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twt zombies mod for unreal 225 (buggy)

I was trowling the forums today a month ago  and ran over this post under new content releases , thats nothing notable by itself,  but as i read on -a notice that source to the zombies was included so to decided to see the ‘source’ to see if it was real source or  just normal include files.

i have habbit of downloading everything by certin members so i downloaded it anyway. first download was corupt , second one was ok , map included wouldnt load due to missing files. so i was unable to see it , But decided i was interested in the zombie mod , peaked at the meshes in umodel  and decided it was something i wanted to port to unrealgold (yay for vertex meshes) and since source was included this should be trival to ucc the files ( model files were included!),

had to remove the normal botback references to get it to compile , then there was the meshmap errors , seems almost like the soure that was included was just utpt or wot exported script , as the import texture nums were wrong , and also one mesh had a totaly invalid texturemap specified .

finished up- got it to complie with no errors after 20 minutes . and did i quik play test this is were my worries were further proven , the meshes had been extracted use utpt or wot for certin , the animations were messed up and no attemp was made to re sequence around the buggy frames.

futher more the compiled script throws 3 continuous scripterrors that overflow the log -two from a missing animation sequence (possibly due to the mesh being screwed up) and a access none  i managed to trace all the  way back to the root class melee scripts that i still cant get to go away , despite blocking out the entire meelie function with none checks,

they look somthing like this shot , but less ugly

Unrealgold version

summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin //class TWT_ZombieBalin extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin02 //class TWT_ZombieBalin02 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin03 //class TWT_ZombieBalin03 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin04 //class TWT_ZombieBalin04 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin05 //class TWT_ZombieBalin05 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin06 //class TWT_ZombieBalin06 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo //class TWT_ZombieGordo extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo02 //class TWT_ZombieGordo02 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo03 //class TWT_ZombieGordo03 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo04 //class TWT_ZombieGordo04 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo05 //class TWT_ZombieGordo05 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo06 //class TWT_ZombieGordo06 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieNurse //class TWT_ZombieNurse extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_Zombies_mutator //class TWT_Zombies_mutator expands Mutator config(MallZombies);
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraci //class TWT_ZombieTraci extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraci2 //class TWT_ZombieTraci2 extends TWT_ZombieTraci;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraje //class TWT_ZombieTraje extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_zombietraje1 //class TWT_zombietraje1 extends TWT_zombieTraje;
summon mz.TWT_zombieTraje2 //class TWT_zombieTraje2 extends TWT_zombieTraje;
summon mz.TWT_zombieTraje3 //class TWT_zombieTraje3 extends TWT_zombieTraje;

any way heres a  unrealgold version for enjoyment it buggy but the access none are gone ,The mellee attack is totaly removed and semi reworked still needs more work. Thers a zombie spawner mutator included but im not sure you want to use it as it will freak out if your map isnt pathnoded or has to many nodes. pretty bad code really.

The mutator wil crash out 225  but it works perfecty in 227 , Thers is a script recuse loop issue in 225 , and due to the code the guy used , It tried to spawn postbeginplay without a delay , so in 225 you cant even start the server with it in the hookmutator list  without it locking up…

you can safely summon the indivudual zombies , with to much error , dont bother with the mutator

it been a month and i have lost intrest in fixing this further atm


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Recognizing Various Code Obfuscation Techniqes

This is dedicated to anybody else that finds  ‘protected’  mods  annoying  could also concern people thate port mods or content to differnt version of the game.

This is a sketchy and foggy avenue to go down,  Since it could lead to stealing others works , But that not what this article concerns. This atricle is just for  average users to understand what there looking at  and advanced users to let them uderstand  what doing on in these mods if that what they wish to do.

All the tools in this post are already public knowledge and freely avalible in many ut sites.

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Client Versions Profile + PieChart

I have always wondered just how many people use certain versions of the game , It interests me as a server owner to try and make my server the most compatible , and watch out for crashes between  certin version of the game ,

A few montnsts ago , A addon was created for jgrass that was called versionprofiler , and it allowed users that joined that server to have there client version info logged , Which i thought was a great idea for statistics.
but further examination  made me realize alot of issues with that system,

Problem 1:
That server ran 227h , So that fact by itself will stop many people from joining , It like a stigma or somthing , they visit one server , it says you need to update , so they think they cant join any 227 server.

Problem 2:

The method he used required the user to get into the server before it can replicate the information from the clientside, and this particular server requires about 50 or 60 mb to join.

These problems make this situation biased IMO and the result will lean toward 227 users only.

