Rys translations and Dropbox warning

18 Jun

Leo has finished the translations for episode 1 on the ryspak maps  ,
witch took him, 4 years to do , at this rate  the entire pack will be translated in about 2030.
By translating , i mean to english from czeck

here is a link to his wrk

I guess this would be a good time to remind everyone that i already translated 90% of the maps to english via a mutator i made 2 years ago.You can download mine here      you can summon the mutator ingame as rys.rsyfix source is included and you can contibute if you want.

The second much more important thing is that dropbox will discontinue the Public folders  on new accounts after  july 17 2012, In favor of allowing shortlink style links in any private folders. this new method will make hosting a redirect on dropbox  impossible , If you have any plans to ever use dropbox for redirects or webhosting / file serving, you need to go make a new account right now before they  take  the feature  away..

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