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Whats going on

well stuff comes up. so they say…
227I came out and It looks promising.
I spent a bit of time working out some bugs, some of witch will I remain on watch for  reports of.
I went ahead and updated the tva server to the new 227i patch.
They were very pleased with them now having both Spanish language support and webadmin.them being able to run 227 maps is a  plus as well.

227i is recommended as client  on those servers for the fastest possible redirected downloads, i have it setup to pass 10 redirect servesr to you ,so  even if i dont have the file in mine it will be downloaded from another servers redirect. compression over channeldownload is disabled so that old 226 clients can still join , and i will for the most part be keeping things “225 compatible”  special maps  will be labeled as such.

i did not yet convert the main server to 227i tho , im a bit worried about a rare issue I saw , and i  need to make certain to work that out  before i make the leap. having the 225 server still going will be  good to check map compatibility  and transition , and for performance comparison for the period before i update permanently to 227i.

If you are having any issue with the transition, and wish to help please contact me. you might be asked for additional information such as screen captures and client  logs , it would greatly help me help you.

on that note , one of my unreal friends decided to leave me -again-   , Witch leaves me with  one less to hang with right now, so if you have a solid interest in unreal and you enjoy chatting about everyday stuff, or enjoy modding, geocaching   or just babbling about unreal news and can follow along , give me a shout out and we can chat on aim or msn,

Turkey day came and went , i woke up too late and had a gathering to go to so i didn’t have time to make a turkey heath mod like i wanted to.Hanging with family is fun , More so when it involves a bow and arrow and a few beers and the occasional minibike ride tho a public park…

i got a few posts  written, but with it so close to December , im not really sure what  i want  to talk about first. Lots of things on my mind…

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227i Release

its finally here the final unreal 227i patch,

while this sounds exciting , it is more “the end of a time” then exciting , anything further will not be developed or added , so your stuck with wat you get now and you forever hold your peace.


here is the release notes


Installer for Unreal versions without Return to Napali:
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227i.7z
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227i.rar
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealClassicPatch227i.7z

Installer for Unreal versions with Return to Napali (Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology):
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227i.7z
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227i.rar
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealGoldPatch227i.7z

A list with all SHA256 checksums of the files can be found here (out of SHALinkerCache.ini): 227i_sha256.pdf


ill talk more about this latter i want to go try it out

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Convert any Gif or short avi into a animated unreal texture [How to]

This is a simple guide to turning a gif into a animated unreal texture.
There’s a fast way and there is a stupid way ,
The stupid way involves extracting the gifs frames , and converting each one  and then importing it into unreal , That takes ages and is the noob way.Are You Serous ?

To do this the right way we need some tools.

first we need some way to extract the gif to frames

i use gif construction kit professional , but there are other free tools you can use to extract the frames.

Here is free one i tested out, GIFFrame.exe

Use gif frame or your favorite tool to extract all the frames to a folder.Depending on the gif , you may have anywhere from 2 to 500 output files..

get IrfanView

Irfan viewer is a free program that lets you batch deal with hundreds of files very fast in batch mode.

Goto file >batch conversion

set output format to PCX

setup all the setting to look like the ones below. name prefix is very important. it lets unreal know it is a animation sequence use this one instead  nameoffile_A##

Goto (ADVANCED) and set more settings.
Edit the RESIZE field to the closest power of 2 of your image source.
edit color depth to 256

Add all you files to the batch job and  Hit start.

Now you have a folder full of 8 bit  pcx files for unreal.

open unrealed , texture browser> import
select all your frames. import them.
right click the first frame in your animation sequence in the editors texture brower , and bring up the defualts.expand animation.
set the max and minimum frame rate to the framerate of your gif animation.

done. now you have a animated texture made from a gif ! save your work and use it as sprite or wall textures!

You can expand this to import avi movies or youtube videos  as textures , but thats gonna get quite large at 40 fps… very doable tho.

you can use this website to turn any video into a gif.

here is a video of part of this above video  ripped from youtube to a gif then running in unnreal as a texture

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The late halloween party

We missed out on having the online Halloween party on the 31st due to the outages here, and my friend decided Sunday was the make up date out of nowhere. so i wasn’t able to announce it , but there was still a partial turn out. I think 5 people showed up the whole night.

we started by taking a map tour of the map then we decide on playing  hide at seek on the  new hallowspire , but how do you play hide and seek in jcoopz without users cheating using view-player? well i came up with a  quick solution to that. in jcoopz1 you can make admins non viewable. so  i made it easy, the person hiding would be passed admin and the  seeker would logout. to prevent cheating admins were shown in the scoreboard so players know who in currently hiding.

we played a few rounds  with players coming up with some very good  hiding places,ranging from up on top of tree collision cylinders and on roofs and laying in the dark , to using  small  playerclasses like the rat and invisibility. was actually  a lot of fun  once ground rules were agreed on.

