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i been busy and theres not much worth mentioning going on .

i tinkered around a bit on that ulisttool thing  since i couldn’t sleep  and added some debug log support and made the default window interface more freindly for 800 x 600 users. and a bit cleaner.really want to offload more code into updatable function libaries…

Tonight i spent 4 hours working on a map , here is a sneak peek,
yes that is a 48+ room mansion , only thing thats remotely done is the building front and main stairway rough out, i have big ideas but  time will decide  how far i can  proceed, i want a open entryway with stained glass and projected light shadows..


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Happy Holidays , Hellweapons , Whatever

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free web page hit counter

It christmas eve  , Only about 8 hours Intill christmas!, oh Joy!

I am not expecting too much this year   , Its  always better when  you are  younger and people shower you with lots of gifts , once you get older, You end up buying you own gifts  and christmas loses most of it appeal. and becomes more of a chore then a holiday.

Last year I was hoping for some new computer hardware  that would upgrade this aging machine , But that ending up not working out. This year  I have my eye on a new  mp3 player mabye.??

In the end it not about the gifts so to speak anyway.I hope everyone gets what they  were looking forward to and that they get to be with family and freinds in whatever way you celebrate.  For me that Christmas

I personaly wish that things around here (people’s lives, situations etc) Would change for the better including my own. Its kinda  depressing.

Thank you unreal friends .

I leave you with this , A litle project I built in my bedroom a few years ago when I was into electronic projects before unreal sucked by life up forever.



Mentalhunter has sent along a new 225 weapons pack , Called hellweapons , it nothing special but it under testing on the 225 dev server

Summon HellWeapons.HellCannon
Summon HellWeapons.HellStinger
Summon HellWeapons.HellStinger2
Summon HellWeapons.HellMag
Summon HellWeapons.LaserGun
Summon HellWeapons.HellWeapon

download link for testing (Not a official release!!!)


Also there is a small chance I will probably be playing games on here into the night  tonight , I have nothing  much beter to do and no plans i dont think…

°★。˛ °.★** *★* *˛.
˛ °_██_*。*./ \ .˛* .˛.*.
˛. (´• ̮•)*˛°*/.♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____. * ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• ‘♫ ‘ •\.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
*(…’•’.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .

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More holiday mods , TVA coop server , Crashes on Join , Unreal mini series

skippinig around a  bit here…

im trying to come up with original holiday mods , But time is sparse for me and creating original content even half attemp takes effort.

im disapointed that there no winter leveling coop or  ERchristams  this year and that nobodies doing the winter thing.



I made up all these meshes in meshmaker , The snowman , gifts , and tree

The tree lights and ornaments are loaded dynamicly from mmlxmas3 , althought it not required to run.

Theres  mutators in there to add tree and presents and snow man  to the maps, and another to add snow to a few maps it wip as usual..

you can shoot the presents and they contain gifts  and pickups , and they have random wrapping papers skins

im tring hard to come up with more stuff wreaths , candy canes etc , but it seems as if the internet is fully of people and sites that want to sell you models and nothing for free.  mabye i can make a wreat in meshmaker but candycane is to hard to free form.





no download link yet since  its still got dependencies to weird packages i dont remeber.



new tva coop server

in other news lucas has asked me to host the tva coop server for them , witch i will do for a few days to a week  since im felling generous.

it just a vannila unreal coop server for them to jerk around on nothing special


225 join crashes

Also altho it will only concern people that use  the mostly deprecated*  255 and nephthys in the installs they play with online with , I have downgraded back to the 1.4 release since a few people were reporting crashes trying to join the 1.5 alpha.

* 225 is depresiated by 227h, noone uses the  nephthys redirects any more so it wont help you clientside.227h is probably safer?


oh h ere a cool unreal ‘movie’ i found on youtube i wish there was more


I will try to post again before the holidays but who knows.

mabye i will have a christmass eve frag fest of somthing or play some other games.. time will tell


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The halloween night plan

Not sure when im gonna to start  i figure about 6;30 or somthing but may be earlie I plan on staying till about 3 am or so.

. not sure how map order will be There is 3 ends in the halloween map , one to deathhouse , one to coldpassge and another to nyleve. i dont plan on using them. I am working rather hard last few night to try and clean up loose ends in the map and stablize the geometry as much as possible.The map is now bug free so every version is safe to play on. Took me like 2 hours to jrk around with the rebuild for that to happen. ( My freind was nice enough to play test for 12 hours and download over  200 mb worth of differnt versions of the map  in the proccess. thanks much ) I tried fairly hard last 2 month to find ideas and time but in the end i was at a lose of good ideas and interest  intill just yesterday. go figure.

