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New temoprary server shedule

I “gave up” my good server pc to one of my family members that needed it more then me,
Having said That,  the server will only be running when they have there pc on  witch shouldn’t be a big deal since it mostly always empty anyway., unless i can convince them to  leave it running 24/7 witch might be troublesome.If this is a problem for anyone , Talk to me and i can arrange a instance of the server on my main machine. This Will probably be going on  for the next 2  weeks i think , intill they get a new computer from work.  9am- 11pm will pretty  be the hours of operation unless i can work something out. I think i need to replace some network cards and  wires at witch time i might be able to get the old original server box running again 24/7. it dosnt really matter since it enpty usally.



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I  cant decide what i want to post ,Having a kinda blogging- breakdown here where i can decide whats right , so im a talk about some stuff i working on lately

  • First i am working on a update to sspawn2 ,it will fix the bug involving spawning on movers and decorations ( ie woodenbox bridges)
    will  fix restartme so that it wont delete all start and only the player owned ones,
    previously restartme nukes all checkpoints not just the person who called it.
    I fixed sspot command back
    will add sound and effect replacing currently testing on my server ,
  • I built a basic crawler for that  notifies me of  new posts  by playing a nali chant anytime a new post is found, as well as serving as a  text only archive of all past posts.The plan for this is to create a more reliable rss feed later right now its just for giggles.many humps along the way.
  • I figured out a way to import to-Stalingrad into unreal1, now i can play a very memorable mohaa demo map in unreal death match , but it needs quite a bit of work., I thik i will dicuse how i did this later.
  • I got my hands on a copy of rune cheap and made a effort to port the maps to unreal,
    2 maps sort of done coop3 and coop7 , Im not sure it will be possible simply because rune is more like tombraider then unreal and the gamplay might not be similaer enought to work, also models are skeletal mesh so it would be 227 only if i did it “right”, The textures  look like total crap too (64 x 64)
  • I did nothing on the Christmas mod yet
  • i got 227 botpack working again , so maybe i can have some fun with that and  fix a bunch of broken guns again and play ctf , it almost pointless tho…
  • score saver overflowed ( over 100 entry ) so i reset everyones scores.
  • I think i need a break from unreal mabye , i take everything way to personal becuase im so involved as it is a large part of my time and  life.
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Jcoopz1 Build 137 release

For those running jcoopz1 a update has been released that resolves 4
227i related issues.  not really important but i thought i would mention it here for convenince , as many dont frequent hypers forum.
The Update List (Build 137; 11/30/12):

-Fixed GameRules/jczGameRules support bug to ModifyDamage function not being able to actually modify the damage to jzPlayerPawn.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility with ‘IPDrv’ package from Nephthys clients.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility for 227 patch clients and servers (again) as of the released “i” sub-version.
-Changed PrimaryAdmin and SecondaryAdmin array list size to support up to 8 configuration entries each (totaling 16).
-Improved PackageScan handling of the PackageException feature so that the main unreal packages are supported. Now PackageExeptions can be added and work for all packages.

source :

download link :

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