bobs crazy coop

bobscrazycoop was oriniginal a server I started  for some freinds of mine in  the game somtime in 2009 , It started  as a simple  jcoopz server  with almost no mods and eventully as i found mods i would add them and play with them , Eventully ended up  running too much stuff on it  got out of control , growing to over 165 packages. It was fun for a while  , and propably still is.(if somthing like that was reasonable)

In 2009 , I spent my christmas eve playing serious sam the second enconter with a friend and after playing for a few hours I  realized how nice it is to spawn where you get killed  , Not having to walk back tho the map ,   It was them i decided to attempt to make a system that could respwan you where you died .

I now run xcoop for the most part  mainly due to it openness and mutatorplus abilities.FTW

  • Infinite Ammo !
  • You Start With Decent Weapons!
  • Anyone can summon any weapon/Thing they want to Test/Use  Etc…
  • Mapvote with over 600 maps.
  • Spawn Where / Near  where you get killed!

One response to “bobs crazy coop

  1. Reject_Forever

    October 30, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Hope ur ok out there in NJ man. hope u check this w cell phone, not sure if it newest site. If you need food or items sent, get me an email.


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