February update

26 Feb

My presence here has been sparse , but don’t dispare!
I ended up  got hooked playing inf deathmatch everyday cause apparently I think I am decent at it witch I am not really. and  its very tough against “oz the deathhunter” and “hyzoran the ninja”. also ,there are so many beautiful maps to see.

samspawn2 progress

on various days i fixed 4 bugs in the sppawn2 package. I added some stuff to it as requested but i keep not finishing the last pieces for options. technically everything works as needed now ,  i couldn’t  decide if killing tick or catching spawn is more efficient for disabling itself i went back and forth a few times. I think i settled on adding a few checks in the main classes to allow admin to disable commands and shutdown tick  if they want , but added white-listing to disable spawning in the cl helper class. this way the classes are not chugging tho  blacklists in tick or timer  like it originally did,  instead only when re-spawn it is checked..I may also  consider including a fix mutator for some maps (a few in the csejte series) that typical have issues with this mod – cliffs you dont die on if you fall with shield-belts etc , these falls will just restart you at you place or at a pre designated safe spot in the map.

the thing is I open the file edit the changes bits at a time and leave it sit here and  forget , end up in a game or on Reddit  for  hours, .Soon i hope , i know i made people wait almost a month even for a test build …On that note I see that now the new herdcoop JGrass server  and voodoo’s server uses it on there server too so i guess it worth me not bs’ing about finally working on it if it is  going to be used widespread now. .i will try to put in some time this next week to add a few more changes, no it never done unfortinitly , i want to add more options and stuff like singleplayer support and raw t support and sound/effect replacment , as well as more documentation on use and code.

for the sake of the one person who is waiting for some sort of update  since the 5th  (lol)
people that want/need a updated version now to test/ use can take this.
and give me input on what else they want.or if it works for them.
I tested it a bit and it seems alright.

changes :

disableinmaps[] was moved to [sspawn2.ssrcl] so make appropriate changes to your ini files. setting bwhitelist  will enable spawning in listed maps only , setting it to false will block it in listed maps.

skipmovers,     // dont spawn starts on movers
skipdecor;      // dont spawn starts on decorations
disallowrestartme, // disable the command restartme if you want to
disallowlastsafeg, // disables the option to jump to the last saved spot by command , you can leave this on  but if your using a black/whitelist the players can sort of cheat if its enabled and goback to where they died manually.

ssspot works again , so you can also manualy set a custom start for yourself semi useless btw , now that i think about it i should add a forced start for admin use… next time..

restartme no longer deletes everyone checkpoinsts , if this  was a desired behavior tell me you want it back.. you can always  use “killall cplayerstart” to delete all of them in the map if you a admin..

mod crazzycoop2 is back?

On Tuesday mental hunter  came out of hiding and wanted the mod coop test server back up for a bit..It had basicly been in cold storage on my pc for 6 months since he disappeared.
Of course a lot has happened since then  like 227i coming out so i had to duplicate the server and patch it to 227i , find more  missing texture palette issues. and spend 35 minutes trying to remember what i did  last time this happened with 227f. it worked it self out soon enough , becuase of the overly complex settings I have set up , I had no real choose but to use my old ini files so lots of stuff will need to be fixed later.still.

that server is a  issue  because  of the modified xcoop stuff i used there and dependencies, one of these days i need to write a post about what spiderweb i weaved  that mess into so i can use it as a reference guide. next time i step away from the server that long. or as a design guide for others to follow

Anyway all this is to say that i will have the  227i crazycoop server up for a while maybe a week or something- I honestly don’t like running it because it is a cpu and memory hog , It sort of a bad example because it so  difficult to join without getting kicked off due to massive amount of stuff it needs to load with mentals test mod running (227+ server packages, over 260+ MB) just to join a stock map!

does this mean the 225 crazy coop will be making a comeback?

IIt is indeed nice to have one of my  crazycoop’s back , If for nothing else but to remember all the effort and stuff i am missing. you may have read before the 225 crazycoop got lost forever and i cant take the time really to recreate it like it was.

with 227i here is almost not worth making a server in 225 anymore and much of the core stuff i originally updated  is  based on 225  , so lots to think about if i wanted to start over + with jgrass it is tempting to start a fresh but  to much work went into my xcoop.The  main thing is  motivation, i am not as motivated as i once was where i would spend every day adding some feature or tweak for mods, these day fixing stuff seems more like a  chore to me then fun.Dont get me wrong tho im still very interested in modding and mapping just not feeling it.It a possibility but unknown atm.

anyway i got another box here and i want to run one of my servers on it if i can to share the load , right now it running the jgrass test server. once i find out about jgrass, i may try to update the -e- clan server to it.I am currently testing out jgrass gxcoop to try and remeber why i didnt want to use it last time.

