The test map: Hextown, Nostagia 2009 Edition

25 Jan

Hextown is a interesting re-texture of the classic map skytown.

I had the idea many years ago when i was playing  Hexen ,  a doom2 engine game on the doomsday engine in coop . I liked the look of the 8 bit textures and figured they were worth  making a unreal map with. But i didn’t really want to make a new map just to test to  see how it looks.`

I ripped the textures from hexan using some ancient map editing tools written for doom and put the textures into a new unreal texture file. now what the hell am i gonna do with this?

At the time one of my favorite  town like maps was skytown. so it made a good candidate to test the textures.So thats what i did i retextured  skytown. Back then I barely know what i was doing and half the textures came out screwed since i didnt  understand texture standards and pallates

Im not gonna make this more then it is , its just a crappy retextured version of skytown.


it includes 2  reskinned pawns that  where new at the time , or my own ideas.First is the zombie skarja from masterunreal , with blood sounds.
The second is my attempt to make a warlord into a harpy. it sort or resembled harpy  barly, but  the colors are wrong. its different never the less.

While its really just a boring test map, I enjoy playing it from time to time just because it looks like a skytown in hexen  might look . and it sort of 8 bit ish , every texture was changed, the pawns  decorations glass , water , etc it is really very strange looking.

Like others in my footsteps i also considered porting the sprites , but never bothered to try.I also had tracked down some oldskool crossbow and staff that  i planned on using from killernali.u but i never bothered to add them. I have no idea where they are now  anyway.

Will I ever work on the map again , Probably not,It’s not worth anything. Except mabye to re import the texture package now that i know what im doing. I still have the original texture source files i exported , but  unless i have some crazy retro urge again , I think ill pass on using 64×64 8 bit textures on many  future projects. they do have a great oldskool  look tho.

The utx file heretictex.utx  is include and  your welcome to use them  or re import them into another package.  But the textures are likely from hexen not hertic,I think i used  that name since I already had a hexentex.utx file  already.I bet if i hunt online i could find hd versions of these texture packages to use instead ( something to look into), But  that wasnt the effect i was going for with this map.

This map was sort or all but forgotten ,Intill I started digging tho my files to find a few  of my lost maps.I am gonna upload this one  and some others not so much for anybody else , But just to keep a copy online so i dont lose it again. Your welcome to play it but its kinda silly.  Download link


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