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[New coop map] Beachbum Guy’s Weathertop

Beach bum guys Weathertop coop.

You can download this map here

a map based on whethertop in the lord of the rings.

Some screenshots, i was to lazy t upload 10 screenshots so i made a collage.


To  try to keep things more fair then usual i decided it would be best to play this on a setup with no custom mods running , The way the author probably  intended it to be played. full ammo all normal weapon at the start.the server was set to the difficulty ‘unreal’. so i began , walked into the map having never watched lotr ever.

The Bsp  terrain was pretty impressive , since there is so much terrain , it is hard to believe it is as stable as it is. Its a good quality map, maybe not as detailed as i would like ( Repeated terrain textures ,  lack of tress etc.)  and  as typical , some areas in the map seemed over powered . It’s  a typical type of setup where you run along the map taking out  soldiers and bosses and pressing a number  of button to unlock a gate that leads to a main ending area in the middle on the map. Its not a adventure map , its  more a monsterhunt type map.

Initially i was reminded of skaaratower ,  with its seemingly endless Terrain . but if you look from the maps top its actully a rather small map that mostly just wraps around it self to look bigger.

I played it tho  and it took me about a hour , i died 29 times. The checkpoint is in a good spot and I am happy with it there. but at first  thought it was to far from the start to the first checkpoint. I cant be a great judge as i never saw lotR’s By I can say it another awesome map created by a  good mapper.

There wasn’t really a explanation of what had to be accomplished at the start, other then the level enter text. I made my way  into the house and found mostly snipers waiting to kill me as I walked in. died twice before i got inside to find little of value inside , But i did spot 2 walls that were misaligned near the windows in the darkness.
I proceeded to make my way  across the field toward the towers i could see ,I sort of like field in maps, so that is a plus. after clearing the snipers i had to deal with the 2 titans ( that i will talk about later)… then more snipers and a giant squid , and breskers , and  more snipers ,  and some brutes.  Did i mention snipers? ,I got sniped as soon as i spawned  by snipers on top of stones i couldnt even see till i was dead…

After pressing all the buttons i got a completed message. but whats completed? i have no idea.  finally locating the gate i located the finalie of the map , The ending of the map was fairly impressive, but  only had 2 or 3 titans , I already killed 2 titans  in the map at the begining , This is a epic fight scene , If you used titans here , you cant use titans else were in the map.  Otherwise it seems  less epic.

All and all it was a fun map after you deal with the 100 snipers.

It 225 compatible.
I only tested on jcoopz1. cant be bothered checking on other versions.
on a standertd server the map ran fine ,
On my ah monsters server , the server tended to get stability issues
I didnt check to see if it was pathnoded , im gonna say no without checking.       I  am very busy lately.  There isnt enought hours in  the days to sleep play eat  and work, and post  on a semi  daily basis, this post should have been posted last thursday sorry if it is late bbg. I dont think anyone here realizes how behind i am on posting stuff…

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The 4 year anniversary of the TVA clan

Today was the four year anniversary of the tva (The Vortex army) clan. And i was the host of there celebration.

All were invited To participate and  very many did , there Was a very good turnout a total of 16 players were present at one point, and  there was at least 20 players that tried to join us  during the events time frame,some never made it. I do believe that is a record number of connections to my server  at one time lol , im am glad it didn’t collapse under the load it got a bit hairy tho, the ping was up near 200 easily , but everyone was just sitting stil,l listening to the speech so it was ok.

The clan setup a stage and bench seats   so that the members could “sit” for Lucas’s speech.

and lucas made his speech ,  not without every player acting like a 3 year old and fidgeting ans shooting each other and runnig around…

his speech can be found here

the extended version with everybody jerking around the entire time can be found here

I took the time to record almost 45 minutes of in game footage , and it consumed about 5 gb of space , all that and really only 30 seconds of it were in any way interesting lol
( There is music in the video , but it is calm and quiet, the soundtrack may be familiar to some)

Behind the scenes,  it may have almost didn’t happen,  on Sunday the NIC in the  headless  server  PC  decided to randomly stop working and i had to pull it out from behind the couch  to discover the problem,  but i have no extra network cards here.  on short notice had to give up one of my main pcs to stand in as the server from a backup copy.( witch seems to work about 4 times faster then the  server that stopped working ^^ )

yeah, it’s not all  it seems to be when you people just join to play… and  don’t understand the effort somtimes .. i   managed to get out of work a few hours early just so i could join them too .And it was worth all my efforts in the end , Makes me so happy.

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Creating monsterplayers for mcoop2

I recently was asked If I could  create some playable playerpawns based on the pack6 monsters for AAR’smcoop  server.
I  considered  it sort of a trivial task to me (Hopefully), Simple –  Get the source for pack6 , add a custom Class that subclasses the  appropriate mcoop player-class and extend the defined script and defaults.  But alas. It was not ever possibly going to be that easy …

Mcoop2 is a weird mix of open and closed source , and It is freely available  with and without source  on hypers site, But there are some issues to this , Mcoop uses a custom native dll that contains some of the games  functions , Which limit it to running in 224/225/226/gold builds. I didnt feel like attempting to ‘fix’ this problem and decided to run it on 225 , witch was more convenient for me in the end.