After a few rounds of that  i had to leave for a bit when i returned we were started playing candycorn corn-hole . i had made up a cornhole board model and we took turns shooting ges snot into the hole. it  needs a scripted scoring system and proper projectiles but it was a bit of fun for a while.

candy corn – corn hole board

Halloween shop in the hallowspire

once that  got boring ,someone demanded they get candy for winning the game so  we started eating all the candy in the shop , a suggested improvement was to   Create a fatboy type mod where eating to much candy  increases the players fatness. that will be included in a standalone candy mod in the future. At that point one of the players  left .  I loaded up the 225 version of the Halloween map and . so we all took a break  in till 10.

when we came back i loaded up hextown for a bit  Pcube almost joined us but the server crashed before he got in too bad because he seemed to enjoy the pumpkin patch  in a previous post .I loaded up death house and a few other players joined us for a while after they left. we decided  to check out some older maps i had from ut2004  for 227  reminiscing a bit, Then my  old friend EZ showed up and the fun began like old times.

Ez Dog

First we toured the hallospire   and then deathhouse then  ran tho a few new maps so EZ could  show me around, after EZ  left   me and spades ended up talking about doom , we played deadcity2 a bit followed  by hextown and  then wrapped things up about 3 am when everybody eventully had to leave.

It was sort of a unorganized mess , so i didnt record that much video of gameplay. i cant post the chatlog here  atm becuase the tool i made to extract the chat has  a issue with win7 , perhaps i can post it later if there is interest.

if you missed the party , we might  do a bit more hanging out later monday if my friend  has time after he  gets home from work. (didnt work out)

I am sorry if anybody planned to attend.  I tried hard to notify everyone weeks beforehand but  the original meet  was obliviously  screwed by sandy . what makes it worse that my friend only has so many nights he  doesn’t have to get up early for work. Although he told me Saturday , that he would show either Sunday or late Monday ,I couldn’t be sure to tell anyone when to show up.If you legitimately wanted to hang out we maybe can arrange another date in the future.

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Ok guys im back

after hurricane sandy ,winds were in exxess of 34+ mph on  monday night the power was knocked out here for more them 36 hours. my kind neighbor shared his generator with us in shifts. I had battery backed  the cable modem and routers with a car battery in hopes of using the tablet and wifi, but there was no connection to be had.i found some wifi and power a block down at the local lowes.  and posted the previous post.

i took a ride around on tuesday to survey the damage near me it  was minimal – downed trees , powerlines,  shingles ripped off houses sheds destroyed branches everywhere. thankfully there was no flooding near me.gas and water were largly uneffected but witthout electricity theres no heat
a mile away tho , there are houses that are uninhabitable,  and condemned. filled with water and structurly unstable, every thing that they own is on the streets.The sound of generators and water pumps  is everywhere. a few houses were even on fire.

the closest town to the ocean near me is seawaren , 2-3  miles away. houses are still standing there  mostly without power, but from what i heard the waterfront is destroyed.40+ boats are sunk from what i understand. There is a 360,000 gallon diesel spill on the coast nearby.  noone is allowwed over there to even look.

i  didnt even check about south amboy , 5 miles away , i think that ALL the boats that were there are sunk , 3 boats hit the railroad bridge and damaged it , 1 is sitting on top on the bridge on the tracks.

the lines to the few gas stations that were running on generators are over 3/4 of a mile long 1 of them has no gas left.traffic is insane , its a 45 minute drive to go 3/4 of a mile. food stores that have power are wiped clean , generators are arriving  , and there is a waiting line of 45 people to get the 12 that just arrived.

a first in history here , halloween was cancelled , due to the danger conditions and will be rescheduled to a later date.

i got my power back yesterday ,but the internet and cable took another day and a half to come that means the servers are back online and running , and i am back in  business here.

you really dont realize how dependent you are on the most basic things in till you dont have aceess to them , without cable and internet , you cant even check the wheather or see if your freinds are ok, even cell service was unusable  on monday and tuesady.


i suppose it being a state of emegency , the halloween meet up will be reshedules to a later date to be announced.




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