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The late halloween party

We missed out on having the online Halloween party on the 31st due to the outages here, and my friend decided Sunday was the make up date out of nowhere. so i wasn’t able to announce it , but there was still a partial turn out. I think 5 people showed up the whole night.

we started by taking a map tour of the map then we decide on playing  hide at seek on the  new hallowspire , but how do you play hide and seek in jcoopz without users cheating using view-player? well i came up with a  quick solution to that. in jcoopz1 you can make admins non viewable. so  i made it easy, the person hiding would be passed admin and the  seeker would logout. to prevent cheating admins were shown in the scoreboard so players know who in currently hiding.

we played a few rounds  with players coming up with some very good  hiding places,ranging from up on top of tree collision cylinders and on roofs and laying in the dark , to using  small  playerclasses like the rat and invisibility. was actually  a lot of fun  once ground rules were agreed on.

After a few rounds of that  i had to leave for a bit when i returned we were started playing candycorn corn-hole . i had made up a cornhole board model and we took turns shooting ges snot into the hole. it  needs a scripted scoring system and proper projectiles but it was a bit of fun for a while.

candy corn – corn hole board

Halloween shop in the hallowspire

once that  got boring ,someone demanded they get candy for winning the game so  we started eating all the candy in the shop , a suggested improvement was to   Create a fatboy type mod where eating to much candy  increases the players fatness. that will be included in a standalone candy mod in the future. At that point one of the players  left .  I loaded up the 225 version of the Halloween map and . so we all took a break  in till 10.

when we came back i loaded up hextown for a bit  Pcube almost joined us but the server crashed before he got in too bad because he seemed to enjoy the pumpkin patch  in a previous post .I loaded up death house and a few other players joined us for a while after they left. we decided  to check out some older maps i had from ut2004  for 227  reminiscing a bit, Then my  old friend EZ showed up and the fun began like old times.

Ez Dog

First we toured the hallospire   and then deathhouse then  ran tho a few new maps so EZ could  show me around, after EZ  left   me and spades ended up talking about doom , we played deadcity2 a bit followed  by hextown and  then wrapped things up about 3 am when everybody eventully had to leave.

It was sort of a unorganized mess , so i didnt record that much video of gameplay. i cant post the chatlog here  atm becuase the tool i made to extract the chat has  a issue with win7 , perhaps i can post it later if there is interest.

if you missed the party , we might  do a bit more hanging out later monday if my friend  has time after he  gets home from work. (didnt work out)

I am sorry if anybody planned to attend.  I tried hard to notify everyone weeks beforehand but  the original meet  was obliviously  screwed by sandy . what makes it worse that my friend only has so many nights he  doesn’t have to get up early for work. Although he told me Saturday , that he would show either Sunday or late Monday ,I couldn’t be sure to tell anyone when to show up.If you legitimately wanted to hang out we maybe can arrange another date in the future.

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A month of other things and catch-up

Yeah im sure visitors have noticed Nothing got posted here in the last 25 days. I try to post about every few days here..

I have been busy making some money, also i traveled to maryland for a day ( 160 miles each way) to help somone move and  have also been doing some geocaching on the wonderful 70 degree days we have been having lately and trying to go  outside away from the computers for a break.

As for the unreal scene there isnt to much going on. I have been watching , My servers have been empty now other then a few visitors a week.

goldmod got added to the tva server but there still is no interface to purchase stuff or even groundwork to use the values of coins you collect.

Dual automags were added as well.

The new updated version of samspawn (sspawn2.38) Witch I didnt announce yet has a critical flaw in the fact that it is no longer working at all. ops never run out and update things without testing first..

So the spawn where killed is borked on the ah monster server , The issue dosnt seem to effect the crazy sever as it is   hooked into the ssf respawn function when i rebuilt the xcoop gamtype last time.  so the issue is in ssrcl someplace I need to look at, But it not  that bad you can manage  thru the maps if you are awake when you play ,    try harder not to die , it will be fixed soon.

