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Closed Technology….

This applies to jcoop4 .  jcoop4 , none are updated to use 227 stuff and since sources were removed , i cant even begin to think about making them work in 227.
this is typical , like with a number of 227 gamtypes being now broken against 227g and not possible to fix

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LegoGuy Skin For 225

may 28
worked on the lego guy a bit
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dm-u4e-Gf2 Memories

gf2 sketch , to the best of my knoledge. it wrong yes,  the layout it not exactly the same.
i may at some point aculy consider remaking this map . the map was original made by fade. idk why i like it  but i remeberr playing on it all the time.
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Zhal Playerclass For unreal 225 , and a bonus monstermaster level idea from like 12 years ago.

may 21
well , i was playing ut last night and realized that unreal1 dosnt have the zhal playerclass., its the only one that nobody ported ( that i can find) so i mess around and exported the model in umodel and made it a usable playerclass  in unreal.I hope to get the claws to work , but i am having issues , the player its self works fine atm but it kinda stupid without the weopons.

Bonus :
U4e pokeman monstermaker playerclass map i never finished  .. im sure ther was a katana in there somwhere lol

also need to draw up dm-u4e-gf2 soon.
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Sever ini corruption

Well both my server ini got corupted today , not sure how ,
they have wat looks to be cached data from a webbrowser saved randomly into them  idk wtf happend
but the 227 ones is  running and i will have the 225 one  running later . no biggy easy to fix just that why they are down.
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Downloads , Oldmap ideas , Level hunts , Leveling , Server updates

VERY long post today , Downlaods , Oldmap plans, Map hunts , server updates , and leveling

-Posted some new files into the downloads section. mostly stuff a few people were looking for.

-Mapvote is now running on the blah monsters server , it features at least every pack if not every map on  there.this means it the only server probably with 450 maps and voting enabled.

someday  i would  like to post my mapfix mutator  here witch addressed multiple map issues ,

  • – many fixes for the samspawn dead ends/issues is some map,
  • – coop door/ mover trigger fixes
  • – Crude RYS translation  for most rys maps trans/ events/triggers etc
  • – added item spawns
  • – adds trees to the maps
  • fixes for about 60 maps

I had this idea yesterday to make’ build objects’ basicly a system of summonable triggers and logic components so that players can summon them and set the events/tags and make there own logic events.

like with textures swaping visible lights to show output or somthing.( all visible actors)

this would let players do stupid stuff like built control systems in game.

Objects would be placed like maketrigger (class) tag , event , owner or somthing. idk

Heres a old map idea i had from utU4E days, This map was acually made. and lost (long story)

Here is a expination of what your looking at in that chicken scratch picture.

It had various katana secrets –  Traps , Teleports, Death zones where you would need certin playerclases to enter without getting killed, It had a 4 step bunker switch wicth required the katana and some expert timing to trigger . it had secrets under the stairs accessibly by katana / shrinkbugging into it.

This map was like a map in a map , as the normal player would see just a hallway with a painting and some room leading to a outside hanger area with strangeloves and rocketv2s, but the secret was in the painting , you stepped into the frame and there was a small 20 x 20 tunnel in the darkness to the left.

you teleported into the tunnel using the katana  and instantly fall to you death ,unless you were holding left strafe that is then  you would be on a platform ledge.The ledge  connected to a hallway and lead down some stairs. the stairs have slots in them where some lead to kill zones and one lead to a room  with pickups and armor.continuing down the stairs there was a number of fake floors which were spaced in such a way that you needed the additional speed of the katata to cross them.

At he end of the hall it was a seeminly dead end. 1 hole in the wall , yet again to teleport into , but this was a trap. pointing straihg would teleport you into center room where you will hit a block and fell to your death. you need to aim up or down to land in the room before that one . This was  the begining of a teleport tunnel 3 X 3 maze  left was slime zone , safe from the zhals , right was lava safe from devils. you navagate left up right or right up left and end in another room with 4 holes , teleport into the correct of the 16 hole in this wall to enter the pentogonal shaped room. this room contain a sliding floor panel and 1 door on each side.

you enter one door and use the katata to teleport into the next where there is a switch that triggers the door  on the other side of the room this door stay open for 5 seconds, just enough tiem to use the teleport altfir to jump tho the current door before it close and run into the other side door. there ther is a swith and a teleporrter that returns you to the big room again this time the panel in the floor is open.

You enter the bunker. ther are nothing but boxes in there. but 2 of the boxes are non solid and you walk tho them into the wall.

This is were the progress stoped. never to be finished agian  -bob/packman

I forget most of this since it was almost 11 years ago.


I want to make a insane teleporter maze at some point. Somthing like this :


Also im loooking for a map that was on jac kal s 2 years ago. It had puzzles in it and looked roughly like this picture in some areas . It was 4 moving stones across a pit  That there was 4 swithes to move to the correct spaces. Ther was mecenerys that spawned at the start. after geting acorrss the rocks , ther was a door leading to a hallway ,and slime floor everywhere , Wher you have to run to a lift.  Further into the map was a long hallway with 4 sliding platforma triggered by 4 switches remotely. after that ther was  a tile floor with semisolid floors tiles,wher you have to walk on a angle.


In map 2 there was a outside area , Wher the was a pit to fall with 4 button in and overreaching control pannel pressing the wrong button cuased the floor to open and you fell to your death.


Why I Dislike Leveling up and RPGS

I invested almost 40 hours into this and it got corupted by the admin so he reset all the stats.

Why waste your time leveling just to get  something that can be gone in a  instant?

in this day and age where people play the games for achivments ……

if you read this far you get a prize later.


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Some utility Mutators Released

im gonna share a bunch of mutator i have laying around i have been meaning to post


Maplogger V1  Download link:

A mutator For Logging maps / helping Builing Spreadsheet  database  of maps running on your server
this mutator will save the  author , level entry text , title , filenames , songs , pawncount and all end urls.
This is kinda in response to a certian somone who dedicated A large amount of work manuly builing a maplist for a certian 450 map coop server.(not me)
I figured there has to be a faster way. so i made it.
what this does is creates a comma delimited config data for the maps as they are loaded,  for export into excel or another database
Exaple imported ouput:

resulting outputed  html
todo : switchlevel when not advance and pathnode counting


download link

mapurlmut is a  end teleporter swapping mutator i made  for rerouting coop map packs. i know that theres already ways to do this ,

but  most are limited to a dozen maps or so,  This it easy to use, simple to confige ,Requires no script knoledge at all and supports 400 url changes.

repeatconsolecmd mut

download link :

we all seen them , autorun command mutator for your servers these days every gametype/ mutator has the,…
they suffer from 2 problems
1 the values change via other things.( like consumption)
2 the object your tring to effect may not yet exist.
the mutator allow for a set or comand to be repeatady set .


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