server upgrade

11 Dec

It was black friday , I bought a 120 gb ssd and a2 port 6gb\s pci-e sata controller for the dedicated server.
A bit of a christmas gift for all your guys, Almost 80$ in upgrades from money I dont really have.

It is now officially faster then my personal machine in every way.
Unfortunately due to the fact that the mainboard only has pcie 1.0 we are limited to about sata 2 speeds.  that about 200mb/s read
but as far as the unreal server goes thats shaved about 12 seconds off of level switch and startup time.
the server reboots in about 12 seconds too, in case it should ever power down.But I will get the ups fixed soon.

I am in the process of re setting up every thing as 227i on my server ( reinstalling all mods etc) because the 227j server install had to many weird issues like certain upak maps with every thing invisible and a rpc issues
ftp , teamspeak ,and http are up and running, the redirects running from the ssd

Minecraft server has been updated to 1.8 and will be getting a new 1.8 survival world merged with it soon.


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