this is a list of unreal related websites  it sorted by the most active website at the top.


Home Of (Dog) Clan,  Many  Friendy Players. There JCoopz Server Has Over 410 Maps Cycled
Although They Dont Make Many Avalible  For Download Due To The Fact They Modify Them,
There Are Quite A Few Maps, Tools, Mods And Skins Avalible  On There Site And They Also Have A Active Forum Unreal Services. Contain One Of The Biggest Collection Of Unreal Mods. Hyper.NL Runs 4 Or 5 Unreal Servers ,
Hyperdm , Hypercoop, HyperCoopCustomMaps, A Crystal Castles Server, And I Believe A  C&S Unreal Server As Well, His Server Mostly Focuses On Aura Weapons.

UDHQ- Unreal Development Headquaters

rUunrealpcube , UnrealPCCube,

One Of The Few  Developers Worth Paying Attention To , Back In The Day This Guy Would Crank Out New And Inovative Ideas All the Time , Like Toasty , Xcoop, MarioWorld Themed Maps And Mods, Custom Consoles With Minigames , And Generaly Lots Of Very Clever Stuff , One Of  Projects Is A Tool That Lets You Import N64 Geometry Into Unreal …Pretty Amazing…Also the developer of 2 open source coop gamtypes xccop andnew  jgrass.

Unreal singleplayer , or unrealsp is primarily a forum for the discussion and review of unreal and unreal tournament  singleplayer and coopertive campains and related information. Very active , Good place to find map reviews in a format that you need to browse 20 pages of comments to find links tho.


The oldunreal  website is prehaps a  attempt to centralize content for unreal // gold. oldunreal is host to the development of the unreal 227 community patches, and a very picky  collection of Unreal maps and mods. There forum isnt the most freindly place to be,  but the small collection of people that post civily  are very knowledgeable.

Ron’s Unreal map blog , Ron creates alot of low to mid poly maps for both unreal 225 and unrealgold, Many are similar to the cmsseries of maps complexity wise , But he is getting better all the time and he is quite better then me already.

Zora’s Website ,
Zora is like a originator so to speak of unreal, a early player and supporter  ,Zora has created the nypties secruity packages for unreal 225, 226 and  rune, Making the game safe(r) from lamers and hackers, Zora has also created 4 sets of maps that  as notoriously diffucult to solve , Using advnaced movers and puzzles.(Zora maps) she still hosted servers altho like many unreal early bird she he likly grow up and is hardly ever seen playing.

shivaxi. ER           Shivaxi’s Website

This is another weird one i really,  dont know who shiva is , but he seem to has some skills and is also a fan of drum and bass…he taks about mods and never publicizes them so yeah..

Sniper’s Paradise

snipers paradise is a  very good site that has a ton of really good downloads mods and skins that he ported from unreal tournament, massive collection of unreal 1 deathmatch, assualt , capture the flag,and monsterhunt maps, Ya he even ported monsterhunt to unreal 1 ! his site is also loaded with guides and howto and lots of good info for players. he runs 3 multi game servers that you will always find in the all servers section.

The kirby tavern-

Home of HLK Clan and  Some Files

MentalHunter’s Site features a old tutorial on exporting models

Jays Unreal Maps
Jays Unreal Maps Some Really Neat  Maps
(Disclamer , all jays maps have there brushes deleted and are non editable.)

Herd coop
Home of Herdcoop server

Home of coma coop( a long extint coopertive)

Paci  maps
The original site where the redeem you space maps can be found.

The celtic warriors is a unreal clan , they also host a good collection of files that may otherwise be difficult to find.

Cooperative Whores

Coopertive whores was a site for the moo moo land server that now dead…

oh looky it asgaurds site, it has spacemaries spinner and predetor mods , all shit that somone else already made.lolwat

a collection or rare maps that nobodies ever hear of with loads of dead links!
you can find mirrors of some of these files at

Uasunreal fourum
The uas clans unreal forums, another pretty dead forum for the uas clan

This is a strange colletion or weird patches and stuff from leo tck usefully for historical puposes.

Defunked Eternal Chaos server website

Server Nali BaBa Land , site with a collection of rare mods

Tcp clan
Old site of tcp wolf. (Disclamer , almost all his mods are closed source.)

Klan choas it the site of koopa koop chaos at one point ,
but it now serves as the hidden host of many 227 development projects.

Bio-Hazard’s Web Cafe the home of the biohazards server.
(Disclaimer: site has autoplay backround music mute you sound.)

Unreal Forgotten
home of sinsitrals unreal forgotten 227 mappack
you can find alsoa stripped down version for 225 if you look hardenough

Ronald’s unreal was a home of the mp-upak conversion intill the site died.
Inch high sniper guy

here every link from my bookmarks on my other pc , so,mme may not work

random skydrive w./unrealstuff     

Windows Date and Time Variable for use in Batch files <- usfull info for makeing auto datetime stamped logging

Princess Ayaka’s Website

UaS Clan


Gizzy’s Site (sanakebite)

walkthough of all unreal1 maps plus some insteresting trivia

non unreal links (SA_MP)

the heartless crew(SA_MP)


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