactivation/use
For some simple action (fly mods/skin swaps etc), You could toggle on/off by the states of a pickup, of even be creative and foreach/item and
detect active states as a easteregg. This type of thing is intuitive and easy to understand for any player.
You can even set up multiple pickups to build a navigation system menu type thing – Think 5 items (up / down/ left/right/enter) Thats sort of insane tho.
But if your already doing this why dont you just go ahead and replicate some functions to get calls from the console?????

This is a convoluted method. mostly for map makers. You build a room in the map that has triggers that execute your code. You can use this method
in a server context by spawning visible sprite triggers with a serverside mod, FE triggers at the beginging of level that change your model or affect
the player , execute some scripted code etc.

Fake Weapons
You use a fake weapon to interact with the players fire/altfire binds ,
Prehaps even use/ overide next/prev weapon actions. The bonus here is that you have callbacks easily available to the hud to draw stuff.
Think right click shuffles , left click selects.

(to be continued … maybe?)


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semi usable  just for fun-


summon goat.mycow

ill make it into a goat player at some point if nobody beats me to it.


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Tutorial #4 – Exporting meshes from ut99 or other files using 227 editor.

Anything you can open in 227 unrealed you can export –
But with a custom botpack mod for unreal,
You can even open and extract models from many ut99 mods.

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postal 2 salon …. in unreal ?

Work continues Porting the salon level from postal 2 paridise lost to unreal 227…….
Only 500 mb of assets so far to load what you see in these screenshots!

PL_Wester.utx 27 mb
MRT_Hell.utx 47mb
STV2.utx 24mb
PL_Western.usm 1.8mb
Josh-textures.utx 65mb
STV-3.utx 29mb
Timb.utx 55mb
PL-InteriorMeshes.usm 2.7mb
P2InteriorTex.utx 48mb
Growroom.utx 13mb
Timb_mesh.usm 1.8mb
weaponSkins.utx 8mb
Zo_Greenbelt_Meshes.usm 1mb
Zo_Industrial.utx 56mb
Zo_Greenbelt.utx 42mb
Zo_Cmpd.utx 29mb
hospital-sw.utx 12mb

460mb of dependencies so far!

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Tutorial #3 – Animation mesh exporting from unreal engine 2 games with umodel

I explain How to export a animated model from killing floor into unreal 227

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Tutorial #2 – Static mesh exporting from unreal engine 2 games with umodel

In this tutorial i explain how to export a prop from killing floor , And import it into unreal 227.

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Tutorial Series #1 – Basic mesh exporting from ut99 with umodel

In this video i explain  exporting a weapon from ut99 and  importing it into unreal 227.

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Surrent busywork projects

Randomly got into ripping stuff from some other games last night.
Here is unfinished harry potter playermodel.

and  somthing from magic the gathering

and spiderman too

very easy to do too.

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nutella heath for unreal !

one of my mates was kind enought to create this for me its a nutella heath pickup for unreal what could be better lol
download Here

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monsterplayers mod for jcoopz1

I fixed this for someone , and thought others may want to use it.
It is a mod that lets you play as  a few monsters. you can fly as a warlord etc
it has some issues  but its still fun to tinker with.

also this updated file

while the mod technicly works in 225 the gamerules file requires 227.

make sure your gametype is set to bhumansonly false!

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paci in minecraft – 04moutains

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Unreal gold related channels on youtube

These are users and channels  on youtube that  are players or developers in the unreal community.
Content varies widely from other games to guides and play thoughs

mines not in that list because i am the host of the list –
heres mine

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statsystem mutator project

something i came up with for a account system / database for stats / levels
something i have been meaning to do for at least a year – but hadn’t thought of the best way to implement it securely
someone requested i build something like this for them , and after a bit of back and forth, we filled in the holes in both our ideas.

so at this point its a semi private project , but files are available in the  private Facebook group as usual

some info :


statsystem mutator
stat system is a serverside statlogger/accountsystem

Lets users create a authenticated account of your server to with lets them save
kill data , achevments , arbitrary server data and other player data.
This mod can run aside any gametype that supports gamerules in 227i+.

Nick registering

how to register a nick
Upon entering a server a user gets nagged to register there nick using a password.
They register there nick “createlogin <password>”

there password is bound to their name. there uid is saved to server.
next time user joins there uid is matched up. if thats not matching(stale) they are prompted to login again
user types “plogin <password>”
loging in saves the uid to the datbase again and reloads there permisions.

createlogin <password>
plogin <password>

alternatly you can chat /plogin <password> /createlogin <password>

database class

everything is saved in a dynamic array, that is interfaced using a custom class
called databaseinterationclass

you interact with it like so
table is all strings , so do conversions where nessecary.
dbobject.getdatavalue (string xplayer , string xproperty); returns a string of matching value , “nil” if not exist
dbobject.updatedatavalue (string xplayer , string xproperty,string xvalue); update a value , creat if it dont exist.
dbobject.addintvalue(string xuser , string xprop,optional int addto); increament a value (if addto is specified add that many)
dbobject.returnbool(string xuser , string xprop); return if a value is true/false “”/nil/*!true = false
dbobject.setbool(string xuser , string xprop,bool newvalue); sets a value bool status. if *!true then true
dbobject.concatgroups (string xplayer); returns space delimitedlist of properties from xplayer;
dbobject.concatpropgroups (string xprop) returns space delimitedlist of players with xprop defined;


Base data gathered

+kill stats saved to nick
per class kills for any monster –
ie playerdatadb=(Player=”player.bob.Killstats”,Property=”kami.Kamikaze”,Value=”37″)

+ spawns
spawns total , including joins!

+ Levels ended saved to nick
saved when player hits ending and level is switch based on his/her touch.

Achivments saved to nick
+ can define arbitary achivments in a custom mutator

build the mutator using link to dataobject
decare var int achevmentcount; and set var to # of achivments

example mutator achevent :
if (dbobject.getdatavalue(“player.” $l$”.Killstats” ,”UnrealI.Titan”) > “20” &&
dbobject.getdatavalue(l$”.achivments” ,”titanterrorist”) == “nil”)
playerpawn(killer).ClientMessage(“[Achivment] unlocked titan terrerist! – Kill 15 titan”);
dbobject.updatedatavalue (l$”.achivments”, “titanterrorist”,”titan?Terrerist?” $ level.month$”-“$$”-“$level.year);

kill of some class = # , totalkills = # , any database comparasion , any chat string , login args , pickup some gun, has inventory etc

edit: here is a link to a generic version you can customize.

Download here


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Project updates

i have been working on and off with various projects
stuff i worked on in the last month:
-some client mods
-made a creeper for unreal using minecraft model
-made a very shitty spider using minecraft spider model

i have been working on and off with this when i get ideas.

teleport accept

sometimes you have a  freeplay server and want to let players teleport to each other,
but dont want users to  teleport others around randomly and disrupt everyone.
so we borrow a solution from a minecraft mod:

/tpa <id> request teleport to a player
/tpahere <id> request a player to teleport to you
/tpaccept accept a request
/tpdeny deny the request

/tp commands on all my unreal servers available to all players.

ending control

I added ending control into my mutator now
when server /player try to  end the level, the mod can control if thats allowed
if it is allowed , it will test if the next level is loadable, if it fails it will not try and end into a broken map.
if it fails 3 times in the same url , it switches the map into a working map , nyleve.

the way its written now it can be  easily be expanded to stop individuals from ending the map
as well as modifying the target url in the progress..

-sql support

I built a special build for 227i that utilizes a sql database class  to store some admin/player data.
currently just for testing.

– exit/restart handling
added some check for “admin exit” that overides the behavior from non console requests.
calling “admin exit” results in a countdown , at witch time the server closes database , saveconfig etc, and calls restart  or exit, optionally.  the countdown can be interupted by any admin of the server.

– hook mutator
mutators now have argument handling
you can use the operators
“unrealshare.lowgrav map=nyleve,02village”    allow mutator only in this maps
“unrealshare.lowgrav map!=nyleve,dark”          disallow mutator only in this maps
“unrealshare.lowgrav”          mutate all maps
“!unrealshare.lowgrav”          disabled
“!fail!unrealshare.lowgrav”          broken

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minecraft creepers in unreal

in the usual because why not reasoning, i created a basic creeper in unreal !
also crappy spiders too but not worth using that;)

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paci in minecraft 03temple

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paci in minecraft 02village

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227 “essentials” mutator pack project intro

since long ago i wanted to a make a single managment mutator
a mutator that you could drop into any gametype that would handle your everyday needs
originaly that was bobsmut , witch replaced about 2 gamtypes and 4 mutators ,
but was both ahead of its time and written when i was a noob.

essentials is the 227 rewrite of this, in a slightly different methodology
it is a collection of gamerule mutators
this is a plug in mutator for item giving ,
it supports basic charge/ammo/copies, as well as comments/package checking for invalids

this is a drop when killed mutater , that creates a effect of postal2 death when you die.

– self explanitory , time/ type configable

dropall227.swapdropper – dwk replacer that dosnt use dwk
this is a drop when killed mutator that is transparent to any drop when killed mutators
and easy to configure, no bs psi classes no overiding dropwhenkilled
you configure a pawn/classname/typename condition  to watch and when this dies
x copies of a given root actor are spawned , you can write plugins to modify drop phyiscs
since its a root actor you cna have it spawn ANYTHING like  explosions or woodenboxes.

dropall227.adminloginmut – automatic admin login handler ,
set ip /uid / names and your admin automaticly login , no passwords required.
works with dynamic ip’s

dropall227.toasty227 – voice taunt mutator
its like toasty for xcoop , but better ,
clients can opt to ignore taunts. unlimited taunts
taunt triggers + tsay text replacement triggered events

dropall227.essentials – extra commands
this is th ebase mutator
hookmutators , command handling, statistical managment and more
this mutator allows you to interact with the mutators using “say /” commands
you can use any escape charater.
add your own say commands easily with built in interperater.
edit hookmutators . giveitem lists from ingame.
allow users to use bonus cheats
enhanved killall
admin set rollback feature, saves every admin set action , and there original property to config
,so you can infinity rollback many modified properties.
ability to create and goto warps , that can teleport you to saves location in maps and even teleport you between maps.
chatlogger to ini – view chat history in your ini files /advanced options instantly!

this is a server side score uses plugins you can create to work with any gametype.
saves score/kill/death/spree data to a server config.

dropall227.mobcounter – mob counting / managment commands (not working)

dropall227.hitsounds – hitsounds on damageing a monster
dropall227.spreemut – killing spree mutator
dropall227.unrealrpg – a rpg leveling framework for saving and using damage and kill data
dropall227.whitelist – a whitelist mutator
dropall227.mcoop player replacer

more to come

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a teaser from one of my friends projects , yes it works , yes i played it , and no it doesn’t work online properly yet.
oh and you can play it one my server once i get things back up and running…
Screenshot 2014-12-13 16.41.14

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server upgrade

It was black friday , I bought a 120 gb ssd and a2 port 6gb\s pci-e sata controller for the dedicated server.
A bit of a christmas gift for all your guys, Almost 80$ in upgrades from money I dont really have.

It is now officially faster then my personal machine in every way.
Unfortunately due to the fact that the mainboard only has pcie 1.0 we are limited to about sata 2 speeds.  that about 200mb/s read
but as far as the unreal server goes thats shaved about 12 seconds off of level switch and startup time.
the server reboots in about 12 seconds too, in case it should ever power down.But I will get the ups fixed soon.

I am in the process of re setting up every thing as 227i on my server ( reinstalling all mods etc) because the 227j server install had to many weird issues like certain upak maps with every thing invisible and a rpc issues
ftp , teamspeak ,and http are up and running, the redirects running from the ssd

Minecraft server has been updated to 1.8 and will be getting a new 1.8 survival world merged with it soon.


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more killing floor in unreal stuff

had this idea to port the killing floor monsters to unreal an dimported all the animated models into the game , but they need to be scripted by someone (volunteers?)

and i ended up considering porting another map , the choice was dolhouse , so i have fully ported many of the static mesh packages for use in unreal 227.

cant post the files here ,cause this is already over a gig of assets converted to unreal.

above static mesh files available  on fb group page.


project is stalled intill i can get a coder.
or until  adam has time to fishing his psk to obj


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is that a axe , or are you happy to see me ….

a melee weapon for unreal D


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02village in minecraft

the crew worked on building paci village from unreral in minecraft.

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rrd overhaul progessing

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Unreal General Forum – SQLite3 for Unreal 227i

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Project Presentation • Re: Unreal: Prisoner of Na Pali

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Project Presentation • Re: [u1] Aftermath

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[UT] SP-De’Nasha Breeche Monastery



Synopsis: You were hurt working in a Na Pali mine and rescued by a group of Nali. They have taken you to the Monastery of De’Nasha Breeche, a Nali High Priest whose name appears elsewhere in the Unreal universe. After nursing you back to health, they would like some assistance…

Features: Hopefully refreshing gameplay and something different from the norm, with a few “secrets” thrown in here and there. This should also work with U1, but you will need the shanechurch and city texture sets in the proper directory (see readme).

Latest News: Released April 27th, 2014


Download from Google Drive

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unreal in minecraft!

I started playing minecraft lately ,  After someone gave me a copy.
While we were playing  a few of my buddy’s decided it would be a good idea to build Skytown in minecraft.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 00.49.25Screenshot 2014-02-24 22.33.28
Despite building Skycaves and half of Skytown in a week ,  Things crawled to a halt for a almost a month where I mostly was on my own. any way after 2 months , After me probably losing my job staying home playing minecraft, it is mostly finished,
by finished i mean the 3 levels are tied together  and properly scaled and all doors work.Thanks to the help of akacross , who did 90% of the redstone, we have commandblock bases sliding doors and working switches everywhere.

I probably wont work on this too much more  again , as I have adopted hyzorans minecraft server , and i spent most time building  his town up

If anyone wants to come see it , Visit my minecraft server  its a multiworld ,
creative server Running 24/7. type /warp skycaves to goto the start

Alternatively you can download nalipaliHeaven as a schematic.
but you must paste in in a very specific location.


After we built this I came up with a way to import unreal maps directly into minecraft , Witch i will Discuss in a future article ,
that has many downsides tho.











