Q . i have a map/mod/skin/playerclass/etc  will you run them on your server?
A. for maps , i will at least add them to server and play them once . if  it good ill add it to one of the voting lists ,
A. for mod s if ther good (and not huge) i will consider runing them on server
A. for skins ,  well if there small mabye , im not a huge fan of custom skins
A . for playerclasses , mabye if more then one player can use them , i migh t consider running them

Q. Is you server a dedicated server
Ayes it is..

Q what are the spec of your server pc
A it a 1.3ghz pos pc  runnin windows xp

Q how many files do i need to download to join your server .
A i have no idea

Q how many maps do you have on your server
A 502 , the old server has significantly more older maps

q do you run other gamtypes
A on request i can run jcoopz/monsterhunt/monstermash/ctf on server 1

Q is voting enabled on your servers.
A Yes you can either use votingmenu ( wont always work) , or type mapvote to list maps and mapvote # to set the current
map ending to your picked map if you cant pick  you can type voterand and it will pick a random map.

Q Do you have a clan
A no and i have no plans to make one.

q a map is stuck/has no end / etc and i cant end
a possible solutions: } out of map ,2}.wait for server timelimit to kick in 3} force a map switch using forceend 4}contact a administrator

Q can i summon things on your servers ?
A currenly yes , but if i ever made the buyitem thing work that may be disabled.

Q do i need to wait to end maps on your server
A no but it would be polite to ask first.

statsmut questions( killed off idk anymore/ wont maintain)

statsmut was a hack of a mod to grab scorkilldata and store it in config then later scrape it and post via ftp. Fail , moving on. data nolong maintaned or saved. treasure never existed. and although i came up with gold bar and trease pickups from rtcw , the whole mod got to complex for me  to work on .

Q what it the stats thing all about
A the stats thing is a experiment ,note that any player who joins  there stats will be uploaded to this site every 4 hours.

Q  my stats wont show up of are  incorrectly displayed
A  you must use the same name every time you play , or it wont know who you are,  if on 225 server using  special charaters in name  wont be able to save.
A  if you use more then one name,and want your stats combined/fixed ,adjusted contact me
note the whole save by name thing will be adrreesed at some point  to avoid conflicts , but i have no time to think about a uniqe saving solution.

Q how are the stats uploade to this page
A stat a re uploade by a custom prorgam that extracts all the data from the unreal configuration and builds it into a html page. thatis then  page is then uploaded via ftp.

Q where can i get the stats mutator
A you cant. its a train wreck of bad code that i dont yet want to share.

Q Is there a way to share my treasre with  another player
A yes it is possible to either gift treasure or buy items for another player.  but it is not functional at this time

Q Is ther bonses for getting x ammount of a certian type kills
A yes for titans slith,warlord and queens there is a bouus melee weopon you can earn if you kill a certian ammout of each.

Q do items I buy survive after a server crash
A so far no , buy i will consider some way of doing that in future.

Q how do i get treasure
A at the moment there no way to find or earn treasure so  ,if  you want treasure points to play with  ask me and ill give you some to mess with the system.




One response to “FAQ

  1. TiagoPinto

    April 26, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Bob i did everting to open ports, configured Unreal settings, open the respective ports like you explain on you site, wich is very good, i use 7775-7777, first appear in lan list, but now only appear in recent server list, i dont know the problem.:(


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