Wanderer of Na Pali

31 Aug


Wanderer of Na Pali (Released 8/31/12)



You were one of the survivors of a crash landing on Na Pali. You helped the Nali overthrow the Skaarj. Since this you’ve been a wanderer – a nomad moving from place to place on the planet, making your living by hunting and making camps in different areas of the world. You, along with many of the other humans that were marooned here, have made Na Pali your new home. One day, you are caught right in the middle of a battle for Na Pali yet again as the Skaarj re-emerge for one last struggle.


In play order, from beginning to end…

Northern Area:

NorthernWastes.unr – Na Pali Northern Wastes
Factory1.unr – Factory W-33D
WastesReturn.unr – Return to the Wastes
IcyHarbor.unr – Icy Harbor

Central Area:

Nahm.unr – Nahm’s Jungle
Honp.unr – Heart of Na Pali
Tomb1.unr – Tomb of Bolara
Storm.unr – Southern Sea

Southern Area:

DesertShores.unr – Desert Shores
Habkhali1.unr – Hab’khali Desert
Habkhali2.unr – Hab’khali Ruins

Wend.unr – Wanderer Ending Sequence


Na Pali Northern Wastes – gate to the Northern Watch Fortress.

Factory W-33D – front entrance.

Factory W-33D – compression room.

Icy Harbor – the ship.

Nahm’s Jungle – arrival in the jungle.

Nahm’s Jungle – small mountain pass.

Heart of Na Pali – deep caverns.

Tomb of Bolara – warlord fight #3.

Hab’khali Desert – dunes in the desert.

Hab’khali Desert – a dried up well in the desert.




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