BBG found my posting about his 3 maps on here and we talked a bit and he gave me permision to modify his maps to remove the checkpoints   (In reference to bbgbarrels map), But I dont want to create issues with mismatches so (or want to redownlaod files ) I am just gonna push a serverside change to ‘break’ the event links to  the checkpoint messages since there  (Bstatic), I will leave the checkpoints intact if the players  wish to use them.

I have talked about since like forever creating a player triggered message for that sort of thing , like in serious sam , where it a chattrigger, but it trick to retrofit that into a map serverside, as the instagator  of the event is not passed to the trigger or somthing?? I forgot why it didnt work last time.

That will get pushed next time the serverside mutator  get updated to the ah monsters server , the changes are already in place on the crazy server.

I added a few new monsters to the ah server like the cyberdisc’s and increased the difficulty by creating more dropwhenkilled rules also i added monsterspawn202 to it as well but its not in use atm.

Both the ahmonsters and tva server got a a full mapvote list auto fill ,So every map up to a week ago is now in the mapvote , about 900 or so so if you want to play any specific map it there to play, anytime you want. i will add even more as time goes by.

I messed around a bit attemping to landscape part of the ron5a maps but only succedded in dropping the framerate from 50 to 12 via mesh decoration overkill.ue1 engine not great for  landscaping

Ron made a cool map which is based on a  youtube video of a game similar to  mariobros “Clone: A Lenda do Heroi” played from a side view where you fight with a sword. The maps is  basic , But if you watch the original video it kinda cool that he recreated it.

He is also making a few videos to youtube  of play througs of some of his maps if you interesting in watching somone who knows the way.

Also there was another ‘main’ release of some of his maps,  download

Ok yeah just noticed he moved yet again  to look like i need to fix all the link again ;/(

stop moving damit lol you lose people  and all the  links break when you move! i lost 90% of my established visitors that way!

some screen shot of some parts I liked

I read in a forum that Dots is working on a mod to get UT clients to connect to a 227 server.  To bad it not the other way around ut runs like mollasas on here.

if your looking for weird  tracker music  for maps and want weird stuff i found this collection or chiptune tracker music.

I started messing around with gf2 a bit more and somewhat ported  the vooddoobfgmutaton and exxessive weapon to unreal for a future project.(a more complete gf2 port)

One of the new features that was intruduced in the not yet released 227i patch is the abbility to allow 226f clients to join a compatible 227i server , this will be a game changer for me if it works as they say.

pcube is working on a voice clip playing translator mod and needs people who wish to submit voiveovers.  This mod is is stillborn to me  as only 1% of people use the jgass gametype.

Hyzoran  told me somthing about his maps that i was suppost to be excited about but total forgot what it was—Sry mate.

oh yeah and is back online but it kinda ‘vandalized’ so to speak lol


HerdCoop Csejte Map pack

I was really planning on holding this back , Intill it was more finished and mature, But since I just noticed newbies playground now has these maps on there server the way for  things survive  and be enjoyed is to share not to hold private.

any way , without further ado i present:

HerdCoop Csejte Mappack

full description from vividy

download updated version 2013 here

Platform………….: unreal 225 +
Compression Format…: 7zip

new music …… yes

new textures…yes

Release Notes
The Csejte Mappack ,

379 mb unpacked
A 35 map coop mapset set in a multitude of locations


  • – medival like castles
  • – Space and tron maps
  • – 35 walking packed maps!
  • – Detailed bsp and custom art!

Best castle maps hands down , these maps arnt your averege coop maps that are 10- 20 minutes long -These maps are huge , anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes each , and the fun never ends since there are 21 maps in the first part that about 15 hours of play!