stuff that will be ready for halloween

  • graveyard
  • pumkin patch
  • forest
  • upper village( not technicly ready as doors dont work)
  • lake (kinda plain atm  )
  • crypts ( well theres one crypt so far )
  • secret spire cave battle (it was supposed to be something else)
stuff that half done and wont be ready this year
  • haunted house
  • tunnels to the house
  • trick or treating mutator (collect candy while playing etc)
  • a multitude of pawns and stuff i didnt have the time to make. see below
New weapons/items in the map
  • skull shooter crossbow
  • thowable buther knife
  • Pumkin chucher gun( hope fully will be finished)
  • ratpickup
  • shovel pickup ( not finished)
  • candy apples health
  • carryable lighted jackolantern (hopefully)
  • candy bars and candyes (Not started grrr)
New pawns
  • pumkin chucker titan
  • spirit shooter
  • rat (not started)
  • spider ( not started)
  • goul
  • various flying skulls and such( some done)
  • bat
  • grimreaper pawn?
There is a vine to climb out of the titan pit.simply ‘walk’ up the vine
You can get to the top of map with the ramp in the forest.
To get out of the lake jump onto the logs and use boots.
There is a entry to the tombs in the graveyard.
i think im gonna turn off monsterspawn during the first map so players can explore a bit , Thers aready have a few battles pre scripted into the map.
come explore or whatever ……….
may have another version ready bty tonight. h ave to
outcome :
All went reasonably as well is it could have I guess. a few people showed up and hung out , Some came and went , Others stuck around and fell asleep. I stayed intill about 2 or 3 am I belive .Played tho  the halooween maps , some paci maps , mh-toegypt and then played tho the horror pack and some of csetje intill i fell aslep. not to bad  considering there was other ocupied server and those other chose not to visit.
i woke up and played 4 more maps again  and now it noon
I love that ron remarked  ‘play unreal no sleep crappy jobs’  you nailed it man.
we have crappy real life  and stuff and we enjoy unreal and dont sleep much. heck i would much rather stay up and do some unreal bs or just shoot stuff  then sleep.-sleep kinda overated when you dont have much else to look foward  in life.
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ok the (ah monsters ) has been running crappy latley , It has been having issues with long map swithes and  various perfomance issues . Well last night i tried to add some more maps to the vote list and the votelist is now total messed up , it took over  25 minutes to populate it and then it freaked out.

I think my plan today is to mabye do a total sever reinstall on my local machine here. ill re install unreal , re populate it etc , Wicth it more organization for me then preformce , But  it  is a mess of 3 linked drives and folders atm.

i will Reroute all the paths again , prehaps recheck the sequence again as well.

IDK if i will acully go that far ,But its due for it any way and it needs to be moved and the voting list needs to me rebuilt from scrach again.

++Dont forget there is a nali cronicles playtho in a few hours on dots server ,  I havnt played that map but I will try to make it there later even for a few maps.


edit :

server is back online in limited form , Reinstalled , maps mostly added back , weapons partly added bak etc .

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host issues

well i went to visit my site today , and found it non functional , Sso i dove into the cpanel to see why.

to my horror , 000webhost  has decided , without any warning ,  to  suspend my account due to using 20% cpu more than 1000 times . apperently in violation of there tos  , I read it 8 times , dont not say anything about cpu usage IIRC , but thats beside the point and its there servers and they make the rules.

well in order to restore my account , I would have to pay to upgrade the account , monthly. witch i am in no postion to do , no cc , no paypal etc , further more i have no steady job atm  to cover those costs..

The website / blog was  s free service to the comunity,  and it reminded me everytime i looked at it that there was still a ray of hope that unreal would stay alive and that i was a part of it.  I filled that weird hole of people that still almost care but dont want to look for them selves at 11 differnt unreal sites.

I fell like I am tottaly screwed now , all my links and referrers and established viewers , with not find me again.  all tho establish visiters, the rss feed pulled by  sites will now be dead ,   links from so many sites i helped propagate over the last 2 years  will become jsut another dead unreal site . , pretty much my worse fear here.

ok yeah so this site will just feed in  to gresults ansd stuff again , but  that how i feel about it.

I have backups of most the files and pages that were on the site. the bigger stuff was all on dopbox and all the images  are hosted on picasa , I have the whol;e  or most of –  all the posts and content in the wordpress databases. minus tags and meta.

i can easily recreate the web page with hour or 2 of work  on a new host  after i find one.

*edit*I really have no way of telling everyone that i have moved except mabye if they are following my , or  they see the site links in my server.

** you can follow the twitter at your own risk , as it ends up i post random unreal stuff there  like half in between-posts, and you may get spammed with random unreal links in your feed….

this host is not a long term solution as it has no plugin support and half almost none of the features that my original host had

here some stats from the old page.


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Site Downtime

Site was down all day yesterday  for maitnence by host , came back today but sql was down intill about 3 or 4 pm , everything looks ok now.

another reason why i dont like database style pages.The blog was down but static pages worked fine.


also i got a fairly big problem i need to look into later…

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