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I added the beta wheel of time coop maps to the server as well as 3 monster hunt conversions , the mapset the odyssey from ut  , stranded , Peanut mine  Apocalypse threat,  and 3 new sandbox maps “google”  “KingJoshCityXMas”  and”DM-LittleSoldiersSE”

also added katwarrior help bot , onpcoopmutator , skarrjashrinker and updated the portal rifle with a ultra realist version thanks to gizzy

I am currently working on  porting about 20 rare  u4e maps to unreal  from ut  that  are claasic  maps that people i actually used to know made  , i am sure i am the only dsk clan member that recalls or caresa about these maps.

Screenshot 2014-01-25 04.53.30

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vortex rikers website

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Upgrade time!

Well i got a new gt-640 video card for Christmas, i choose this card because it can support up to 4 displays at once. witch i will be using to play and work on more unreal content.
For you that don’t math that 3,888 x 1024 pixel space
enough for 3 unrealed editors to run at one time.
I believe this will increase my unreal productivity by at least 3 fold.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 03.35.03

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newbiesplaygrond updates to wordpress

newbies playground has finally ditched php layouts for a modern interface , and its everything dog you need in a nice neat spot in wordpress.

Funny i think i was the first to use wordpress on a unreal news site , due to the value of rss  remind me how much better a proper webserver in then a for profit wordpress host … anywho.. back on topic…

rss for newbies playground is avalable here

but other then logging in you can get new articles via the forum still

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[RELEASED] [UT] [U1] The Fifth Vortex – Ehactora’s Story

Synopsis: It is approximately 25 years since the events of Return to Na Pali. The Skaarj are much fewer in number, with only a few pockets here and there. The cause of their demise, while certainly contributed to by Prisoner 849, is still mostly unknown. Recently however, there has been a small but sudden spike in their population.
Since the events of Return to Na Pali, and the subsequent decline of Skaarj presence on the planet itself, Na Pali has become the target of smugglers and raiders looking to loot any remaining Nali ruins or temples. While the famous temples of Vandora and Velora, along with the chambers of Chizra, have all been desecrated, there are still many left. The Nali had many other gods and goddesses of worship, including “Ehactora”, the Nali Wind God.

Ehactora is believed to be the cause of “all movement in the universe” and is rumored to have spawned the likeness of Vandora (goddess of Lightning) and Chizra (Nali Water God). There is evidence of a sacred place of power and worship to Ehactora, known only as The Fifth Vortex. It is rumored that by rotating Ehactora’s huge sundials, The Fifth Vortex will be activated, unleashing an immense, powerful vortex which will allow instant movement to other sacred locations on the planet. Your mission is to make your way through Ehactora’s passage, explore his temple and collect any artifacts along the way to the massive ruins in which the sundials rest. Find a way to activate the sundials, thus unleashing the Fifth Vortex.

You are Lieutenant Lazurus Stevens, a former Marine officer on the UMS “Poseidon”. Your pilot and first mate, MSGT O’Neal has been your trusted friend since you both left the service. Since then, you both have joined the ranks of the many smugglers and traders. That said, you have no love for the Skaarj, and activating and controlling The Fifth Vortex should only help in further eliminating them.

While the Skaarj numbers are much fewer than they were during Prisoner 849’s romp across the planet, there are still areas of resistance, along with rogue Skaarj here and there. The planet is still inhabited by dangerous wildlife, and the Fifth Vortex itself has a particularly high concentration of life forms around it. The Nali still inhabit the planet, and have actually rebounded quite nicely with the Skaarj demise.

Features: An intro, 5 playable maps and an outro

Latest News: RELEASED

Download Links : …
Moddb link: … fth-vortex

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Hallospire work log

My time. More sparce then ever posting here is kinda sparce as well but i really want work on the map. Very excited.

Il try to get back here
For now here is a build log of my latest work

9/29 build K
Add farm house from dnbarnassault
Add tractor shed
Add ridable steamroller
Add ridable bulldozer
Add corn feil parh section
Move corn maze
Move cave to be part of hayeide
Farm fence to static mesh
Add Big house nasmwnt level 1
Rideable trator
Pickup truck

10/2 build L
Add windmill
Move halloween store

10/19 build P
Add fencing arond lake
Move lake to accomodate hayride
Move cabin to acomadate lake
Remove cabin tunnels
Move store lighting
Move tress in forest for havride
Fixed pumkin patch bsp
Add new music darknight

Purge woods2
Wagon rails
Mylel more resoures
Pumkin lights sprites
Cows from postal 2
Signs and statues scarecrows etc
Witches Cildrens
Apple bobbing
Alien sectoid cave ending
Dr who angels
Wooden box sccripted trator riddy thing
Add mz zombies
Hangmans trees

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join if interested

private group but any new members are  welcome
everything ah monsters that may of may not warrant a posts here


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busy , it’s the story of my life especially now with a full time job at a small 3 person hvac company.
I enjoy my work almost as much as i enjoy unreal.but some of it is tiring work, dragging heavy tanks , and climbing on roofs assembling heavy ductwork. the work to me is very rewarding, to know I worked on  buildings and projects so big.i don’t get to do enough  but that’s another topic. this job is 8 – 5 pm usually + overtime. so my time i can be in unreal is now limited to the hours of 630-730 am and 7 – 12 pm. It’s decent money in my pocket that can go towards updating my aging computers and living essentails.

Coincidently , my server has become popular with a few Canadian players  and it usually now has 3 – 5 players during the day and night. I cant be here during the days unless i get off.I gave admin to 3 new people to take up my slack including bunnito , eliphim and oz , as well as giving two people access to my server machine directly, to keep the place up in my absence. they cant give unreal as much attention as me and i know it but it will will still help. these admins still need training and dont have alot of experence.

i decided for reasons of reliability to update the server to 227i, so i can have better uptime and run new maps , but it still must stay 225 compatible for now half my players still use 226.

botpacks on the server so you can play ut maps in unreal if you have 227. and a admin loads them up. i will try to setup a 227 section in the mapvote. alsi i want to type a differnt coop gamtype to see if i can track down a crash thats happening in 227 now.

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score reset , stat dump 7/7/2013

name ver score lastvisit timeX15sec
(Leader)-Dantae 226 15102 5/14/2013 105
_Krw 226 5173 5/14/2013 105
ObviousBobIsObvious 227 10279 5/14/2013 105
HolyGold 436 35037 5/14/2013 105
Bunnita 227 479758 7/7/2013 196770
TB1-Chile 227 732441 7/7/2013 90600
kent_elyue 226 1536496 7/6/2013 327210
BobIsUnreal. 227 23657 7/7/2013 138960
TiagoPinto 225 5365 6/21/2013 1035
oZ 227 154 6/21/2013 6120
Waterlily 226 1192616 7/6/2013 399690
Ephilim 227 440113 7/6/2013 138675
鶮Killer_girl鶮 226 151039 6/22/2013 5145
Thunderbirds-Chile 227 49562 7/6/2013 7230
Bunnito 227 528517 7/3/2013 40665
MagoBlanco 226 164 6/21/2013 540
Gordan_Freeman 226 257 6/22/2013 1575
BULKA 226 16 6/22/2013 315
10T 227 80920 6/30/2013 3180
CaptainTsubasa 227 25720 7/4/2013 7740
龮Killer_girl龮 226 146429 6/22/2013 4500
BrocilliWarrior 227 5835 7/5/2013 1740
FlynnTaggart 227 10839 6/30/2013 29685
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 227 34 6/23/2013 795
Glenn_(DOG) 227 90624 7/5/2013 8790
Julius-(DOG)- 226 11343 7/6/2013 14955
Buckwheat 226 20526 7/6/2013 8025
CSH-Slayer 226 64 6/24/2013 19590
AtAcker 226 11194 6/24/2013 6000
Nikto 227 20180 6/24/2013 885
{hLk}Aly 227 34 6/24/2013 570
Nikola 227 0 6/24/2013 135
ꂮKiller_girlꂮ 226 10277 6/24/2013 3360
|*PhIlRuSs*| 227 31208 7/4/2013 11190
Fancyfeast 227 0 6/24/2013 15
WeedLord 227 0 6/25/2013 390
->TiagoPinto<- 225 55733 6/29/2013 19380
Jenny-Rojas 227 10227 6/25/2013 2805
stan 227 0 6/28/2013 2805
johnnyrod 226 224 6/26/2013 1860
YESIINA 226 6568 6/29/2013 22905
medical_offecer 226 105 6/26/2013 3495
WhatTheFudge 226 184 6/27/2013 2910
-=HELLFIRE=- 227 2 6/26/2013 360
Susand-Rojas 227 65 6/26/2013 915
Daniel-and-Deirdre 227 276850 6/26/2013 630
Gumbies-buddy-Pokie 227 1 6/26/2013 285
Bunnita-is-Mia-Ok 227 276864 6/26/2013 1020
Daniel 227 276879 6/26/2013 780
La-Esposa-De-Daniel 227 129598 6/26/2013 270
Deirdre-La-Esposa 227 129603 6/28/2013 2610
Daniel-el-Esposo-<3 227 276880 6/26/2013 1140
Bon 226 222626 7/7/2013 45600
Mr.Cheeseyman 227 185147 7/1/2013 15105
Jughead 226 31 6/27/2013 495
SHINKER-alphaWarLord 227 0 6/28/2013 165
|*SoPhRuSs*| 227 0 6/28/2013 75
|*GUILLAUME*| 227 10409 6/28/2013 2490
rdz 227 20087 6/28/2013 750
Heizer 227 4 6/28/2013 450
kjsmustang 224 0 6/28/2013 705
Players 227 277 7/6/2013 2775
Gooch_Lives 226 11 6/28/2013 495
(O.M.C)-NiTe-OwL- 227 0 6/28/2013 105
Hyzoran-(DOG)- 227 0 6/28/2013 735
unknown 227 137004 7/6/2013 10530
JC 227 462 6/29/2013 1605
Bane 227 10528 7/4/2013 2100
ElrubiusOMG 226 10076 6/29/2013 2100
ꆮKiller_girlꆮ 226 419 6/29/2013 1905
DarkTrooper 227 48611 7/7/2013 22215
Devo-Devo 227 419190 6/30/2013 2265
Bleeder91<NL> 227 18 6/30/2013 600
GayVillage 226 14 6/30/2013 735
reter 227 29 6/30/2013 1005 226 21379 7/5/2013 6405
Ociocat 227 5889 7/3/2013 21375
SPETSNAZ 226 175 7/3/2013 1935
SoldierMrx300 226 84 7/1/2013 1260
reaper 226 0 7/1/2013 195
Tostane 227 201 7/1/2013 8115
KableKiB 227 0 7/1/2013 60
ghfhf 226 2 7/1/2013 330
>TiagoPinto< 225 28144 7/6/2013 28065
Fieral 227 6 7/2/2013 525
hollew_peple 226 1 7/3/2013 930
Jeremy 227 477 7/3/2013 7395
Tirador 227 0 7/3/2013 795
3DfuckingFX 227 0 7/3/2013 15
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progress on 225 crazy coop comeback

i keep saying crazy coop will make a come back sometime.
all is not totally lost, even tho i lost most of the stuff.
i desire a dumping ground of my works and a sandbox playground again.
so i have begin work getting the crazy server back up and running.

here is what works so far:

custom xcoop is running, it have issues.
give item now works again. the giveitem calls were  commented out on the  server startup for no reason i cant remember.

– bccmut is running but not configured , this involved rebuilding the dependent nypthis proxy from backed up source code. config of this will take quite a while since i will have to read the source code to figure out my cryptic var settings.

– ssspawn libary updated , link to xcoop is still broken sort or for catchup against the old builds.
-cookie monsterspawner2 is running , configured with monsters that are actually in server packages .
-required work : set up swarm stuff for doom pawns.

– morecmd is running so special cheats work now , but the morecmd leader has issues still.
– idkfa code  crashes 227i clients now???.
– add server packages
DoomPawns.u  – need adds to ms
DoomWeps     – linked to morcmd cheats
VotingHandler – not installed / populated
u4epawns      – pawns support with names , not setup?
btool2       – cant rembere
bobpnz    – monsters 2 ms
morecmd.u        – command layer
shittylogo.utx    – old art
xcoopsounds    – sprees ( witch are not setup)
sspawn2.u       – fixed spawning
ssdoorsounds  – door sounds installed
TobioTreesa.u  – copyitr trees (copyit not intalled yet)
baron.u    – not used yet
Imp.u       – not used yet
pnpack    – not used yet
assualt  – added to itrms
batty.u   -to ms
Physgun – to items
SPak      – to items

sunday work :

mz mall zombie
zhal pc
powerpuff pc
teddy pc
megadropmut – instaled but not configured.

monday work :
all xcom pawns

health regen is enables , autologin is semi configured at least for me.since ip functs now work again in bccmut

todo :

rw. weapon saver mod


i go back to work on monday …LOL

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xloginhandler (extended loginhandler for xcoop)

is a extended loginhandler for xcoop i made
it allows a  ton more admin accounts in xcoop,
it much ‘more secure’ then the standard loginhandler.

just copy all this files into the stystem folder ,
replace xcoop.loginhandler with xloginhandler.sffLoginHandler under extra handlers
start the game , goto advanced option xcoop > loginhandlerplus> and set up your accounts!
under logintable


Handles up to 49 seperate admin accounts – standard pass- name combo or  ip-pass or or ip-uid-pass logins
each of the 49  entrys has it own  title,  password and  authority level for each seperate user
each account have a
authority level
option to authenticate the user by ip adress.

title is displayed after the user logs in ,
ie you can have each user have a title “NAME logged in as TITLE”

for added security  ip/pass and uid  pairing can be enabled (auth)
so if you give one pass to one guy and he shares it ,
it’s usless if it’s not his ip or client id
auth ,is NOT SUGGESTED due to DYnamic ip users.
it acually best to  disable (auth) expect for the users that you dont trust.

bruteforcing: fail2ban
You get 3 attempts to login , After that you are warned once,
after this it will auto tban the user for the remaing map.

custom playerpawms are NOT  givin adminlevel obviously.
and there isnt anyting i can do about that. Xgame handles that possibility on its own ,
and therefore any custom pawn adminlevel would force to be badmin…
it does however  save fail attempts for non xplayers by id , so that failed attempt is still enforced in non xpawns

it lets you try and pretends to accept your wrong request:
if you type the same wrong password 4 times it will keep saying your wrong even after it’s locked out
(it always going to return spectator or standers player privileged in that case..

its meant to be run serverside: not in your serverpackages to be exploited.
This build is made for 227 only.I you want this for 225 contact me and i can rewrite it.