The map set is broken up into 4 main ‘chapters’
part one your adventure begins:

part 2 the castle maps begin

csejte1.unr Csejte1 Cachtice Route Team Herd Coop Csejte2#Castle?peer :
Csejte2.unr Csejte2 Cachtice Castle Team Herd Coop Csejte3#Castle_in?peer :
Csejte3.unr Csejte3 Csejte Castle 1F Team Herd Coop Csejte4#Castle2F?peer :
Csejte4.unr Csejte4 Csejte Castle 2F Team Herd Coop Csejte5#Castle3F?peer :
Csejte5.unr Csejte Castle 3F Team Herd Coop Csejte6#Castle4F?peer :
Csejte6.unr Csejte6 Csejte Castel 4F Team Herd Coop Csejte7#Castle5F?peer :
Csejte7.unr Csejte7 Csejte Castle 5F Team Herd Coop Csejte8#epilogue_bridge?peer :
Csejte8.unr Csejte8 Epilogue bridge Team Herd Coop Csejte9#revenge?peer :
Csejte9.unr Csejte9 Village of ruin Team Herd Coop Csejte10#rValley?peer :
Csejte10.unr Csejte10 Valley Route Team Herd Coop Csejte11#Cliff_that_rises?peer :
Csejte11.unr Csejte11 Dark Cliff Team Herd Coop Csejte12#rises?peer :
Csejte12.unr Csejte12 Secret Passage Team Herd Coop Csejte13#start?peer :
Csejte13.unr Csejte13 Airfield in the Csejte Team Herd Coop Csejte14#Escape?peer :
Csejte14.unr Csejte14 Base Camp Team Herd Coop Csejte15#Csejte15?peer :
Csejte15.unr Csejte15 The way of a deep valley Team Herd Coop Csejte16#Csejte16?peer : Zone0#Csejte16?peer :
Csejte16.unr Csejte16 Loophole Team Herd Coop Csejte17#start?peer :
Csejte17.unr Csejte17 Three Cliffs Team Herd Coop Csejte18#playerstart?peer :
Csejte18.unr Csejte18 Long road to escape Team Herd Coop Csejte19#start?peer :
Csejte19.unr Csejte19 Csejte Sky Park Team Herd Coop Csejte20#Next?peer : Csejte20#Next?peer :
Csejte20.unr Csejte20 Sky Base Team Herd Coop Csejte21#start?peer :
Csejte21.unr Csejte21 Sky Base 2 Team Herd Coop Attacked_1#start?peer :


To hugely vast japan themed maps multiple setting , both indor and outdoor
mapscreated by team herd coop and Vividy ,
seen only running on there coop server !,

These are beta maps and are subject to change! a few teleporter urls  will need to be changed , like zone6.

this post may be edited when i have more time.


More holiday mods , TVA coop server , Crashes on Join , Unreal mini series

skippinig around a  bit here…

im trying to come up with original holiday mods , But time is sparse for me and creating original content even half attemp takes effort.

im disapointed that there no winter leveling coop or  ERchristams  this year and that nobodies doing the winter thing.



I made up all these meshes in meshmaker , The snowman , gifts , and tree

The tree lights and ornaments are loaded dynamicly from mmlxmas3 , althought it not required to run.

Theres  mutators in there to add tree and presents and snow man  to the maps, and another to add snow to a few maps it wip as usual..

you can shoot the presents and they contain gifts  and pickups , and they have random wrapping papers skins

im tring hard to come up with more stuff wreaths , candy canes etc , but it seems as if the internet is fully of people and sites that want to sell you models and nothing for free.  mabye i can make a wreat in meshmaker but candycane is to hard to free form.





no download link yet since  its still got dependencies to weird packages i dont remeber.



new tva coop server

in other news lucas has asked me to host the tva coop server for them , witch i will do for a few days to a week  since im felling generous.

it just a vannila unreal coop server for them to jerk around on nothing special


225 join crashes

Also altho it will only concern people that use  the mostly deprecated*  255 and nephthys in the installs they play with online with , I have downgraded back to the 1.4 release since a few people were reporting crashes trying to join the 1.5 alpha.

* 225 is depresiated by 227h, noone uses the  nephthys redirects any more so it wont help you clientside.227h is probably safer?


oh h ere a cool unreal ‘movie’ i found on youtube i wish there was more


I will try to post again before the holidays but who knows.

mabye i will have a christmass eve frag fest of somthing or play some other games.. time will tell


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Christmas / holiday mods pt1

It late in the month already i made no attempt to start any holiday maps since im busy and still have people bothering me about the halloween map. But I have to make some effort here…

so i list here some xmas related mods for enjoyment.


