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Bat pawn part 2 (4 months late LoL )

ok yeah  you may recall a pawn (monster) in the stargatelssg mappack , referered to as Duch02 , A bat like creature based  off of gasbag.

Its was halloween time,  So I wanted to use the bat thing on my servers and in my map project. But the bat is dependent on a 21mb textures package …ugh.

Well some simple  looking in the editor would have you determine that the only thing in that texture package it references is the projectile skin,  Silly? yes.very  bad design. , The single projetile was also in a seperate package from the pawn.

Anyway I decided I wanted that pawn badly.So instead of jerking around with the editor and removing the dependency, I just exported the mesh and subclassed gasbag as  it already basicly is  gasbag with some slightly modified code.

I made no attempt  to seriously ‘port’ the pawn , and decided to forgo the projectile and the sounds leaving only the bat mesh. I didnt want it  to shoot anything since that not wat bats do.

Im reality the mesh isnt even very bat like  at all but it kinda resembles a bat so it works , Its fairly uncommon so it surprises people who haven’t seen it much or out side of the stargate pack.

I am not gonna post it here right away , Since im still messing with the settings and may break down and try to add  sound and  the projectiles back , a possibly a extra black skin.  but definit ly before halloween mabye .. lol.

I think i covered all the points here ,The mesh/model is from a stargate lssg mappack. and im really just making it work so to speak.  the model is not mine.

I original planned to simply ‘fi’x it just break the dependency of the textures and re add then into the projectile file  and may still, but the editor gave me quite a bit of trouble so  just ended up doing it this way.

Download here

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twt zombies mod for unreal 225 (buggy)

I was trowling the forums today a month ago  and ran over this post under new content releases , thats nothing notable by itself,  but as i read on -a notice that source to the zombies was included so to decided to see the ‘source’ to see if it was real source or  just normal include files.

i have habbit of downloading everything by certin members so i downloaded it anyway. first download was corupt , second one was ok , map included wouldnt load due to missing files. so i was unable to see it , But decided i was interested in the zombie mod , peaked at the meshes in umodel  and decided it was something i wanted to port to unrealgold (yay for vertex meshes) and since source was included this should be trival to ucc the files ( model files were included!),

had to remove the normal botback references to get it to compile , then there was the meshmap errors , seems almost like the soure that was included was just utpt or wot exported script , as the import texture nums were wrong , and also one mesh had a totaly invalid texturemap specified .

finished up- got it to complie with no errors after 20 minutes . and did i quik play test this is were my worries were further proven , the meshes had been extracted use utpt or wot for certin , the animations were messed up and no attemp was made to re sequence around the buggy frames.

futher more the compiled script throws 3 continuous scripterrors that overflow the log -two from a missing animation sequence (possibly due to the mesh being screwed up) and a access none  i managed to trace all the  way back to the root class melee scripts that i still cant get to go away , despite blocking out the entire meelie function with none checks,

they look somthing like this shot , but less ugly

Unrealgold version

summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin //class TWT_ZombieBalin extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin02 //class TWT_ZombieBalin02 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin03 //class TWT_ZombieBalin03 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin04 //class TWT_ZombieBalin04 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin05 //class TWT_ZombieBalin05 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieBalin06 //class TWT_ZombieBalin06 extends TWT_ZombieBalin;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo //class TWT_ZombieGordo extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo02 //class TWT_ZombieGordo02 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo03 //class TWT_ZombieGordo03 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo04 //class TWT_ZombieGordo04 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo05 //class TWT_ZombieGordo05 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieGordo06 //class TWT_ZombieGordo06 extends TWT_ZombieGordo;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieNurse //class TWT_ZombieNurse extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_Zombies_mutator //class TWT_Zombies_mutator expands Mutator config(MallZombies);
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraci //class TWT_ZombieTraci extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraci2 //class TWT_ZombieTraci2 extends TWT_ZombieTraci;
summon mz.TWT_ZombieTraje //class TWT_ZombieTraje extends TWT_ZombiePawn;
summon mz.TWT_zombietraje1 //class TWT_zombietraje1 extends TWT_zombieTraje;
summon mz.TWT_zombieTraje2 //class TWT_zombieTraje2 extends TWT_zombieTraje;
summon mz.TWT_zombieTraje3 //class TWT_zombieTraje3 extends TWT_zombieTraje;

any way heres a  unrealgold version for enjoyment it buggy but the access none are gone ,The mellee attack is totaly removed and semi reworked still needs more work. Thers a zombie spawner mutator included but im not sure you want to use it as it will freak out if your map isnt pathnoded or has to many nodes. pretty bad code really.

