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updated s3tc textures



Diehard has released major updates  in the last week to the st3c textures packages ( as far as i can tell) including alot of fixes , how you can break a texture i dont know hehe.

But he has neatly posted then on this oldunreal page , in a easy to figure out not burried 400 levels deep format ,

They are huge files , and you should go there and see what you need first. Before you download them , These textures only work with certin custom renderers  ( opengl  dx9+) and in 227. so if you have vannila 226 , you may want to skip them.

i personaly wouldnt recommend extremeend version as its just hugy huge  (2 gb files)  , But most pc’s less then 5 years old should be able to run the high end ones.

they do massivly improve the looks of unreal tho , but after you get used to them and then  then play without them you will realiz just how crappy the original unreal texturees looked  compared lol

edit:  where are the  checksums for all the files.. md5 etc ? there big files….

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progress on halloween map

I have been working quite alot at it this last week im guessing mabye 20-40 hours worth of time , It to the point now where I am not sure if it a good idea to show my progress  and spoil the exploring aspect , But 5 major areas have been added, The spooky lake , the graveyard and haunted house has been layed out , The upper village was been started , and the pirates cove?? may be next.

Why does it take so long you ask ? due to occludebsp crashing the editor every 20 minutes. That editor is garbage.

This  map is not strictly a ‘coop’ map once finished it may be able to serve as a type of rpg map.

I am considering objectives or something like go get a pumkin  and bring it back  and “carve’  it  , Go trick or treating  to the upper village  or something  to make it more coop like. lol get the candy bags as weapons ya not gonna happen…

walking tho the haunted forest to get there. theres a graveyard but im not sure how that fits in yet. there is this bizzare idea to add a pirate ship to the spire part of the map. since apparently pirates are important on halloween…

Im pretty sure a few of these ideas may be beyond my skill level . But so far it looking awsome to me.- Whatever you  saw before you can expect double the detail now.

I have imported over 30 models from UT to serve as details where possible im avoiding using  bsp.. Includes 4 pawns. and 25 decorations  in the new hallows_fx package. im currently working on some pawns/ mutators / whatever to use thos models with.


it really to bad that im not using 227h , as the ammount of static mesh format models on the internet is overwelming and i could easily go ape with  those meshes.  compatibiliy is more important to me tho.

The map will be divided into  7 or 8  main areas:


The pumkinpatch

The uppervillage ( layed out but not detailed)

The 5 story haunted house with catacomb basment, ( may be hardest thing here to make)

The haunted field (forest)

The spooky lake.

the spire graveyard + tombs system

the pirates cove ????

the catacombs


more to come

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Ron’s Servers…..

Ron has been forced to stop hosting  his 2 servers due to operating costs .Whether that means he wont still  play is unkown. But thats 2 less servers in the list to choose from. I didnt play there all that much but I encouraged the development of his maps by converting and running them on my servers andposting his stuff here where people can see it,  I also saved his   maps when he lost them.

Prehaps he will still develop maps  in his spare time and upload them when he can.

As for the maps being to easy , It took me at least a hour or 4 to play tho all the maps ,  At least 3 of them like the one with the nali tomb key , The  under table key and the map with the exploding wall near the tools took me quite a while to figure out , even with all the tranlator  hints. They were fun to explore and see something new.

Thanks for all your work  your  Time !

Source :

he reposted all the maps for  enjoyment here , it a mix of 226 / 225 maps…

also  some loose ones  or ones he send me


We all get in bad situations sometimes.Myself is not it the best of situation either and only one person here works to pay all the bills due the job market for older experienced workers being crap , It dosnt help that the jobs are outsourced and  this enconomy . I personal love this game to much to ever quit! I would  jack the neigbors wifi and host/ play  from there with a bit of  there router reconfiiguation if i ever had to make that choice.

I just messed up my foot A month ago falling tho  roof rafters  helping my uncle with his roof .  While trying  to make some extra money.  Irony : I will propaly barly break even  with my extra cost of my foot.

That  is why I am UNREAL…  it is my life.

edit : i can probably host all his maps on my severs , but i would rather have them linked into a pack that makes sence , not me having to link 8 randomly named maps in a order i dont know.

