running, sort of

20 Jun

well many may not have noticed . but my servers quietly switched back to  at first a old 227 install and then a ancient 225 install from 2 years ago. as of a few days ago
The pc that ran the server for 3 years straight stopped working , and im still not exactly sure how it broke. but it just powered off while i was sitting there and wouldn’t start up again.

replaced the powersupply and it seems to start but it stuck in a infinite reboot loop as soon as it attempts to start windows. hardrives check out and linux boots fine so  i assumed it was windows fault. i halfass reloaded windows but it does the same thing!

after a few days of hopping from box to box with outdated server files to try to keep the place half running,
i decided today to pull the drives and put them into another computer so i can get to the files full time.

so the unreal servers are all running from the pc i play on again , Witch is not ideal.esp since i cant fit all the drives in the case….yeah this pc has 5 hd’s in it currently+ one hanging out lol

im not sure what im gonna do now  stuffs running now . im gonna find aspare harddrive and reinstall  windows on it and see if i can revive the main server.i guess i cant put the time into it really.also my buter fingers dropped the hardrive on the floor as i moved it another pc so … yeah lol still seems to checkout tho.

i have other things on my mind atm…

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