Mmlxmas (moo moo land xmas) Is  probably the best known christmas mod although honestly it kinda lame and old , It has almost no custom models and hardly any decorations etc

*I link to the seemingly never released mmlxmas3  version  since version 1 and 2 are know to hang servers and as a bonus it includes the source.something you dont see in any other version.

Download link


summon MMLXmas3.ani1panel //class ani1panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani2panel //class ani2panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani3panel //class ani3panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani4panel //class ani4panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.BabySnowCow //class BabySnowCow expands BabyCow;
summon MMLXmas3.BabyXmasQueen //class BabyXmasQueen expands XmasQueen;
summon MMLXmas3.BabyXmasQueenShield //class BabyXmasQueenShield expands XmasQueenShield;
summon MMLXmas3.BearNad //class BearNad expands Grenade;
summon MMLXmas3.bigsnowball //class bigsnowball expands snowball2; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.BigTeddy //class BigTeddy expands Teddy;
summon MMLXmas3.Blue //class Blue expands XmasLights; –
summon MMLXmas3.Box //class Box expands Actor;
summon MMLXmas3.Candy //class Candy expands Bandages; –
summon MMLXmas3.CandyAmmo //class CandyAmmo expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.CoalAmmo //class CoalAmmo expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.coalfire //class coalfire expands IceSmoke;
summon MMLXmas3.coalnad //class coalnad expands Grenade; –
summon MMLXmas3.coalrocket //class coalrocket expands Rocket; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.coalseekingrocket //class coalseekingrocket expands SeekingRocket;
summon MMLXmas3.firesmall //class firesmall expands SpriteBallChild;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitBrust //class FruitBrust expands ParticleBurst2;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCake1 //class FruitCake1 expands FruitCakeSmall; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCake2 //class FruitCake2 expands FruitCakeSmall; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeAmmoNew //class FruitCakeAmmoNew expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeBomb //class FruitCakeBomb expands Grenade;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeCannon //class FruitCakeCannon expands FlakCannon;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeFragments //class FruitCakeFragments expands WallFragments;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeHealth //class FruitCakeHealth expands Health;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitcakePuker //class FruitcakePuker expands Pupae;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeSmall //class FruitCakeSmall expands Chunk1;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitShell //class FruitShell expands FlakShell;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitSpark //class FruitSpark expands SmallSpark;
summon MMLXmas3.GiantSnowBag //class GiantSnowBag expands GiantGasbag;
summon //class glass expands GlassFragments;
summon MMLXmas3.Green //class Green expands XmasLights; –
summon MMLXmas3.GreenBelt //class GreenBelt expands ShieldBelt;
summon MMLXmas3.GreenPresentFragments //class GreenPresentFragments expands WoodFragments;
summon //class ice expands BigRock;
summon MMLXmas3.ice2 //class ice2 expands ice;
summon MMLXmas3.ice2shellcase //class ice2shellcase expands iceshellcase; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ice2shellcase.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceAmmo //class IceAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceBehemoth //class IceBehemoth expands Behemoth; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceBehemoth.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceBruteProj //class IceBruteProj expands IceRifleProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceBruteProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.icechip //class icechip expands Chip; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\icechip.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceMag //class IceMag expands AutoMag; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceMag.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceManta //class IceManta expands Manta; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceManta.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceMinigun //class IceMinigun expands Minigun; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceMinigun.uc
summon MMLXmas3.iceproj //class iceproj expands snowball2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\iceproj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRifle //class IceRifle expands Rifle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRifle.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRifleProj //class IceRifleProj expands StingerProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRifleProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.icerifleproj2 //class icerifleproj2 expands IceRifleProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\icerifleproj2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRing //class IceRing expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRing.uc
summon MMLXmas3.iceshellcase //class iceshellcase expands ShellCase; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\iceshellcase.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSmoke //class IceSmoke expands SpriteSmokePuff; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSmoke.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSmoke2New //class IceSmoke2New expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSmoke2New.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSpark //class IceSpark expands SmallSpark; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSpark.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceTentacle //class IceTentacle expands Tentacle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceTentacle.uc
summon MMLXmas3.LightWallHitEffectXmas //class LightWallHitEffectXmas expands LightWallHitEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\LightWallHitEffectXmas.uc
summon MMLXmas3.MedPresent //class MedPresent expands Presents; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\MedPresent.uc
summon MMLXmas3.mmlXmasMutator //class mmlXmasMutator expands Mutator;
summon MMLXmas3.NaughtyListGun //class NaughtyListGun expands Eightball;
summon MMLXmas3.newstartrail //class newstartrail expands QueenTeleportEffect;
summon MMLXmas3.obsantahat //class obsantahat expands Actor;
summon MMLXmas3.ornament //class ornament expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentBlue //class OrnamentBlue expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentDec //class OrnamentDec expands Decoration;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentGreen //class OrnamentGreen expands OrnamentDec; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\OrnamentGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentOrange //class OrnamentOrange expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentPurple //class OrnamentPurple expands OrnamentDec; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\OrnamentPurple.uc
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentRed //class OrnamentRed expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentWhite //class OrnamentWhite expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentYellow //class OrnamentYellow expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.ornshooter //class ornshooter expands snowthrower;
summon MMLXmas3.peeball //class peeball expands snowball2; –
summon MMLXmas3.peeball2 //class peeball2 expands FlakShell;
