offline project updates

23 Aug

As a few may have noticed  my internet connection has been very flaky the last few days  to the point were i have been stuck offline alot.My ISP comcast hasnt yet discovered the problem dispite every house on the block here having shitty service latly and sevral complaints to the cable company later its not fixed,
So  I started working again on some other projects again.


I had another need for a feature add in U_listtool  so I updated the ulisttool to add   file list import features  so now you can search  in folders for wildcards and files  that have a specific string in the name , such as “dm-” to grab a deathmatch map list to export.

This search code will eventually be in a plugin. so it can get updated and be cross form compatible .I also fixed the delete entry option so you can cleanup the list before export.

Export selected as sequential ini file works , but requires some  more work to create start and end points. I feel tho that it needs it own micro replace menu so that it can edit info in structs.

I added  a extra decompile line for music  and  support in “import mod” , so you can now “import as  mod” a map and  export embeded resources.
I am considering  recreating it in the new 8.0 build  environment ( It offers multi window interfaces) , but that  is a steep learning curve with known issues.(yact2 was built in 8.0)


I have had jsaver running for the past week and I saw issues with some players using the new builds  were either they get spammed ‘newstats’ or there score would actually  jump into negitive values somehow!!??
I think i tried to address them with a recent fix , but im not sure it is working any better then before . it only happens with certain players , and i believes its a bug in the compare data or the findplayer funtions but  it sort of seems to only effect some random users, Please be pateint with it its still beta , so if there are issues , report them please , stating you playername  and what happends so i can debug it.


I made some progress on the rtnpmcoop stuff  for aar its just i keep forgeting , there are some surprises in there like a walking tree but the spider walks like it is break dancing still. a have no motivation for this…..

New test server:
I created a 227h version of ah montsers server  to test some stuff and work on a special halloween map remake using static meshes and 227 things for stability , this server will be compatible normaly except for 226f  , but somtimes it will be running 227 stuff  and old version may not be able to join.
Please join it if you can instead of the 225 one to put it tho its paces.


I added bug fixes to the following mods on the server:

Sectoid (PlayRangedAttack Access none)
Wingedterror (PoundDamageTarget Access none)
Scorcher (PlayVictoryDance  Invalid animation)
Reaper (Playclawdamage Access none)
Sectopodboss (multiple invalid animation sequences in dead3)
map18(Fixed forcefeld so it opens)
Map22 ( Fixed doors so that map functions properly)
firedrop( Fixed playerstart for skarja)
Jsaver(Access none  infitite in certin maps)
Csejte1 , Csejte2  and Csejte3fixes for samspawn etc)


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