Lets fix that!

What i did:
I created a 225 server , In 225 , Downloads  arnt a issue anyway , Since nephthys shows all the client version information  as soon as the client attempts to connect so no need to make any mod to collect the info , or even wory about them downloading.

Example :

Nephthys: 2011/12/25 01:42:45: New Bob Player

DevNet: Level server received: HELLO REVISION=0 MINVER=224 VER=227 SUBVER=8 Computer:1xxx5294382 Identity:-xxx596030

The only downside to  this is that you cant identify subversions of 226 , But we dont care -I want 227 counts vs 226 counts. we want to know how many players can use 227 features etc.

So I crawled the log files for connections , The server I created wasnt very established  ( I used the data fom my  tva server , Since the data was fresh  and there were no files to download ) , Only 77 players connected so far in a week.Thats about avrage 10 new players a day lol.

As a quick comparison , I sarted a 227h server  a mothth ago with a lot a hyp and stuff , and i got 7 total connects in 2 weeks. huh wtf ???

Neptis can log aliases , but it not 100% acurate , especially  if you not entering the server to save unqiqe id’s first , etc , and dynamic ip’s could mees up the results  , So I manualy checked  for duplicate ips and multiple name or uids

Plus , If results become worrysome, I can always trace the ip to a area , or simply check the dynamic status of the address  and use that as a secondary check for duplicates.

But lets get to the results. !!!!!

This may come at a bit or a shocker ,

227 came close with 32 users between all version( many using outdated releases, Witch would be non compatible with h) , But 226  wins with over 40 users. How sad why is everyone not using 227 yet it been out for 3 years.. mabye cause they don’t care or don’t know it exists who knows , but this basally means you cant use a 227 server with 227 only features if you want to have any players join it.


edit : please dont misunderstand this graph , this doesn’t mean it a good idea to  have a 226 server , as there are 3 net incompatible version of 226 in use.

I will do this again once i has 100 user to recaculate the pie again.

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Happy Holidays , Hellweapons , Whatever

document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src=%27 type=%27text/javascript%27%3E%3C/script%3E”));

try {Histats.start(1,1766114,4,234,112,50,”00011000″);
Histats.track_hits();} catch(err){};

free web page hit counter

It christmas eve  , Only about 8 hours Intill christmas!, oh Joy!

I am not expecting too much this year   , Its  always better when  you are  younger and people shower you with lots of gifts , once you get older, You end up buying you own gifts  and christmas loses most of it appeal. and becomes more of a chore then a holiday.

Last year I was hoping for some new computer hardware  that would upgrade this aging machine , But that ending up not working out. This year  I have my eye on a new  mp3 player mabye.??

In the end it not about the gifts so to speak anyway.I hope everyone gets what they  were looking forward to and that they get to be with family and freinds in whatever way you celebrate.  For me that Christmas

I personaly wish that things around here (people’s lives, situations etc) Would change for the better including my own. Its kinda  depressing.

Thank you unreal friends .

I leave you with this , A litle project I built in my bedroom a few years ago when I was into electronic projects before unreal sucked by life up forever.



Mentalhunter has sent along a new 225 weapons pack , Called hellweapons , it nothing special but it under testing on the 225 dev server

Summon HellWeapons.HellCannon
Summon HellWeapons.HellStinger
Summon HellWeapons.HellStinger2
Summon HellWeapons.HellMag
Summon HellWeapons.LaserGun
Summon HellWeapons.HellWeapon

download link for testing (Not a official release!!!)


Also there is a small chance I will probably be playing games on here into the night  tonight , I have nothing  much beter to do and no plans i dont think…

°★。˛ °.★** *★* *˛.
˛ °_██_*。*./ \ .˛* .˛.*.
˛. (´• ̮•)*˛°*/.♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____. * ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• ‘♫ ‘ •\.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
*(…’•’.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .

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More holiday mods , TVA coop server , Crashes on Join , Unreal mini series

skippinig around a  bit here…

im trying to come up with original holiday mods , But time is sparse for me and creating original content even half attemp takes effort.

im disapointed that there no winter leveling coop or  ERchristams  this year and that nobodies doing the winter thing.



I made up all these meshes in meshmaker , The snowman , gifts , and tree

The tree lights and ornaments are loaded dynamicly from mmlxmas3 , althought it not required to run.

