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[UT] SP-De’Nasha Breeche Monastery



Synopsis: You were hurt working in a Na Pali mine and rescued by a group of Nali. They have taken you to the Monastery of De’Nasha Breeche, a Nali High Priest whose name appears elsewhere in the Unreal universe. After nursing you back to health, they would like some assistance…

Features: Hopefully refreshing gameplay and something different from the norm, with a few “secrets” thrown in here and there. This should also work with U1, but you will need the shanechurch and city texture sets in the proper directory (see readme).

Latest News: Released April 27th, 2014


Download from Google Drive

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unreal in minecraft!

I started playing minecraft lately ,  After someone gave me a copy.
While we were playing  a few of my buddy’s decided it would be a good idea to build Skytown in minecraft.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 00.49.25Screenshot 2014-02-24 22.33.28
Despite building Skycaves and half of Skytown in a week ,  Things crawled to a halt for a almost a month where I mostly was on my own. any way after 2 months , After me probably losing my job staying home playing minecraft, it is mostly finished,
by finished i mean the 3 levels are tied together  and properly scaled and all doors work.Thanks to the help of akacross , who did 90% of the redstone, we have commandblock bases sliding doors and working switches everywhere.

I probably wont work on this too much more  again , as I have adopted hyzorans minecraft server , and i spent most time building  his town up

If anyone wants to come see it , Visit my minecraft server  its a multiworld ,
creative server Running 24/7. type /warp skycaves to goto the start

Alternatively you can download nalipaliHeaven as a schematic.
but you must paste in in a very specific location.


After we built this I came up with a way to import unreal maps directly into minecraft , Witch i will Discuss in a future article ,
that has many downsides tho.











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