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busy , it’s the story of my life especially now with a full time job at a small 3 person hvac company.
I enjoy my work almost as much as i enjoy unreal.but some of it is tiring work, dragging heavy tanks , and climbing on roofs assembling heavy ductwork. the work to me is very rewarding, to know I worked on  buildings and projects so big.i don’t get to do enough  but that’s another topic. this job is 8 – 5 pm usually + overtime. so my time i can be in unreal is now limited to the hours of 630-730 am and 7 – 12 pm. It’s decent money in my pocket that can go towards updating my aging computers and living essentails.

Coincidently , my server has become popular with a few Canadian players  and it usually now has 3 – 5 players during the day and night. I cant be here during the days unless i get off.I gave admin to 3 new people to take up my slack including bunnito , eliphim and oz , as well as giving two people access to my server machine directly, to keep the place up in my absence. they cant give unreal as much attention as me and i know it but it will will still help. these admins still need training and dont have alot of experence.

i decided for reasons of reliability to update the server to 227i, so i can have better uptime and run new maps , but it still must stay 225 compatible for now half my players still use 226.

botpacks on the server so you can play ut maps in unreal if you have 227. and a admin loads them up. i will try to setup a 227 section in the mapvote. alsi i want to type a differnt coop gamtype to see if i can track down a crash thats happening in 227 now.

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