Multigame Whatever i want -)

this is basicly my 227h ‘test server’ it run 227h stuff / mods , ansd currently jras / gxcoop , and can run ut map / mods on it. ctf / assualt , dom / dm / coop / monsterhunt / zeldagae are avalible on here .

  • Infinite Ammo !
  • Anyone can summon any weapon/Thing they want to Test/Use  Etc…
  • KMapvote with 502 maps.
  • maps are mostly all linked
  • Spawn Where / Near  where you get killed!
  • Alot of  Downloads
  • 227 content avalible
  • multi gametype : utctf , utass,utdm ,utdm,mh , coop

2 responses to “Multigame Whatever i want -)

  1. Thomas

    August 14, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Where did you get KMapVote from, could you possibly link me to a zip of it please?


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