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227 “essentials” mutator pack project intro

since long ago i wanted to a make a single managment mutator
a mutator that you could drop into any gametype that would handle your everyday needs
originaly that was bobsmut , witch replaced about 2 gamtypes and 4 mutators ,
but was both ahead of its time and written when i was a noob.

essentials is the 227 rewrite of this, in a slightly different methodology
it is a collection of gamerule mutators
this is a plug in mutator for item giving ,
it supports basic charge/ammo/copies, as well as comments/package checking for invalids

this is a drop when killed mutater , that creates a effect of postal2 death when you die.

– self explanitory , time/ type configable

dropall227.swapdropper – dwk replacer that dosnt use dwk
this is a drop when killed mutator that is transparent to any drop when killed mutators
and easy to configure, no bs psi classes no overiding dropwhenkilled
you configure a pawn/classname/typename condition  to watch and when this dies
x copies of a given root actor are spawned , you can write plugins to modify drop phyiscs
since its a root actor you cna have it spawn ANYTHING like  explosions or woodenboxes.

dropall227.adminloginmut – automatic admin login handler ,
set ip /uid / names and your admin automaticly login , no passwords required.
works with dynamic ip’s

dropall227.toasty227 – voice taunt mutator
its like toasty for xcoop , but better ,
clients can opt to ignore taunts. unlimited taunts
taunt triggers + tsay text replacement triggered events

dropall227.essentials – extra commands
this is th ebase mutator
hookmutators , command handling, statistical managment and more
this mutator allows you to interact with the mutators using “say /” commands
you can use any escape charater.
add your own say commands easily with built in interperater.
edit hookmutators . giveitem lists from ingame.
allow users to use bonus cheats
enhanved killall
admin set rollback feature, saves every admin set action , and there original property to config
,so you can infinity rollback many modified properties.
ability to create and goto warps , that can teleport you to saves location in maps and even teleport you between maps.
chatlogger to ini – view chat history in your ini files /advanced options instantly!

this is a server side score uses plugins you can create to work with any gametype.
saves score/kill/death/spree data to a server config.

dropall227.mobcounter – mob counting / managment commands (not working)

dropall227.hitsounds – hitsounds on damageing a monster
dropall227.spreemut – killing spree mutator
dropall227.unrealrpg – a rpg leveling framework for saving and using damage and kill data
dropall227.whitelist – a whitelist mutator
dropall227.mcoop player replacer

more to come

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a teaser from one of my friends projects , yes it works , yes i played it , and no it doesn’t work online properly yet.
oh and you can play it one my server once i get things back up and running…
Screenshot 2014-12-13 16.41.14

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server upgrade

It was black friday , I bought a 120 gb ssd and a2 port 6gb\s pci-e sata controller for the dedicated server.
A bit of a christmas gift for all your guys, Almost 80$ in upgrades from money I dont really have.

It is now officially faster then my personal machine in every way.
Unfortunately due to the fact that the mainboard only has pcie 1.0 we are limited to about sata 2 speeds.  that about 200mb/s read
but as far as the unreal server goes thats shaved about 12 seconds off of level switch and startup time.
the server reboots in about 12 seconds too, in case it should ever power down.But I will get the ups fixed soon.

I am in the process of re setting up every thing as 227i on my server ( reinstalling all mods etc) because the 227j server install had to many weird issues like certain upak maps with every thing invisible and a rpc issues
ftp , teamspeak ,and http are up and running, the redirects running from the ssd

Minecraft server has been updated to 1.8 and will be getting a new 1.8 survival world merged with it soon.


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more killing floor in unreal stuff

had this idea to port the killing floor monsters to unreal an dimported all the animated models into the game , but they need to be scripted by someone (volunteers?)

and i ended up considering porting another map , the choice was dolhouse , so i have fully ported many of the static mesh packages for use in unreal 227.

cant post the files here ,cause this is already over a gig of assets converted to unreal.

above static mesh files available  on fb group page.


project is stalled intill i can get a coder.
or until  adam has time to fishing his psk to obj


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is that a axe , or are you happy to see me ….

a melee weapon for unreal D


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02village in minecraft

the crew worked on building paci village from unreral in minecraft.

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