Whats going on with that  the tva server  you host?

well the tva tranformed into the -e- sigma clan , so that why the name has changed.after i figure out about jgrass’s short comings, i may end up putting jgrass on this server , – with a command layer inbetween to smooth transitioning , but it has to be totally seamless, they basicly cant notice it has changed at all( they wouldnt except such a massive change). This would help due to multi tier admin and various aspects of the sandboxxxy nature of that server.

What else is going on in unreal , I dont wanna hear about your boring  servers all day.

Pcube’s  udhq website  is back (again) and he has published a video presenting a proof of concept unreal virus type infection using the 227. cache loading. feature, it can install untrusted code onto the client that is reluanched everytime you start unreal. he even publishes a working exploit for it. sort of scary ,  now we have to worry about unreal based malware all over again. . i guess the rule of only join trusted servers still applies.

Qtit aka z-enzyme , Is working on a amazing wipeout style game-type fo runreal 227  called Uracer.

you can check out the project at unrealsp

any new maps published? why yes there is!

new coop maps

  • zack maps

I spotted some  interesting coop maps  , mabye not new but certainly new to me, they came with no documentation they are just labeled “zack maps” they need upak , so maybe a porting project if i can completely play the maps first. they have some interesting parts but are sort or plain maps.

  •  Articcastlecoop

BBGuy has released a  new deathmatch coop conversion of the famous map arctic castle deathmatch map.
check it out here

fun fact: its been done before , interesting fact , theres a rp version of dmarcticcastle merged into the scale6b map on my 227i crazy server.

  • TempleOfTheMoonsCoop

another map i spotted is called TempleOfTheMoonsCoop i am unsure if it was based on a death-match map or not , but it looks sort of interesting in the lower cave areas. you can check it out

That is all for now. akward layout , to many ideas to get out of my head today.

. .



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6 responses to “February update

  1. rubicondog

    March 16, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Hiyas BOB

    small error in new sspawn players been orientate in wrong direction, hehe , maybe small review for you, and you asked to inform you so this is wath I supose to do now !
    See U fragger, and take care

    • bobisunreal

      May 17, 2013 at 5:36 am

      I don’t really see how there could be a issue ,
      do you mean yaw ( issue with fire drop.unr ?) , or actual rotation? and i am pretty sure i didnt touch the rotation code. and the mod is calling set rotation as it was , mabye its to do with my compiling it in 227 somehow. ill have try look further,
      2 months later and i never answered and i never seriously looked to find the issue yet.

  2. rubicondog

    March 16, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    you wanna get crazy wel telme a bout I can put 5 new servers online in 10 min, lol empty servers , they wil need an commandline and files lolz, lemme know if you have interest to make it crazy on server list Unreal hehe, can be 225 or wathever, I prefer linux servers as command lines are easy to change from home lolz ;:)
    woof woof

    • bobisunreal

      May 17, 2013 at 6:29 am

      I appreciate the offer (free?) and it would be very nice to not have my pc overloaded running all this stuff, the crazy coops , the tva and my monsters serverand more,and having to run pcs all the time
      you make a great point “lol empty servers” and unfortinitly that is indeed the case these days, even my good setups that people enjoyed and loved are deserted.

      the original crazy coop “forked” so to speak , one with primarily my projects in 225 ( now mostly lost in format) and a second 227 one witch ran someones else s apparently neverending test project( 4 years omg) The 227 crazy server is not exactly what i would like it to be because i sort of got stuck running someones mod. Witch is why it still almost never runs unless someone requests it ,My pc cant handle it very well , my 3ghz dual core still chokes on this server lol? 2 minute map changes …

      but its probably a logistical nightmare if you were serious. at least for that specific crazy server
      It has piles of files attached to piles of other files and legacy packages and configuration files.( not impossible tho would be easy so to speak) so you would probably have to deal with 300+ mb server packages + dealing with dozen of config files. also i probably wouldn’t be able to get debug logs easy enough , and view and change settings. although i have that partially covered for many things using in game commands.. maybe we can work something out tho with something.

      here if you want a taste, maybe for your own use , For now here is this , its just 1 mod by mental, 230mb

      • rubicondog

        May 19, 2013 at 10:04 am

        I did upload all files to server who is still down for now , also did make a redirect space for it and uploaded everything to it , I just wonder howto load this MOD as for now it seems not to work with the JzCoop command line , think this mod is not compatibel with jZcoop, maybe you have an idea howto load it lolz I haven’t so far, did ask to my friend smirf also and wait on reply from him, we see ltr if this can work, but as told he stil free to you for use and mess it up lolz 🙂
        cu friend


  3. rubicondog

    May 18, 2013 at 9:10 am

    If you want I have a Unreal server who is down for now I rent in London, maybe you if you like can take it over and put the stuff you like on it to run as test server or wathever, You dont have to pay me for of course just a toy to play with and have fun!
    lemme know something if this interest you so we can maybe set it up together, ther is no time limmit, so don’t get nervious take your time man, I here you when you feel ready to doit 🙂



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