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Videos of SFJake’s unreal nightmare project maps 1 – 9

If you are viewing this via email or rss ,
please visit the main site there are 9 youtube videos embedded in this post.

more to come!

Jakes project website

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Rising City by bleeder

Unreal Projects – Rising City!

Bleeder has come up with a amazing new gametype called rising coop ,

while the concept isnt new , there are other top down gametypes , this one has excellent hud and features that make it seem like another game  , like say killing floor ,

i mentioned  that they did a amazing job , there have been many featuires added since there screenshot have been  added and they dont do  the game justice , like the onscreen chat , hud messages , leveling system   weapons , etc and you need to check it out if you have 227 and enjoy this type or top down survival game

Developers: Bleeder91 and RatapoM.
Status: Running, Work in Progress.Rising City, a city terrorised by a disease that kills all the living.. and brings them back to life.
Here’s a project I’ve been dieing to make for a long time, and I finally got a server running so why not get this one of the floor aswell. It’s still work in progress, but the features will be:

  • Leveling system (ofcourse), with XP to unlock gear and every Level allows you to upgrade a stat such as speed, health and accuracy.
  • A shop to buy items/weapons from, such as chainsaws, shotguns, flamethrowers, grenade launchers, nightvision etc.
  • Multiple kinds of zombies/enemies to fight against.
  • Missions like carrying supplies back to camp.
  • More to come!

... ... ...
... ...


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Rys translations and Dropbox warning

Leo has finished the translations for episode 1 on the ryspak maps  ,
witch took him, 4 years to do , at this rate  the entire pack will be translated in about 2030.
By translating , i mean to english from czeck

here is a link to his wrk

I guess this would be a good time to remind everyone that i already translated 90% of the maps to english via a mutator i made 2 years ago.You can download mine here      you can summon the mutator ingame as rys.rsyfix source is included and you can contibute if you want.

The second much more important thing is that dropbox will discontinue the Public folders  on new accounts after  july 17 2012, In favor of allowing shortlink style links in any private folders. this new method will make hosting a redirect on dropbox  impossible , If you have any plans to ever use dropbox for redirects or webhosting / file serving, you need to go make a new account right now before they  take  the feature  away..

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Tired , Busy and Sidetracked

Well what as i to say , busy with other stuff.

Prehaps i should start a personal blog if anyone wants to know  the  stuff I do   when im not here ???

I was working on a  tutorial on how to import animated gifs into unreal ,Bbut it’s not detailed enought , and I dont have the time to record a full video to explain the spotty details so  that needs to wait.

The crazy coop server is back again by requst , Running from a second computer  so that it wont effect quality on the server box for TVA and ah monsters.

I was told about 2 maps issue 1 with some xcom maps  and another with the lssg weapons. i have wrote them down now and mentioned them here to remind myself to look into the fixes.

I created a interesting a mod tho this week. somthing usless that i wanted to try and do forever ,To have  the server title scroll to the left or right. Only suffers one major issue , The text isnt updated on the server browser so its rather usless, It Does scroll in the scoreboard to , and can be used for other varuiabel easily by config values.

The udhq site is now Back online , Hosted on a beaglebone! How geeky is that,  and offers a few mods to downaload that you may have never seen.

How about yact2 , well i told oz about it and then realized how  hard to use it is , so it may need a new gui and it no longer important to me.

I reported some issues with illheaven and kew  said he wasnt interested in fixing them at all. remaster != fix things that are broken aperently.

Csweapons by gizzy has been updated and sent to me , but im not sure if i  hav explicit permission to repost sonmthign that was send to me in private.
A warning , anybody who used csweapons in a map , you maps is now now  not loadable  , since gizzy decided to rename all the classes in the file and not re add dummies. ^ rolls eyes  at a silly thing like that^

Im still here tho and im still playing  when possible.

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All Rights Reserved’s unreal party (Event)

Im not a huge supporter of other peoples events on servers i dont frequent cuase there a bit boring , but heres a Repost from unrealsp; Subject to change:
All Rights Reserved is  having a party on his server. It’s on June 23 to the 24th at 4 pm ET (US) to 8 pm June 24th. He’s wants to try to have at least 16 people on one server, You’ll need RTNP. It’s under coop and you’ll see HIS name; All Rights Reserved, in the name.
Its a akMcoop server so you be stuck in ugly hud  land and probably end up  hanging out with players  that just sit around mucking around building shit, So i will probaply skip out or not go , just trying to help a person i dont even know get a few more players. anybody who tries to get 16 players is dreaming tho… For the reunion event we invied 40  tva membrs and 12 showed.
I judge people by what i see and he probably falls into that catogory of ‘crazy gamer/internet meme people’, Since he once renamed his server the serverof diabitus  and modified  map names just for the fuck of it. also hes never made a damn thing as far as i can tell…
well save the date if you interested , its on his server , on the 23-24 of June.
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The Illhaven Anthology

You wouldn’t belive it , but kew has decided to come back after 10 years and redevelop the illhaven maps and add more content into his um.. famous? mappack.

I personal always found illheaven to be a bunch boring pubish  mazes  , so the mood for me is already pre set before i even look at it. Its not gonna be exciting at all to me. sorry kew…

After reading all the developments in the forum(s) and the fact hat kew refused help from key community members to coop test the map , then turned to  leo of all people to do it behind everyone’s back , Aswell as acting like every other idiot on the forum and threatening to walk away a few times due to people doubting if he was legit( need to learn not to let people bother you!) , Then in the procces of posting his development decide to hate on unrealsp and not post the finished maps there  ,no only did he not properly test,  he asked in his readme for usesr to not modify the map , not to allow them to fix  issues.

Pushes me  the wrong way. , so i may not even  bother to look at his work…

But your welcome to its probably amazing!

anyway  here you go.

Please note the mapset requires a few unrealtournament texture files you can get those hee , since he didnt include them

UTTech1, city, ShaneChurch, UT

download The Illhaven Anthology  here

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