At first i used the unrealeditor to create the subclass ,But setting all the defaults was a hassle for 4 classes  and i had only uc sources  of the  pack6 scripts  so its seemed way easier,To  just export  the beginning of my work to UC and continue  working in notepad and wotgunreal with ucc.Ssometime i think unrealed is the worst possible way ever to do any serious  work.

While I did manage to properly compile the classes and get a proper playerpawn , Mcoop is a bit more complex then that and requires a few more key steps to function.

AAR Didn’t understand, But  mentioned something about a mcoop PawnsList That may need to be created and she was correct. I opened up akmcoop and discovered that pawnslist defines the animations and pawntype of the playerclass. So I created my own pawnlist for p6mcoop and add it to the mod  and the ini files with no luck.

So i broke down since i have no idea how mcoop works ..I could have probably stared at the sources for 3 hours and figured it out but i though I was  missing some important detail that I had overlooked and decided to ask somone on unrealsp who might be more  familiar then me.  witch is usually against how I  do things. guess a bit of help sometimes wont hurt

I got a reply almost immediately,  AlCapowned mentioned That I need to create a loginmutator  that allows the game to process the new pawns name and replace it at join,  and he was kind enough to even write me a working example mutator based on the akcoop login mutator.

It should have ended there , except it seems we have 2 different mcoop versions and that   the games seemed to require exact capitalization in handlers.

So your asking what does this mean to me and how does this explain how to create mcoop classes properly?

Things you need:

  • You need to create a pawnlist that defines the pawn type
    look at the pawn type in the editor or the root classes that you subclassed. Manta is type 11, I declared the animation sequence as all but you can use any proper animation.

class p6PawnsList extends PawnsList;

  • You need a loginmutator class that allowes your pawntype to be replaced at login. this mutator needs to reference the pawns class , and the pawns name , As well as it’s spawn type  number so it knows where to spawn.Things in bold need to be modified.

class p6LoginMutator extends MCoopBaseLoginMutator;

function class<PlayerPawn> ModifyLogin(string InName, string DesiredClass, out byte InTeam, out byte

local class<PlayerPawn> SpawnClass;

if ( NextMutator != None )
SpawnClass = NextMutator.ModifyLogin(InName, DesiredClass, InTeam, PawnType);
if ( SpawnClass != None )
return SpawnClass;

InTeam = 1;

if ((DesiredClass ~= “p6mcoop.mcoopfiredragon“) || (InName ~= “firedragon“))         { SpawnClass

= Class’mcoopfiredragon‘;      PawnType = 11; }

return SpawnClass;

function string GetMonsterInfo(int PawnType)
local string result;

if ( NextMutator != None )
result = NextMutator.GetMonsterInfo(PawnType);

if ( PawnType == 11)               result = result @”- Firedragon“;

return result;

  • You need to add entries to the mcoop2.ini section that are appropriate for you mods name , Referencing the pawnlist and loginmutator you created above.ProperCapitalization is very important , make sure you use the exact same name.
  • PawnsLists[0]=MCoop2.PawnsList

I would  like to thank AlCapowned for his seemingly 2-3 hours of help to test and get This figured out, and dealing with my problems.
I had asked on oldunreal and  3 days later not a single person even responded , I asked on and 5 minutes later there was a very helpful reply and somone willing to   help.

I have this idea in my head tofurther  extend this to make it easier somhow , prehaps using dynamicloadclass to allow classes that are not force linked into the loginhandler , so you can choose what files to use.

Time to go make about 40  more playerclasses for AAR..
.fuuuuuuuuuu how did I get myself into this…lol no big deal.I  just dont think she knows how much work has to go into somthing like this..

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ulist tool progress

I started on this weird side project a few months ago to simplify editing monster spawn lists  but it became overly complex  when i added the ability to batch-export unreal script files  and scrape the files for summons to easily make readmes and cheat lists .

then i added a bonus of feeding the package straight into umodel to rip the models as a bonus , boring….

then i started to build in a plugin system where users could write there own macro scripts for performing unreal related tasks and that ended is insanity, then i broke the menus  and didn’t touch it for a month.

a few days ago  i needed to pick a random set of weapons from a 10 page readme file , so i ran it tho ulists , import from a readme feature , and decided to write a set of instruction to pick  a random x number of classes out of a list of 1000 , and it saved me about 30 minutes.

that got me started a bit of making it more usable.

first i rewrote  the plugin system  so that the plugin menu  lists the plugins and allows them to be run as user scripts. yay!
then i decided i needed a plugin repository, but got lazy , and created a plugin to download new plugins,
Perhapsa real catalog  plugin can come latter , it just a matter of writting a plugin to replace the existig plugin, plugins can self patch themselvesl.

after that i figured it needed more plugins to test the list, so i turned my additive map patch maker into a plugin.
Then i wanted to somehow built my maplist editor into the program. so i added a generic import diretory as list option to import menu, this allows you  search for files and dump there file name into the main workspace.

