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Twirl – Terrain Generator

Twirl is a new automated terrain gererator created by the folks at udhq ,  the program is Similar to teraedit and others.

It lets you gererate random terains and modify them , Then export them to obj format to use as static meshes  directly in 227 , or to export to your favorite cad package.

why did i say cad ? i mean modeling.

Oldunreal Topic ( best place to find info / screenshots about it)

Project page      Download link 


i was really hopping i would have the time to actually try to use this before i posted ,  and that is why  i didnt post it a week ago  when it came out , I have been recovering this  last week and havnt been at my pc where i could test it out. im on my pc now but i have to much cathing up to do.


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the problem with everysingle unreal gamtype out there…

every gametype  has it selling features.

  • proper mapvoting, more option then you can shake a stick at(uteamfix)
  •  giveitem that support assiging charges/ammo (jcoopz) ,
  •  pretty nice replacment consoles(edm),
  • custom playerclass support (very few)
  • reasonably security in place (many)
  • mutatorplus type fuctionality hooks / apis / whatever
But my biggest complaint  that turns up again and again is that 90% of the almost-awesome gametypes , are lacking somthing almost critical to me choosing it. It could be something as simple as  keep weapons after death that i could easily add in  , prehaps how the scores are displayes / saved,
or somthing more complex like the way it controls admin login or the lack of basic secrirty measures like temperary bans.
 all of them are code protected  so i end up finding a open alterative with less features so i can slice my own in , not even close to a drop in replacent. and have to do double work.  new gametypes need to offer all the funtionality and stabityly out the box.
The reason no gamtype has all these features built in after all these years ? can you guess?
I am not here to look for exploits in your shitty gamtypes and  moddify them and calling them my own. I am talking about adding functionality to a established platform and making it better for the end user (me)
you know i cant even belive what half these players are missing , no custom models or playerclasses in jcoop…. and yet they still use it. ( im guilty of this to) no wonder its such a shock when they see differnt models.
/ end rant
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upload your files / skins / whatever

ok im gonna go out on a limb here with a quick  idea

if you have skins maps , mods or whatever , you can upload them to me and i will consider adding them to the server.

im worried s as to how bad this will get abused, but i always wanted a system that would let user upload thetre own mods/ skin directly to the server.

as is this will only upload it to my dropbox, but i was just thinking with 227h and stuff now,  a simple script could be impelmented on my end that would rake the dropbox folder and do some simple unpacking/ filename sorting and auto add files to the sever packages. of course this couls be done with ftp of somthing but it need to be EZ for noobs.

for now it only good if you want to send me stuff like skins or whatever for me to consider running on the sever or using. ( or archiving)

if you wawnt to send me your  stuff  you could click the link below the password is the full longest summon for the  babycow in unreal.(unrealshare.??)

or course you can always just leave links in the comments or contact me anyway.  but i just thought this may be a cool thing.

dont abuse this , by uploading , you will not receive a download link to your files.

another thought : i could also sync the dropbox folder to sync with the website // files/ folder .

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I see that casey has made a mod / class to access  or preform mysql database operations thro unreal script. there no examples or docs yet ,


edit : new link , still no doc yet.

Even tho i know absolutely nothing about databases or MySQL, I am excited somhow at the possibility of  a feature like this to save stat data or something, or even better  have data like  scores / data  saved online or something  and available between servers ,  I likely have no intention of actually using it as  theres already ways to save data  built into unreal already. .

My thought is that it may have been desinged  for use  in the future for  the anticheat exceptions distrubution   like  somone on the forums mentionm before .

of course this is just  like a wrapper thing for a existing sql library. so Yeah whatever.

on another releated note ,

Somebody go port the various winamp / controler  / mp3 player plugins for ut to 227h.

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Update (Not unreal related!)

First off i will mention that the hurricane has past , and  I am still standing ,  There was a small river  in the basement with most of the floor/carpet having to be ripped out of the basment . The server (Located in basement) looks like it got dripped on from the ceiling , but it’s ok! power never even went out.

For clarification :

I wouldnt say ‘flooded’ but we had water flowing on the basment floor ,

its a dry basment , so any water is a very bad thing.

other then that there is no damage to report. wasnt expecting much really.


As for my leg/foot , It not broken just badly sprained.  I am already able to limp upstair to my pc to play abit. should be able to get back to work by friday.

as for that guys roof.. i dont know how it faired yet.

that said…now back to some unreal stuff!!

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i know this isnt on topic at all, i just fked my leg up falling tho a roof so idk wat im gonna do now ,cant walk ,cant get upstairs to play much. thank goodness for vnc and teamviwerer. oh yeah it doesnt help theat there is a hurricane on it way here that will get here late tomorrow i decided to test using a differnt gamtype on the 225 server since is hanging badly for me. so i tried to run it using ucc to try can trace the cause mabye. but i get this error relasted somhow to nypthis ScriptLog: ServerBeacon listening on port 5775 ScriptLog: Broadcasting Beacon Critical: UNephthysDrv::NephthysTickDispatch::AutoInitialize Critical: UNephthysDrv::NephthysTickDispatch Critical: UTcpNetDriver::TickDispatch Critical: UpdatePreNet Critical: ULevel::Tick Critical: (NetMode=1) Critical: TickLevel Critical: UGameEngine::Tick Critical: UpdateWorld Critical: UServerCommandlet::Main Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError Exit: appExit Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down Uninitialized: Log file closed, 08/24/11 23:59:01 i cant be bothered right now. 2 other things. i already mentioned on the right feed , i dont have time to look at them now tho. sql and twirl that i will have to look at when my leg feels betterr.

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BBGBarrelsCoop (Doom map recreation)

another new doom map recreation  by BBG released about 2 days ago.


A recreation of another doom map , map 23 from doom2!

My thoughts:

it ok. i guess.I found it on the dog forums  no where else.  it not all that exciting to me this time. i cant tell how good of a recreation it is due to the fact that cant recall what the original map looked like. , honestly i dont recall any map that looked like this and I replayed jdoom (multiplayplayer coop doom) lees then a year ago.

–um yeah  now that i removed all the talk about checkpoints , thers not much to say–

its a good map go enjoy it!


i did not test this map with doommutator / doompawns yet so i cant say if it  it setup correctly for that.

oh yeah NEDM : theres no doom music!


I didnt have a chance to test on differnt versions yet but i will when i have time and update the post. there was no bugs noted in a jcoop server atm. xcoop  was ok too (on 225)

checkmt_tx are the same between crusher and this thankfully so they can both coexist


the screenshots below  are kinda weird since sombody killed everything  b4 i got in to take the screenshots. lol


slow as molasses link

Newbies mirror

dropbox link


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