The 4 year anniversary of the TVA clan

18 Jul

Today was the four year anniversary of the tva (The Vortex army) clan. And i was the host of there celebration.

All were invited To participate and  very many did , there Was a very good turnout a total of 16 players were present at one point, and  there was at least 20 players that tried to join us  during the events time frame,some never made it. I do believe that is a record number of connections to my server  at one time lol , im am glad it didn’t collapse under the load it got a bit hairy tho, the ping was up near 200 easily , but everyone was just sitting stil,l listening to the speech so it was ok.

The clan setup a stage and bench seats   so that the members could “sit” for Lucas’s speech.

and lucas made his speech ,  not without every player acting like a 3 year old and fidgeting ans shooting each other and runnig around…

his speech can be found here

the extended version with everybody jerking around the entire time can be found here

I took the time to record almost 45 minutes of in game footage , and it consumed about 5 gb of space , all that and really only 30 seconds of it were in any way interesting lol
( There is music in the video , but it is calm and quiet, the soundtrack may be familiar to some)

Behind the scenes,  it may have almost didn’t happen,  on Sunday the NIC in the  headless  server  PC  decided to randomly stop working and i had to pull it out from behind the couch  to discover the problem,  but i have no extra network cards here.  on short notice had to give up one of my main pcs to stand in as the server from a backup copy.( witch seems to work about 4 times faster then the  server that stopped working ^^ )

yeah, it’s not all  it seems to be when you people just join to play… and  don’t understand the effort somtimes .. i   managed to get out of work a few hours early just so i could join them too .And it was worth all my efforts in the end , Makes me so happy.

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One response to “The 4 year anniversary of the TVA clan

  1. gopo

    July 18, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Well done bob. The average player really does have no idea what goes into keeping a server running and you went all out on this. Classy.


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