227i Release

11 Nov

its finally here the final unreal 227i patch,

while this sounds exciting , it is more “the end of a time” then exciting , anything further will not be developed or added , so your stuck with wat you get now and you forever hold your peace.


here is the release notes


Installer for Unreal versions without Return to Napali:
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227i.7z
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227i.rar
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealClassicPatch227i.7z

Installer for Unreal versions with Return to Napali (Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology):
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227i.7z
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227i.rar
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealGoldPatch227i.7z

A list with all SHA256 checksums of the files can be found here (out of SHALinkerCache.ini): 227i_sha256.pdf


ill talk more about this latter i want to go try it out

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