toasty227 mutator

27 Apr

toasty227 is a  expansion of pcubes “toasty” taunt mutator.
to explain it simply , you say words in chat , and sounds are played based on chat content.
i rewrote it to use gamerules and added a bunch of bonus features to make it easier to use.

My additions are as follows:
-Automatic Bulk import sounds from any .u file using /importtaunts <packagename>   ingame.
-you can edit trigger words in the ini file.

name relevancy:
Sound bite can be name dependent, so everyone can have there personal “lol” “haha” etc
This can also be used to control abused taunts maybe , or set to bogus name to disable taunt.

client opt out.
clients can opt out of hearing the taunts on there client using /toggletaunts

taunt listing
typing /taunts will list all available taunts in the client console.

“vsay” taunts
vsay taunts vagley like the taunts in EDM , you can say a pharse such as LEFT< “eat t”  not instr
it will play a matching sound if available , and replace your text with the full quote.
such as  “eat t”  replace with “eat THat!”. this replaces the entire chat string!

my plans was to support the edm packages, but it is too much effort due to dependencies.

left/right/mid choice.
having a << >> in the triggerword start/end will decide weather the trigger word is explicitly  the left/right
having a ??? in the triggerword   indicates that it must have a “?” anywhere in the string to trigger off
no  << >> means instring anywhere.

– “!ns”  in chat plays no sounds regardless of triggers

time seconds based. if enabled taunts will not play intill spamthreshold has past in seconds
for random , you may add more then one sound in playsnd seperated by comma  “x11taunts1.dog1,x11taunts1.dog2,x11taunts1.dog3”

uses 227 gamerules to detect chat. some gametypes may require reworking to support gamerules.

download :

use as a mutator or add to server actors.

here are some soundclip packs to get you started

type this in chat as admin to import the taunts, then edit the trigger words in the ini file
/importtaunts Announcer
/importtaunts EClanTaunts
/importtaunts EClanTaunts2
/importtaunts EClanTaunts2016
/importtaunts EClanTaunts5





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