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D$k ut2k4 maps ported to unreal 1 (old)

I used to be a member of D$K clan back in the days of ut and ut2k4 6 years ago , and have many memories of playing matches and stuff at Dsm and TheDsk onslaught servers. over the years , dsk site is no more , and some point later due to issues with my ut2004 install being courupted beyond repair , i deleted all my ut2004 cached and converted files ,

they were one of the first to make a “huge” scale onslaght map , dsk – gunshop , the map dsk-dense is specificly meaning full to me as back when it was made for ut that was one of the top favorate maps. so i manages to find 4 dsk maps floating around , and imported them into unreal 1

Dm-dsk-dense – ported fully!

Dm -dsk nursery – ported fully!

Temple of death , – staic meshes

Ctf medivel – static meshes.

the files are in my 227 server someplace and i need to track them down and post them.

I know the guy who made these maps , godmachine aka chuck ,so nobody should get pissed about content being taken and ported.he doesnt play anymore

this was ported in 2011 , and requires me to add links at a latter time

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server status’s

server status’s

ah monsters:

  • Fixed C**2.unr pit  from traping respawninplace players.,
  • Will redirect map C**4 to the old version or I will fix the new one.
  • Added doubleshotgun to sever . (dshot.doubleshotgun)
  • Added UT teddy player model to server (summon teddy.maketeddy to transform in non supporting gametypes ie jcoop)
  • Seems like the sammini is bugging out 226 users so I will remove it.
  • added more powerful carrifle to server.
  • added ‘kamizinalis’
  • May consider changing the gametype to somthing better but stable. im really getting sick of all the false  Tbans that gamtype issues. and i want more out of my experence……



the 225 bcc server hasnt been up :

The  install never got copied to the new drive yet… 8 gb worth of files yeah , mabye i need to rethink that plan. and mabye re-lay it all out.

ahmonsters may turn into the new crazycoop if things continue on the path there taking (custom player models , and multiple mods , with no regard for download size)

227h multi:

yeah well this would require me to deal with the 5 gb worth of unorganized crap i stuffed in it  to use with botpack , and then reinstall the new files.


noname server (nothing here):

this is gold patch to 227h ,  running with compatibility.  and better organized , it will replace mulitgame, but only after i  use it to test some old setups for stability. it currently running part of a setup from the 2 year old crazy coop server.




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Counter strike 1.6 Weapons Beta (for unreal 1)

Gizzy’s csweapons beta !

new link

It’s only a mostly complete sub final  for public testing.


I am Not really big fan of real-life realistic weapons (recoil, reload etc)

but  it  says it works in 224 +   So , yeah cool!


unreal dreams

Anybody here dream in unreal ?

I dream alot about unreal , Here are a few dreams related to unreal that i have had.

  • Most recently it was a very involved dream about my old u4e dm days where i somhow was at a party at the admin’s home and talked him into starting his old server and giving me the old gf2 map.
  • I had kinda of weird dream 2 days ago that i was on a trip to another country  with old freinds from school and somhow was after unreal maps that  somone there had or were making.(mabye a reference to the herd set)
  • Had a bizzare dream that somone redirected all the download links  on here to fake pages
  • Dream i was climbing a mountain/ hill , and there was a stone  button in the rocks that made steps come out of the hill.
  • Dreamed i gave someone a nailgun in exchange for a copy of  “unreal express ” limited addition cd
  • Dreamed about shooting quake and doom pawns in a old building with a quakenailgun.
  • Playing ctf ut FACE/ with a lava pool and a anarcky assualt rifle
  • Dreamed  a room in my home was filled with sliths and that I had no ammo . and had to climb into the ceiling timbers to escape.
  • I have had numerous dream where i find a pc  somplace , (factory , construction site,  terminals etc) and all i care about is if it can run unreal.


I kinda doubt anybody here dreams in unreal since they dont play unreal as much…If you do and want to share that would be cool.

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You cannot edit standard maps. They are download protected. (or can you ?)

“You cannot edit standard maps. They are download protected!”

i have seem 3 people mention this .
In unreal / UT, The oringinal maps are download protected for some reason. and if you modify them for watever reson , you cant redownload them on a server,
except if you use udl and remove the dowload prevent byte/bit/ flag value.
this should also work in unreal tournament as the maps are the same format and engine.
Rumor is that you can also use a hex editor to do the same thing…
I downloaded all the standard maps into cache one time to get the guids so it proves i am right.(That is possible , not that you should)

Ii dont even have the maps installed in my 227 install at all.