The mutator wil crash out 225  but it works perfecty in 227 , Thers is a script recuse loop issue in 225 , and due to the code the guy used , It tried to spawn postbeginplay without a delay , so in 225 you cant even start the server with it in the hookmutator list  without it locking up…

you can safely summon the indivudual zombies , with to much error , dont bother with the mutator

it been a month and i have lost intrest in fixing this further atm


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Christmas / holiday mods pt1

It late in the month already i made no attempt to start any holiday maps since im busy and still have people bothering me about the halloween map. But I have to make some effort here…

so i list here some xmas related mods for enjoyment.


Mmlxmas (moo moo land xmas) Is  probably the best known christmas mod although honestly it kinda lame and old , It has almost no custom models and hardly any decorations etc

*I link to the seemingly never released mmlxmas3  version  since version 1 and 2 are know to hang servers and as a bonus it includes the source.something you dont see in any other version.

Download link


summon MMLXmas3.ani1panel //class ani1panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani2panel //class ani2panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani3panel //class ani3panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.ani4panel //class ani4panel expands Panel;
summon MMLXmas3.BabySnowCow //class BabySnowCow expands BabyCow;
summon MMLXmas3.BabyXmasQueen //class BabyXmasQueen expands XmasQueen;
summon MMLXmas3.BabyXmasQueenShield //class BabyXmasQueenShield expands XmasQueenShield;
summon MMLXmas3.BearNad //class BearNad expands Grenade;
summon MMLXmas3.bigsnowball //class bigsnowball expands snowball2; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.BigTeddy //class BigTeddy expands Teddy;
summon MMLXmas3.Blue //class Blue expands XmasLights; –
summon MMLXmas3.Box //class Box expands Actor;
summon MMLXmas3.Candy //class Candy expands Bandages; –
summon MMLXmas3.CandyAmmo //class CandyAmmo expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.CoalAmmo //class CoalAmmo expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.coalfire //class coalfire expands IceSmoke;
summon MMLXmas3.coalnad //class coalnad expands Grenade; –
summon MMLXmas3.coalrocket //class coalrocket expands Rocket; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.coalseekingrocket //class coalseekingrocket expands SeekingRocket;
summon MMLXmas3.firesmall //class firesmall expands SpriteBallChild;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitBrust //class FruitBrust expands ParticleBurst2;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCake1 //class FruitCake1 expands FruitCakeSmall; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCake2 //class FruitCake2 expands FruitCakeSmall; -source file
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeAmmoNew //class FruitCakeAmmoNew expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeBomb //class FruitCakeBomb expands Grenade;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeCannon //class FruitCakeCannon expands FlakCannon;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeFragments //class FruitCakeFragments expands WallFragments;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeHealth //class FruitCakeHealth expands Health;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitcakePuker //class FruitcakePuker expands Pupae;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitCakeSmall //class FruitCakeSmall expands Chunk1;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitShell //class FruitShell expands FlakShell;
summon MMLXmas3.FruitSpark //class FruitSpark expands SmallSpark;
summon MMLXmas3.GiantSnowBag //class GiantSnowBag expands GiantGasbag;
summon //class glass expands GlassFragments;
summon MMLXmas3.Green //class Green expands XmasLights; –
summon MMLXmas3.GreenBelt //class GreenBelt expands ShieldBelt;
summon MMLXmas3.GreenPresentFragments //class GreenPresentFragments expands WoodFragments;
summon //class ice expands BigRock;
summon MMLXmas3.ice2 //class ice2 expands ice;
summon MMLXmas3.ice2shellcase //class ice2shellcase expands iceshellcase; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ice2shellcase.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceAmmo //class IceAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceBehemoth //class IceBehemoth expands Behemoth; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceBehemoth.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceBruteProj //class IceBruteProj expands IceRifleProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceBruteProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.icechip //class icechip expands Chip; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\icechip.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceMag //class IceMag expands AutoMag; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceMag.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceManta //class IceManta expands Manta; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceManta.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceMinigun //class IceMinigun expands Minigun; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceMinigun.uc
summon MMLXmas3.iceproj //class iceproj expands snowball2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\iceproj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRifle //class IceRifle expands Rifle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRifle.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRifleProj //class IceRifleProj expands StingerProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRifleProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.icerifleproj2 //class icerifleproj2 expands IceRifleProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\icerifleproj2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceRing //class IceRing expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceRing.uc
summon MMLXmas3.iceshellcase //class iceshellcase expands ShellCase; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\iceshellcase.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSmoke //class IceSmoke expands SpriteSmokePuff; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSmoke.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSmoke2New //class IceSmoke2New expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSmoke2New.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceSpark //class IceSpark expands SmallSpark; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceSpark.uc
summon MMLXmas3.IceTentacle //class IceTentacle expands Tentacle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\IceTentacle.uc
summon MMLXmas3.LightWallHitEffectXmas //class LightWallHitEffectXmas expands LightWallHitEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\LightWallHitEffectXmas.uc
summon MMLXmas3.MedPresent //class MedPresent expands Presents; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\MedPresent.uc
summon MMLXmas3.mmlXmasMutator //class mmlXmasMutator expands Mutator;
summon MMLXmas3.NaughtyListGun //class NaughtyListGun expands Eightball;
summon MMLXmas3.newstartrail //class newstartrail expands QueenTeleportEffect;
summon MMLXmas3.obsantahat //class obsantahat expands Actor;
summon MMLXmas3.ornament //class ornament expands Ammo;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentBlue //class OrnamentBlue expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentDec //class OrnamentDec expands Decoration;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentGreen //class OrnamentGreen expands OrnamentDec; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\OrnamentGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentOrange //class OrnamentOrange expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentPurple //class OrnamentPurple expands OrnamentDec; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\OrnamentPurple.uc
