Annual Halloween event announcement

16 Oct

This year I/we will again be having a Halloween meet up on the ah monsters coop server Halloween night the 31 of October. The event will begin at approximately 10:00 pm , althought players are invited to join earlier or later in the day/night if that better for them.the  start time is not set in stone , it sort of just when everybody decided to show up.

what we do if last year was any guide , we pretty much stand around and chat and shoot stuff in various maps  , and i switch between Halloween themed maps in till everyone gets bored and leaves.

last year i introduced the Halloween spire map – a 225 f Halloween exploration map that players could experience a bunch of Halloween related things in such as pumpkin patches , graveyards , swamp monsters and hay mazes and stuff.

This year tho i have decided to fork the map into a extended 22h7 only version, mainly because the 225 one was crumbling under its own geometry, and i wanted to be free to use static meshes and  other  features , i am  not thrilled about it not being  backward compatible either. but it had to happen to do what i wanted to do.

so with this major change  brings a new corn maze ,  the haunted house slightly more complete then it was last year, a new libary building with a hidden mourge in it for some reason , more tunnels , more models , hopefully a rid-able haunted hay ride as well as potentially ,more monsters and new music.

If you come to play and dont have 227 , that ok too as that will be the only map that uses 227 features, and the original 225 version will be available for play as well as the other halloween themed maps for everyones enjoyment. I will be there handing out candy somehow.

you can dress up if you like, i will add a bunch of ‘costumes’ in the player inventory that players can use , like the lego guy , teddy bear , alien , rat , santa cluass etc if i remember , or i will try to do something in the map like a costume shop if i have time

mabye we can role play a bit  and do some trick or treating in the upper village who knows im down for whatever.It all about wat the players want

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