  • 6138770211D1EC344544279700005453=vortex2.unr
  • 615FE62511D1EB79A000628C7F7269C9=nyleve.unr
  • 538CFB8411D1EBA34544279700005453=dig.unr
  • 1F115EA611D1EB534544279700005453=dug.unr
  • C622228511D1EA89A000628C7F7269C9=passage.unr
  • CDB112A211D1EB504544A4BF00005453=Chizra.unr
  • CDB112A411D1EB504544A4BF00005453=ceremony.unr
  • 2575A84411D1EC584544E58A00005453=dark.unr
  • 441D232211D1EC64A000628C7F7269C9=Harobed.unr
  • AD309DE211D1EC484F007B8338EE014C=TerraLift.unr
  • 913101C511D1EC4D4F007B8338EE014C=terraniux.unr
  • 3BF1F20411D1EBA8A000628C7F7269C9=Noork.unr
  • FBDFB76311D1EBAC454429B000005453=RUINS.unr
  • F988BAA311D1EA91A000628C7F7269C9=Trench.unr
  • CAA6826311D1EBAB4544A4BF00005453=isvkran4.unr
  • CAA6826411D1EBAB4544A4BF00005453=ISVKRAN32.unr
  • C63C63C311D1EBA64544A4BF00005453=ISVDECK1.unr
  • C622228B11D1EA89A000628C7F7269C9=spirevillage.unr
  • 34B2265211D1EC34A000628C7F7269C9=Thesunspire.unr
  • 2575A84611D1EC584544E58A00005453=SkyTown.unr
  • 2575A84511D1EC584544E58A00005453=Skycaves.unr
  • C805BFC211D1EC6F4544E58A00005453=SkyBase.unr
  • 2575A84811D1EC584544E58A00005453=veloraend.unr
  • 5A04084211D1EC444544A4BF00005453=Bluff.unr
  • 2E9D79E211D1EB484544A4BF00005453=dasapass.unr
  • 2E9D79E311D1EB484544A4BF00005453=dasacellars.unr
  • FDB7F32411D1ED07454429B000005453=naliboat.unr
  • A4562E2511D1EAD5454429B000005453=NALIC.unr
  • 45B12E6A11D1EAA8454429B000005453=NaliLord.unr
  • 6E18BB0411D1EA9BA000628C7F7269C9=DCrater.unr
  • 1675597011D1EA8E4F007B8338EE014C=extremebeg.unr
  • 9986E10B11D1EAC74F007B8338EE014C=extremelab.unr
  • E96C86D111D1EB804F007B8338EE014C=extremecore.unr
  • 9986E10411D1EAC74F007B8338EE014C=extremegen.unr
  • 167559A111D1EA8E4F007B8338EE014C=extremedgen.unr
  • E96C86D411D1EB804F007B8338EE014C=extremedark.unr
  • 1675597E11D1EA8E4F007B8338EE014C=extremeend.unr
  • 1E90ACD111D1ED664544279700005453=QueenEnd.unr

I commented on this on oldunreal related to modified unreal  tourny maps and pretty much got ignored.

This ‘could’ mismatch , But I never had a problem with it. It would obviously not matter if you renamed the map or modified it anyway.


In the opposite direction :

Originally this tool was desinged to prevent users from downloading large files from servers with slow connections , Like say you had a 50mb media package and wanted the user to download it from a website or ftp etc.

it also usefull for protecting server-side files  like SSF from nuwbs putting them in the sever packages and causing havoc or security issues  , Some people use this tool on there files (Notably zombie , In jzssf) Along with a block of script to detect if the file is listed in the server packages and automaticly log the error and exit the sever.





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Going back to my sam ways again? lol


just added quite possible the most annoying mutator , it plays a boing sound every time somone chats a message, more then 2 chars long, so you can hear it over bot chatter. like in sam. i would want a way to detect and ignore message beep or enable /disable at join/ exit , but that may be thinking to hard. the plan here is to make this for chat only , for players , so that in future i can use it it UT-CTFwith the bots yapping so people can acully hear me chat.

also added the kleer skarja and the kamikazie  nali from MOD  by exporting and making them work with 225  , so i can use them on the 225 servers . They need adjustments still.  The kleer projetile still wont show up


It only took like 2 hours of sitting there with the extracted classes to track down the 3 textures 1 mesh and 18 sounds across 10 files and  to combine the  5 subclasses  they lived in  and write up imports , one of the texture refuses to export so it needed to me replaced.


That mod is like spaghetti which is why it almost impossible to port to 227h , it 22 mb of just scripts , and another 195 mb or sound and textures.

if i have patients next with be the hank thing.

but it getting really hot here,   they say it will feel like 110 today


edit : yeah im really into this now but it currently a mix of old and new

im gonna go for it …

samminigub , kleer, kamikaze, ssspikebed , serious speed ,playersounds, willl somhow add  the scorpion thing , and the walker i think  and the mover sounds , and the sniper (possibly)  and or the knife , dependining on dificulty.

the trees will get re added , and hopfully i can think up some scripted events to recreate the triggered sounds in level . but this time it will be backward compatible unlike my 227f server was.


edit 2 :  i have a big post mabye of themed mods coming soon 3 pages..

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old 225 sever up right now.

the old 225 server as in buggy, hasnt been touched in 2 years  is up

Have to mix thing up a bit every now and then,

it running a xcoop thats propably 2 years out of date and a bunch or packages arnt in the severpackages like they should be , but it seems ‘perfect’, weapon and pawn are randomly droped by pawns , there  a few good weapons there and the monsterspawner it doable but hard, enjoy!.



im also working on a reinstall of 226 >227gold to begin a new server remake project i think? , Again I never know what im doing myself… gold=fail….



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