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HerdCoop Csejte Map pack

I was really planning on holding this back , Intill it was more finished and mature, But since I just noticed newbies playground now has these maps on there server the way for  things survive  and be enjoyed is to share not to hold private.

any way , without further ado i present:

HerdCoop Csejte Mappack

full description from vividy

download updated version 2013 here

Platform………….: unreal 225 +
Compression Format…: 7zip

new music …… yes

new textures…yes

Release Notes
The Csejte Mappack ,

379 mb unpacked
A 35 map coop mapset set in a multitude of locations


  • – medival like castles
  • – Space and tron maps
  • – 35 walking packed maps!
  • – Detailed bsp and custom art!

Best castle maps hands down , these maps arnt your averege coop maps that are 10- 20 minutes long -These maps are huge , anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes each , and the fun never ends since there are 21 maps in the first part that about 15 hours of play!

The map set is broken up into 4 main ‘chapters’
part one your adventure begins:

part 2 the castle maps begin

csejte1.unr Csejte1 Cachtice Route Team Herd Coop Csejte2#Castle?peer :
Csejte2.unr Csejte2 Cachtice Castle Team Herd Coop Csejte3#Castle_in?peer :
Csejte3.unr Csejte3 Csejte Castle 1F Team Herd Coop Csejte4#Castle2F?peer :
Csejte4.unr Csejte4 Csejte Castle 2F Team Herd Coop Csejte5#Castle3F?peer :
Csejte5.unr Csejte Castle 3F Team Herd Coop Csejte6#Castle4F?peer :
Csejte6.unr Csejte6 Csejte Castel 4F Team Herd Coop Csejte7#Castle5F?peer :
Csejte7.unr Csejte7 Csejte Castle 5F Team Herd Coop Csejte8#epilogue_bridge?peer :
Csejte8.unr Csejte8 Epilogue bridge Team Herd Coop Csejte9#revenge?peer :
Csejte9.unr Csejte9 Village of ruin Team Herd Coop Csejte10#rValley?peer :
Csejte10.unr Csejte10 Valley Route Team Herd Coop Csejte11#Cliff_that_rises?peer :
Csejte11.unr Csejte11 Dark Cliff Team Herd Coop Csejte12#rises?peer :
Csejte12.unr Csejte12 Secret Passage Team Herd Coop Csejte13#start?peer :
Csejte13.unr Csejte13 Airfield in the Csejte Team Herd Coop Csejte14#Escape?peer :
Csejte14.unr Csejte14 Base Camp Team Herd Coop Csejte15#Csejte15?peer :
Csejte15.unr Csejte15 The way of a deep valley Team Herd Coop Csejte16#Csejte16?peer : Zone0#Csejte16?peer :
Csejte16.unr Csejte16 Loophole Team Herd Coop Csejte17#start?peer :
Csejte17.unr Csejte17 Three Cliffs Team Herd Coop Csejte18#playerstart?peer :
Csejte18.unr Csejte18 Long road to escape Team Herd Coop Csejte19#start?peer :
Csejte19.unr Csejte19 Csejte Sky Park Team Herd Coop Csejte20#Next?peer : Csejte20#Next?peer :
Csejte20.unr Csejte20 Sky Base Team Herd Coop Csejte21#start?peer :
Csejte21.unr Csejte21 Sky Base 2 Team Herd Coop Attacked_1#start?peer :


To hugely vast japan themed maps multiple setting , both indor and outdoor
mapscreated by team herd coop and Vividy ,
seen only running on there coop server !,

These are beta maps and are subject to change! a few teleporter urls  will need to be changed , like zone6.

this post may be edited when i have more time.


Bat pawn part 2 (4 months late LoL )

ok yeah  you may recall a pawn (monster) in the stargatelssg mappack , referered to as Duch02 , A bat like creature based  off of gasbag.

Its was halloween time,  So I wanted to use the bat thing on my servers and in my map project. But the bat is dependent on a 21mb textures package …ugh.

Well some simple  looking in the editor would have you determine that the only thing in that texture package it references is the projectile skin,  Silly? yes.very  bad design. , The single projetile was also in a seperate package from the pawn.

Anyway I decided I wanted that pawn badly.So instead of jerking around with the editor and removing the dependency, I just exported the mesh and subclassed gasbag as  it already basicly is  gasbag with some slightly modified code.

I made no attempt  to seriously ‘port’ the pawn , and decided to forgo the projectile and the sounds leaving only the bat mesh. I didnt want it  to shoot anything since that not wat bats do.

