All Rights Reserved’s unreal party (Event)

05 Jun
Im not a huge supporter of other peoples events on servers i dont frequent cuase there a bit boring , but heres a Repost from unrealsp; Subject to change:
All Rights Reserved is  having a party on his server. It’s on June 23 to the 24th at 4 pm ET (US) to 8 pm June 24th. He’s wants to try to have at least 16 people on one server, You’ll need RTNP. It’s under coop and you’ll see HIS name; All Rights Reserved, in the name.
Its a akMcoop server so you be stuck in ugly hud  land and probably end up  hanging out with players  that just sit around mucking around building shit, So i will probaply skip out or not go , just trying to help a person i dont even know get a few more players. anybody who tries to get 16 players is dreaming tho… For the reunion event we invied 40  tva membrs and 12 showed.
I judge people by what i see and he probably falls into that catogory of ‘crazy gamer/internet meme people’, Since he once renamed his server the serverof diabitus  and modified  map names just for the fuck of it. also hes never made a damn thing as far as i can tell…
well save the date if you interested , its on his server , on the 23-24 of June.
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