Hallospire work log

14 Oct

My time. More sparce then ever posting here is kinda sparce as well but i really want work on the map. Very excited.

Il try to get back here
For now here is a build log of my latest work

9/29 build K
Add farm house from dnbarnassault
Add tractor shed
Add ridable steamroller
Add ridable bulldozer
Add corn feil parh section
Move corn maze
Move cave to be part of hayeide
Farm fence to static mesh
Add Big house nasmwnt level 1
Rideable trator
Pickup truck

10/2 build L
Add windmill
Move halloween store

10/19 build P
Add fencing arond lake
Move lake to accomodate hayride
Move cabin to acomadate lake
Remove cabin tunnels
Move store lighting
Move tress in forest for havride
Fixed pumkin patch bsp
Add new music darknight

Purge woods2
Wagon rails
Mylel more resoures
Pumkin lights sprites
Cows from postal 2
Signs and statues scarecrows etc
Witches Cildrens
Apple bobbing
Alien sectoid cave ending
Dr who angels
Wooden box sccripted trator riddy thing
Add mz zombies
Hangmans trees

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