Theres  mutators in there to add tree and presents and snow man  to the maps, and another to add snow to a few maps it wip as usual..

you can shoot the presents and they contain gifts  and pickups , and they have random wrapping papers skins

im tring hard to come up with more stuff wreaths , candy canes etc , but it seems as if the internet is fully of people and sites that want to sell you models and nothing for free.  mabye i can make a wreat in meshmaker but candycane is to hard to free form.





no download link yet since  its still got dependencies to weird packages i dont remeber.



new tva coop server

in other news lucas has asked me to host the tva coop server for them , witch i will do for a few days to a week  since im felling generous.

it just a vannila unreal coop server for them to jerk around on nothing special


225 join crashes

Also altho it will only concern people that use  the mostly deprecated*  255 and nephthys in the installs they play with online with , I have downgraded back to the 1.4 release since a few people were reporting crashes trying to join the 1.5 alpha.

* 225 is depresiated by 227h, noone uses the  nephthys redirects any more so it wont help you clientside.227h is probably safer?


oh h ere a cool unreal ‘movie’ i found on youtube i wish there was more


I will try to post again before the holidays but who knows.

mabye i will have a christmass eve frag fest of somthing or play some other games.. time will tell


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Christmas / holiday mods pt1

It late in the month already i made no attempt to start any holiday maps since im busy and still have people bothering me about the halloween map. But I have to make some effort here…

so i list here some xmas related mods for enjoyment.


Mmlxmas (moo moo land xmas) Is  probably the best known christmas mod although honestly it kinda lame and old , It has almost no custom models and hardly any decorations etc

*I link to the seemingly never released mmlxmas3  version  since version 1 and 2 are know to hang servers and as a bonus it includes the source.something you dont see in any other version.