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentRed //class OrnamentRed expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentWhite //class OrnamentWhite expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.OrnamentYellow //class OrnamentYellow expands OrnamentDec;
summon MMLXmas3.ornshooter //class ornshooter expands snowthrower;
summon MMLXmas3.peeball //class peeball expands snowball2; –
summon MMLXmas3.peeball2 //class peeball2 expands FlakShell;
summon MMLXmas3.peeburst //class peeburst expands smallsburst;
summon MMLXmas3.peeGelPuff //class peeGelPuff expands GreenGelPuff;
summon MMLXmas3.PeeSplash //class PeeSplash expands splash; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\PeeSplash.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Presents //class Presents expands Decoration; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Presents.uc
summon MMLXmas3.PukeProjectile //class PukeProjectile expands SlithProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\PukeProjectile.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileGreen //class QueenProjectileGreen expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileRed //class QueenProjectileRed expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.QueenProjectileYellow //class QueenProjectileYellow expands QueenProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\QueenProjectileYellow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Red //class Red expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Red.uc
summon MMLXmas3.RedBelt //class RedBelt expands ShieldBelt; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\RedBelt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.RedPresentFragments //class RedPresentFragments expands WoodFragments; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\RedPresentFragments.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaASMD //class SantaASMD expands ASMD; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaASMD.uc
summon MMLXmas3.santahat //class santahat expands Pickup; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\santahat.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaHatArmor //class SantaHatArmor expands Armor; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaHatArmor.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SantaKevlarSuit //class SantaKevlarSuit expands KevlarSuit; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SantaKevlarSuit.uc
summon MMLXmas3.ShieldBeltEffectGreen //class ShieldBeltEffectGreen expands ShieldBeltEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ShieldBeltEffectGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.ShieldBeltEffectRed //class ShieldBeltEffectRed expands ShieldBeltEffect; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\ShieldBeltEffectRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Sign //class Sign expands Actor; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Sign.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SignChristmas //class SignChristmas expands Signs; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\signchristmas.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SignHolidays //class SignHolidays expands Signs; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SignHolidays.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Signs //class Signs expands Decoration; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Signs.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SmallPresent //class SmallPresent expands Presents; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SmallPresent.uc
summon MMLXmas3.smallsburst //class smallsburst expands snowburst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\smallsburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowammo //class snowammo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowammo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowBag //class SnowBag expands Gasbag; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowBag.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowball2 //class snowball2 expands FlakShell; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowball2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowblob //class snowblob expands GreenBlob; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowblob.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowblob2 //class snowblob2 expands snowblob; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowblob2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowbrute //class snowbrute expands LesserBrute; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowbrute.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowbunny //class snowbunny expands NaliRabbit; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowbunny.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowburst //class snowburst expands ParticleBurst2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk //class snowchunk expands MasterChunk; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk1 //class snowChunk1 expands Chunk1; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk1orn //class snowChunk1orn expands snowChunk1; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk1orn.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk2 //class snowchunk2 expands Chunk2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk2orn //class snowchunk2orn expands snowchunk2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk2orn.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowChunk3 //class snowChunk3 expands Chunk3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowChunk3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowchunk4 //class snowchunk4 expands Chunk4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowchunk4.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowcow //class snowcow expands Cow; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowcow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowDrop //class SnowDrop expands SnowFlake; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowDrop.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowexpl //class snowexpl expands SpriteBallChild; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowexpl.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowflak //class snowflak expands FlakCannon; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowflak.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowFlake //class SnowFlake expands Effects; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowflake.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGen //class SnowGen expands SnowGenerator; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGenerator //class SnowGenerator expands Effects; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGenerator.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowGeneratorStorm //class SnowGeneratorStorm expands SnowGenerator; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowGeneratorStorm.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowLord //class SnowLord expands WarLord; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowLord.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman1 //class snowman1 expands snowman3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman2 //class snowman2 expands snowman3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowman3 //class snowman3 expands SteelBox; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowman3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowPanel //class SnowPanel expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowPanel.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowproj //class snowproj expands snowball2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowproj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowrocket //class snowrocket expands Rocket; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowrocket.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowshooter //class snowshooter expands GESBioRifle; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowshooter.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowskaarj //class snowskaarj expands SkaarjAssassin; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowskaarj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowsmoke //class snowsmoke expands GreenGelPuff; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowsmoke.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowstinger //class snowstinger expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowstinger.uc
