02 Jun

Ok another package of flag crap. again for redrum ,
contains 19 flags
2 books
and the ut ctf flag model and skin ,
although the  ut flag is not summon able as is. and it is totally possible it will never work or doesn’t exist in the distributed package. but the mesh and texture are there.due to some glitch.
do some magic with admin set and you can probably get it to spawn.

summon bflags.belarus
summon bflags.Bolivia
summon bflags.can
summon bflags.ChinaNat
summon bflags.costarica
summon bflags.cuba
summon bflags.gayrights
summon bflags.hungary
summon bflags.India

summon bflags.libya
summon bflags.Portugal
summon bflags.Switz
summon bflags.USAblack
summon bflags.Uzb

summon bflags.bob
summon bflags.cake
summon bflags.JBook226
summon bflags.JBook277
summon bflags.ko
summon bflags.redneck
summon bflags.ozlike

the model for the utflag is mesh “pflag”

i am really hoping to create a tutorail for making these things with a template and  instructions for popular image editing software, but dumbing it down and learning multiple software suites to make it fair to and photoshop users sounds like to much work.

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