Download link


summon MMLXmas3.ani1panel //class ani1panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani2panel //class ani2panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani3panel //class ani3panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani4panel //class ani4panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.BabySnowCow //class BabySnowCow expands BabyCow;
summon MMLXmas3.BabyXmasQueen //class BabyXmasQueen expands XmasQueen;
summon MMLXmas3.BabyXmasQueenShield //class BabyXmasQueenShield expands XmasQueenShield;
summon MMLXmas3.BearNad //class BearNad expands Grenade;
summon MMLXmas3.bigsnowball //class bigsnowball expands snowball2; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.BigTeddy //class BigTeddy expands Teddy;
summon MMLXmas3.Blue //class Blue expands XmasLights; –
summon MMLXmas3.Box //class Box expands Actor;
summon MMLXmas3.Candy //class Candy expands Bandages; –
summon MMLXmas3.CandyAmmo //class CandyAmmo expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.CoalAmmo //class CoalAmmo expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.coalfire //class coalfire expands IceSmoke;
summon MMLXmas3.coalnad //class coalnad expands Grenade; –
summon MMLXmas3.coalrocket //class coalrocket expands Rocket; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.coalseekingrocket //class coalseekingrocket expands SeekingRocket;
summon MMLXmas3.firesmall //class firesmall expands SpriteBallChild;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitBrust //class FruitBrust expands ParticleBurst2;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCake1 //class FruitCake1 expands FruitCakeSmall; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCake2 //class FruitCake2 expands FruitCakeSmall; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeAmmoNew //class FruitCakeAmmoNew expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeBomb //class FruitCakeBomb expands Grenade;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeCannon //class FruitCakeCannon expands FlakCannon;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeFragments //class FruitCakeFragments expands WallFragments;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeHealth //class FruitCakeHealth expands Health;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitcakePuker //class FruitcakePuker expands Pupae;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeSmall //class FruitCakeSmall expands Chunk1;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitShell //class FruitShell expands FlakShell;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitSpark //class FruitSpark expands SmallSpark;
summon MMLXmas3.GiantSnowBag //class GiantSnowBag expands GiantGasbag;
summon //class glass expands GlassFragments;
summon MMLXmas3.Green //class Green expands XmasLights; –
summon MMLXmas3.GreenBelt //class GreenBelt expands ShieldBelt;
summon MMLXmas3.GreenPresentFragments //class GreenPresentFragments expands WoodFragments;
summon //class ice expands BigRock;
summon MMLXmas3.ice2 //class ice2 expands ice;
summon MMLXmas3.ice2shellcase //class ice2shellcase expands iceshellcase; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ice2shellcase.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceAmmo //class IceAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceBehemoth //class IceBehemoth expands Behemoth; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceBehemoth.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceBruteProj //class IceBruteProj expands IceRifleProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceBruteProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.icechip //class icechip expands Chip; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\icechip.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceMag //class IceMag expands AutoMag; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceMag.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceManta //class IceManta expands Manta; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceManta.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceMinigun //class IceMinigun expands Minigun; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceMinigun.uc
summon MMLXmas3.iceproj //class iceproj expands snowball2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\iceproj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRifle //class IceRifle expands Rifle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRifle.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRifleProj //class IceRifleProj expands StingerProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRifleProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.icerifleproj2 //class icerifleproj2 expands IceRifleProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\icerifleproj2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRing //class IceRing expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRing.uc
summon MMLXmas3.iceshellcase //class iceshellcase expands ShellCase; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\iceshellcase.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSmoke //class IceSmoke expands SpriteSmokePuff; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSmoke.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSmoke2New //class IceSmoke2New expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSmoke2New.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSpark //class IceSpark expands SmallSpark; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSpark.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceTentacle //class IceTentacle expands Tentacle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceTentacle.uc
summon MMLXmas3.LightWallHitEffectXmas //class LightWallHitEffectXmas expands LightWallHitEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\LightWallHitEffectXmas.uc
summon MMLXmas3.MedPresent //class MedPresent expands Presents; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\MedPresent.uc
summon MMLXmas3.mmlXmasMutator //class mmlXmasMutator expands Mutator;
summon MMLXmas3.NaughtyListGun //class NaughtyListGun expands Eightball;
summon MMLXmas3.newstartrail //class newstartrail expands QueenTeleportEffect;
summon MMLXmas3.obsantahat //class obsantahat expands Actor;
summon MMLXmas3.ornament //class ornament expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentBlue //class OrnamentBlue expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentDec //class OrnamentDec expands Decoration;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentGreen //class OrnamentGreen expands OrnamentDec; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\OrnamentGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentOrange //class OrnamentOrange expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentPurple //class OrnamentPurple expands OrnamentDec; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\OrnamentPurple.uc
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentRed //class OrnamentRed expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentWhite //class OrnamentWhite expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentYellow //class OrnamentYellow expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.ornshooter //class ornshooter expands snowthrower;
summon MMLXmas3.peeball //class peeball expands snowball2; –
summon MMLXmas3.peeball2 //class peeball2 expands FlakShell;
summon MMLXmas3.peeburst //class peeburst expands smallsburst;
summon MMLXmas3.peeGelPuff //class peeGelPuff expands GreenGelPuff;
summon MMLXmas3.PeeSplash //class PeeSplash expands splash; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\PeeSplash.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Presents //class Presents expands Decoration; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Presents.uc
summon MMLXmas3.PukeProjectile //class PukeProjectile expands SlithProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\PukeProjectile.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileGreen //class QueenProjectileGreen expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileRed //class QueenProjectileRed expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileYellow //class QueenProjectileYellow expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileYellow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Red //class Red expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Red.uc
summon MMLXmas3.RedBelt //class RedBelt expands ShieldBelt; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\RedBelt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.RedPresentFragments //class RedPresentFragments expands WoodFragments; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\RedPresentFragments.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaASMD //class SantaASMD expands ASMD; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaASMD.uc
summon MMLXmas3.santahat //class santahat expands Pickup; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\santahat.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaHatArmor //class SantaHatArmor expands Armor; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaHatArmor.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaKevlarSuit //class SantaKevlarSuit expands KevlarSuit; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaKevlarSuit.uc
summon MMLXmas3.ShieldBeltEffectGreen //class ShieldBeltEffectGreen expands ShieldBeltEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ShieldBeltEffectGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.ShieldBeltEffectRed //class ShieldBeltEffectRed expands ShieldBeltEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ShieldBeltEffectRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Sign //class Sign expands Actor; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Sign.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SignChristmas //class SignChristmas expands Signs; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\signchristmas.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SignHolidays //class SignHolidays expands Signs; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SignHolidays.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Signs //class Signs expands Decoration; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Signs.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SmallPresent //class SmallPresent expands Presents; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SmallPresent.uc