But soon after i added that i realized the  current context menus in the listbox space were mod oriented. and had a great idea ,
Create a maplist toolbar plugin , just for map operations, altho i could have just swapped the context menus in maplist mode ( and may still do that)
I decided it would be cooler to have a plugin create a dynamic toolbar at the top the window, with images. of course  plugins are run-time text only script so i had to manually create each image for the toolbar in script and then assign each buttons script via   custom functions…

so basicly what it has become is a engine to do anything you can do will text / ini proccessing you want it to be if you understand the scripting lauguage i wrote it in. Its easy to use the existing gui objects , or just create your own objects.

So yeah you will probably hear more about this again as i improve the useability and the gui and work on cleaning up the code base and documenting it , im still not sure if there is actual need for a tool like this , but it sure is handy

Plugins still need to get more tables to store scripts and stuf so  the functions can be combined or somthing.

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Where Do You Draw the line

Im kinda sick of the  garbage i read on other forum about peoples work , modifying, ripping , renaming , editing , changing , revising , re-posting , redistributing , fixing others work.

The point here is where do you draw the line between proper reuse and stealing.

Public betas

If you post your files online they are free game to redistribute unmodified,  if you post a beta version of your mod , and  the file links are still active then they are there for you to download. Thats fair. if they are alive after many years and never show any signs of public updates, they could even be considered abandoned projects. author seems to have no interest in continuing development)

if you post your files and the links are not alive, but the thread or website is active  dosn’t give a more up to date download , you can assume the last  download provided is the one they wish you to be using. if the auther has a more up to date version available but inst offering it it is there fault

Cache ripping

if you rip something from a cache file  usually the policy is personal use only , you shouldn’t generally re post cached files.But most servers don’t supply a proper website to download and there for usually  the server owner says   get the files from your cache if you want them , just keep them up to date so they don’t mismatch.

So where is the line here , can i download a map/mod  from the cache and use it on my server or is that stealing?  I am not taking without permission or discreditng the original source


dissecting packages, another issue , You see a  cool mod  , public or private. it to huge to use e but . you only need one thing from the mod  and it includes source code, so you extract the mesh , and the code , and recompile it unchanged into another  smaller file? is that stealing as well? , your not changing any thing and all the authers work is kept intact and , can now be used more places.

how about importing assets from a retail game , it been done with utweapons , and a lot of other mods   like the psx beta the unreal beta’s , the xcom betas , postal , ut2004, is that stealing as well?  probably unless you rewrite all the code from scratch


you have a file  and there is a problem with it loading , ie  it has invalid characters in it or another  file is mismatching it. so you rename it,It this stealing ?  to some people  it is. , since you are apparently disrespecting someone else work  by making it usable.


yes i fully understandnd why it is impractical  to rename 200 files and repost duplicates to redirects to fix a sever limitation and i agree with the fact that you should seek a better redirect., thats not the only thing im talking about here. I have been screamed at for renaming maps users send to me after i fixed them etc.. take for example the booggy (_-_) map. It is technically disrespectful in reality.

I would also point out that renaming files in 227 dosnt require a redownload sometimes  since the file contents are identical.( probably will never work with redirects tho sadly)

, fixing files

you find something online or on a server and it is incompatible or broken somhow, so you fix it so it will work.  you just made it possibly to use in more places  and be more popular , but not everybody sees it that way.

You mirror or redistribute files  for a dead website as a a courtesy for users that need / want those files.   is this stealing? to some people  it is dispute that you even helping.


Now  average this all together and you lose ever time no matter if your intentions are good.

I post alot of stuff here ,
many files that are not available online since the authors have abandon them or  there sites have died off or been shut down

i credit ever single author in every post i make.
That not good enought for you ?

whats more sad? ,
seeing mods disappear forever ,or that a few loser want to fight over some 14 year old game they don’t even play anymore.I just don’t get it .

maybe i will cull anything i don’t have explicit permission to host here, this being a blog where things are often re posted , that could prove difficult and  damaging to the website’s content. When i read things like this i question why im even here. I am here to help people locate content for a 14 yr old game that has less then 200 players remaining , with  1/3 of those players being developers of some sort.

I chuckled at Jacks comment ,

Once a person crosses that line too much and the dev community labels them as ‘someone that steals other’s work’ you’ll find doors begin to shut and help becomes quite hard to get.

Your labeled as a thief automatically because  the line between stealing and otherwise , doesn’t exist , because it been blown so far out of proportion by  someones  ego or eliteness. I don’t ask anybodies help here im a freelancer basically always was. I don’t want to worry about  people bitching about crediting them for some 2 liner someplace that i could have figured out myself in 30 seconds.

kniffe had 2 pages of credits ,  and i find that god awful absurd and never will i  allow that many people to contribute to a project , then each of those 21 people could claim i distributed there work  without there permission it a  nightmare. where 21  helpers need to agree on a license

It a 14 year old game , I dont see the point of chasing people down , its not like the authers are losing any money over it of anything , it all ego.

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