Im reality the mesh isnt even very bat like  at all but it kinda resembles a bat so it works , Its fairly uncommon so it surprises people who haven’t seen it much or out side of the stargate pack.

I am not gonna post it here right away , Since im still messing with the settings and may break down and try to add  sound and  the projectiles back , a possibly a extra black skin.  but definit ly before halloween mabye .. lol.

I think i covered all the points here ,The mesh/model is from a stargate lssg mappack. and im really just making it work so to speak.  the model is not mine.

I original planned to simply ‘fi’x it just break the dependency of the textures and re add then into the projectile file  and may still, but the editor gave me quite a bit of trouble so  just ended up doing it this way.

Download here

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Methods to built a checkpoint mutator in unreal (Theory and ideas)

im bored and have ideas so here goes i will go into detail about ways I did this

You have a map and it big and hard and you want a checkpoint system in it huh mabye you made a deathhouse map its it tooo hard for your players? huh a trials map oh boy. of you want to have a real messed up dgame of  ctf !

fully compatible methods:

for these methods you will need a custom  actor class to act as a spawnpoint or  locationdata storage , *Actally you dont , if you clever you can save all this data in a single vertex array, but then we need to add a mutaor or some kinda non volitale  actor to store it since players may some and go and lost invetory. in my case I used a fake actor that stores the player id and name of player , and told it to spawn where the player saved the checkpoint at , so i could just get actor.location. this also prevents the mod for saving a location witch it impossible to spawn in.

pickup hooking

The easiest way to hook onto  the player respawning in any game type is to use a fake pickup, one that listens for PickupFunction when the user ‘picks up’ the pickup from there defualt starting inventory or if it is spawned at a playerstart. In many cases this is the best you can get since many of the gamtypes in use  are closed source. the issue with this is that if weapon keeping is on this can break and you need to add a second ‘oneshot’ pickup that self destroys after it moves the player.

now that i have covered that  you need to decide what ammount of player interaction  you expect from the player ask the questions like ,

Does I want the player to save or be or able to spawn there own checkpoint or should it be fuly automatic.

It easy to add a replicated command at this pont or have some weird pickup activea code that lets the user “activate” the pickup to spawn a checkpiont . like ktacticalequippment.krespaer doses since we are already a pickup so adding a ‘savespot’ command it trival , but will the player know what he has to do?

assuming no , we can automat add the checkppointng. usally with a timer or tick. in another pickup or a mutator. but now what twhat if the player is in lava when he dies?

well then we need to add a crap ton of checks  for water . lava . killzone . falling , cheatflying,ghosting , taking damge  etc.

Armor / Pickup hooking

This method isnt acually properly combatible, as to make it work properly you would need source code access. but it usable

you knwo that relic or redemtion in ut and u1 , that respawn you somwher new without actully dying? we can use this as another idea , but to make that not retarted you need to have acces to soucrecode so you can call scorre =– ; and restartplayer();

ut you acan hook the death and sent the user backto a saved location this way to.

mutator  methods

If your gametype supports mutatorplus or another api , you have a few more options like using mutaterespawn player , But I never had any luck acually making that call properly (It appears broken in xcoop).

by the way trails game has muator plus..

severside options:

you can create a automatic checkpoint mutator fully serverside if your clever,

using triggers and some conplex touch code  you can setup a fake teleporter trigger near the start of the map , and a number of triggers along the way , and have the fake teleporter instance thru the special triggers in the map and if they are active teleport the player to them.

the actors can all be spawned into the maps serverside and will be invisible to the clients ,you can add flags of whatever is severside as a marker.

off the shelf solutions

krespawn    //a pickup that let user spawn a respan place via pickup , this uses pickup hooking

ssspawnv2 // automatic serious same style respawn sysytem , used pickup hookiong or commands

This post is indirecty targeted at snakebite  ( if thast wasnt already realized)

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Setup unreal servers to be unattended, Be prepared for anything. (Howto)

Lets see you have a great server and its running and you are ready to leave it unattended and go on vacation huh ?

ARe you prepared for the possibility that somthing will happen while you are gone and it will break or something unexpected will happen , Mabye a power outage or a gametype switch , or somone breakes your server or you forget the password , Mabye you need to tweak somthing you forgot  or add a  new skin?

Where should I start?

First off ill start with the things you cant control

If the power goes out what happens- The server dies  and your not home to restart it!

Set you pc bios to boot up on power , so it will boot when it is plugged in.

