Convert any Gif or short avi into a animated unreal texture [How to]

09 Nov

This is a simple guide to turning a gif into a animated unreal texture.
There’s a fast way and there is a stupid way ,
The stupid way involves extracting the gifs frames , and converting each one  and then importing it into unreal , That takes ages and is the noob way.Are You Serous ?

To do this the right way we need some tools.

first we need some way to extract the gif to frames

i use gif construction kit professional , but there are other free tools you can use to extract the frames.

Here is free one i tested out, GIFFrame.exe

Use gif frame or your favorite tool to extract all the frames to a folder.Depending on the gif , you may have anywhere from 2 to 500 output files..

get IrfanView

Irfan viewer is a free program that lets you batch deal with hundreds of files very fast in batch mode.

Goto file >batch conversion

set output format to PCX

setup all the setting to look like the ones below. name prefix is very important. it lets unreal know it is a animation sequence use this one instead  nameoffile_A##

Goto (ADVANCED) and set more settings.
Edit the RESIZE field to the closest power of 2 of your image source.
edit color depth to 256

Add all you files to the batch job and  Hit start.

Now you have a folder full of 8 bit  pcx files for unreal.

open unrealed , texture browser> import
select all your frames. import them.
right click the first frame in your animation sequence in the editors texture brower , and bring up the defualts.expand animation.
set the max and minimum frame rate to the framerate of your gif animation.

done. now you have a animated texture made from a gif ! save your work and use it as sprite or wall textures!

You can expand this to import avi movies or youtube videos  as textures , but thats gonna get quite large at 40 fps… very doable tho.

you can use this website to turn any video into a gif.

here is a video of part of this above video  ripped from youtube to a gif then running in unnreal as a texture

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