There will be improvements as i see fit , I am sticking this out there pretty much for 1 server owner to use (hyzoran) since  he wanted xcoop to force badmin , as well asked has more accounts like uteamfix.

To be perfectly honest i didnt even test this Thing , but it was built off of source code from my custom gametype that im sure works.

You can download it here

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Videos of SFJake’s unreal nightmare project maps 10 – 16

posting old drafts up so a wave of old unpublished stuff ;\

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statististal dump 2013/01/24

Players[0]=(PlayerName=”AtAcker” Engine=”226″ TScore=16370 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[1]=(PlayerName=”BobIsUnreal” Engine=”227″ TScore=65105 lastvisit=”9/24/2012″ playtime=98865
Players[2]=(PlayerName=”Raenman” Engine=”226″ TScore=10269 lastvisit=”8/13/2012″ playtime=90
Players[3]=(PlayerName=”Spades” Engine=”” TScore=27172 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[4]=(PlayerName=”Kackerle” Engine=”” TScore=16677 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[5]=(PlayerName=”WhatTheFudge” Engine=”” TScore=43498 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[6]=(PlayerName=”bambam” Engine=”” TScore=178 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[7]=(PlayerName=”(T.v.A)_Old_Julius” Engine=”” TScore=6 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[8]=(PlayerName=”Player” Engine=”” TScore=5002 lastvisit=”9/25/2012″ playtime=191115
Players[9]=(PlayerName=”bot_sing” Engine=”226″ TScore=5401 lastvisit=”8/19/2012″ playtime=690
Players[10]=(PlayerName=”OW_THAT_HURTS” Engine=”” TScore=6062 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[11]=(PlayerName=”Kackerchen” Engine=”226″ TScore=10490 lastvisit=”8/8/2012″ playtime=1800
Players[12]=(PlayerName=”=O.M.D.S=Tiago” Engine=”” TScore=497 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[13]=(PlayerName=”Bob3″ Engine=”” TScore=0 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[14]=(PlayerName=”ZEROFOX” Engine=”” TScore=880 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[15]=(PlayerName=”Drragon” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[16]=(PlayerName=”Reject_Forever” Engine=”226″ TScore=5767 lastvisit=”11/14/2012″ PlayTime=4680
Players[17]=(PlayerName=”DOOM_MARINE_” Engine=”226″ TScore=158 lastvisit=”8/19/2012″ playtime=375
Players[18]=(PlayerName=”Player2″ Engine=”226″ TScore=35 lastvisit=”10/11/2012″ playtime=615
Players[19]=(PlayerName=”Bob” Engine=”” TScore=0 lastvisit=”7/31/2012″ playtime=15
Players[20]=(PlayerName=”Player1″ Engine=”226″ TScore=10183 lastvisit=”12/16/2012″ PlayTime=2655
Players[21]=(PlayerName=”(-:T.v.A:-)ZEROFOX” Engine=”” TScore=50 lastvisit=”8/1/2012″ playtime=165
Players[22]=(PlayerName=”Fio” Engine=”226″ TScore=5302 lastvisit=”8/2/2012″ playtime=780
Players[23]=(PlayerName=”Alexis[iC]” Engine=”226″ TScore=388 lastvisit=”8/12/2012″ playtime=4800
Players[24]=(PlayerName=”demon_hunter” Engine=”226″ TScore=5059 lastvisit=”8/3/2012″ playtime=285
Players[25]=(PlayerName=”xx13xx” Engine=”226″ TScore=11352 lastvisit=”8/3/2012″ playtime=3660
Players[26]=(PlayerName=”Deadalus” Engine=”227″ TScore=10224 lastvisit=”12/9/2012″ PlayTime=1410
Players[27]=(PlayerName=”.” Engine=”227″ TScore=10204 lastvisit=”8/6/2012″ playtime=390
Players[28]=(PlayerName=”Ima_Bum” Engine=”227″ TScore=156649 lastvisit=”11/14/2012″ PlayTime=138990
Players[29]=(PlayerName=”loykmortin” Engine=”226″ TScore=95 lastvisit=”8/8/2012″ playtime=1215
Players[30]=(PlayerName=”spinner” Engine=”227″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/9/2012″ playtime=30
Players[31]=(PlayerName=”cool_dood” Engine=”226″ TScore=5084 lastvisit=”8/11/2012″ playtime=3570
Players[32]=(PlayerName=”DrFeelGood” Engine=”227″ TScore=5298 lastvisit=”8/24/2012″ playtime=2565
Players[33]=(PlayerName=”Drace” Engine=”227″ TScore=30346 lastvisit=”9/22/2012″ playtime=4935
Players[34]=(PlayerName=”Kehelekarakh” Engine=”227″ TScore=140 lastvisit=”8/11/2012″ playtime=2805
Players[35]=(PlayerName=”Vion” Engine=”227″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/11/2012″ playtime=60
Players[36]=(PlayerName=”Test” Engine=”227″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/12/2012″ playtime=45
Players[37]=(PlayerName=”:-)T.v.A:-)Lince” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/13/2012″ playtime=30
Players[38]=(PlayerName=”SAWRUNNER>:)” Engine=”226″ TScore=218 lastvisit=”8/19/2012″ playtime=1170
Players[39]=(PlayerName=”GORDON_FREEMAN” Engine=”226″ TScore=294 lastvisit=”8/20/2012″ playtime=1155
Players[40]=(PlayerName=”Adrean_Shepard” Engine=”227″ TScore=69 lastvisit=”8/19/2012″ playtime=975
Players[41]=(PlayerName=”Trickster” Engine=”226″ TScore=10829 lastvisit=”8/20/2012″ playtime=5805
Players[42]=(PlayerName=”Venom” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/19/2012″ playtime=360
Players[43]=(PlayerName=”Julius” Engine=”226″ TScore=5178 lastvisit=”10/16/2012″ playtime=2385
Players[44]=(PlayerName=”Glenn-(DOG)-“ Engine=”226″ TScore=15738 lastvisit=”9/10/2012″ playtime=4740
Players[45]=(PlayerName=”Player4″ Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/20/2012″ playtime=45
Players[46]=(PlayerName=”Player5″ Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/20/2012″ playtime=45
Players[47]=(PlayerName=”Ji” Engine=”226″ TScore=49 lastvisit=”8/20/2012″ playtime=60
Players[48]=(PlayerName=”june” Engine=”226″ TScore=322 lastvisit=”8/20/2012″ playtime=720
Players[49]=(PlayerName=”Nestor1″ Engine=”225″ TScore=16336 lastvisit=”8/21/2012″ playtime=4785
Players[50]=(PlayerName=”Daniele” Engine=”226″ TScore=20594 lastvisit=”8/21/2012″ playtime=2895
Players[51]=(PlayerName=”skrapor_cpu_2″ Engine=”226″ TScore=14 lastvisit=”8/22/2012″ playtime=720
Players[52]=(PlayerName=”Mr.Spock” Engine=”226″ TScore=4 lastvisit=”8/22/2012″ playtime=420
Players[53]=(PlayerName=”samus_aran_” Engine=”226″ TScore=560 lastvisit=”8/22/2012″ playtime=1365
Players[54]=(PlayerName=”Scheisserchen” Engine=”226″ TScore=10 lastvisit=”8/22/2012″ playtime=1695
Players[55]=(PlayerName=”Psychomorph” Engine=”227″ TScore=10 lastvisit=”8/22/2012″ playtime=480
Players[56]=(PlayerName=”slayer” Engine=”226″ TScore=279 lastvisit=”8/23/2012″ playtime=1320
Players[57]=(PlayerName=”_niszczyciel_PL” Engine=”226″ TScore=11016 lastvisit=”8/25/2012″ playtime=3525
Players[58]=(PlayerName=”poynte_gyu” Engine=”226″ TScore=5362 lastvisit=”8/28/2012″ playtime=16320
Players[59]=(PlayerName=”bot” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/23/2012″ playtime=15
Players[60]=(PlayerName=”ash” Engine=”226″ TScore=6 lastvisit=”8/23/2012″ playtime=120
Players[61]=(PlayerName=”Rob-BOT” Engine=”227″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/23/2012″ playtime=45
Players[62]=(PlayerName=”skaarjzilla” Engine=”227″ TScore=2 lastvisit=”8/24/2012″ playtime=150
Players[63]=(PlayerName=”CaptainTsubasa” Engine=”226″ TScore=20050 lastvisit=”1/1/2013″ PlayTime=2685
Players[64]=(PlayerName=”SAMUS_ARAN” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/24/2012″ playtime=45
Players[65]=(PlayerName=”(-:T.v.A:-)FDGOD11XD” Engine=”226″ TScore=40764 lastvisit=”11/4/2012″ playtime=2265
Players[66]=(PlayerName=”Rob-Bot” Engine=”227″ TScore=1 lastvisit=”8/26/2012″ playtime=570
Players[67]=(PlayerName=”WhatHappened” Engine=”226″ TScore=10703 lastvisit=”8/28/2012″ playtime=1965
Players[68]=(PlayerName=”behemoth” Engine=”” TScore=0 lastvisit=”” playtime=0
Players[69]=(PlayerName=”spades” Engine=”227″ TScore=10185 lastvisit=”9/6/2012″ playtime=1845
Players[70]=(PlayerName=”” Engine=”226″ TScore=16847 lastvisit=”9/21/2012″ playtime=3165
Players[71]=(PlayerName=”Bob2″ Engine=”227″ TScore=5045 lastvisit=”11/4/2012″ playtime=2790
Players[72]=(PlayerName=”link” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”8/28/2012″ playtime=150
Players[73]=(PlayerName=”(O.M.C)Henry_Nappa” Engine=”227″ TScore=13 lastvisit=”8/28/2012″ playtime=840
Players[74]=(PlayerName=”ghfhf” Engine=”226″ TScore=11 lastvisit=”12/17/2012″ PlayTime=960
Players[75]=(PlayerName=”ꪮKiller_girlꪮ” Engine=”226″ TScore=63793 lastvisit=”11/2/2012″ playtime=17595
Players[76]=(PlayerName=”shoenough” Engine=”226″ TScore=17 lastvisit=”9/7/2012″ playtime=450
Players[77]=(PlayerName=”Schrapnel-(DOG)-“ Engine=”227″ TScore=1519 lastvisit=”10/22/2012″ playtime=6945
Players[78]=(PlayerName=”demonica” Engine=”227″ TScore=28661 lastvisit=”9/9/2012″ playtime=11205
Players[79]=(PlayerName=”Galaxyburner” Engine=”227″ TScore=709 lastvisit=”9/9/2012″ playtime=4200
Players[80]=(PlayerName=”DOOM_MARINE” Engine=”226″ TScore=19 lastvisit=”9/10/2012″ playtime=180
Players[81]=(PlayerName=”Nova911″ Engine=”226″ TScore=15710 lastvisit=”9/11/2012″ playtime=4035
Players[82]=(PlayerName=”Dr_Octopus” Engine=”226″ TScore=21282 lastvisit=”12/12/2012″ PlayTime=3480
Players[83]=(PlayerName=”Lil_Alex” Engine=”226″ TScore=710 lastvisit=”9/22/2012″ playtime=15675
Players[84]=(PlayerName=”StoneheartBR” Engine=”226″ TScore=5967 lastvisit=”9/13/2012″ playtime=2310
Players[85]=(PlayerName=”AndrAndreea” Engine=”226″ TScore=62 lastvisit=”9/14/2012″ playtime=435
Players[86]=(PlayerName=”EZ-(DOG)-“ Engine=”227″ TScore=30953 lastvisit=”11/5/2012″ PlayTime=11115
Players[87]=(PlayerName=”nevaeh” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”9/24/2012″ playtime=1815
Players[88]=(PlayerName=”ElAlexo” Engine=”226″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”9/24/2012″ playtime=315
Players[89]=(PlayerName=”JAY” Engine=”227″ TScore=244 lastvisit=”9/24/2012″ playtime=780
Players[90]=(PlayerName=”CatPiss” Engine=”227″ TScore=99 lastvisit=”9/27/2012″ playtime=4140
Players[91]=(PlayerName=”-M’X||-Spades” Engine=”227″ TScore=5072 lastvisit=”9/27/2012″ playtime=375
Players[92]=(PlayerName=”oZ” Engine=”227″ TScore=0 lastvisit=”12/14/2012″ PlayTime=1035
Players[93]=(PlayerName=”paul” Engine=”226″ TScore=153 lastvisit=”11/16/2012″ PlayTime=5700
Players[94]=(PlayerName=”jerra” Engine=”227″ TScore=20601 lastvisit=”12/14/2012″ PlayTime=2880
Players[95]=(PlayerName=”Keck” Engine=”227″ TScore=82 lastvisit=”10/5/2012″ playtime=360
Players[96]=(PlayerName=”Ron-Br” Engine=”226″ TScore=5490 lastvisit=”11/6/2012″ PlayTime=4710
Players[97]=(PlayerName=”Alex” Engine=”226″ TScore=25376 lastvisit=”10/19/2012″ playtime=8100
Players[98]=(PlayerName=”Mëñtål-HüñtêR” Engine=”227″ TScore=104662 lastvisit=”10/24/2012″ playtime=17970
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Csejte Castle HerdCoop Map Pack Updated!

The mammoth Csejte Castle map pack by ViViDy and Team Herd Coop has been recovered in an updated form: 14 out of 33 maps in the set have received bug fixes, and, as I was told, some of these fixes came from ViViDy himself after Newbies. Enjoy the full up-to-date pack.

Download here or here. (144 MB RAR)

Full Description from ViViDy – Google has flagged for some reason but I didn’t notice any issues. Still, proceed when properly protected.

