Jcoopz1 Build 137 release

01 Dec

For those running jcoopz1 a update has been released that resolves 4
227i related issues.  not really important but i thought i would mention it here for convenince , as many dont frequent hypers forum.
The Update List (Build 137; 11/30/12):

-Fixed GameRules/jczGameRules support bug to ModifyDamage function not being able to actually modify the damage to jzPlayerPawn.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility with ‘IPDrv’ package from Nephthys clients.
-Fixed PackageScan incompatibility for 227 patch clients and servers (again) as of the released “i” sub-version.
-Changed PrimaryAdmin and SecondaryAdmin array list size to support up to 8 configuration entries each (totaling 16).
-Improved PackageScan handling of the PackageException feature so that the main unreal packages are supported. Now PackageExeptions can be added and work for all packages.

source :

download link :

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