summon MMLXmas3.peeburst //class peeburst expands smallsburst;
summon MMLXmas3.peeGelPuff //class peeGelPuff expands GreenGelPuff;
summon MMLXmas3.PeeSplash //class PeeSplash expands splash; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\PeeSplash.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Presents //class Presents expands Decoration; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Presents.uc
summon MMLXmas3.PukeProjectile //class PukeProjectile expands SlithProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\PukeProjectile.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileGreen //class QueenProjectileGreen expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileRed //class QueenProjectileRed expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileYellow //class QueenProjectileYellow expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileYellow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Red //class Red expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Red.uc
summon MMLXmas3.RedBelt //class RedBelt expands ShieldBelt; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\RedBelt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.RedPresentFragments //class RedPresentFragments expands WoodFragments; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\RedPresentFragments.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaASMD //class SantaASMD expands ASMD; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaASMD.uc
summon MMLXmas3.santahat //class santahat expands Pickup; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\santahat.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaHatArmor //class SantaHatArmor expands Armor; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaHatArmor.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaKevlarSuit //class SantaKevlarSuit expands KevlarSuit; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaKevlarSuit.uc
summon MMLXmas3.ShieldBeltEffectGreen //class ShieldBeltEffectGreen expands ShieldBeltEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ShieldBeltEffectGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.ShieldBeltEffectRed //class ShieldBeltEffectRed expands ShieldBeltEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ShieldBeltEffectRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Sign //class Sign expands Actor; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Sign.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SignChristmas //class SignChristmas expands Signs; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\signchristmas.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SignHolidays //class SignHolidays expands Signs; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SignHolidays.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Signs //class Signs expands Decoration; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Signs.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SmallPresent //class SmallPresent expands Presents; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SmallPresent.uc
summon MMLXmas3.smallsburst //class smallsburst expands snowburst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\smallsburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowammo //class snowammo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowammo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowBag //class SnowBag expands Gasbag; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowBag.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowball2 //class snowball2 expands FlakShell; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowball2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowblob //class snowblob expands GreenBlob; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowblob.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowblob2 //class snowblob2 expands snowblob; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowblob2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowbrute //class snowbrute expands LesserBrute; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowbrute.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowbunny //class snowbunny expands NaliRabbit; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowbunny.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowburst //class snowburst expands ParticleBurst2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk //class snowchunk expands MasterChunk; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk1 //class snowChunk1 expands Chunk1; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk1orn //class snowChunk1orn expands snowChunk1; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk1orn.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk2 //class snowchunk2 expands Chunk2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk2orn //class snowchunk2orn expands snowchunk2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk2orn.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk3 //class snowChunk3 expands Chunk3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk4 //class snowchunk4 expands Chunk4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk4.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowcow //class snowcow expands Cow; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowcow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowDrop //class SnowDrop expands SnowFlake; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowDrop.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowexpl //class snowexpl expands SpriteBallChild; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowexpl.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowflak //class snowflak expands FlakCannon; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowflak.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowFlake //class SnowFlake expands Effects; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowflake.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGen //class SnowGen expands SnowGenerator; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGenerator //class SnowGenerator expands Effects; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGenerator.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGeneratorStorm //class SnowGeneratorStorm expands SnowGenerator; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGeneratorStorm.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowLord //class SnowLord expands WarLord; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowLord.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman1 //class snowman1 expands snowman3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman2 //class snowman2 expands snowman3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman3 //class snowman3 expands SteelBox; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowPanel //class SnowPanel expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowPanel.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowproj //class snowproj expands snowball2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowproj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowrocket //class snowrocket expands Rocket; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowrocket.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowshooter //class snowshooter expands GESBioRifle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowshooter.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowskaarj //class snowskaarj expands SkaarjAssassin; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowskaarj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowsmoke //class snowsmoke expands GreenGelPuff; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowsmoke.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowstinger //class snowstinger expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowstinger.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowthrower //class snowthrower expands snowstinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowthrower.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowTitan //class SnowTitan expands Titan; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowTitan.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarAmmo //class StarAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.starblade //class starblade expands RazorBlade; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\starblade.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarBladeAlt //class StarBladeAlt expands RazorBladeAlt; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarBladeAlt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.starflare //class starflare expands MercFlare; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\starflare.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarGazer //class StarGazer expands Razorjack; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarGazer.uc
summon MMLXmas3.startrail //class startrail expands smallsburst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\startrail.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Teddy //class Teddy expands Flare; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Teddy.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TeddyAmmo //class TeddyAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TeddyAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TeddyBear //class TeddyBear expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\teddybear.uc
summon MMLXmas3.tinsel //class tinsel expands DAmmo5; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\tinsel.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselammoNew //class TinselammoNew expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselammoNew.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselKrall //class TinselKrall expands KrallElite; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselKrall.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselKrallElite //class TinselKrallElite expands TinselKrall; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselKrallElite.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselLeglessKrall //class TinselLeglessKrall expands LeglessKrall; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselLeglessKrall.uc
summon MMLXmas3.tinselshooter //class tinselshooter expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\tinselshooter.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselSpark //class TinselSpark expands SmallSpark; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselSpark.uc
summon MMLXmas3.White //class White expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\White.uc
summon MMLXmas3.WhitePresentFragments //class WhitePresentFragments expands WoodFragments; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\WhitePresentFragments.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasAmplifier //class XmasAmplifier expands Amplifier; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasAmplifier.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasDevilfish //class XmasDevilfish expands Devilfish; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasDevilfish.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasdirt //class xmasdirt expands splash; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\xmasdirt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasdirtburst //class xmasdirtburst expands ParticleBurst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\xmasdirtburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasFly //class XmasFly expands Fly; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasFly.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasFly2 //class XmasFly2 expands XmasFly; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasFly2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasLights //class XmasLights expands Light; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasLights.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasMercenary //class XmasMercenary expands Mercenary; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasMercenary.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasMercenaryElite //class XmasMercenaryElite expands XmasMercenary; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasMercenaryElite.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasPanel1 //class XmasPanel1 expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasPanel1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasPanel2 //class XmasPanel2 expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasPanel2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasQueen //class XmasQueen expands Queen; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasQueen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasqueenshield //class xmasqueenshield expands QueenShield; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasQueenShield.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion //class XmasRingExplosion expands RingExplosion; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion2 //class XmasRingExplosion2 expands RingExplosion2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion3 //class XmasRingExplosion3 expands RingExplosion3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion4 //class XmasRingExplosion4 expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion4.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjBerserker //class XmasSkaarjBerserker expands SkaarjBerserker; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjBerserker.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjGunner //class XmasSkaarjGunner expands SkaarjGunner; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjGunner.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjInfantry //class XmasSkaarjInfantry expands SkaarjInfantry; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjInfantry.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjOfficer //class XmasSkaarjOfficer expands SkaarjOfficer; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjOfficer.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen //class XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen expands SkaarjProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjProjectileRed //class XmasSkaarjProjectileRed expands SkaarjProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjProjectileRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjSniper //class XmasSkaarjSniper expands SkaarjSniper; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjSniper.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjTrooper //class XmasSkaarjTrooper expands SkaarjTrooper; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjTrooper.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjWarrior //class XmasSkaarjWarrior expands SkaarjWarrior; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjWarrior.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSuperHealth //class XmasSuperHealth expands SuperHealth; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSuperHealth.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasTazerProj //class XmasTazerProj expands TazerProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasTazerProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Yellow //class Yellow expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Yellow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.YellowSnowSlith //class YellowSnowSlith expands Slith; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\YellowSnowSlith.uc