Previous post by Bob

Platform: Unreal 225+

Compression: RAR

New Music: yes

New Sounds: yes

New Scripts: yes

New Textures: yes

Release Notes:

Csejte Castle Map Pack

Size: 430 MB unpacked


– huge medieval castles

– space & TRON maps

– 33 huge maps (actually not 35 as stated previously) set in a variety of locations

– detailed BSP & custom art


Part 1: The Prologue


Csejte Prologue One, On a Dark Caves

Team HerdCoop



Dark Cave City

Team HerdCoop



Princess Skaarj Castle

Team HerdCoop


Part 2: The Main Campaign


Csejte1 Cachtice Route

Team HerdCoop



Csejte2 Cachtice Castle

Team HerdCoop



Csejte3 Csejte Castle 1F

Team HerdCoop



Csejte4 Csejte Castle 2F

Team HerdCoop



Csejte Castle 3F

Team HerdCoop



Csejte6 Csejte Castel 4F

Team HerdCoop



Csejte7 Csejte Castle 5F

Team HerdCoop



Csejte8 Epilogue bridge

Team HerdCoop



Csejte9 Village of ruin

Team HerdCoop



Csejte10 Valley Route

Team HerdCoop



Csejte11 Dark Cliff

Team HerdCoop



Csejte12 Secret Passage

Team HerdCoop



Csejte13 Airfield in the Csejte

Team HerdCoop



Csejte14 Base Camp

Team HerdCoop



Csejte15 The way of a deep valley

Team HerdCoop




Csejte16 Loophole

Team HerdCoop



Csejte17 Three Cliffs

Team HerdCoop



Csejte18 Long road to escape

Team HerdCoop



Csejte19 Csejte Sky Park

Team HerdCoop




Csejte20 Sky Base

Team HerdCoop



Csejte21 Sky Base 2

Team HerdCoop


Part 3: The Detour


Csejte Another root Zone Zero

Team HerdCoop



Trip Zone1

Team HerdCoop



Zone2 City

Team HerdCoop



Zone3 Azuchi Japan

Team HerdCoop



Zone4 Azuchi Castle

Team HerdCoop



Zone5 Caves

Team HerdCoop



Zone5-2 Caves2

Team HerdCoop



Zone6 Csejte Foundry

Team HerdCoop



Zone7 Dark Night of The Wonderland

Team HerdCoop


Huge, vast Japanese-themed maps, indoor & outdoor, multiple settings.

Maps created by Team HerdCoop & ViViDy, previously exclusive to their Coop server.

Despite the huge update, the maps are still beta and therefore subject to change.


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random jgrass pawn bot mutater idea

This isnt typical of a post , but i cant decide where to post it for now

just was sitting here thinking about jgrass mutate commands,
or more importantly potential impact on unsterilized custom mutate commands.since they reference a pawn sender. Its a over though ridiculous  idea that probably cant work for obvious reasons. but hear me out.

if pawns  can call mutate commands ., witch they cant exactly , due to them not being jplayers, but my idea can still exist for say bots etc , or a custom written jpawn class.

lets say you have a custom pawn root class, where in implemented  a way to call mutate , or even server mutate so to speak. this isnt exactly relevent to the idea but hang tight.

your root pawn class can have hooks , for each action , like say attacking , or waiting or enterzone(zone info) or other vectors. each of these vectors has a list of “commands” to call similar to a dispatcher.  the commands should be in the form of text console commands. such as “mutate  x” , or “say l” this dispatcher could be a special replaceable proxy class, or info block.a mutator that hooks on bot events to do anything.

what you have now is a way to customize the pawns to do stuff.after the fact.
dynamically and by config. this lets you do dumb stuff like interact with a mutator that doesn’t exist in till after the fact or is created by at third party.

-how it could work potentaily-
pawn goes to some state  > calls this console command >
the command is processed by a custom mutatorplus( or on its own  such as say) to validate the pawn issuer> ,
the pawn is identified and some action is taken. like say he selects a cutom gun or triggers a event , idk it limitless really.the pawn could chat or call swarmmass or somthing., or just use it to call say / debug  for state changes.

this would allow you to plug into pawn events to radd / eroute actions  to future mutators.??? or for no reason allow a random pawn to call a mutate command that weren’t written properly in the first place….

crazy scripted pawn bot turns on his flash light becuase he entered a  a dark room, he mentions “its dark in here” in say,  and tricks another player into thinking he is real.. . all becuase of some action hooks that your mod  customizes with just  a mutator.

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running, sort of

well many may not have noticed . but my servers quietly switched back to  at first a old 227 install and then a ancient 225 install from 2 years ago. as of a few days ago
The pc that ran the server for 3 years straight stopped working , and im still not exactly sure how it broke. but it just powered off while i was sitting there and wouldn’t start up again.

replaced the powersupply and it seems to start but it stuck in a infinite reboot loop as soon as it attempts to start windows. hardrives check out and linux boots fine so  i assumed it was windows fault. i halfass reloaded windows but it does the same thing!

after a few days of hopping from box to box with outdated server files to try to keep the place half running,
i decided today to pull the drives and put them into another computer so i can get to the files full time.

so the unreal servers are all running from the pc i play on again , Witch is not ideal.esp since i cant fit all the drives in the case….yeah this pc has 5 hd’s in it currently+ one hanging out lol

im not sure what im gonna do now  stuffs running now . im gonna find aspare harddrive and reinstall  windows on it and see if i can revive the main server.i guess i cant put the time into it really.also my buter fingers dropped the hardrive on the floor as i moved it another pc so … yeah lol still seems to checkout tho.

i have other things on my mind atm…

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fun images

A collection of fun images describing what i wasted the last month doing.

Oz in flag prison

The blame pie

my barbarian typing

me being stupid pt1

me being bored so i run 12 copies of the game and joined redrum.
thats half the server max players from one pc … lol its ok i had oz’s blessing before i did this.
its like some kind of dos attack lol , think im gonna make a script to do this to any server lol.

suggested feature addition for 227

somthing i saw on my blog stats that scares even me.

zombie skating

veloras sleeping gaint [parody]

i trolled a forum so bad i think i trolled myself.

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Ok another package of flag crap. again for redrum ,
contains 19 flags
2 books
and the ut ctf flag model and skin ,
although the  ut flag is not summon able as is. and it is totally possible it will never work or doesn’t exist in the distributed package. but the mesh and texture are there.due to some glitch.
do some magic with admin set and you can probably get it to spawn.

summon bflags.belarus
summon bflags.Bolivia
summon bflags.can
summon bflags.ChinaNat
summon bflags.costarica
summon bflags.cuba
summon bflags.gayrights
summon bflags.hungary
summon bflags.India

summon bflags.libya
summon bflags.Portugal
summon bflags.Switz
summon bflags.USAblack
summon bflags.Uzb

summon bflags.bob
summon bflags.cake
summon bflags.JBook226
summon bflags.JBook277
summon bflags.ko
summon bflags.redneck
summon bflags.ozlike

the model for the utflag is mesh “pflag”

i am really hoping to create a tutorail for making these things with a template and  instructions for popular image editing software, but dumbing it down and learning multiple software suites to make it fair to and photoshop users sounds like to much work.

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Flags, Flagpoles and stuff

so yeah another quick project.   sort of for redrum deathmatches , a flagpole for your unreal flags.

.flag pole. your one stop shop for another endless waste of time scripting something that doesn’t need to be scripted…lol

what it has going for it
-Its a flag pole
-its a decoration
-It was originally living as a obj model on the internet.i did not model it.

I typically over engineer things so her ya go normal humans would have just imported a model and been done..

Is  the root class , it is the original decoration only , spawn this if you want only a flag pole.

this one auto falls in till it hits the ground.
if your clever and fly 90 – 100 uu off the ground , you can bind a key to summon flagpole.fallingflagpole|summon flag.usa and you will get a flag on your pole..

this will spawn a flagpole with a random flag out of a list of 50.

this is a cool one , that i put to much work into…
fist off this one lets you set any actor to be the flag.
to do this you bind a key to do something like this
summon flagpole.dynoflagpole|admin set flagpole.dynoflagpole flagclass flag.usa

it will spawn the pole , fix its rotation if it got tilted , then wait 0.5 seconds and spawn the actor in flagclass 90uu up the pole .
if you  killall flagpole , it will also delete the ‘attached’ flag.
if you “set flagpole.dynoflagpole splode true” you can use “set flagpole.dynoflagpole destroyeffect X” to define somthing fancy to happen when you can killall flagpole default is flag tornado.

this is a flag fountain effect , it spawns 20 random flag in the air that fall to the ground like confetti.

the same as flageffect1 except you can set flagclass1 , 2 ,3 and 4 to spam funny actors as confetti (for admins)
admin set flapole.flageffect2 q  changes the default quanity, use with caution.

another spammy actor ,
admin set flapole.flageffectp thing unreali.woodenbox
admin set flapole.flageffectp spacing 20
admin set flapole.flageffectp max 100
and you will get a wooden box bridge… or wahetever actor and vars you want

this is version 2 that fixed for 225 , after some 227 nonsense and some city.utx issues , yeah subclasses , screw em lol.. and the awful grammar…

this mod requires (dynamicly) rflags.u , flag.u rrflag.u , but it will work without it as a standalone pole if you arnt using those packages.


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February update

My presence here has been sparse , but don’t dispare!
I ended up  got hooked playing inf deathmatch everyday cause apparently I think I am decent at it witch I am not really. and  its very tough against “oz the deathhunter” and “hyzoran the ninja”. also ,there are so many beautiful maps to see.

samspawn2 progress

on various days i fixed 4 bugs in the sppawn2 package. I added some stuff to it as requested but i keep not finishing the last pieces for options. technically everything works as needed now ,  i couldn’t  decide if killing tick or catching spawn is more efficient for disabling itself i went back and forth a few times. I think i settled on adding a few checks in the main classes to allow admin to disable commands and shutdown tick  if they want , but added white-listing to disable spawning in the cl helper class. this way the classes are not chugging tho  blacklists in tick or timer  like it originally did,  instead only when re-spawn it is checked..I may also  consider including a fix mutator for some maps (a few in the csejte series) that typical have issues with this mod – cliffs you dont die on if you fall with shield-belts etc , these falls will just restart you at you place or at a pre designated safe spot in the map.

the thing is I open the file edit the changes bits at a time and leave it sit here and  forget , end up in a game or on Reddit  for  hours, .Soon i hope , i know i made people wait almost a month even for a test build …On that note I see that now the new herdcoop JGrass server  and voodoo’s server uses it on there server too so i guess it worth me not bs’ing about finally working on it if it is  going to be used widespread now. .i will try to put in some time this next week to add a few more changes, no it never done unfortinitly , i want to add more options and stuff like singleplayer support and raw t support and sound/effect replacment , as well as more documentation on use and code.

for the sake of the one person who is waiting for some sort of update  since the 5th  (lol)
people that want/need a updated version now to test/ use can take this.
and give me input on what else they want.or if it works for them.
I tested it a bit and it seems alright.

changes :

disableinmaps[] was moved to [sspawn2.ssrcl] so make appropriate changes to your ini files. setting bwhitelist  will enable spawning in listed maps only , setting it to false will block it in listed maps.

skipmovers,     // dont spawn starts on movers
skipdecor;      // dont spawn starts on decorations
disallowrestartme, // disable the command restartme if you want to
disallowlastsafeg, // disables the option to jump to the last saved spot by command , you can leave this on  but if your using a black/whitelist the players can sort of cheat if its enabled and goback to where they died manually.

ssspot works again , so you can also manualy set a custom start for yourself semi useless btw , now that i think about it i should add a forced start for admin use… next time..

restartme no longer deletes everyone checkpoinsts , if this  was a desired behavior tell me you want it back.. you can always  use “killall cplayerstart” to delete all of them in the map if you a admin..

mod crazzycoop2 is back?

On Tuesday mental hunter  came out of hiding and wanted the mod coop test server back up for a bit..It had basicly been in cold storage on my pc for 6 months since he disappeared.
Of course a lot has happened since then  like 227i coming out so i had to duplicate the server and patch it to 227i , find more  missing texture palette issues. and spend 35 minutes trying to remember what i did  last time this happened with 227f. it worked it self out soon enough , becuase of the overly complex settings I have set up , I had no real choose but to use my old ini files so lots of stuff will need to be fixed later.still.

that server is a  issue  because  of the modified xcoop stuff i used there and dependencies, one of these days i need to write a post about what spiderweb i weaved  that mess into so i can use it as a reference guide. next time i step away from the server that long. or as a design guide for others to follow

Anyway all this is to say that i will have the  227i crazycoop server up for a while maybe a week or something- I honestly don’t like running it because it is a cpu and memory hog , It sort of a bad example because it so  difficult to join without getting kicked off due to massive amount of stuff it needs to load with mentals test mod running (227+ server packages, over 260+ MB) just to join a stock map!

does this mean the 225 crazy coop will be making a comeback?

IIt is indeed nice to have one of my  crazycoop’s back , If for nothing else but to remember all the effort and stuff i am missing. you may have read before the 225 crazycoop got lost forever and i cant take the time really to recreate it like it was.

with 227i here is almost not worth making a server in 225 anymore and much of the core stuff i originally updated  is  based on 225  , so lots to think about if i wanted to start over + with jgrass it is tempting to start a fresh but  to much work went into my xcoop.The  main thing is  motivation, i am not as motivated as i once was where i would spend every day adding some feature or tweak for mods, these day fixing stuff seems more like a  chore to me then fun.Dont get me wrong tho im still very interested in modding and mapping just not feeling it.It a possibility but unknown atm.

anyway i got another box here and i want to run one of my servers on it if i can to share the load , right now it running the jgrass test server. once i find out about jgrass, i may try to update the -e- clan server to it.I am currently testing out jgrass gxcoop to try and remeber why i didnt want to use it last time.

Whats going on with that  the tva server  you host?

well the tva tranformed into the -e- sigma clan , so that why the name has changed.after i figure out about jgrass’s short comings, i may end up putting jgrass on this server , – with a command layer inbetween to smooth transitioning , but it has to be totally seamless, they basicly cant notice it has changed at all( they wouldnt except such a massive change). This would help due to multi tier admin and various aspects of the sandboxxxy nature of that server.

What else is going on in unreal , I dont wanna hear about your boring  servers all day.

Pcube’s  udhq website  is back (again) and he has published a video presenting a proof of concept unreal virus type infection using the 227. cache loading. feature, it can install untrusted code onto the client that is reluanched everytime you start unreal. he even publishes a working exploit for it. sort of scary ,  now we have to worry about unreal based malware all over again. . i guess the rule of only join trusted servers still applies.

