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updates, the voting list new pawns etc

I added a crap load of maps back into the voting list a bunch that most people havent seen yet

some highlights:

  • map 1  -18 of  enforcer (map01 – mao18) 10 is buggy
  • ^^ 1 – 32 !
  • also see x23 – x35 for more unfinished xcom map ports
  • xmas1 a ut mh port of  xmas advanture map( unfinished)
  • re added the USP maps
  • FLD -a undying map of a big terrien field map.
  • a bunch of new ron maps are  in there somplace newron## zagenali etc
  • the herdcoop japan maps are readded
  • mhegypt2 – a egypish monsterhunt map port
  • hhlol-5g5d , the newest build on the halloween map
  • castle village and a few maps from the undying onestandalone pack ( should be endable, dont recall)
  • a small catacombs pack from undying , starts at cata >cata2>saintshall
  • ‘tie’ a 3 map pack from skw infinished  but ‘differnt’
  • wolfhd1 a wolf3d port
  • 40 other you already saw..

I also added 4 new monsters , The muton , sectiod , FS snake and FS scorpion.  into the spawner – now with more variaty ansd crazyness.


the halloween map also got a small cave..

im also looking to find out how to cut out some of the lag for you guys…

think mabye today i might go and import some more  maps

also :

i worked on importing the enforcer shotgun model but i am having trouble since im lazy and tring to use  the quadshot as a shotgun base.

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enforcer pawns

Here’s all the pawns to test or watever , They all work with all versions.

They are a bit  buggy  but quite usable- Theres  a few  incorrect animation sequences and a few access nones in there( not really my fault they were copied directly from the original scripts). Thats the reason I was testing them

fixed a bunch of script errors and updated the following packages:

wallguard ,reaper,basilik,silverback

im still working on these and importing all the maps in the entire game as well. so whatever about any mismatches.

some of them still need ALOTof work b4 they are proper.

Heres a download link to all of them




screenshots of only half of them:







in other news , i also tried exporting stuff for moblie forces ,  adv pinbal and a bunch of other u1 games  and had no luck.


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Halloween spirevillage beta

Halloween spirevillage – A hallowewen-ish map based off of spirevillage



-haunted forest with suprises

-haunted house ( well not yet)
-spooky lake
-Large graveyard
-underground crypts and tombs
-secret cave areas
-upper village
-hay maze

ideas from this map are from multiple people.

all editing was done by me bob

For anybody thats interested in using or playing it , This map is a ever evolving project , so you can expect mismatches online . There is certenly plans to expand the map to include a bridge to the  spire and to complete the house and village areas  and add caves and tombs and more decoration.

Thers is a crap load of stuff mylevel’ed into the map as well.

The map has 2 ends one will goto mylevel , one will goto deathhouse witch you wont have.

I am losing interest in this in favor of other projects like the undying maps and xcom stuff, So this is going on the backburner for now.

I am sticking this here since i am open about sharing my stuff and acully want others to see my work. ironically i think i forget to change the author tag..


Do whatever ?:

its still a wip , dont hate.


there seems to be a trend in ut where you credit every shred of the work you reused , so just to cover my bases :

credits to specific in map content used :

The map included geometry  from the following maps

level1.unr ( the ramp to the village)
passage,une ( the lake rock brush)
02village ( few of the pasages , and some houses)
coldpassge.unr( some tombs)
mh-deathhouse (tombstones)
mh death??? (more tombstones)
map_23 (xcom) ( crypts , tombstones some textures)
map_24 (xcom) (the farm models , hay bales tractor etc)
hellow33n.unr ( a unused trap and one of the music tracks)

It uses the following mods
Quakempak2beta ( by mu)
tobiotreesa ( ??)
sinistral tree pack – (bsed offf of treepack2 btw)
icjackolantern (cheese)
hallow_fx (bob)
hallows_pawns (bob)
farmdeo (xcom enforcer- xdecoration.u)
rtnpdeco ( ripped from herd maps)

halween2 ( from dm-hellow33n.unr)
blackstar ( from ut mh)
killersaber ( from a old console game)

halloweentex from jay maps
crypt2 (ut)

a random banner/sign maker  online and other from google image search


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Thoughts about running coopgames in unreal tournament pt 1

I used to like unreal tournament ,I still think its one of the best  games ever made , its got  the right mix between system resource usage ( it will run on almost any mid modern machine very well) and its options like mutatot plus are very good.

I have been playing ut for many   years   used to have all the mods files and maps. lost alot of stuff over the years and made so many good freinds.  i get interested in things in phases so to speak , and used to play ut and ut2004 in my free time alot.was mainly interested in deathmatch onslaught and the ‘team’ based games.

but i digress….

I found unreal one day on the shelf and gave it a go and it fun in a whole differt way , you can have  or join a coop game with no mods or patches required. I loaded up unreal and saw that coop tab and gave it a go and fell in love at first sight.

at this point i would consider myself a ‘hardcore’ unreal fan , I know and have ran everything that avalible that i can get me hands on, I have collected a astounding 30+gb of maps and unreal retated content in under 2 years.I know the limitations of the game and how to makes things happen.

but unreal is a great platform –

File sizes and redirect support

in unreal most file and map sizes are small, In the range of  1- 10mb  , Unlike unrealtourament where coop maps are 9 – 40mb!!.

