227 “essentials” mutator pack project intro

17 Dec

since long ago i wanted to a make a single managment mutator
a mutator that you could drop into any gametype that would handle your everyday needs
originaly that was bobsmut , witch replaced about 2 gamtypes and 4 mutators ,
but was both ahead of its time and written when i was a noob.

essentials is the 227 rewrite of this, in a slightly different methodology
it is a collection of gamerule mutators
this is a plug in mutator for item giving ,
it supports basic charge/ammo/copies, as well as comments/package checking for invalids

this is a drop when killed mutater , that creates a effect of postal2 death when you die.

– self explanitory , time/ type configable

dropall227.swapdropper – dwk replacer that dosnt use dwk
this is a drop when killed mutator that is transparent to any drop when killed mutators
and easy to configure, no bs psi classes no overiding dropwhenkilled
you configure a pawn/classname/typename condition  to watch and when this dies
x copies of a given root actor are spawned , you can write plugins to modify drop phyiscs
since its a root actor you cna have it spawn ANYTHING like  explosions or woodenboxes.

dropall227.adminloginmut – automatic admin login handler ,
set ip /uid / names and your admin automaticly login , no passwords required.
works with dynamic ip’s

dropall227.toasty227 – voice taunt mutator
its like toasty for xcoop , but better ,
clients can opt to ignore taunts. unlimited taunts
taunt triggers + tsay text replacement triggered events

dropall227.essentials – extra commands
this is th ebase mutator
hookmutators , command handling, statistical managment and more
this mutator allows you to interact with the mutators using “say /” commands
you can use any escape charater.
add your own say commands easily with built in interperater.
edit hookmutators . giveitem lists from ingame.
allow users to use bonus cheats
enhanved killall
admin set rollback feature, saves every admin set action , and there original property to config
,so you can infinity rollback many modified properties.
ability to create and goto warps , that can teleport you to saves location in maps and even teleport you between maps.
chatlogger to ini – view chat history in your ini files /advanced options instantly!

this is a server side score uses plugins you can create to work with any gametype.
saves score/kill/death/spree data to a server config.

dropall227.mobcounter – mob counting / managment commands (not working)

dropall227.hitsounds – hitsounds on damageing a monster
dropall227.spreemut – killing spree mutator
dropall227.unrealrpg – a rpg leveling framework for saving and using damage and kill data
dropall227.whitelist – a whitelist mutator
dropall227.mcoop player replacer

more to come

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