Custom player models

The following  player models i have imported from ut into unreal1 ,

You can use many of these on my 225 crazy server, or in limited capacity on my other servers (pickup thing),

your free to use thes on your servers or offline there not my property.

Also keep in minds that custom playerclasses are not compatable with jcoopz, or mostkly any custom gamtypes actualy , and can only be used in jccopz via the pickups model swapper pickups.

I would recommand xcoop or the standard coop game if you want to use these online.


Santa ‘claws’ Model

Compatibility : 225 + (vertex model)

This version is well built, Includes multiskin selection support.

Includes a santa bot(santa.santabot) and a santa mesh costume pickup (Santa.santapickup).


Lego Man Model

compatibity : 225+ , Vertex mesh

Single package, other skins unavalable in this version at this time.

This needs to be done over later correctly, but this is the version that on the servers atm., has no int files etc…


ut teddy model


compatibillity – 225 + (vertex model)

Multiskin suppoort – no

Another unfinished but usable model. this model is from the ut version of u4e , as the ut teddy  looks meaner then the  u1 one.

some time i will finish…. and add taunts?


zhal bug


compatibillity – 225 + (vertex model)

Multiskin suppoort – no

It came from u4e mod for ut , honesty this bug is stupid without its ‘claws’ but i dont have the patients to  finish that bit.

no multiskin support yet. made it before that was relevent.


rat player model

huh what a rat omg wtf is that ahhhhhh is running around!

ok this is ony avalible currently on the halloween map so  its secret extra but w/e

model from theivery ut.



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