summon MMLXmas3.snowthrower //class snowthrower expands snowstinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\snowthrower.uc
summon MMLXmas3.SnowTitan //class SnowTitan expands Titan; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\SnowTitan.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarAmmo //class StarAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.starblade //class starblade expands RazorBlade; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\starblade.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarBladeAlt //class StarBladeAlt expands RazorBladeAlt; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarBladeAlt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.starflare //class starflare expands MercFlare; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\starflare.uc
summon MMLXmas3.StarGazer //class StarGazer expands Razorjack; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\StarGazer.uc
summon MMLXmas3.startrail //class startrail expands smallsburst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\startrail.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Teddy //class Teddy expands Flare; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Teddy.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TeddyAmmo //class TeddyAmmo expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TeddyAmmo.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TeddyBear //class TeddyBear expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\teddybear.uc
summon MMLXmas3.tinsel //class tinsel expands DAmmo5; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\tinsel.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselammoNew //class TinselammoNew expands Ammo; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselammoNew.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselKrall //class TinselKrall expands KrallElite; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselKrall.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselKrallElite //class TinselKrallElite expands TinselKrall; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselKrallElite.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselLeglessKrall //class TinselLeglessKrall expands LeglessKrall; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselLeglessKrall.uc
summon MMLXmas3.tinselshooter //class tinselshooter expands Stinger; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\tinselshooter.uc
summon MMLXmas3.TinselSpark //class TinselSpark expands SmallSpark; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\TinselSpark.uc
summon MMLXmas3.White //class White expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\White.uc
summon MMLXmas3.WhitePresentFragments //class WhitePresentFragments expands WoodFragments; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\WhitePresentFragments.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasAmplifier //class XmasAmplifier expands Amplifier; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasAmplifier.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasDevilfish //class XmasDevilfish expands Devilfish; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasDevilfish.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasdirt //class xmasdirt expands splash; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\xmasdirt.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasdirtburst //class xmasdirtburst expands ParticleBurst; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\xmasdirtburst.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasFly //class XmasFly expands Fly; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasFly.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasFly2 //class XmasFly2 expands XmasFly; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasFly2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasLights //class XmasLights expands Light; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasLights.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasMercenary //class XmasMercenary expands Mercenary; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasMercenary.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasMercenaryElite //class XmasMercenaryElite expands XmasMercenary; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasMercenaryElite.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasPanel1 //class XmasPanel1 expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasPanel1.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasPanel2 //class XmasPanel2 expands Panel; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasPanel2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasQueen //class XmasQueen expands Queen; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasQueen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.xmasqueenshield //class xmasqueenshield expands QueenShield; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasQueenShield.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion //class XmasRingExplosion expands RingExplosion; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion2 //class XmasRingExplosion2 expands RingExplosion2; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion2.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion3 //class XmasRingExplosion3 expands RingExplosion3; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion3.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasRingExplosion4 //class XmasRingExplosion4 expands RingExplosion4; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasRingExplosion4.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjBerserker //class XmasSkaarjBerserker expands SkaarjBerserker; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjBerserker.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjGunner //class XmasSkaarjGunner expands SkaarjGunner; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjGunner.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjInfantry //class XmasSkaarjInfantry expands SkaarjInfantry; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjInfantry.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjOfficer //class XmasSkaarjOfficer expands SkaarjOfficer; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjOfficer.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen //class XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen expands SkaarjProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjProjectileGreen.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjProjectileRed //class XmasSkaarjProjectileRed expands SkaarjProjectile; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjProjectileRed.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjSniper //class XmasSkaarjSniper expands SkaarjSniper; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjSniper.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjTrooper //class XmasSkaarjTrooper expands SkaarjTrooper; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjTrooper.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSkaarjWarrior //class XmasSkaarjWarrior expands SkaarjWarrior; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSkaarjWarrior.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasSuperHealth //class XmasSuperHealth expands SuperHealth; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasSuperHealth.uc
summon MMLXmas3.XmasTazerProj //class XmasTazerProj expands TazerProj; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\XmasTazerProj.uc
summon MMLXmas3.Yellow //class Yellow expands XmasLights; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\Yellow.uc
summon MMLXmas3.YellowSnowSlith //class YellowSnowSlith expands Slith; -source file C:\base227\MMLXmas3\classes\YellowSnowSlith.uc



