xloginhandler (extended loginhandler for xcoop)

05 Jul

is a extended loginhandler for xcoop i made
it allows a  ton more admin accounts in xcoop,
it much ‘more secure’ then the standard loginhandler.

just copy all this files into the stystem folder ,
replace xcoop.loginhandler with xloginhandler.sffLoginHandler under extra handlers
start the game , goto advanced option xcoop > loginhandlerplus> and set up your accounts!
under logintable


Handles up to 49 seperate admin accounts – standard pass- name combo or  ip-pass or or ip-uid-pass logins
each of the 49  entrys has it own  title,  password and  authority level for each seperate user
each account have a
authority level
option to authenticate the user by ip adress.

title is displayed after the user logs in ,
ie you can have each user have a title “NAME logged in as TITLE”

for added security  ip/pass and uid  pairing can be enabled (auth)
so if you give one pass to one guy and he shares it ,
it’s usless if it’s not his ip or client id
auth ,is NOT SUGGESTED due to DYnamic ip users.
it acually best to  disable (auth) expect for the users that you dont trust.

bruteforcing: fail2ban
You get 3 attempts to login , After that you are warned once,
after this it will auto tban the user for the remaing map.

custom playerpawms are NOT  givin adminlevel obviously.
and there isnt anyting i can do about that. Xgame handles that possibility on its own ,
and therefore any custom pawn adminlevel would force to be badmin…
it does however  save fail attempts for non xplayers by id , so that failed attempt is still enforced in non xpawns

it lets you try and pretends to accept your wrong request:
if you type the same wrong password 4 times it will keep saying your wrong even after it’s locked out
(it always going to return spectator or standers player privileged in that case..

its meant to be run serverside: not in your serverpackages to be exploited.
This build is made for 227 only.I you want this for 225 contact me and i can rewrite it.

There will be improvements as i see fit , I am sticking this out there pretty much for 1 server owner to use (hyzoran) since  he wanted xcoop to force badmin , as well asked has more accounts like uteamfix.

To be perfectly honest i didnt even test this Thing , but it was built off of source code from my custom gametype that im sure works.

You can download it here

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