Qtit aka z-enzyme , Is working on a amazing wipeout style game-type fo runreal 227  called Uracer.

you can check out the project at unrealsp

any new maps published? why yes there is!

new coop maps

  • zack maps

I spotted some  interesting coop maps  , mabye not new but certainly new to me, they came with no documentation they are just labeled “zack maps” they need upak , so maybe a porting project if i can completely play the maps first. they have some interesting parts but are sort or plain maps.

  •  Articcastlecoop

BBGuy has released a  new deathmatch coop conversion of the famous map arctic castle deathmatch map.
check it out here

fun fact: its been done before , interesting fact , theres a rp version of dmarcticcastle merged into the scale6b map on my 227i crazy server.

  • TempleOfTheMoonsCoop

another map i spotted is called TempleOfTheMoonsCoop i am unsure if it was based on a death-match map or not , but it looks sort of interesting in the lower cave areas. you can check it out

That is all for now. akward layout , to many ideas to get out of my head today.

. .



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The test map: Hextown, Nostagia 2009 Edition

Hextown is a interesting re-texture of the classic map skytown.

I had the idea many years ago when i was playing  Hexen ,  a doom2 engine game on the doomsday engine in coop . I liked the look of the 8 bit textures and figured they were worth  making a unreal map with. But i didn’t really want to make a new map just to test to  see how it looks.`

I ripped the textures from hexan using some ancient map editing tools written for doom and put the textures into a new unreal texture file. now what the hell am i gonna do with this?

At the time one of my favorite  town like maps was skytown. so it made a good candidate to test the textures.So thats what i did i retextured  skytown. Back then I barely know what i was doing and half the textures came out screwed since i didnt  understand texture standards and pallates

Im not gonna make this more then it is , its just a crappy retextured version of skytown.


it includes 2  reskinned pawns that  where new at the time , or my own ideas.First is the zombie skarja from masterunreal , with blood sounds.
The second is my attempt to make a warlord into a harpy. it sort or resembled harpy  barly, but  the colors are wrong. its different never the less.

While its really just a boring test map, I enjoy playing it from time to time just because it looks like a skytown in hexen  might look . and it sort of 8 bit ish , every texture was changed, the pawns  decorations glass , water , etc it is really very strange looking.

Like others in my footsteps i also considered porting the sprites , but never bothered to try.I also had tracked down some oldskool crossbow and staff that  i planned on using from killernali.u but i never bothered to add them. I have no idea where they are now  anyway.

Will I ever work on the map again , Probably not,It’s not worth anything. Except mabye to re import the texture package now that i know what im doing. I still have the original texture source files i exported , but  unless i have some crazy retro urge again , I think ill pass on using 64×64 8 bit textures on many  future projects. they do have a great oldskool  look tho.

The utx file heretictex.utx  is include and  your welcome to use them  or re import them into another package.  But the textures are likely from hexen not hertic,I think i used  that name since I already had a hexentex.utx file  already.I bet if i hunt online i could find hd versions of these texture packages to use instead ( something to look into), But  that wasnt the effect i was going for with this map.

This map was sort or all but forgotten ,Intill I started digging tho my files to find a few  of my lost maps.I am gonna upload this one  and some others not so much for anybody else , But just to keep a copy online so i dont lose it again. Your welcome to play it but its kinda silly.  Download link


2 Good resources for props and static models

I am currently continuing working on something for the up coming holiday season, and i needed a few more models for my mod im working on , I  made some basic models in ued and converted them to meshes in the last few years but  I cant easily make  models with certin shapes easily in the editor, such as complex curves , Its just not made to be a very good model making tool.even the pros used 3dmax to make some of the  advanced shapes you see in unreal.

The kind of models i was looking for were kinda generic,  say like a  toy drum or box, I dont want to spoil my project yet until december , so i wont go into to much detail about that now.

But my search online usally ends up with sites like turbosquid , sites that want to sell you ready to use models for scenes. I dont want to spend any money , honestly im broke…, I just need some royalty free models to use for a project, So my search  for a drum brings me to a forum, that links back to the site ,

ShareCg contains free models and textures  in every consevable format, including the  format im looking for OBJ, a  few filters later and im left with 116 pages of free obj models , mostly with Unrestricted  or non commercial use only limitations. you need to have a free account to register , but bugmenot has that covered for you.

needless to say I spent the rest of the night opening about 40 tabs worth of models that looked interesting.Why obj you ask  and not 3ds?, Well the new 227 patches allow the use of static meshes and the format they  can be imported in is OBJ, so now that 227 is here you can use the abundant collections of light wave files online to give your maps that finished look.

I imported a ton of static meshes  when i was working on the 227 version of the hallowspire, Mostly from other games ( umodel>milkshape>obj) and they really make the map stand out from the usual decorations.

what you can also do  if if you happen to own sketch up pro, you can use the online 3d warehouse feature to import any  model from the “collection” into sketch up and use the export obj option to output a compatible unreal mesh

Now to make this even better. You have a static mesh of your new prop and you new 227 map looks sweet,But  227 also offers the ability to convert static meshes to brushes! So You can take that obj mesh you just imported and convert it to a brush , Then export the brush as a t3d file , And use meshmaker to turn that into a vertex mesh for any other version of unreal to use.

This is slightly more involved then i am making it seem , you need to sub textures and strip the exported brush of 227 flags , so now becuase of a  simple feature in 227 , a entire collection of models and props becomes accessible to users without modeling experence or expensive tools.


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New temoprary server shedule

I “gave up” my good server pc to one of my family members that needed it more then me,
Having said That,  the server will only be running when they have there pc on  witch shouldn’t be a big deal since it mostly always empty anyway., unless i can convince them to  leave it running 24/7 witch might be troublesome.If this is a problem for anyone , Talk to me and i can arrange a instance of the server on my main machine. This Will probably be going on  for the next 2  weeks i think , intill they get a new computer from work.  9am- 11pm will pretty  be the hours of operation unless i can work something out. I think i need to replace some network cards and  wires at witch time i might be able to get the old original server box running again 24/7. it dosnt really matter since it enpty usally.



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I  cant decide what i want to post ,Having a kinda blogging- breakdown here where i can decide whats right , so im a talk about some stuff i working on lately

  • First i am working on a update to sspawn2 ,it will fix the bug involving spawning on movers and decorations ( ie woodenbox bridges)
    will  fix restartme so that it wont delete all start and only the player owned ones,
    previously restartme nukes all checkpoints not just the person who called it.
    I fixed sspot command back
    will add sound and effect replacing currently testing on my server ,
  • I built a basic crawler for that  notifies me of  new posts  by playing a nali chant anytime a new post is found, as well as serving as a  text only archive of all past posts.The plan for this is to create a more reliable rss feed later right now its just for giggles.many humps along the way.
  • I figured out a way to import to-Stalingrad into unreal1, now i can play a very memorable mohaa demo map in unreal death match , but it needs quite a bit of work., I thik i will dicuse how i did this later.
  • I got my hands on a copy of rune cheap and made a effort to port the maps to unreal,
    2 maps sort of done coop3 and coop7 , Im not sure it will be possible simply because rune is more like tombraider then unreal and the gamplay might not be similaer enought to work, also models are skeletal mesh so it would be 227 only if i did it “right”, The textures  look like total crap too (64 x 64)
  • I did nothing on the Christmas mod yet
  • i got 227 botpack working again , so maybe i can have some fun with that and  fix a bunch of broken guns again and play ctf , it almost pointless tho…
  • score saver overflowed ( over 100 entry ) so i reset everyones scores.
  • I think i need a break from unreal mabye , i take everything way to personal becuase im so involved as it is a large part of my time and  life.
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Jcoopz1 Build 137 release

For those running jcoopz1 a update has been released that resolves 4
227i related issues.  not really important but i thought i would mention it here for convenince , as many dont frequent hypers forum.
The Update List (Build 137; 11/30/12):

-Fixed GameRules/jczGameRules support bug to ModifyDamage function not being able to actually modify the damage to jzPlayerPawn.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility with ‘IPDrv’ package from Nephthys clients.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility for 227 patch clients and servers (again) as of the released “i” sub-version.
-Changed PrimaryAdmin and SecondaryAdmin array list size to support up to 8 configuration entries each (totaling 16).
-Improved PackageScan handling of the PackageException feature so that the main unreal packages are supported. Now PackageExeptions can be added and work for all packages.

source :

download link :

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Whats going on

well stuff comes up. so they say…
227I came out and It looks promising.
I spent a bit of time working out some bugs, some of witch will I remain on watch for  reports of.
I went ahead and updated the tva server to the new 227i patch.
They were very pleased with them now having both Spanish language support and webadmin.them being able to run 227 maps is a  plus as well.

227i is recommended as client  on those servers for the fastest possible redirected downloads, i have it setup to pass 10 redirect servesr to you ,so  even if i dont have the file in mine it will be downloaded from another servers redirect. compression over channeldownload is disabled so that old 226 clients can still join , and i will for the most part be keeping things “225 compatible”  special maps  will be labeled as such.

i did not yet convert the main server to 227i tho , im a bit worried about a rare issue I saw , and i  need to make certain to work that out  before i make the leap. having the 225 server still going will be  good to check map compatibility  and transition , and for performance comparison for the period before i update permanently to 227i.

If you are having any issue with the transition, and wish to help please contact me. you might be asked for additional information such as screen captures and client  logs , it would greatly help me help you.

on that note , one of my unreal friends decided to leave me -again-   , Witch leaves me with  one less to hang with right now, so if you have a solid interest in unreal and you enjoy chatting about everyday stuff, or enjoy modding, geocaching   or just babbling about unreal news and can follow along , give me a shout out and we can chat on aim or msn,

Turkey day came and went , i woke up too late and had a gathering to go to so i didn’t have time to make a turkey heath mod like i wanted to.Hanging with family is fun , More so when it involves a bow and arrow and a few beers and the occasional minibike ride tho a public park…

i got a few posts  written, but with it so close to December , im not really sure what  i want  to talk about first. Lots of things on my mind…

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227i Release

its finally here the final unreal 227i patch,

while this sounds exciting , it is more “the end of a time” then exciting , anything further will not be developed or added , so your stuck with wat you get now and you forever hold your peace.


here is the release notes


Installer for Unreal versions without Return to Napali:
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227i.7z
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227i.rar
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealClassicPatch227i.7z

Installer for Unreal versions with Return to Napali (Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology):
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227i.7z
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227i.rar
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealGoldPatch227i.7z

A list with all SHA256 checksums of the files can be found here (out of SHALinkerCache.ini): 227i_sha256.pdf


ill talk more about this latter i want to go try it out

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Convert any Gif or short avi into a animated unreal texture [How to]

This is a simple guide to turning a gif into a animated unreal texture.
There’s a fast way and there is a stupid way ,
The stupid way involves extracting the gifs frames , and converting each one  and then importing it into unreal , That takes ages and is the noob way.Are You Serous ?

To do this the right way we need some tools.

first we need some way to extract the gif to frames

i use gif construction kit professional , but there are other free tools you can use to extract the frames.

Here is free one i tested out, GIFFrame.exe

Use gif frame or your favorite tool to extract all the frames to a folder.Depending on the gif , you may have anywhere from 2 to 500 output files..

get IrfanView

Irfan viewer is a free program that lets you batch deal with hundreds of files very fast in batch mode.

Goto file >batch conversion

set output format to PCX

setup all the setting to look like the ones below. name prefix is very important. it lets unreal know it is a animation sequence use this one instead  nameoffile_A##

Goto (ADVANCED) and set more settings.
Edit the RESIZE field to the closest power of 2 of your image source.
edit color depth to 256

Add all you files to the batch job and  Hit start.

Now you have a folder full of 8 bit  pcx files for unreal.

open unrealed , texture browser> import
select all your frames. import them.
right click the first frame in your animation sequence in the editors texture brower , and bring up the defualts.expand animation.
set the max and minimum frame rate to the framerate of your gif animation.

done. now you have a animated texture made from a gif ! save your work and use it as sprite or wall textures!

You can expand this to import avi movies or youtube videos  as textures , but thats gonna get quite large at 40 fps… very doable tho.

you can use this website to turn any video into a gif.

here is a video of part of this above video  ripped from youtube to a gif then running in unnreal as a texture

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The late halloween party

We missed out on having the online Halloween party on the 31st due to the outages here, and my friend decided Sunday was the make up date out of nowhere. so i wasn’t able to announce it , but there was still a partial turn out. I think 5 people showed up the whole night.

we started by taking a map tour of the map then we decide on playing  hide at seek on the  new hallowspire , but how do you play hide and seek in jcoopz without users cheating using view-player? well i came up with a  quick solution to that. in jcoopz1 you can make admins non viewable. so  i made it easy, the person hiding would be passed admin and the  seeker would logout. to prevent cheating admins were shown in the scoreboard so players know who in currently hiding.

we played a few rounds  with players coming up with some very good  hiding places,ranging from up on top of tree collision cylinders and on roofs and laying in the dark , to using  small  playerclasses like the rat and invisibility. was actually  a lot of fun  once ground rules were agreed on.

After a few rounds of that  i had to leave for a bit when i returned we were started playing candycorn corn-hole . i had made up a cornhole board model and we took turns shooting ges snot into the hole. it  needs a scripted scoring system and proper projectiles but it was a bit of fun for a while.

candy corn – corn hole board

Halloween shop in the hallowspire

once that  got boring ,someone demanded they get candy for winning the game so  we started eating all the candy in the shop , a suggested improvement was to   Create a fatboy type mod where eating to much candy  increases the players fatness. that will be included in a standalone candy mod in the future. At that point one of the players  left .  I loaded up the 225 version of the Halloween map and . so we all took a break  in till 10.

when we came back i loaded up hextown for a bit  Pcube almost joined us but the server crashed before he got in too bad because he seemed to enjoy the pumpkin patch  in a previous post .I loaded up death house and a few other players joined us for a while after they left. we decided  to check out some older maps i had from ut2004  for 227  reminiscing a bit, Then my  old friend EZ showed up and the fun began like old times.

