postal 2 salon …. in unreal ?

18 May

Work continues Porting the salon level from postal 2 paridise lost to unreal 227…….
Only 500 mb of assets so far to load what you see in these screenshots!

PL_Wester.utx 27 mb
MRT_Hell.utx 47mb
STV2.utx 24mb
PL_Western.usm 1.8mb
Josh-textures.utx 65mb
STV-3.utx 29mb
Timb.utx 55mb
PL-InteriorMeshes.usm 2.7mb
P2InteriorTex.utx 48mb
Growroom.utx 13mb
Timb_mesh.usm 1.8mb
weaponSkins.utx 8mb
Zo_Greenbelt_Meshes.usm 1mb
Zo_Industrial.utx 56mb
Zo_Greenbelt.utx 42mb
Zo_Cmpd.utx 29mb
hospital-sw.utx 12mb

460mb of dependencies so far!

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