Whats going on

27 Nov

well stuff comes up. so they say…
227I came out and It looks promising.
I spent a bit of time working out some bugs, some of witch will I remain on watch for  reports of.
I went ahead and updated the tva server to the new 227i patch.
They were very pleased with them now having both Spanish language support and webadmin.them being able to run 227 maps is a  plus as well.

227i is recommended as client  on those servers for the fastest possible redirected downloads, i have it setup to pass 10 redirect servesr to you ,so  even if i dont have the file in mine it will be downloaded from another servers redirect. compression over channeldownload is disabled so that old 226 clients can still join , and i will for the most part be keeping things “225 compatible”  special maps  will be labeled as such.

i did not yet convert the main server to 227i tho , im a bit worried about a rare issue I saw , and i  need to make certain to work that out  before i make the leap. having the 225 server still going will be  good to check map compatibility  and transition , and for performance comparison for the period before i update permanently to 227i.

If you are having any issue with the transition, and wish to help please contact me. you might be asked for additional information such as screen captures and client  logs , it would greatly help me help you.

on that note , one of my unreal friends decided to leave me -again-   , Witch leaves me with  one less to hang with right now, so if you have a solid interest in unreal and you enjoy chatting about everyday stuff, or enjoy modding, geocaching   or just babbling about unreal news and can follow along , give me a shout out and we can chat on aim or msn,

Turkey day came and went , i woke up too late and had a gathering to go to so i didn’t have time to make a turkey heath mod like i wanted to.Hanging with family is fun , More so when it involves a bow and arrow and a few beers and the occasional minibike ride tho a public park…

i got a few posts  written, but with it so close to December , im not really sure what  i want  to talk about first. Lots of things on my mind…

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