chatlink 227 client custom build

28 Apr

Many years ago pcube made a mod  called chatlink ,it relayed players chat  between multiple servers. a few years ago , we used is for awhile and got annoyed at it , becuase people would spam nonsence from certain servers.

recently , we decided we wanted to setup some  unreal > irc thingy. this lead to anothier project thats related but pending(chatlink > teamspeak bot) but in the prossess i decided to improve the bot so to speak.

-i added the the ability to send colorcodes in the messsage for each server, so each server can choose its own color.
-rewrote  the chat intercepter to use gamerules instead of pawn , witch has its advantage and disavantages.
-added filtering in ini so you can block/replace chats based on content / host server name.
-some other stuff i cant recall.

download link

add the mod to you serveractors.

summon chatlinkpro.chatlinkpro  in a singleplayer game , and it will still work 😉

chatlink requires a master server to run. i currently run the only master.
while it is possible to run you own master , that requires a  java server.

to join my master:
serveraddress =
recieveport = some unused port  (20622 – 29622) you  need to play with this number

anyway it would be nice to get a few more servers in the group, but dont want it super cluttered.if it gets annoying , servers can choose to ignore chats from specific servers by creating a rule in the ini , blocking by server name , or player, or text  etc

if it gets super annoying , i will add “chanels” for each goup of servers.

as this mess is setup , your chat also ( if i remember to run the irc relay!) is relayed to / from  #bobisunreal   and when the teamspeak bot isnt crashed , it is also relayed to our teamspeak server.


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