Ez Dog

First we toured the hallospire   and then deathhouse then  ran tho a few new maps so EZ could  show me around, after EZ  left   me and spades ended up talking about doom , we played deadcity2 a bit followed  by hextown and  then wrapped things up about 3 am when everybody eventully had to leave.

It was sort of a unorganized mess , so i didnt record that much video of gameplay. i cant post the chatlog here  atm becuase the tool i made to extract the chat has  a issue with win7 , perhaps i can post it later if there is interest.

if you missed the party , we might  do a bit more hanging out later monday if my friend  has time after he  gets home from work. (didnt work out)

I am sorry if anybody planned to attend.  I tried hard to notify everyone weeks beforehand but  the original meet  was obliviously  screwed by sandy . what makes it worse that my friend only has so many nights he  doesn’t have to get up early for work. Although he told me Saturday , that he would show either Sunday or late Monday ,I couldn’t be sure to tell anyone when to show up.If you legitimately wanted to hang out we maybe can arrange another date in the future.

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Ok guys im back

after hurricane sandy ,winds were in exxess of 34+ mph on  monday night the power was knocked out here for more them 36 hours. my kind neighbor shared his generator with us in shifts. I had battery backed  the cable modem and routers with a car battery in hopes of using the tablet and wifi, but there was no connection to be had.i found some wifi and power a block down at the local lowes.  and posted the previous post.

i took a ride around on tuesday to survey the damage near me it  was minimal – downed trees , powerlines,  shingles ripped off houses sheds destroyed branches everywhere. thankfully there was no flooding near me.gas and water were largly uneffected but witthout electricity theres no heat
a mile away tho , there are houses that are uninhabitable,  and condemned. filled with water and structurly unstable, every thing that they own is on the streets.The sound of generators and water pumps  is everywhere. a few houses were even on fire.

the closest town to the ocean near me is seawaren , 2-3  miles away. houses are still standing there  mostly without power, but from what i heard the waterfront is destroyed.40+ boats are sunk from what i understand. There is a 360,000 gallon diesel spill on the coast nearby.  noone is allowwed over there to even look.

i  didnt even check about south amboy , 5 miles away , i think that ALL the boats that were there are sunk , 3 boats hit the railroad bridge and damaged it , 1 is sitting on top on the bridge on the tracks.

the lines to the few gas stations that were running on generators are over 3/4 of a mile long 1 of them has no gas left.traffic is insane , its a 45 minute drive to go 3/4 of a mile. food stores that have power are wiped clean , generators are arriving  , and there is a waiting line of 45 people to get the 12 that just arrived.

a first in history here , halloween was cancelled , due to the danger conditions and will be rescheduled to a later date.

i got my power back yesterday ,but the internet and cable took another day and a half to come that means the servers are back online and running , and i am back in  business here.

you really dont realize how dependent you are on the most basic things in till you dont have aceess to them , without cable and internet , you cant even check the wheather or see if your freinds are ok, even cell service was unusable  on monday and tuesady.


i suppose it being a state of emegency , the halloween meet up will be reshedules to a later date to be announced.




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Safe no internet or power. No servers up.


I’m L post again when its back. You won’t be able to contact me

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Annual Halloween event announcement

This year I/we will again be having a Halloween meet up on the ah monsters coop server Halloween night the 31 of October. The event will begin at approximately 10:00 pm , althought players are invited to join earlier or later in the day/night if that better for them.the  start time is not set in stone , it sort of just when everybody decided to show up.

what we do if last year was any guide , we pretty much stand around and chat and shoot stuff in various maps  , and i switch between Halloween themed maps in till everyone gets bored and leaves.

last year i introduced the Halloween spire map – a 225 f Halloween exploration map that players could experience a bunch of Halloween related things in such as pumpkin patches , graveyards , swamp monsters and hay mazes and stuff.

This year tho i have decided to fork the map into a extended 22h7 only version, mainly because the 225 one was crumbling under its own geometry, and i wanted to be free to use static meshes and  other  features , i am  not thrilled about it not being  backward compatible either. but it had to happen to do what i wanted to do.

so with this major change  brings a new corn maze ,  the haunted house slightly more complete then it was last year, a new libary building with a hidden mourge in it for some reason , more tunnels , more models , hopefully a rid-able haunted hay ride as well as potentially ,more monsters and new music.

If you come to play and dont have 227 , that ok too as that will be the only map that uses 227 features, and the original 225 version will be available for play as well as the other halloween themed maps for everyones enjoyment. I will be there handing out candy somehow.

you can dress up if you like, i will add a bunch of ‘costumes’ in the player inventory that players can use , like the lego guy , teddy bear , alien , rat , santa cluass etc if i remember , or i will try to do something in the map like a costume shop if i have time

mabye we can role play a bit  and do some trick or treating in the upper village who knows im down for whatever.It all about wat the players want

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Why it takes hours to create a givin element of a map

i just thought i would talk about why it takes me so long to create things , and how shortcuts end up taking more time then spending the time to start with.

In the previous post screenshot there are windows as you can probably see they are rather boring,  Just a 150 x200 square cut in the wall ,The only thing that even vaguely makes them recognizable as windows is that they have what appears to be shutters on the sides of them.   i decided i need to do a bit better , so i decided i would add a sheet of a masked window in the opening.

But where am i going to get the texture?
first stop, google image search. turns up nothing usefull,I do   find one masked texture  , but it is a masked png not a color masked file . if i am going to have to repaint the whole image its probably not worth the time , so i dismiss that choice.

next i search . they have windows, but nothing like what i want , and nothing is masked at all .. completely useless,( hosntly most there textures are untilable junk)

at this point i search tho my library of textures extracted from games notably undying , because i seem to remember a perfect metal window frame. Not many good masked windows,But i spot almost what i want in a standard texture, so i take a few minutes and erase the windows  and make them transparent , and save back as pcx, but the transparent colors are wrong and it is solid white useless.palette issues i guess.

so thats about a hour and a half wasted. time for a new plan , I figure maybe i can make a 3d window frame using bsp  in less time, except that i dont want to rebuild the map to tinker , so i create a new map just to build this perfect window frame , convert it to a mesh and mylevel it , then reopen the map i am working on and insert it.Doesn’t fit , had to scale the mesh to fit , ok not bad i guess. but there is not glass still…

so now i come up with this plan: i will use a fake woodenboxen with  the frame mesh , and then use fake woodenbox  panels as glass, this way you can break each window pane , or the whole window. without having to have 128 separate glass break movers, But   i dont have aproper  glass texture, so i use cobwebs to simulate the dirtly old windows, then  i spot a cool window texture in undying and end up using that, first as modulated , then eventully as transperant . after all this work  the shutters are looking more like doors again so they will need to be replaced …..

and that is how you spend 3 hours creating a  window that  after i stare at it this long , still looks like crap

now for the  stairs.

another fine example. there is a center lobby stairway right inside the entry door,   like a square spiral , or that is the plan  a bit hard to explain in words.

to make this easier , i am going to make a single stair set and platform for each floor  as a prefab  so i can just rotate and duplicate for each floor. that seems simple enough, you would think ,  i know basically what i want it to look like , as a matter of fact there is a fully functional stairway in place already. so it shouldn’t be to hard you would think…

To speed build time i copied the stair brush to a new map, and proceeded to add the platform , but was unhappy with the wasted space under it , so i tried to cut in a crawlspace, but it looked more awkward then useful. so i thought i would  just slice the stairs into  stair ramp type sections , and add the platform and be done.

.Now i have the platform as i think i want it , but i need to texture it first before i made it into to prefab, it needs to be kinda ornate, wood, red carpet etc, but simple , needs to just use one texture.. Then when i thing i almost choose a good texture, i realize it needs a wood railing..

I start to make the railing but realize that  there may already be something i can start with in another map , so i spend 35 minutes searching tho  maps i have to find  the railing i think i remember , unfortinitly the railing i remembered  is just a masked cube , and that’s not really acceptable for my mansions grand staircase.

so ya now i dont have a finished staircase  and i have windows that dont look that good , uneven corn and  i wasted almost 5 hours…thats why nothing ever gets done.

things only  get harder when you trying to build a map based partaily on  someone  elses vision and they are  emailing microsoft paint drawings to try to explain what it should look like.While you are trying to explain to them why you cant have a tunnel that slices tho the whole map because it destroys the geometry , and I spend 45 minutes trying to understand why  there needs to be 3  basement levels  with a greenhouse in them.

them there is The fact that a full rebuild takes 45 minutes adds to the wasted time.

it’s especially hard when you do stuff during the day And mabye only have 5 hours you can work on stuff at night ( when   schedules coexist) before you get to the point where it is 1 am or even  5 am and you eyes wont stay open anymore. then weekend come along and unexpected projects come up..

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i been busy and theres not much worth mentioning going on .

i tinkered around a bit on that ulisttool thing  since i couldn’t sleep  and added some debug log support and made the default window interface more freindly for 800 x 600 users. and a bit cleaner.really want to offload more code into updatable function libaries…

Tonight i spent 4 hours working on a map , here is a sneak peek,
yes that is a 48+ room mansion , only thing thats remotely done is the building front and main stairway rough out, i have big ideas but  time will decide  how far i can  proceed, i want a open entryway with stained glass and projected light shadows..


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some unusual unreal 1 coop maps

A few of the  Lesser known coop maps i have  on my  unrealgold coop server ,Featuring maps from many different games and builds.Games such as jazz jackrabbit , doom2 , wolf3d , xcom enforcer , ut monsterhunt , ut coop ,mobile forces , star trek, and undying to name a few. video also includes a few  maps. by vividy and REPB and 2 made by me.

everything in this video except the mobile forces map and the morge  is capable of running in classic unreal 225+

Is this what it takes for me to prove you missing out by not playing on my server ? mabye ….

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Wanderer of Na Pali


Wanderer of Na Pali (Released 8/31/12)



You were one of the survivors of a crash landing on Na Pali. You helped the Nali overthrow the Skaarj. Since this you’ve been a wanderer – a nomad moving from place to place on the planet, making your living by hunting and making camps in different areas of the world. You, along with many of the other humans that were marooned here, have made Na Pali your new home. One day, you are caught right in the middle of a battle for Na Pali yet again as the Skaarj re-emerge for one last struggle.


In play order, from beginning to end…

Northern Area:

NorthernWastes.unr – Na Pali Northern Wastes
Factory1.unr – Factory W-33D
WastesReturn.unr – Return to the Wastes
IcyHarbor.unr – Icy Harbor

Central Area:

Nahm.unr – Nahm’s Jungle
Honp.unr – Heart of Na Pali
Tomb1.unr – Tomb of Bolara
Storm.unr – Southern Sea

Southern Area:

DesertShores.unr – Desert Shores
Habkhali1.unr – Hab’khali Desert
Habkhali2.unr – Hab’khali Ruins

Wend.unr – Wanderer Ending Sequence


Na Pali Northern Wastes – gate to the Northern Watch Fortress.

Factory W-33D – front entrance.

Factory W-33D – compression room.

Icy Harbor – the ship.

Nahm’s Jungle – arrival in the jungle.

Nahm’s Jungle – small mountain pass.

Heart of Na Pali – deep caverns.

Tomb of Bolara – warlord fight #3.

Hab’khali Desert – dunes in the desert.

Hab’khali Desert – a dried up well in the desert.




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Well I got some bad news.

My main  machine decided to crap out  2 days ago, and I needed to reinstall everything again.I used  a live CD Linux to recover160 gb of  the files to a flash drive and then to another computer.

But , During the backup process my development server (the 225f crazy serve)r, got corrupted in the move ,  and i lost about half of the files mostly between t and z + other random files,  with includes all the configuration files and xcoop server side files and any of my custom maps i made and 4 years worth of server logs , I dont have any upto date backups that are less then a year old.  So it looks like that server will probably never run again.

I know you want to , you cant help me to much , as i never published all of my work, and also kept many files serverside where they would have never been downloded by anyone .I do tho have most of my main online playing install tho , witch i religiously downloaded every revision of every mod i made to testplay , so technicly i can recovery the mods and maps from there, but not the serverside files or configuration setting.

So yeah i get to start over without 4 years worth of collected mods/maps/ files in my225 crazy server install  , and get to mabye  rebuild all my mods from either cache of from source code files, witch seem to have survived. most major source code was backed up the cloud , but not all my new projects were..

mabye this is  a good thing as that install was overcluttered with outdated  files and i always meant to clean it up ,  Also mabye it is a sign to tell me to quit this gane and get a life  somtimes you just need to move on….,

Oh yeah did i mention my toothache is back again? yeah it it and i have to still goto work….

The newer 3 servers
ah monsters , tva coop ,  227 ah monsters test
are safe tho  as they were on a differnt drive and also backed up to a duplicate install on the server machine.

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offline project updates

As a few may have noticed  my internet connection has been very flaky the last few days  to the point were i have been stuck offline alot.My ISP comcast hasnt yet discovered the problem dispite every house on the block here having shitty service latly and sevral complaints to the cable company later its not fixed,
So  I started working again on some other projects again.


I had another need for a feature add in U_listtool  so I updated the ulisttool to add   file list import features  so now you can search  in folders for wildcards and files  that have a specific string in the name , such as “dm-” to grab a deathmatch map list to export.

This search code will eventually be in a plugin. so it can get updated and be cross form compatible .I also fixed the delete entry option so you can cleanup the list before export.

Export selected as sequential ini file works , but requires some  more work to create start and end points. I feel tho that it needs it own micro replace menu so that it can edit info in structs.

I added  a extra decompile line for music  and  support in “import mod” , so you can now “import as  mod” a map and  export embeded resources.
I am considering  recreating it in the new 8.0 build  environment ( It offers multi window interfaces) , but that  is a steep learning curve with known issues.(yact2 was built in 8.0)


I have had jsaver running for the past week and I saw issues with some players using the new builds  were either they get spammed ‘newstats’ or there score would actually  jump into negitive values somehow!!??
I think i tried to address them with a recent fix , but im not sure it is working any better then before . it only happens with certain players , and i believes its a bug in the compare data or the findplayer funtions but  it sort of seems to only effect some random users, Please be pateint with it its still beta , so if there are issues , report them please , stating you playername  and what happends so i can debug it.


I made some progress on the rtnpmcoop stuff  for aar its just i keep forgeting , there are some surprises in there like a walking tree but the spider walks like it is break dancing still. a have no motivation for this…..