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week of recap…

recap of little things ( again)

server just got a major ram update ,

It now has 3 times as much ram as it did before  it now up to 3 gb, I  also have the kit  laying here to go up to a full 4 gb if it i feel like it too.  it a 32 bit OS  ATM so im not sure the full 4 gb will be worth installing. Hopfully  this will help with load times and the lag a bit when im doing 200 things at once.

So no more saying theres not enough resources and that why the games hangs and crashes. Theres bloody gb’s of avalible ram now and  68% cpu avalible to the game.

I have 3  unreal severs so this should  help wit the shared resources between them.


kaal from du decides to start taking mods from oldunreal mods for monsterhunt ,  i posted a semi nasty but polite post there , But I have no acual problem with this honstly and it not worth fighting about. just credit the people that all! Share all mods  for all!

post :

if you cant view the site w/o registration .png

I am gonna delete or whiteout my post over there since i changed my mind. It was stupid of me to jump like that. I dont give a crap what you do with the files or where you host them. I have no control. 

The topic has been locked over there , i guess i win.

For you who dont know :

Monster hunt is a game type that is like coop but with repeatatily unbalanced over powered monsters and repeated -predictable designs , kill 6 of these,  200 of thom go to a check point , jump this ledge thing  repeat , it just like coop , but total ruined and unfun.


Dots creates a advanced admin handler that lets 227h provide multiple access levels and moderation , but may not work with  modified gametypoes


A project or prehaps finished update to Infiltration with 227 only features :

– my 2 cents : that cool , but  It is  like anti productive : it only for 227h so the crowd of 226′ers wont be playing inf any more and will stop playing unreal.


I start work on a hallowwe themed spirevillage n map , and discover jays maps are all edit protected.



mental_Hunter slowly starts porting a new model: the  walking tree from ut.

and sent me this screenshot:



a reminder that 227h wont run on win 98 or me for some tart compiler reason.

i see this as a fail. many ( i assume) unreal users may still use older 3dfx cards  that the game was built for . Cards that  dont have proper glide drivers for win xp + and wont be able to upgrade to 227. I tryed 227 on a older voodo0 5  super tuner card  in win 98 and it failed to start , expecting a newer os. , I got reports windows me will not work either.

I can run ut2004 a unrealengine2 game on win98  but 227 cant run makes no sence! ( i dont run windows 98 on any game pc any more  mb died on that one, so this isnt my fight.)


i fixed my path mistake i accidently pathed it to ron224_43  in map 42 , archive not updated just this file.



the oldunreal wiki gets a major over haul thanks to hellkeeper

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Halloween crap.

Halloween fast aproaching  ,

My friends ’great’ idea  – to make a ghost town map. By idea he basiicly talks about it as if it will magically happen from me or he will ‘ find’ some other guy to  make it. LoL.

So I decide Hey whatever why not, It not like I am not already doing 6 things.

So it begins ,  He says He wants a haunted town style map:  Graveyards , pumpkin patches , Tunnels , Haunted houses ,  zombie, bats +  whatever , I tell him theres already a map like that called halloween , I search ,  find it and realize its a haunted farm ,  He says no farm heh  .

He recomeded I start from spirevillage and remove the houses , I do so , first line of business,  the pumpkin patch , I used  ICjackolantern , Some plants ,  and some fencing from a rtnp map. Add in a dead tree from sisitrals mappak.

= awsome pumpkin patch.  …Well not awesome but pretty good for 45 min and 2 editor crashes. I send him a screen shot and he aproves.

meantime he is tring to find me music for the map and after ‘ghostsandstuff’ not being spooky , Points to ‘sabewolf-killerinstint‘ ,  Kinda tottaly obscure but pretty awsome  spooky music for the map. no trackers or midi anymore i guess heh

I move to part 2  , The graveyard , Ok so it wont be a graveyard it will probaply be randomly placed tombstones everywhere. so i need tombstones to use , since most prefabs sites have disappeared,  and my last attempt at a tombstone resulted in a ugly half moon thing. I decide to scavenge.