Remove or disable the windows login screen. If the pc boots itself back up and it stuck at the login/ password  screen you screwed. teamviewer can run as a service pre login , we will get into that later..

optional : Get or refurbish a UPS or uniterupable power supply. you can get cheap one for  free  on ebay / craiglist / the trash with dead batteries , Replace the batteries for under 40$ and your good to go! Plug only server into the ups.   This will give a few minute mabye 5  or so for the power to come back on.

Failing this the pc will shut down , and then auto boot on power will allow the server to start back up as soon as power is avalible again.

Create a bat file that will auto restart your game and save the logs as a unique name. add this to you windows registry or startup menu.

This will allow the game to start as soon as the pc get to the desktop.  This batch file  will auto restart server  if it crashes.

example batchfile

Remote control your sever

unreal 227 has webadmin , but it basic and crap compaed to a full remote connection to the server.

Install teamveiwer of other good reliable Remote desktop software .I recommend teamviewer since it secure  and encrypted unlike vnc , and it free for private use and portable and it goes over port 80 so it  wont requre port fowarding like vnc does. Teamviewer can even tranfer files fast , so you can send custom files to the server from anywhere.

Install teamviewer free on a usb stick , and or on your iphone / android headset / tablet. you can now access the server console and settings easily anywhere in the bloody world!

Teamviewer on android galaxy player 4 ! showing the unreal server console. cell phone pic of cellphone – fail quality  lol it is very readabale  irl.

This also has the bonus that you can have a headless pc in your closet or under your desk running your server out of the way , I have one behind the couch lol.

other weird ideas

you crazy ?

Set up a dropbox public account for your server for free  and use filestork to let users upload there own files! , Install dropbox on your server  pc , link your public filestork dropbox folder on you pc to the unreal install in unreal.ini

Now create a little program that scans the dropbox folder and added every utx  skin file to your serverpackages automaticly! now users can upload there own skins and use them without your interaction! ( crazy since it a slight security risk if you dont filter .u filetypes or scan scripts for admin expoits)

hyzoran inspired this article.  now the world knows what to do!

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JCoopZ1 Build 135 Public Release‏

Zombie ( Of the deadzone ) was kind enough to inform me that public  build 135 of the jcoopz gamtype is now avalible.


-Fixed GiveItem bug from incrementing weapon ammo when the user specified custom “ammo#” number is below the default MaxAmmo.
-Fixed PreLogin/Login bug from rejecting spectators when the server reaches MaxPlayer capacity while NumSpectators is still less than MaxSpectators.
-Fixed rare IP address storing bug that prevented a player from being logged by JCZLogger.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility for 227 patch clients and servers.
-Added Web Admin JSay support from admin players.
-Added more ‘Admin’ command restrictions that an admin player should never need to invoke.
-Added support for PlayerStart ‘bEnabled’ handling from the 227 patch CoopGame.
-Added preliminary support for compatibility with IPv6 clients and servers (if there ever will be). Permanent IP range bans now require a dash “-” separator instead of a colon to avoid conflicts with IPv6 address hexadecimal notation.
-Added a feature for 3rd party development from ‘jCoopZ1SSF’ package. 😉
-Changed a specific “clientside anomaly” detection to be less sensitive on under powered or network congested servers.
-Improved AI hang prevention to reduce late level start load on server setups with pawn mutations. May prevent rare crashes around server level startup on custom maps that are unstable to extensive pawn mutations.
-Improved JCZLogger pruning routines which should produce more relevant ‘getalias’ command results and keep JCZLogger.ini file size smaller.
-Replaced the Nephthys v1.4 distribution with the Nephthys v1.5a018 distribution in archive.

I am like whatever about it to be honest , Why does everyone still use jcoopz.. …

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Learn basic unreal script – Variables part 2

Variables Part 2

Object actors continued

in unreal  every actor  startes with a root class of some kind.

For instance pickup is the root class of all items that can be picked up by a player and it extends actor , Pickup has it own set of properties like pickupcount , itemname etc  That only apply to the class pickup and not  root class actor

A root class of pickup can be anything that extends pickup like weapon , but it can only assign properties of pickup and not  a childclass weapin to the info.

To do that you can declare the structure as  weapon like this

weapon(pickupclass).ammocount = 6;

Using this allows your class  variable to be more broad but still have access to child classes.

certian classes like weapon and mutator have specific extra instruction set like postrender or checkreplament that are  only avaliblew in tho classes.

