Tired , Busy and Sidetracked

14 Jun

Well what as i to say , busy with other stuff.

Prehaps i should start a personal blog if anyone wants to know  the  stuff I do   when im not here ???

I was working on a  tutorial on how to import animated gifs into unreal ,Bbut it’s not detailed enought , and I dont have the time to record a full video to explain the spotty details so  that needs to wait.

The crazy coop server is back again by requst , Running from a second computer  so that it wont effect quality on the server box for TVA and ah monsters.

I was told about 2 maps issue 1 with some xcom maps  and another with the lssg weapons. i have wrote them down now and mentioned them here to remind myself to look into the fixes.

I created a interesting a mod tho this week. somthing usless that i wanted to try and do forever ,To have  the server title scroll to the left or right. Only suffers one major issue , The text isnt updated on the server browser so its rather usless, It Does scroll in the scoreboard to , and can be used for other varuiabel easily by config values.

The udhq site is now Back online , Hosted on a beaglebone! How geeky is that,  and offers a few mods to downaload that you may have never seen.

How about yact2 , well i told oz about it and then realized how  hard to use it is , so it may need a new gui and it no longer important to me.

I reported some issues with illheaven and kew  said he wasnt interested in fixing them at all. remaster != fix things that are broken aperently.

Csweapons by gizzy has been updated and sent to me , but im not sure if i  hav explicit permission to repost sonmthign that was send to me in private.
A warning , anybody who used csweapons in a map , you maps is now now  not loadable  , since gizzy decided to rename all the classes in the file and not re add dummies. ^ rolls eyes  at a silly thing like that^

Im still here tho and im still playing  when possible.

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