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Troubleshooting why the map wont load (Flowchart)

Always  a  map wont load that somone gives you , here’s a handy flow chart to help you fix it Or just to figure out what version it is from , so you know what you need to get it working. this obviously dosnt cover missing custom files or scripts …

in other news google has completly screwedover picasa webablums with google plus  and i cant upload full quality images anymore so im gonna have to move all my blog images to dropbox … fuuuu google.

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Simple additive serverside pathing ideas

I got into a thread  about bot pathing just to correct and help someone , and ended up convincing myself that i needed to make a easyer way , yeah pathlogic can edit the maps and add pathnodes but it needs native code and 227. thers has to be a way to go from editor to uscript in one pass.Thers is many benifits to this including  pathing 3rd party maps that are subject to change.and doing complex decoration schemes serversde to avaid downloads.

So it began my crazy idea:

Make a t3dmap export difference pharser that phrases  the additional actors straight into uscript spawn code, and  puts the difference into a new t3d  level import file allowing the person to reimport the changes he made into the editor to be edited ,  the actors in the patch t3d layer ( editor only)can use light color to differentate the  additive actors in the editor. This way you [b]add[/b] stuff in any version  editor,(pathnodes etc) export the map , compare the exported t3d text to the original  t3d text , and  the program can create a uc file with  level title check and the spawns and properties as usript  and compile  it as a level patch,and send the diference into a new t3d file with hidden color difference added so you can edit the imported t3d  patch  in the editor  reexport and diff again…
sounds easy enought for me to make   ;D

Well it didnt quite turn out that way , as opening 5 mb textfiles is beyond the limits of the IDE  im using to program ( wtf ir?), So you cant diff the files , but you can search for certain actors like custom pathnodes. after striping out the irrelevent geometry in the t3d files

How this works:

you open your map in the editor and use a special package of placeable actors. and you place these in the map where you want them , ie pathnodes ,  and export the map as t3d when your finished.

Then you open this t3d with a program i wrote , that phrases the additional actors into raw unrealsript spawn calls that can be directly compiled into a unreal mutator. it adds a check for the maptitle automaticly so it one click and done

it so simple any one can do it it! cross compatibly with  ever damn unreal version ever and spits outgeneric  unrealscript. even can has support to set properties of the placed objects , tag name etc.

it took me all of 2 hours to make . 1 hour was spend struggling with string ops math that my brain can never deal with without completly melting down.

I went ahead and pathed the first 4 maps in the japan caves set , the one issue i found  is that any monsterspawner that will use the pathnodes , needs to spawn after all the pathnodes are done spawning , so you may need to add a spawn call to your monsterspawn at the end of the the patch mutator  common sence here 400 pathnodes arnt gonna magically appear in one tick  it takes to get to the next hook mutator.

so if you see any apples in the maps  on the server it’s me testing the new pathing system.

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A hint of success

yesterday  i just randomly decided ( was u checking for some new maps) to join rushes monsterhunt server and noticed the filename spzhal and was curious if he acually decided to port the zhal bug guy from ut  like i had , So i went to check my cache files, and discovered not only has he decided to use my zhal port ( which was bare bones and taunts not totaly working) but he also decided to use my rips of the xcom stuff , ie sectoid , sectopod , bassik , pysicicgaurd , armord drone. Witch I thought is awsome. I am even  cool with him renaming and changing the spzhal  and stuff. Theres a big grey area there since it ripped from a retail game so i cant take direct credit.. He choose to modify the names and projectiles using a mutator so the sectoid has 9000 health and shoots rockets. I was even able to play as the zhal on his server with a slight modification to the int files i had witch suprised many players . lol

it so cool to see that someone appreciates my work or at the least effort , It not much skill or work on my part im sure he knows this , as he contributed alot to the scene himself.