3 maps come to mind , graveyard2005 , hallowen , and hallow33n, so i open up graveyard2005 , and see a decent tombstone , I go to copy the  stones brush to paste into my map  but instead, Find out all the geometry has been fuking deleted from the map to ‘ protect’ it. Same for halloween , and about 6 other of jays maps  i looked at .

What are you protecting by doing that other them expansion and  usablity. anybody can edit the auther field , but now nobody can adapt the map to suit.

I  keep hunting   I look tho my meager  unreal1 monsterhunt map collection, and find nightmare house and death something  with a number of tombstone designs to pick from , no bs map protection here thankfully , ( other wise these would have never been ported to u1 in the first place)  So now  a hour half later i have 4 tombstone and no time to actually use them.

nothing special here. why must people  make it so hard

Bonus : I will mabye turn these  tombstone brushes into meshes and rewrite my tombtone mutator  for this halloween .I keep wanting to post it but it currently got this retarted dependance on a 8 mb texture package. what was i thinking??


more updates soon.

ok yeah it not like me to add onto with new that nobody will ever look again at but whatever I dont wanna bump a topic with a new topic yet just to add some progress .


The scary forest

located in between the  entrance and the single cabin  mid map.  My crap job of making 9 trees not look like there just 9 tree with diffent sizes and in fact a forest. no lighting in this shot. needs more  ALOT more work



The main graveyard

The beginging of the sunspire graveyard , a massive graveyard which will contain tombs , graves , pop up mummies of some kind , and a cave  or tomb system leading to  the next hallowwen map. this is less like i had imaged sincve the editor decided to dump on me after i  open the texture tab and i had to spend another 25 minute doing it again and then copy + paste rotate and mak e it look non repeating. no lighting either.


I decided to use panels for the path as opossed to sheets since i was gonna need to use alot of non mesh stones and and it gets hard to place sheets on terrain and stuff. also i want to avooid rebuiling the map as much , altho intil the tombstones become meshes thats not really pratical.

I also wanted to make as much of this map in meshes / objects  , In case I one day decide to make it into a strange -mutate the map into scarry spirevillage by spawning crap mutator- wher all the differce of the map could be spawned into the normal spirevilage. or possible a pumkin path  spawner mutaoir ( How do i think of these things?)thats not pratical at all.



the spooky lake bit.

he wants a spooky lake , it need to go here on a hill where irl  this is not possible and water will flow down. so its a giant cut out in the hill  filled with water.

He wanted it like the one in friday the 13th. Now I have never watched the movie , But I have done somthing that helps  better then that , I have aculy been to the real lake it was filmed at in NJ  about 10 years ago!. AKA sand pond

Unfortinitly my unreal lake reproduction skill are totaly lacking ,   so i just cut a gaint box into the hill and rounded the corners with a pre existing brush. I added the cabin since there is infact  many cabins at the real site and 3 right near the water , But iirc only a few were used  in the movie, like the generator cabin. Anyway its a hidden link to the past thing for me, not about the movie. the lake look crappy atm but it is progress.

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recap of week ! whatever!

the little things that slipped tho

sqlbased inv system for jgrass by casey! lets hope it dont suffer same bugs as every other inv strorage systems. (info)

also serves as the documentation and example for usql ,  sql server required xp sp3 or greater so ill be skipping testing it out for the time being.


almost everything you need to know about upak alternatives hjgjghjghjghjghj


map : Waking Nightmare :


unreal base defence teaser :

i should know better then posting teasers , as 90% of time ( myst , steampunk unrea , firestorm ) the project dies post producion.


VERY Helpful info for people using 220 scripts/ maps and attempting to use them in 220++ great tip


mentalhunters MOD is back!,  thanks to me!:

new link


my 227h sever is back up , but who knows how long that will last.

any thing else i decided was to boring to write here for you top tl;dr lol

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break till later tomorow

all my server are down temporarily.

having issues with constant exessive connections to the server pc ( alot of non unreal related traffic)  ,abusive imo

im working tomorrow so

maybe servers  return tomorow morning or tomorrow evening.



i saw the server was kinda full with 7 players and crashed somtimes , pc cant really handle the load well lag etc.

thank you everone for hanging around and playing with the others.




here is somthing cool in the mean time – a powerpuff playerclass!

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