New test server:
I created a 227h version of ah montsers server  to test some stuff and work on a special halloween map remake using static meshes and 227 things for stability , this server will be compatible normaly except for 226f  , but somtimes it will be running 227 stuff  and old version may not be able to join.
Please join it if you can instead of the 225 one to put it tho its paces.


I added bug fixes to the following mods on the server:

Sectoid (PlayRangedAttack Access none)
Wingedterror (PoundDamageTarget Access none)
Scorcher (PlayVictoryDance  Invalid animation)
Reaper (Playclawdamage Access none)
Sectopodboss (multiple invalid animation sequences in dead3)
map18(Fixed forcefeld so it opens)
Map22 ( Fixed doors so that map functions properly)
firedrop( Fixed playerstart for skarja)
Jsaver(Access none  infitite in certin maps)
Csejte1 , Csejte2  and Csejte3fixes for samspawn etc)


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Making a simple score saver for jcoopz1 (Preliminary thoughts and explanation and working example)

Well lets start with a intro , Before i bore you to death with the technical  details
this week im really not sure what made me decide that you needed to read me explaining how to rewrite jcoop to add serverside saved scores but im going to anyway. because i thought it was interesting.

Some back story:

My ah monsters server is setup so it is pushed to the point where 225 limits start showing , the game locks up quite a lot on many maps despite running on a pretty high  mid-end PC with plenty of ram  , The only thing i can do to remedy that would be to lower the monster counts and I dont want to do that , in fact i really want to raise them even higher, But that will need to wait intill 227i comes out  with “clientcompmode” as one of my main players insists on still using 226f. ^sigh^

In the mean time my biggest complaint from players isnt that it crashes , as it can usually restart in just  a few seconds, but that there scores are lost when it restarts.

now i know that score recovery mod  wont work with jcoopz1 because it saves the values in a different value in a custom pri class in jzPRI. and  i really didn’t care enough to try and make it work somehow. but a few days ago i decided to look at some of bleeder’s  risingsaver code and saw how he choose to save his custom player data , by alliterating the pri classes, ( as oppose to ill iterating the playerpawns which would be how i would have done it) and it just seemed so simple  i decided to try and make it work with jcoopz for fun.

Lets do some stuff:

The irst step was to figure out where jcoopz1 stores  the values , you can clearly see it is seems to be stored in JZPRI , but that class has been stripped of the values , So utpt is needed to view the values here  and it starts to get interesting:

var int EnemyKillCount;
var int FriendKillCount;
var int DeathCount;
var int SuicideCount;
var int jSpree;
var int TScore;
var int STI;
var bool bSTIValid;
var bool bIsTyping;

That a lot of values we can use! Why isnt this data exposed?!

Some are obvious score values, others are validation bools.
While ememykillcount seems usable ,Tscore is what we want to save as it  is the total accumulated score that spans maps.

I modified all the code in rising saver  and comment out all irrelevant values and change the references to jzpri and go to compile , Oh crap… While zombie did technically leave enough code to recompile subclasses and such he wiped out most of the vars in most of the classes , so the compiler cant find the variables to reference. Hmm what can i do about this , Mabye I can write the entire mod and ask zombie to compile it for me ? ah not really  ideal, what other options do i have? Mabye i can add the decompiled variables back into jzpri  and recompile so it can reference the  variables ,  YES it will work!. so i do just that.Now we have something we can build against.

At this point i decided that bleeders actual original  saving code was too over complicated and overly dependent on 227 callbacks ( There isnt any thing wrong with his code but it used alot of checks that made debuging difficult for me using 225), So i trashed all the data save/load functions and substituted it for  my own i wrote a few years ago for my failed ‘statmut’ mod ,  This has the added bonus of basically making it 99% my own work  since the only thing left of his work is a timer call that calls the functions that i wrote and some var definitions that i also completely changed anyway.  Also my code is more suited for 225 as it replaces characters that 225 cant understand in player names or save in a ini.

Since what I am building dosnt have access to any kind of mutatenewplayer calls(yet)  ,We are doing this data raking somewhat blind (Just by timer) So we need to do something simple to detect when a player joins and there score needs to be re loaded. While technically i could write a pickup to hook into the giveitem and do some magic , i wanted to keep this code serverside. So The simplistic  way i thought i could do  it was to just compare the score , If the players score is less then the saved value , the score is loaded to the pri. otherwise is is just saved to the server every 15 seconds, why every 15 seconds tho? Well like i said , we are doing it blind so  it could take up to a full timer cycle to load the score so 15 seconds was a compimize between resources and load time.

There was a problem Tho ,  When the level switches  the players score is ‘recovered’ every map switch again regardless,  But everything apperars to be working,  all kills  are properly added to that number as things are killed,But  It has a bit of weirdness at the map start.  hmm lets look a bit further, Decompile jzplayerpawn and you get this and more:

var string SpareHolder;
var string PlayerIP;
var string ConsoleClass;
var string LocalID;
var string EngineVersion;
var string PlayerUID;
var travel int TScore;
var travel string TPlayerIP;
var travel string TLocalID;
var travel string TPlayerUID;

Alot of  potentially useful variables. But to  get to these we need to repeat what we did before and re add them to jcoopz1.u using unrealed as i dd this  i noticed something  , 2 more vars labeled Tscore under playerpawn. Lets log some crap and play a bit and see what changes

ScriptLog: ip:  76.117.84.XXX
ScriptLog: ConsoleClass:  UMenu.UnrealConsole
ScriptLog: LocalID:  -1549992XXX
ScriptLog: EngineVersion:227
ScriptLog: PlayerUID:  1467642XXX
ScriptLog: TScore:  14
ScriptLog: name:BobIsUnreal

A bit of logging shows that this tscore seems to be the actual live value we want. It is separate  from the totalscore   numbers we saved before ,  that  seemed to count the current score, but  this value  makes up for the  difference we saw ( The highscore of 160000 was loaded and replaced the pri values andshowed in  scoreboard , But you could tell it was not the current value at mapstar).This big block of data also conveniently gives us a lot of usfull security data we can use to secure the stat saving system from being hijacked.

After further testing   it is shown that you need to  reload both variables , The playerpawn one is the actual score that travels , and the pri is what is displayed on the scoreboard ( technicly you dont need to set the pri , But it will only update after a mapswitch).

what about security ?

How am i going to secure the data from  player hijacking?
I honestly don’t care  if someone hijacked another players score , and im pretty sure they are not smart enough to try we have all this data here , but , we cant really  ‘trust’ uid t or ip o be permanent  so I am   currently just using there name. if it was important enough to you you could swap the uid feild for the playername in the code for score table , and let the mod basicly save  data via uid and just save the name as  the original uid feild to identify the entry.

What I finally decided  would be the best plan was to add a option called BeSemiSecure that will validate against the uid saved into the players slot , if that uid matches the slot is used , if the uid’s dont match , a new slot is created for the player .The downside of this is that there can be multiple slots with the same username and if you chose this option , you need to stick with it. If you choose to switch back there will be a ton of duplicate names in the table that will be usefess and need to be manually combined. I did not create this thing primarily for security , so this is a afterthought and was not tested

Outcome and end product:

so what did all this 8 hours of effort   end with?
If ends with a actor that can save total score , engine , uid , ip , playername , ememies killled per map and restore that score data after a server crash.

If Your interested in such a thing you can have it becuase thats how i roll.

download here
code only (pastebin)

You need to add it to the mutators or serveractors it’s name is jsaver.jsaver
It works pretty well if all you need is total score saved, or if you want engine version or a sort of half ass player logger to mess with.You wont be able to edit of rebuild this script without  modifying your jcoopz files as i stated above so its probably not the best thing to build off but a decent example of how to expand jcoopz with limited means.

I had fun doing this over the last 4 days in my spare time , and I even took the time  to make the code well documented and clean. and did some tweaking that increases the code performance quite a bit.

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[New coop map] Beachbum Guy’s Weathertop

Beach bum guys Weathertop coop.

You can download this map here

a map based on whethertop in the lord of the rings.

Some screenshots, i was to lazy t upload 10 screenshots so i made a collage.


To  try to keep things more fair then usual i decided it would be best to play this on a setup with no custom mods running , The way the author probably  intended it to be played. full ammo all normal weapon at the start.the server was set to the difficulty ‘unreal’. so i began , walked into the map having never watched lotr ever.

The Bsp  terrain was pretty impressive , since there is so much terrain , it is hard to believe it is as stable as it is. Its a good quality map, maybe not as detailed as i would like ( Repeated terrain textures ,  lack of tress etc.)  and  as typical , some areas in the map seemed over powered . It’s  a typical type of setup where you run along the map taking out  soldiers and bosses and pressing a number  of button to unlock a gate that leads to a main ending area in the middle on the map. Its not a adventure map , its  more a monsterhunt type map.

Initially i was reminded of skaaratower ,  with its seemingly endless Terrain . but if you look from the maps top its actully a rather small map that mostly just wraps around it self to look bigger.

I played it tho  and it took me about a hour , i died 29 times. The checkpoint is in a good spot and I am happy with it there. but at first  thought it was to far from the start to the first checkpoint. I cant be a great judge as i never saw lotR’s By I can say it another awesome map created by a  good mapper.

There wasn’t really a explanation of what had to be accomplished at the start, other then the level enter text. I made my way  into the house and found mostly snipers waiting to kill me as I walked in. died twice before i got inside to find little of value inside , But i did spot 2 walls that were misaligned near the windows in the darkness.
I proceeded to make my way  across the field toward the towers i could see ,I sort of like field in maps, so that is a plus. after clearing the snipers i had to deal with the 2 titans ( that i will talk about later)… then more snipers and a giant squid , and breskers , and  more snipers ,  and some brutes.  Did i mention snipers? ,I got sniped as soon as i spawned  by snipers on top of stones i couldnt even see till i was dead…

After pressing all the buttons i got a completed message. but whats completed? i have no idea.  finally locating the gate i located the finalie of the map , The ending of the map was fairly impressive, but  only had 2 or 3 titans , I already killed 2 titans  in the map at the begining , This is a epic fight scene , If you used titans here , you cant use titans else were in the map.  Otherwise it seems  less epic.

All and all it was a fun map after you deal with the 100 snipers.

It 225 compatible.
I only tested on jcoopz1. cant be bothered checking on other versions.
on a standertd server the map ran fine ,
On my ah monsters server , the server tended to get stability issues
I didnt check to see if it was pathnoded , im gonna say no without checking.       I  am very busy lately.  There isnt enought hours in  the days to sleep play eat  and work, and post  on a semi  daily basis, this post should have been posted last thursday sorry if it is late bbg. I dont think anyone here realizes how behind i am on posting stuff…

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The 4 year anniversary of the TVA clan

Today was the four year anniversary of the tva (The Vortex army) clan. And i was the host of there celebration.

All were invited To participate and  very many did , there Was a very good turnout a total of 16 players were present at one point, and  there was at least 20 players that tried to join us  during the events time frame,some never made it. I do believe that is a record number of connections to my server  at one time lol , im am glad it didn’t collapse under the load it got a bit hairy tho, the ping was up near 200 easily , but everyone was just sitting stil,l listening to the speech so it was ok.

The clan setup a stage and bench seats   so that the members could “sit” for Lucas’s speech.

and lucas made his speech ,  not without every player acting like a 3 year old and fidgeting ans shooting each other and runnig around…

his speech can be found here

the extended version with everybody jerking around the entire time can be found here

I took the time to record almost 45 minutes of in game footage , and it consumed about 5 gb of space , all that and really only 30 seconds of it were in any way interesting lol
( There is music in the video , but it is calm and quiet, the soundtrack may be familiar to some)

Behind the scenes,  it may have almost didn’t happen,  on Sunday the NIC in the  headless  server  PC  decided to randomly stop working and i had to pull it out from behind the couch  to discover the problem,  but i have no extra network cards here.  on short notice had to give up one of my main pcs to stand in as the server from a backup copy.( witch seems to work about 4 times faster then the  server that stopped working ^^ )

yeah, it’s not all  it seems to be when you people just join to play… and  don’t understand the effort somtimes .. i   managed to get out of work a few hours early just so i could join them too .And it was worth all my efforts in the end , Makes me so happy.

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Creating monsterplayers for mcoop2

I recently was asked If I could  create some playable playerpawns based on the pack6 monsters for AAR’smcoop  server.
I  considered  it sort of a trivial task to me (Hopefully), Simple –  Get the source for pack6 , add a custom Class that subclasses the  appropriate mcoop player-class and extend the defined script and defaults.  But alas. It was not ever possibly going to be that easy …

Mcoop2 is a weird mix of open and closed source , and It is freely available  with and without source  on hypers site, But there are some issues to this , Mcoop uses a custom native dll that contains some of the games  functions , Which limit it to running in 224/225/226/gold builds. I didnt feel like attempting to ‘fix’ this problem and decided to run it on 225 , witch was more convenient for me in the end.

At first i used the unrealeditor to create the subclass ,But setting all the defaults was a hassle for 4 classes  and i had only uc sources  of the  pack6 scripts  so its seemed way easier,To  just export  the beginning of my work to UC and continue  working in notepad and wotgunreal with ucc.Ssometime i think unrealed is the worst possible way ever to do any serious  work.

While I did manage to properly compile the classes and get a proper playerpawn , Mcoop is a bit more complex then that and requires a few more key steps to function.

AAR Didn’t understand, But  mentioned something about a mcoop PawnsList That may need to be created and she was correct. I opened up akmcoop and discovered that pawnslist defines the animations and pawntype of the playerclass. So I created my own pawnlist for p6mcoop and add it to the mod  and the ini files with no luck.

So i broke down since i have no idea how mcoop works ..I could have probably stared at the sources for 3 hours and figured it out but i though I was  missing some important detail that I had overlooked and decided to ask somone on unrealsp who might be more  familiar then me.  witch is usually against how I  do things. guess a bit of help sometimes wont hurt

I got a reply almost immediately,  AlCapowned mentioned That I need to create a loginmutator  that allows the game to process the new pawns name and replace it at join,  and he was kind enough to even write me a working example mutator based on the akcoop login mutator.

It should have ended there , except it seems we have 2 different mcoop versions and that   the games seemed to require exact capitalization in handlers.