I posted that stuff for users to enjoy and use .  about maybe a year ago and haven’t had to much interest in finishing it yet.  all 20 of the pawns have been on my server since last year , and  , the sounds and textures are missing or corrupted,  The ballsijk has a bad transparenty flag  that gives it a hole, and everything but the sectoid has missing sounds due to a mis nameing error i made when  importing them separately.some have messed up models since i used umodel  and it adds a unique distance draw bug , So i have been reimporting some with utpt and routing around the bad frames as i fix the sounds in some pawns.

Thats one of the reasons i never pushed them  so to speak  , yeah they have been here for downlaod , and they are fully usable. but i never bother to point groups to them. like NPG or DU that could really use them.

Any way the fact that someone actually used them made me think about working on them some more , particularly fixing the issues with the zhal player , the taunts never worked due to me casting into player pawn while being a player pawn (wtf unrealsript?). And the claws where never imported even tho them were working decently.

So I made a bit of effort to to fix  and make it a more finished product. I spent a few hours  this morning and I added  the taunts as null say text , so you can just say them and the taunts will play and no text will be said. You can ‘ SAY zhalhelp’ to display the available taunts also i will add a option to have the default taunt keys play the taunts as well.

I re added tha zhal hands whitch currently do melee or sludge damage. i would really like to have the teleport working soon as well.The player pawn version will automatically give you the zhalhands when you spawn.

For the alternate pickup ‘costume’ version i made for non supporting gametypes, I added commands to use the taunts via ZTAUNT # , as well as ZSWAPSKIN # to change the multiskin.


The reminds me of the teddy model i never totaly finished as well… opps.I have so many projects that i started that are half usable and i walk away from them when i get bored or sidetracked.

I also notice a new sever today Italian xcoop , and a quick look at the cache challenge shows me he is using the lego guy skins i ripped , so im happy things i do are being used.

also it kinda interesting certian pieces fell together , lucas was asking me for assualt maps and i couldnt find them. in my short cache checking effeort i realized rush is using redirects and since I have devnet unsupressed , It sent me the link to his redirect site, so i was able to have access to all the assualt maps in uz format  from the redirect , a quick job to write a batch decompresser macro and i had all the maps i wanted in minutes.along with stuff that i spent hours porting myself just to find rush already did it… another win.

also this gave me a new avenue to address , when i add dependency checking to yact3 , I can point users to the redirect to downlaod missing files.

All this good stuff after i almost decided to shutdown and walk away last week due to lack of players.

yay for a day off tho , but it raining lol

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isvkrans’s videos

Still no time to write posts yet and im sick today ,
but by some coincidence i found ivskran;s dailymotion channel , This is a treasure trove of unreal videos and thought i would share , plus the video wall this look prety cool

His profile on dailymoition

Video list

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Hi resolution unrealshare textures , and u cacher plans

I was planning one of 3 possible posts, Attempting to keep up some sort of shedule, But I  am running out of time  other things come up i have been working a bit doing some odd jobs and learning to drive again  so The good posts are gonna have to wait intill I have time.


Theres a New high end  s3tc unrealshare package  that adds high definition plants  and decorations and more to  227h (Only for  227h!)
woodenboxes never looked so good ;/


Frieza has released the first track of  the soundtrack to the firestorm mappack 


I started on a new  tool simply called “u cacher” witch is basically a replacement cache.ini creation  scraping tool. I recently realized just how unreliable the built in 227 cache.ini handling system is  and having it not properly report downloaded files sometimes ( most of time acully)when 227h hangs  or freezes.

So i made my own system that scrapes the data from devnet challange requests in the unreal.log file and auto builds a validated proper cache.ini As a extra bonus the  tool will give 226 users the ability to create  a cache.ini that will work in yact. – more to come on this project …

also i updated the sectoid to fix the missing sounds and re imported the mesh a different way to make it visible from a distance better , and well as redefined some of the animation frames to fix issues.


also the respawn where killed think is working again on all the servers , although i just used a previous version and didn’t actually fix the problem – i just have no time or patients for it now.

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