Downloads in ut are also unbarably slow without costly redirect servers.In unreal227 you can download over 40mb in under 3 minutes with no redirects .You can cut that time in half or 1/4  if you set up a free apache webserver on your server machine.

where asa similar download  in UT that would take 39 minutes..

The coop gametypes

unreal supports  the defualt coop game-its basic enought for casual users , but you can get  small footprint gameypes like XCOOP or jcoop . which will add massive functionality- xcoop can add mutator hooks like ut does easily

ut dosnt supoport a working coop game out of the box , theres no coop tabs to find games in. It requires a a user made mod called oldskool whick many unreal modders consider a hackjob and full of bugs by itself.  this coop game is only a base so to speak fior other gametypes and has no features  to write home about honestly . the configuration options are all over the place, and starting a coop server is less then idea since to set up mutators you need to dig places whee you shouldnt need to

almost every coop mission pack or mod made for unrealtournament requires a custom  coop subclass to function properly(usally based on oldskool). you cant simple open a map with oldskool or any cutom gametype and expect it to function like you can with unreal. This  significatly limits how other mods  like infiltration can interact and re use the maps.

also many coop packs use custom paths to avoid the constant mismatches that ut has. and therfore many coop packs wont run together


To be continued in Part 2 someday ..


also :

I find the limits of  unreal to be a pushing point – I Find out a way to  do what I want to accomplish with the limited feature set , that makes it all that more impressive. when somthing amazing happens and they say wow i didnt even know this was possible in unreal..,



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undying maps and other updates

Latley I have been  hunting for u1 engine games to extract somthing ‘new’ from  to expand my collection and liven up the experence.  there are quite afew u1 engine games and at the minumum you can extract maps or textures , somtimes models as well from them.

my latest game  is undying , a horror game (225 ish engine) the games pretty good by itself but has no muliplayer at all. I messed around   and imported a bunch of the maps from the game into unreal , But many of the maps in that game are  short and cross linked , and not at all ideal for coop play , Some of the texture files wont load correctly in 225/227 , and as far as i can tell no meshes can be exported , both umodel and utpt completly fail on any attempts. im not sure if the mylevel trick will work in 225 , but I imagine the files are in a slighly differnt format anyway.


As for the xcom stuff i started , i imported about 20 maps but seem to have lost interst atm . watching  emtpy servers all day , that dont keep me very motivated. I had 3 people very interested in the pawns,  2 or those were also quite  interested in the maps , But 1 walked away and another is to busy racing to play unreal for more then 5 minutes. The server i started to test them showed a whopping total of 5 total visitors  in 3 weeks.  yuk

there been nothing posted latly since there is almost nothing worth talking about  really i wanted to post up the enforcer stuff but there buggy a bit , and i dont have screenshots of them all and also  or the effort to write up the full post.



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new server – x world test

I am starting a new server , That makes 5 for me .

It will be called x world test currently , and is running version 227  since it was easier for me to install. both 226b and 227h can join.

It will be running the enforcer maps and pawns. as I import them all and test.

It  currently has 20 new monsters that I bet almost nobody in unreal has ever seen yet.and about 23-40 imported maps   (not all playable yet)

oh ya if you are excited by this,dont forget to say or something , 
as i spend almost a week importing all this crap for everyones enjoyment...

so far only 2 players were excited. 20 new pawns and i cant even get 5 joins...

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When is enough too much and more

well the new pawns were cool ,So i took the time to import more of them!- um almost all of them to be exact heh

Heres is a few screenshots of them in unreal.

Theres about a half dozen more I dont have shots of yet aswell.


I also went ahead and imported maps x24 – x33 just becuase i can!
Of course this is where the problems starts ,
I only planned on importing the decorations and a few pawns ,
yet ended up importing 3/4 of the game.!!!
Now the amount of downloads to play those maps is closer to 50mb.
The pawns package is like 14mb now and dont forget the urbantex.utx thast like 19mb by itself…
so now there is tooo much to even  be usefull.nobody gonna download 50 mb foe 10 crappy maps….
So I spent better part of today breaking up thos pawns into separate packages, That i was gonna post here and then it occured to me it not such a good idea.
so that will need to wait.
I am considering starting another unreal sever just for these pawns and maps  i think it enought to start a new setup with…mabye a x planet server or somthing.
i have a habit of over doing things sometimes most of the time , and this is no exception…
on a unrelated note ,
The halloween map got some hay and a tractor.
Its  a bit early to think about it now , But I want to start work on a christmas/holiday related map , Possibly  rework skytown , or spirevillage again  Last year I tried at last minute to make one from spirevillage and it turned into a crashy mess(mapname  s24).
Prehaps I can break down and attempt to make a christmas  map from scratch. I was reminded by this video  that the holidays are comming fast.
I cant do terrain so i have no idea where thats going , Plus one of my good supporting unreal friends  Doesnt really do christmas(just dosnt care for it)  , So theres noone to encourage me on a map of that theme really except myself.
Also while im thinking about importing stuff,
Im considering  making a tool that will fix the imports in decompiled .uc files automatically. What I mean by that is to fix paths and match the import names to the assets. Currently im doing this manually , but it predicable , and having  something do it automatically , Would shave off 45 seconds per scriptfile.  when you have dozens of files that can be the difference between doing it and saying screw it.(like the xdecorations package).
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