summon MMLXmas3.smallsburst //class smallsburst expands snowburst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\smallsburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowammo //class snowammo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowammo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowBag //class SnowBag expands Gasbag; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowBag.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowball2 //class snowball2 expands FlakShell; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowball2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowblob //class snowblob expands GreenBlob; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowblob.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowblob2 //class snowblob2 expands snowblob; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowblob2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowbrute //class snowbrute expands LesserBrute; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowbrute.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowbunny //class snowbunny expands NaliRabbit; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowbunny.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowburst //class snowburst expands ParticleBurst2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk //class snowchunk expands MasterChunk; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk1 //class snowChunk1 expands Chunk1; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk1orn //class snowChunk1orn expands snowChunk1; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk1orn.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk2 //class snowchunk2 expands Chunk2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk2orn //class snowchunk2orn expands snowchunk2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk2orn.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk3 //class snowChunk3 expands Chunk3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk4 //class snowchunk4 expands Chunk4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk4.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowcow //class snowcow expands Cow; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowcow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowDrop //class SnowDrop expands SnowFlake; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowDrop.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowexpl //class snowexpl expands SpriteBallChild; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowexpl.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowflak //class snowflak expands FlakCannon; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowflak.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowFlake //class SnowFlake expands Effects; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowflake.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGen //class SnowGen expands SnowGenerator; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGenerator //class SnowGenerator expands Effects; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGenerator.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGeneratorStorm //class SnowGeneratorStorm expands SnowGenerator; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGeneratorStorm.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowLord //class SnowLord expands WarLord; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowLord.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman1 //class snowman1 expands snowman3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman2 //class snowman2 expands snowman3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman3 //class snowman3 expands SteelBox; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowPanel //class SnowPanel expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowPanel.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowproj //class snowproj expands snowball2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowproj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowrocket //class snowrocket expands Rocket; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowrocket.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowshooter //class snowshooter expands GESBioRifle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowshooter.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowskaarj //class snowskaarj expands SkaarjAssassin; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowskaarj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowsmoke //class snowsmoke expands GreenGelPuff; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowsmoke.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowstinger //class snowstinger expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowstinger.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowthrower //class snowthrower expands snowstinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowthrower.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowTitan //class SnowTitan expands Titan; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowTitan.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarAmmo //class StarAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.starblade //class starblade expands RazorBlade; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\starblade.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarBladeAlt //class StarBladeAlt expands RazorBladeAlt; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarBladeAlt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.starflare //class starflare expands MercFlare; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\starflare.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarGazer //class StarGazer expands Razorjack; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarGazer.uc
summon MMLXmas3.startrail //class startrail expands smallsburst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\startrail.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Teddy //class Teddy expands Flare; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Teddy.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TeddyAmmo //class TeddyAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TeddyAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TeddyBear //class TeddyBear expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\teddybear.uc
summon MMLXmas3.tinsel //class tinsel expands DAmmo5; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\tinsel.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselammoNew //class TinselammoNew expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselammoNew.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselKrall //class TinselKrall expands KrallElite; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselKrall.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselKrallElite //class TinselKrallElite expands TinselKrall; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselKrallElite.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselLeglessKrall //class TinselLeglessKrall expands LeglessKrall; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselLeglessKrall.uc
summon MMLXmas3.tinselshooter //class tinselshooter expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\tinselshooter.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselSpark //class TinselSpark expands SmallSpark; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselSpark.uc
summon MMLXmas3.White //class White expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\White.uc
summon MMLXmas3.WhitePresentFragments //class WhitePresentFragments expands WoodFragments; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\WhitePresentFragments.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasAmplifier //class XmasAmplifier expands Amplifier; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasAmplifier.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasDevilfish //class XmasDevilfish expands Devilfish; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasDevilfish.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasdirt //class xmasdirt expands splash; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\xmasdirt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasdirtburst //class xmasdirtburst expands ParticleBurst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\xmasdirtburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasFly //class XmasFly expands Fly; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasFly.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasFly2 //class XmasFly2 expands XmasFly; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasFly2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasLights //class XmasLights expands Light; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasLights.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasMercenary //class XmasMercenary expands Mercenary; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasMercenary.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasMercenaryElite //class XmasMercenaryElite expands XmasMercenary; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasMercenaryElite.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasPanel1 //class XmasPanel1 expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasPanel1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasPanel2 //class XmasPanel2 expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasPanel2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasQueen //class XmasQueen expands Queen; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasQueen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasqueenshield //class xmasqueenshield expands QueenShield; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasQueenShield.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion //class XmasRingExplosion expands RingExplosion; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion2 //class XmasRingExplosion2 expands RingExplosion2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion3 //class XmasRingExplosion3 expands RingExplosion3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion4 //class XmasRingExplosion4 expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion4.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjBerserker //class XmasSkaarjBerserker expands SkaarjBerserker; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjBerserker.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjGunner //class XmasSkaarjGunner expands SkaarjGunner; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjGunner.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjInfantry //class XmasSkaarjInfantry expands SkaarjInfantry; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjInfantry.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjOfficer //class XmasSkaarjOfficer expands SkaarjOfficer; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjOfficer.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen //class XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen expands SkaarjProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjProjectileRed //class XmasSkaarjProjectileRed expands SkaarjProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjProjectileRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjSniper //class XmasSkaarjSniper expands SkaarjSniper; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjSniper.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjTrooper //class XmasSkaarjTrooper expands SkaarjTrooper; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjTrooper.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjWarrior //class XmasSkaarjWarrior expands SkaarjWarrior; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjWarrior.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSuperHealth //class XmasSuperHealth expands SuperHealth; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSuperHealth.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasTazerProj //class XmasTazerProj expands TazerProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasTazerProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Yellow //class Yellow expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Yellow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.YellowSnowSlith //class YellowSnowSlith expands Slith; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\YellowSnowSlith.uc