Using a actor intance , you can edit any thing in the map Thats not bsp. If you know what you doing , or you can add custom objects into the maps or onto players , you can modify them in many ways.

you want a mutator that changes the charge of powershields in the map to a higher number it easy.

  1. var shieldbelt sb;
  2. for allactor ‘shieldbelt’ , sb
  3. {
  4. sb.charge = “9001”;
  5. log(“its over 9000”,’shielbeltboost’);
  6. }

It slighly more complex then that , as you need to check if the actor is in state sleeping other wise it will also increase the armor on players as well since they are carrying a shieldbelt mabye. Note: you should use checkreplacment instead or foractor , and then cast to shieldbelt from actor , but this block of code will work in any actor class , not just mutator, I  will get into that later.

resources as vars

Objects can also be references to a resource, like  a sound or texture.

var texture mytexture;

for exaple is a texture assainged to a var.

referencing outside vars and files

to reference something outside the basic unreal packages or your mods files  like a sound package or texure or even another mods files,   if your in the editor making script you need to have it  open it in the editor. and you can instance it easily like var someothermod modreference;

if your compiling via ucc (witch you should learn to do) it gets more complex to reference things but not much more diffucult.

first off the file needs to be in the editpackages so it can preload the files. then you need to declare you reference in a exec statment.

#exec OBJ LOAD FILE=..\textures\belt_fx.utx PACKAGE=belt_fx.utx

I will get more into exec statments at a later point.

The problem with doing this is that now you mod will require the new import to load, so if you are referencing  some big file like utweapons , any body who downloads or used you mod , will need to also have utweapons to run your mod.

you can even call fuctions and grab variables from other referenced mods.

There is a way around this issue  or to load files that we dont ‘need’ at all times , but it has it own issues and special uses.

Dynamic loading things

dynamic loadobject is a very handy feature , it lets you load a class you have no references to from your file.without it being a required package. this is usfull for side loading pickups or classes from other mods that are not directly connected to your mod , like say if you has a mod that gives the player weapons , you mod wont know at compile time what those weapons are , but it can load them later if they are avalible.

The downside to dynamicloadclass , it that we have to be non specific about what we load usally ,Since the engine has no idea wat we are loading. you if you were loading a custom weapon class , you can only reference it as a root class weapon , and we cant access the custom properties the weapon might have.

when you use dynamicload , any packages you dynamic load wont be loaded on your serverpackages , so you need to add those seperatly.

You can dynamic load any resource like a sound , map,texture , class etc

dynamicload can also be used  to test if a package /map is avalible  on the server as well. In advanced situations , you can use dynamicload  and some cleverness to create a serverside replacment instruction set for you mod to use that you can update without requiring the user to redownload the files.

* you can also use consolecoomand to get and set vars but that  i will get to later

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Maplist editing tool idea progress

I have thsi problem i have 635 maps. and the map vote cant auto populate the list. Even if it could it wouldnt be in any order that would make much sence.

so i had this idea to make a quick program to simple  search all maps and write them into the voting handler ini file. but hyzoran pointed out somthing i totaly  didnt think of , the fact that if you did that the maps would not be in order.

but alas,  i still decided to waste the rest of my night building  the begining of a application anyway.

After spending 2 hours building 3 funtions to scrape the data from  the table via readtext. and  then relearning how to make that scraped data  back into a new table in the correct foramting and syntax. I managed to read all the voting handler.ini data to a nice neat table that i can deal with easily.

it worth noting that the original data is in a table already –  the difference between  formating is sadly a differce of mixed brackets only witch  would be difficuly to  fix.

it should now be safe if the data is out of order, or the file is to large to be read as ini values.  it takes about 1 second to read all the  data and build the table.with 2000 plus fields to there is no real performace drop anyway.

For now all it can do is move up or down a map to reorder the map with respect to the list ceiling and floor. It can save the data back into the votinghandler ini file easily without any failures or errorrs.

im stalled , since im having trouble comprehending  how to insert a map into my table or delete them I want to do it in a way that is failsafe like  simple delting a row is not easy since you need to re add it at the ending somplace as blank . same with insert if you insert a row you need to remove one off the end shift all the entries ,

i have  plans to have a auto sort by campain with add on caimpan list support or somthing . and also to delte duplicates and stuff.

it can currently scan a folder and list avalible maps, and check to see if the maps are in the votting list , it can also hide maps from the list like testing or intro maps.

more option ideas include auto adding campaiens , with ability to remove cutscences ,

also if i can master this awfull table crap , Then im thinking of making another a tool that you can create a list of maps and it would create map routing automaticly.

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