santa brute are just that there like brute with santa skins

download link


Summon SantaBrute.Santax – Original Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Apux – Lesser Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.BigSantax – Big Santa Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Boorx – Elf Brute
Summon SantaBrute.Rix – Weaker Lesser Santa
Summon SantaBrute.SantaBrutex – Weaker Santa Brute


santa player / bot

santa player is just that it a simple santa playerpawn model / skin , u cant use it online hardley anywhere but it fun




… you need to wait till next post


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updates, the voting list new pawns etc

I added a crap load of maps back into the voting list a bunch that most people havent seen yet

some highlights:

  • map 1  -18 of  enforcer (map01 – mao18) 10 is buggy
  • ^^ 1 – 32 !
  • also see x23 – x35 for more unfinished xcom map ports
  • xmas1 a ut mh port of  xmas advanture map( unfinished)
  • re added the USP maps
  • FLD -a undying map of a big terrien field map.
  • a bunch of new ron maps are  in there somplace newron## zagenali etc
  • the herdcoop japan maps are readded
  • mhegypt2 – a egypish monsterhunt map port
  • hhlol-5g5d , the newest build on the halloween map
  • castle village and a few maps from the undying onestandalone pack ( should be endable, dont recall)
  • a small catacombs pack from undying , starts at cata >cata2>saintshall
  • ‘tie’ a 3 map pack from skw infinished  but ‘differnt’
  • wolfhd1 a wolf3d port
  • 40 other you already saw..

