Well I got some bad news.

29 Aug

My main  machine decided to crap out  2 days ago, and I needed to reinstall everything again.I used  a live CD Linux to recover160 gb of  the files to a flash drive and then to another computer.

But , During the backup process my development server (the 225f crazy serve)r, got corrupted in the move ,  and i lost about half of the files mostly between t and z + other random files,  with includes all the configuration files and xcoop server side files and any of my custom maps i made and 4 years worth of server logs , I dont have any upto date backups that are less then a year old.  So it looks like that server will probably never run again.

I know you want to , you cant help me to much , as i never published all of my work, and also kept many files serverside where they would have never been downloded by anyone .I do tho have most of my main online playing install tho , witch i religiously downloaded every revision of every mod i made to testplay , so technicly i can recovery the mods and maps from there, but not the serverside files or configuration setting.

So yeah i get to start over without 4 years worth of collected mods/maps/ files in my225 crazy server install  , and get to mabye  rebuild all my mods from either cache of from source code files, witch seem to have survived. most major source code was backed up the cloud , but not all my new projects were..

mabye this is  a good thing as that install was overcluttered with outdated  files and i always meant to clean it up ,  Also mabye it is a sign to tell me to quit this gane and get a life  somtimes you just need to move on….,

Oh yeah did i mention my toothache is back again? yeah it it and i have to still goto work….

The newer 3 servers
ah monsters , tva coop ,  227 ah monsters test
are safe tho  as they were on a differnt drive and also backed up to a duplicate install on the server machine.

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