[New coop map] Beachbum Guy’s Weathertop

24 Jul

Beach bum guys Weathertop coop.

You can download this map here

a map based on whethertop in the lord of the rings.

Some screenshots, i was to lazy t upload 10 screenshots so i made a collage.


To  try to keep things more fair then usual i decided it would be best to play this on a setup with no custom mods running , The way the author probably  intended it to be played. full ammo all normal weapon at the start.the server was set to the difficulty ‘unreal’. so i began , walked into the map having never watched lotr ever.

The Bsp  terrain was pretty impressive , since there is so much terrain , it is hard to believe it is as stable as it is. Its a good quality map, maybe not as detailed as i would like ( Repeated terrain textures ,  lack of tress etc.)  and  as typical , some areas in the map seemed over powered . It’s  a typical type of setup where you run along the map taking out  soldiers and bosses and pressing a number  of button to unlock a gate that leads to a main ending area in the middle on the map. Its not a adventure map , its  more a monsterhunt type map.

Initially i was reminded of skaaratower ,  with its seemingly endless Terrain . but if you look from the maps top its actully a rather small map that mostly just wraps around it self to look bigger.

I played it tho  and it took me about a hour , i died 29 times. The checkpoint is in a good spot and I am happy with it there. but at first  thought it was to far from the start to the first checkpoint. I cant be a great judge as i never saw lotR’s By I can say it another awesome map created by a  good mapper.

There wasn’t really a explanation of what had to be accomplished at the start, other then the level enter text. I made my way  into the house and found mostly snipers waiting to kill me as I walked in. died twice before i got inside to find little of value inside , But i did spot 2 walls that were misaligned near the windows in the darkness.
I proceeded to make my way  across the field toward the towers i could see ,I sort of like field in maps, so that is a plus. after clearing the snipers i had to deal with the 2 titans ( that i will talk about later)… then more snipers and a giant squid , and breskers , and  more snipers ,  and some brutes.  Did i mention snipers? ,I got sniped as soon as i spawned  by snipers on top of stones i couldnt even see till i was dead…

After pressing all the buttons i got a completed message. but whats completed? i have no idea.  finally locating the gate i located the finalie of the map , The ending of the map was fairly impressive, but  only had 2 or 3 titans , I already killed 2 titans  in the map at the begining , This is a epic fight scene , If you used titans here , you cant use titans else were in the map.  Otherwise it seems  less epic.

All and all it was a fun map after you deal with the 100 snipers.

It 225 compatible.
I only tested on jcoopz1. cant be bothered checking on other versions.
on a standertd server the map ran fine ,
On my ah monsters server , the server tended to get stability issues
I didnt check to see if it was pathnoded , im gonna say no without checking.       I  am very busy lately.  There isnt enought hours in  the days to sleep play eat  and work, and post  on a semi  daily basis, this post should have been posted last thursday sorry if it is late bbg. I dont think anyone here realizes how behind i am on posting stuff…

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