I also added 4 new monsters , The muton , sectiod , FS snake and FS scorpion.  into the spawner – now with more variaty ansd crazyness.


the halloween map also got a small cave..

im also looking to find out how to cut out some of the lag for you guys…

think mabye today i might go and import some more  maps

also :

i worked on importing the enforcer shotgun model but i am having trouble since im lazy and tring to use  the quadshot as a shotgun base.

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enforcer pawns

Here’s all the pawns to test or watever , They all work with all versions.

They are a bit  buggy  but quite usable- Theres  a few  incorrect animation sequences and a few access nones in there( not really my fault they were copied directly from the original scripts). Thats the reason I was testing them

fixed a bunch of script errors and updated the following packages:

wallguard ,reaper,basilik,silverback

im still working on these and importing all the maps in the entire game as well. so whatever about any mismatches.

some of them still need ALOTof work b4 they are proper.

Heres a download link to all of them




screenshots of only half of them:







in other news , i also tried exporting stuff for moblie forces ,  adv pinbal and a bunch of other u1 games  and had no luck.


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new server – x world test

I am starting a new server , That makes 5 for me .

It will be called x world test currently , and is running version 227  since it was easier for me to install. both 226b and 227h can join.

It will be running the enforcer maps and pawns. as I import them all and test.

It  currently has 20 new monsters that I bet almost nobody in unreal has ever seen yet.and about 23-40 imported maps   (not all playable yet)

oh ya if you are excited by this,dont forget to say or something , 
as i spend almost a week importing all this crap for everyones enjoyment...

so far only 2 players were excited. 20 new pawns and i cant even get 5 joins...

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Recently I aquired the game Xcom-enforcer for the purpose of mabye expoting maps etc.

But I started playing it and it too much fun. Its a 3rd person fixed viewpoint shooter , 14 monters ,14 weapons , bosses , 40+ levels powereups  etc, it is based on the unreal engine1.

I  got really into it and completed the game  in a few hours , But i have to play it 4 more tiems to unlock more maps and stuff still

Below – A screenshot from the original 24

It easy enough that you can load it up and play tho a few maps in a few minutues, I would sort of likeen it to a a flash game. fast action . powerups  constant change of weapons , good fun.

It has online coop play , unforntinitly there are no longer any servers  to play on in the game, completly empty not even one left. The masterserver system is still up and running tho so it still possible to run your own.

so that brings me to  the point of me getting the game , to rip content!

The game has teleports and they go form mission to missi9on or stages , or bonus maps , so there is not set senceable order.

I decided to import  maps 24 ,25 and 26 and they had a halloween sytle themes , graveyard , farm , and a crop maze in maps 26., I wont be doing a full port, I am not gonna import the creature factories etc , I am gonna leave the map mostly bare monster wise and its very well path noded and monsterspawn does a great job.

i also imported  just the needed decorations. i am aware the somone has already ported the decoration pack  but its not online , so i had to do it my self.

The graves , trees , powerups , gaslamp, statues , hay bales and  stuff i imported justso the map is complete.

i also took the time ( more importantly i guess) to import a few of the awsome pawns from that game.

Pawns i imported:

  • xcom.snakeman
  • xcom.reaper
  • xcom.wingedterror
  • xcom.sectoid
  • xcom.silverback
Here s a link to  the extracted stuff if you want to see  it  or somthing, be aware that its a work in progress and that the sounds arent there yet and there are unfinished bits of the code , like projectiles etc. but they are functional pawns so far.
download :
I may import more as it rather easy i think, It takeas me about  2 – 5 minutes per pawn. But it time  and the  other pawn have projectiles and stuff that would need to be imported and such , that takes more time

but yeah the 3 maps are imported and playable and stable. and theres a few monsters to mess with.

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