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Autologin , possible website update (april 30 2012)

Added autologin to server , now will login admins automaticly by ip if setup to do so.

After seeing how simple  using webtemples  was for logan server ,

I may consider  using  webtemplates on here , but doing that will require reloading the entire website , so idk yet.


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Cache update (april 22 2010)

posting cache update , includes mod beta files.

making  update for cache as i speak, i need to find a good tool to diff the files first tho

mabye ill just make one lol idk


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Cache and unreal tournament (april 21 2010?)



i think i may put up a cache for the new MOD server files , but  dont want to go tho the trouble at this time.

may be considering adding a players , and or anothe tab in the left panel for somthing i just forgot already . crap lol.

Logan unreal tournament server is up again , i may decide to make a unoffical  supercache for it .as the mod he runs there is 80mb+. yet to see, anyway if you gonna join Logans mob ut server download this first and unzp it to cache folder.


Ii  was diggng tho my old server  pc and found more unreal links …


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file dump (april 15 2010)

if you wanna upload file for me to use  you can upload them this public  filefront account

(Username: “bobsdump” -Pass;”anyone”


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cool app (wingrep) (april 14 2010)

found a cool program that may be of use for search masses of log files ,


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Bob’s Crazy Coop – Hollywood Holocaust

honestly this is great , it shows a mashup of like 6 differnt games. duke , doom ,serious sam , and wolfed! was aperenly on my old 227f  crazycoop server ( not the mod one , the unsable older one)

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Happy easter (April 4 2010)

happy easter


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