So your asking what does this mean to me and how does this explain how to create mcoop classes properly?

Things you need:

  • You need to create a pawnlist that defines the pawn type
    look at the pawn type in the editor or the root classes that you subclassed. Manta is type 11, I declared the animation sequence as all but you can use any proper animation.

class p6PawnsList extends PawnsList;

  • You need a loginmutator class that allowes your pawntype to be replaced at login. this mutator needs to reference the pawns class , and the pawns name , As well as it’s spawn type  number so it knows where to spawn.Things in bold need to be modified.

class p6LoginMutator extends MCoopBaseLoginMutator;

function class<PlayerPawn> ModifyLogin(string InName, string DesiredClass, out byte InTeam, out byte

local class<PlayerPawn> SpawnClass;

if ( NextMutator != None )
SpawnClass = NextMutator.ModifyLogin(InName, DesiredClass, InTeam, PawnType);
if ( SpawnClass != None )
return SpawnClass;

InTeam = 1;

if ((DesiredClass ~= “p6mcoop.mcoopfiredragon“) || (InName ~= “firedragon“))         { SpawnClass

= Class’mcoopfiredragon‘;      PawnType = 11; }

return SpawnClass;

function string GetMonsterInfo(int PawnType)
local string result;

if ( NextMutator != None )
result = NextMutator.GetMonsterInfo(PawnType);

if ( PawnType == 11)               result = result @”- Firedragon“;

return result;

  • You need to add entries to the mcoop2.ini section that are appropriate for you mods name , Referencing the pawnlist and loginmutator you created above.ProperCapitalization is very important , make sure you use the exact same name.
  • PawnsLists[0]=MCoop2.PawnsList

I would  like to thank AlCapowned for his seemingly 2-3 hours of help to test and get This figured out, and dealing with my problems.
I had asked on oldunreal and  3 days later not a single person even responded , I asked on and 5 minutes later there was a very helpful reply and somone willing to   help.

I have this idea in my head tofurther  extend this to make it easier somhow , prehaps using dynamicloadclass to allow classes that are not force linked into the loginhandler , so you can choose what files to use.

Time to go make about 40  more playerclasses for AAR..
.fuuuuuuuuuu how did I get myself into this…lol no big deal.I  just dont think she knows how much work has to go into somthing like this..

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ulist tool progress

I started on this weird side project a few months ago to simplify editing monster spawn lists  but it became overly complex  when i added the ability to batch-export unreal script files  and scrape the files for summons to easily make readmes and cheat lists .

then i added a bonus of feeding the package straight into umodel to rip the models as a bonus , boring….

then i started to build in a plugin system where users could write there own macro scripts for performing unreal related tasks and that ended is insanity, then i broke the menus  and didn’t touch it for a month.

a few days ago  i needed to pick a random set of weapons from a 10 page readme file , so i ran it tho ulists , import from a readme feature , and decided to write a set of instruction to pick  a random x number of classes out of a list of 1000 , and it saved me about 30 minutes.

that got me started a bit of making it more usable.

first i rewrote  the plugin system  so that the plugin menu  lists the plugins and allows them to be run as user scripts. yay!
then i decided i needed a plugin repository, but got lazy , and created a plugin to download new plugins,
Perhapsa real catalog  plugin can come latter , it just a matter of writting a plugin to replace the existig plugin, plugins can self patch themselvesl.

after that i figured it needed more plugins to test the list, so i turned my additive map patch maker into a plugin.
Then i wanted to somehow built my maplist editor into the program. so i added a generic import diretory as list option to import menu, this allows you  search for files and dump there file name into the main workspace.

But soon after i added that i realized the  current context menus in the listbox space were mod oriented. and had a great idea ,
Create a maplist toolbar plugin , just for map operations, altho i could have just swapped the context menus in maplist mode ( and may still do that)
I decided it would be cooler to have a plugin create a dynamic toolbar at the top the window, with images. of course  plugins are run-time text only script so i had to manually create each image for the toolbar in script and then assign each buttons script via   custom functions…

so basicly what it has become is a engine to do anything you can do will text / ini proccessing you want it to be if you understand the scripting lauguage i wrote it in. Its easy to use the existing gui objects , or just create your own objects.

So yeah you will probably hear more about this again as i improve the useability and the gui and work on cleaning up the code base and documenting it , im still not sure if there is actual need for a tool like this , but it sure is handy

Plugins still need to get more tables to store scripts and stuf so  the functions can be combined or somthing.

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Where Do You Draw the line

Im kinda sick of the  garbage i read on other forum about peoples work , modifying, ripping , renaming , editing , changing , revising , re-posting , redistributing , fixing others work.

The point here is where do you draw the line between proper reuse and stealing.

Public betas

If you post your files online they are free game to redistribute unmodified,  if you post a beta version of your mod , and  the file links are still active then they are there for you to download. Thats fair. if they are alive after many years and never show any signs of public updates, they could even be considered abandoned projects. author seems to have no interest in continuing development)

if you post your files and the links are not alive, but the thread or website is active  dosn’t give a more up to date download , you can assume the last  download provided is the one they wish you to be using. if the auther has a more up to date version available but inst offering it it is there fault

Cache ripping

if you rip something from a cache file  usually the policy is personal use only , you shouldn’t generally re post cached files.But most servers don’t supply a proper website to download and there for usually  the server owner says   get the files from your cache if you want them , just keep them up to date so they don’t mismatch.

So where is the line here , can i download a map/mod  from the cache and use it on my server or is that stealing?  I am not taking without permission or discreditng the original source


dissecting packages, another issue , You see a  cool mod  , public or private. it to huge to use e but . you only need one thing from the mod  and it includes source code, so you extract the mesh , and the code , and recompile it unchanged into another  smaller file? is that stealing as well? , your not changing any thing and all the authers work is kept intact and , can now be used more places.

how about importing assets from a retail game , it been done with utweapons , and a lot of other mods   like the psx beta the unreal beta’s , the xcom betas , postal , ut2004, is that stealing as well?  probably unless you rewrite all the code from scratch


you have a file  and there is a problem with it loading , ie  it has invalid characters in it or another  file is mismatching it. so you rename it,It this stealing ?  to some people  it is. , since you are apparently disrespecting someone else work  by making it usable.


yes i fully understandnd why it is impractical  to rename 200 files and repost duplicates to redirects to fix a sever limitation and i agree with the fact that you should seek a better redirect., thats not the only thing im talking about here. I have been screamed at for renaming maps users send to me after i fixed them etc.. take for example the booggy (_-_) map. It is technically disrespectful in reality.

I would also point out that renaming files in 227 dosnt require a redownload sometimes  since the file contents are identical.( probably will never work with redirects tho sadly)

, fixing files

you find something online or on a server and it is incompatible or broken somhow, so you fix it so it will work.  you just made it possibly to use in more places  and be more popular , but not everybody sees it that way.

You mirror or redistribute files  for a dead website as a a courtesy for users that need / want those files.   is this stealing? to some people  it is dispute that you even helping.


Now  average this all together and you lose ever time no matter if your intentions are good.

I post alot of stuff here ,
many files that are not available online since the authors have abandon them or  there sites have died off or been shut down

i credit ever single author in every post i make.
That not good enought for you ?

whats more sad? ,
seeing mods disappear forever ,or that a few loser want to fight over some 14 year old game they don’t even play anymore.I just don’t get it .

maybe i will cull anything i don’t have explicit permission to host here, this being a blog where things are often re posted , that could prove difficult and  damaging to the website’s content. When i read things like this i question why im even here. I am here to help people locate content for a 14 yr old game that has less then 200 players remaining , with  1/3 of those players being developers of some sort.

I chuckled at Jacks comment ,

Once a person crosses that line too much and the dev community labels them as ‘someone that steals other’s work’ you’ll find doors begin to shut and help becomes quite hard to get.

Your labeled as a thief automatically because  the line between stealing and otherwise , doesn’t exist , because it been blown so far out of proportion by  someones  ego or eliteness. I don’t ask anybodies help here im a freelancer basically always was. I don’t want to worry about  people bitching about crediting them for some 2 liner someplace that i could have figured out myself in 30 seconds.

kniffe had 2 pages of credits ,  and i find that god awful absurd and never will i  allow that many people to contribute to a project , then each of those 21 people could claim i distributed there work  without there permission it a  nightmare. where 21  helpers need to agree on a license

It a 14 year old game , I dont see the point of chasing people down , its not like the authers are losing any money over it of anything , it all ego.

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Videos of SFJake’s unreal nightmare project maps 1 – 9

If you are viewing this via email or rss ,
please visit the main site there are 9 youtube videos embedded in this post.

more to come!

Jakes project website

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Rising City by bleeder

Unreal Projects – Rising City!

Bleeder has come up with a amazing new gametype called rising coop ,

while the concept isnt new , there are other top down gametypes , this one has excellent hud and features that make it seem like another game  , like say killing floor ,

i mentioned  that they did a amazing job , there have been many featuires added since there screenshot have been  added and they dont do  the game justice , like the onscreen chat , hud messages , leveling system   weapons , etc and you need to check it out if you have 227 and enjoy this type or top down survival game

Developers: Bleeder91 and RatapoM.
Status: Running, Work in Progress.Rising City, a city terrorised by a disease that kills all the living.. and brings them back to life.
Here’s a project I’ve been dieing to make for a long time, and I finally got a server running so why not get this one of the floor aswell. It’s still work in progress, but the features will be:

  • Leveling system (ofcourse), with XP to unlock gear and every Level allows you to upgrade a stat such as speed, health and accuracy.
  • A shop to buy items/weapons from, such as chainsaws, shotguns, flamethrowers, grenade launchers, nightvision etc.
  • Multiple kinds of zombies/enemies to fight against.
  • Missions like carrying supplies back to camp.
  • More to come!

... ... ...
... ...


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Rys translations and Dropbox warning

Leo has finished the translations for episode 1 on the ryspak maps  ,
witch took him, 4 years to do , at this rate  the entire pack will be translated in about 2030.
By translating , i mean to english from czeck

here is a link to his wrk

I guess this would be a good time to remind everyone that i already translated 90% of the maps to english via a mutator i made 2 years ago.You can download mine here      you can summon the mutator ingame as rys.rsyfix source is included and you can contibute if you want.

The second much more important thing is that dropbox will discontinue the Public folders  on new accounts after  july 17 2012, In favor of allowing shortlink style links in any private folders. this new method will make hosting a redirect on dropbox  impossible , If you have any plans to ever use dropbox for redirects or webhosting / file serving, you need to go make a new account right now before they  take  the feature  away..

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Tired , Busy and Sidetracked

Well what as i to say , busy with other stuff.

Prehaps i should start a personal blog if anyone wants to know  the  stuff I do   when im not here ???

I was working on a  tutorial on how to import animated gifs into unreal ,Bbut it’s not detailed enought , and I dont have the time to record a full video to explain the spotty details so  that needs to wait.

The crazy coop server is back again by requst , Running from a second computer  so that it wont effect quality on the server box for TVA and ah monsters.

I was told about 2 maps issue 1 with some xcom maps  and another with the lssg weapons. i have wrote them down now and mentioned them here to remind myself to look into the fixes.

I created a interesting a mod tho this week. somthing usless that i wanted to try and do forever ,To have  the server title scroll to the left or right. Only suffers one major issue , The text isnt updated on the server browser so its rather usless, It Does scroll in the scoreboard to , and can be used for other varuiabel easily by config values.

The udhq site is now Back online , Hosted on a beaglebone! How geeky is that,  and offers a few mods to downaload that you may have never seen.

How about yact2 , well i told oz about it and then realized how  hard to use it is , so it may need a new gui and it no longer important to me.

I reported some issues with illheaven and kew  said he wasnt interested in fixing them at all. remaster != fix things that are broken aperently.

Csweapons by gizzy has been updated and sent to me , but im not sure if i  hav explicit permission to repost sonmthign that was send to me in private.
A warning , anybody who used csweapons in a map , you maps is now now  not loadable  , since gizzy decided to rename all the classes in the file and not re add dummies. ^ rolls eyes  at a silly thing like that^

Im still here tho and im still playing  when possible.

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All Rights Reserved’s unreal party (Event)

Im not a huge supporter of other peoples events on servers i dont frequent cuase there a bit boring , but heres a Repost from unrealsp; Subject to change:
All Rights Reserved is  having a party on his server. It’s on June 23 to the 24th at 4 pm ET (US) to 8 pm June 24th. He’s wants to try to have at least 16 people on one server, You’ll need RTNP. It’s under coop and you’ll see HIS name; All Rights Reserved, in the name.
Its a akMcoop server so you be stuck in ugly hud  land and probably end up  hanging out with players  that just sit around mucking around building shit, So i will probaply skip out or not go , just trying to help a person i dont even know get a few more players. anybody who tries to get 16 players is dreaming tho… For the reunion event we invied 40  tva membrs and 12 showed.
I judge people by what i see and he probably falls into that catogory of ‘crazy gamer/internet meme people’, Since he once renamed his server the serverof diabitus  and modified  map names just for the fuck of it. also hes never made a damn thing as far as i can tell…
well save the date if you interested , its on his server , on the 23-24 of June.
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The Illhaven Anthology

You wouldn’t belive it , but kew has decided to come back after 10 years and redevelop the illhaven maps and add more content into his um.. famous? mappack.

I personal always found illheaven to be a bunch boring pubish  mazes  , so the mood for me is already pre set before i even look at it. Its not gonna be exciting at all to me. sorry kew…

After reading all the developments in the forum(s) and the fact hat kew refused help from key community members to coop test the map , then turned to  leo of all people to do it behind everyone’s back , Aswell as acting like every other idiot on the forum and threatening to walk away a few times due to people doubting if he was legit( need to learn not to let people bother you!) , Then in the procces of posting his development decide to hate on unrealsp and not post the finished maps there  ,no only did he not properly test,  he asked in his readme for usesr to not modify the map , not to allow them to fix  issues.

Pushes me  the wrong way. , so i may not even  bother to look at his work…

But your welcome to its probably amazing!

anyway  here you go.

Please note the mapset requires a few unrealtournament texture files you can get those hee , since he didnt include them

UTTech1, city, ShaneChurch, UT

download The Illhaven Anthology  here

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