unreal in minecraft!

26 Apr

I started playing minecraft lately ,  After someone gave me a copy.
While we were playing  a few of my buddy’s decided it would be a good idea to build Skytown in minecraft.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 00.49.25Screenshot 2014-02-24 22.33.28
Despite building Skycaves and half of Skytown in a week ,  Things crawled to a halt for a almost a month where I mostly was on my own. any way after 2 months , After me probably losing my job staying home playing minecraft, it is mostly finished,
by finished i mean the 3 levels are tied together  and properly scaled and all doors work.Thanks to the help of akacross , who did 90% of the redstone, we have commandblock bases sliding doors and working switches everywhere.

I probably wont work on this too much more  again , as I have adopted hyzorans minecraft server , and i spent most time building  his town up

If anyone wants to come see it , Visit my minecraft server  its a multiworld ,
creative server Running 24/7. type /warp skycaves to goto the start

Alternatively you can download nalipaliHeaven as a schematic.
but you must paste in in a very specific location.


After we built this I came up with a way to import unreal maps directly into minecraft , Witch i will Discuss in a future article ,
that has many downsides tho.











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4 responses to “unreal in minecraft!

  1. Fusilade

    December 9, 2014 at 1:03 am

    Nice work, is this hand built or a conversion? & please can you upload a schematic to mediafire, or somewhere without the need to make an account.

  2. Fusilade

    December 9, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    I appreciate the rapid reply & the Link, Many Thanks. I am new to minecraft but i have tested some Unreal textures [1024×1024 ]and it runs fine. My MCraft project is creating Ultima 7 in MineCraft (using height maps, MCEdit * WorldPainter), but i would be ahppy to switch back to unreal if your interested in collaborating. ill make a page on my blog for minecraft/unreal soon and link it to you/your site – if your interested. Thanks again!

    • bobisunreal

      December 11, 2014 at 12:21 am

      alot of the people i built this with dont seem to be as interested much to continue, I also started to build nali castle , dig , vortex rikers ,and a custom unreal coop map “02village” but the scale is modified for dig / 02village by one of the builders and its hard to scale and finish alone
      02village –

      We also found a way to import maps directly from unreal into minecraft crudly, but while it looks cool , it undesirable to do it that way, So it always best to build block by block.we found run speed scaling was more accurate then texture scale scaling(run for x seconds in both games and count blocks) , but i personally can only build well in texture scaling ( we use a specific scaling texture and apply it to walls in the editor) the project is sort of dead tho. most recent activity was a month ago when we spent a week building 02village 90% finished (very impressive terrain recreated by adam!) and then everyone didnt feel like working on it anymore. a month ago we had the insane idea to try and make the whole 50 map campaign from rys and only ended with 90% of 02 village.

      I keep a mc server up with all the maps/projects we build on it, but dont advertise it as its mostly our private hangout and hosted at my home ill email you the ip if you want to see / build / work on it / whatever. dynamic map is messed up a bit as we just updated to 1.8 and redid all the data . its multiworld and the unreal stuff is in the world “unreal” my email


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