santa brute are just that there like brute with santa skins

download link


Summon SantaBrute.Santax – Original Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Apux – Lesser Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.BigSantax – Big Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Boorx – Elf Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Rix – Weaker Lesser Santa
Summon SantaBrute.SantaBrutex – Weaker Santa Brute


santa player / bot

santa player is just that it a simple santa playerpawn model / skin , u cant use it online hardley anywhere but it fun




… you need to wait till next post


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updates, the voting list new pawns etc

I added a crap load of maps back into the voting list a bunch that most people havent seen yet

some highlights:

  • map 1  -18 of  enforcer (map01 – mao18) 10 is buggy
  • ^^ 1 – 32 !
  • also see x23 – x35 for more unfinished xcom map ports
  • xmas1 a ut mh port of  xmas advanture map( unfinished)
  • re added the USP maps
  • FLD -a undying map of a big terrien field map.
  • a bunch of new ron maps are  in there somplace newron## zagenali etc
  • the herdcoop japan maps are readded
  • mhegypt2 – a egypish monsterhunt map port
  • hhlol-5g5d , the newest build on the halloween map
  • castle village and a few maps from the undying onestandalone pack ( should be endable, dont recall)
  • a small catacombs pack from undying , starts at cata >cata2>saintshall
  • ‘tie’ a 3 map pack from skw infinished  but ‘differnt’
  • wolfhd1 a wolf3d port
  • 40 other you already saw..

I also added 4 new monsters , The muton , sectiod , FS snake and FS scorpion.  into the spawner – now with more variaty ansd crazyness.


the halloween map also got a small cave..

im also looking to find out how to cut out some of the lag for you guys…

think mabye today i might go and import some more  maps

also :

i worked on importing the enforcer shotgun model but i am having trouble since im lazy and tring to use  the quadshot as a shotgun base.

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undying maps and other updates

Latley I have been  hunting for u1 engine games to extract somthing ‘new’ from  to expand my collection and liven up the experence.  there are quite afew u1 engine games and at the minumum you can extract maps or textures , somtimes models as well from them.

my latest game  is undying , a horror game (225 ish engine) the games pretty good by itself but has no muliplayer at all. I messed around   and imported a bunch of the maps from the game into unreal , But many of the maps in that game are  short and cross linked , and not at all ideal for coop play , Some of the texture files wont load correctly in 225/227 , and as far as i can tell no meshes can be exported , both umodel and utpt completly fail on any attempts. im not sure if the mylevel trick will work in 225 , but I imagine the files are in a slighly differnt format anyway.


As for the xcom stuff i started , i imported about 20 maps but seem to have lost interst atm . watching  emtpy servers all day , that dont keep me very motivated. I had 3 people very interested in the pawns,  2 or those were also quite  interested in the maps , But 1 walked away and another is to busy racing to play unreal for more then 5 minutes. The server i started to test them showed a whopping total of 5 total visitors  in 3 weeks.  yuk

there been nothing posted latly since there is almost nothing worth talking about  really i wanted to post up the enforcer stuff but there buggy a bit , and i dont have screenshots of them all and also  or the effort to write up the full post.



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