santa brute are just that there like brute with santa skins

download link


Summon SantaBrute.Santax – Original Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Apux – Lesser Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.BigSantax – Big Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Boorx – Elf Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Rix – Weaker Lesser Santa
Summon SantaBrute.SantaBrutex – Weaker Santa Brute


santa player / bot

santa player is just that it a simple santa playerpawn model / skin , u cant use it online hardley anywhere but it fun




… you need to wait till next post


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More maps as part of roncorridors pack

Half of these maps are either  ones I already spoke about (link) , and the other half are new , Its new for them to be linked together in this package as a compilation.

I dont wanna seem like i just reposted this so i will add my thoughts..

well depite that fact that he was taking a break for the holidays , ron has gone ahead and created 6 new maps just this month. heh

I downloaded and played these 4 times so far , once while half asleep the day they came out, Then the next day I played them with 2 players them I invited some friends and  the 5 of us teamed up and ran tho some of them.

At first it was like ah i have seen these… Then I got to the new ones

now i saw the prevous test versions of some of these maps and at first when i saw the maze map (ron6) from overhead  i was like crap it huge. but the new version you cant see from the top  and i was suprised when i ended up in the maze ,

The maze reminds me of open field maps prehaps like serious sam. it wasnt to bad i was alone the first time i tried it and it took me 56 minute to complete the map , no time did i feel lost(good thing)  , half that time was spent walking tho.

The second time i played  when i had 4 players i set the groundspeed to 800 and it took the 4 of us 26 minute to clear the map.

This map is alot of fun and probably my favoriite out of the pack.( i like open fields etc) The only bad thing i can say about that map is that  it has no pathnoding , so monsterspawn cant do it job to its full potential, and that  it lacks any kind of foiliage or landscaping.( it could really use a lot or grasses tree decorations, from varous pack , not the stock unreal ones). I Opened map in editor tried to pathnode part of it added 300 or so pathnodes , hand got tired , and i stopped lol

many of the maps in this pack are in the style or room-hallway-room which can somtime get repeatitive , but it works.  in newron2 it seems like a bunch of hallways , But it enjoyable for a strange reason to me  i have played it 5 times..

There are some maps with a construction sites cranes etc  and stuff and some big open villages and stuff ,

If I had the time i would decribe each map and have a  screen shot , but im  busy , It took me 3 days to write this post up and actully post it…

Pack Maplist :

RonsCorridors.unr Rons Corridors
ron1.unr Untitled
ron2.unr Longa Jornada 1
ron3.unr Zagal em Apuros
ron4.unr Untitled
ron5.unr Untitled
ron6.unr Vale do Labirinto BBGfix
newron0.unr Templo Perdido
newron1.unr Galeria Perdida Parte 2
newron2.unr Galeria Perdida Final
newron3.unr Base Subterranea.
newron4.unr The Time of you live
newron5.unr Castelo
VilaUrbana.unr Vila Urbana
exemplo3.unr Subterraneos
VilarejoNali.unr Vilarejo Nali Moderno
ZagalNali.unr Zagal de Napali
ZagalPai.unr Zagal Pai

This set or -linked set-  Includes some of the maps that i also seperatly posted about (subway map etc), With various fixes so i would recomend you download these and replace tho original files.


source post


… um yeah i would point to the npg mirror but it seems like they just slapped the  new files in a subfolder and reuploaded the zip so i wont -to much mucking around for players to deal with..

its hard to follow updates on these maps since there is such a mess of changed files and ‘random’ names and there not usally linked together in a order, you want to follow inbetween major releases watch his blog  or watch the top left side bar on this site for mini updates…


spelling is horrible on this post i bet since i broke down and used firefox with no spellcheck , and it 2 am.

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